The History of my Hair

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So many haircuts in a reasonable amount of time

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Dec 8, 2019




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Comments 80
SofiaPia Mai
SofiaPia Mai 11 hours ago
Your friends must be like “oh a jaiden hair Ima go complain”. Me: Dude you might shed hair to
Alyssa Thatcher
Alyssa Thatcher 13 hours ago
I have Bright red hair... I also got the name strawberry head
BINGQIAN ZHANG 13 hours ago
Jayden your hair is like a big buffy
gacha cursed
gacha cursed 14 hours ago
I have jaiden
Chloe Slusser
Chloe Slusser 14 hours ago
I have an undercut, and a crap ton of hair. I break hair ties by the dozen if I tie it more than three times unless it's the special hair ties for the dumb thick hair.
marcony oximas
marcony oximas 14 hours ago
I heytit
Benedict Serrano
Benedict Serrano 15 hours ago
I have like that like jaiden but i cut it like a coconut And never grow
Dxmon_Star 15 hours ago
《Silly_Shiya》 15 hours ago
I'm surprised your mum would allow you to have dye in your hair-
Jacqueline Servin
Jacqueline Servin 16 hours ago
Girl Studio
Girl Studio 16 hours ago
Hahaha i love the bold part🤣🤣🤣
Sheridan Begley
Sheridan Begley 16 hours ago
Sheridan Begley
Sheridan Begley 16 hours ago
不想活了吗can you read this
Lilyana Arenas
Lilyana Arenas 17 hours ago
Anna Delay
Anna Delay 18 hours ago
Well I'm in Canada not Arizona 😆👱‍♀️
lxxfy_jxdx 19 hours ago
-Inhale while sucking lollipop- Me: My hair cut my ear a time And the Dummy thick hair award goes to.. Lxxfy_jxdx!
JessThanFunny 19 hours ago
The hair piecing thing is called a Hair Spinter™
Caleb Clevenger
Caleb Clevenger 19 hours ago
Ari is in your head
DarkJediSarriss 19 hours ago
This may be late but i have had a dog/mum hair right threw my thumb and toe nail
london gamer
london gamer 20 hours ago
i go though all of these hair dye cons but the red looks nice
Nessa blott
Nessa blott 20 hours ago
I had blue and pink hair and yeah it was annoying I my pillow staying still and I think it’s not coming out because it I think it’s dark in my hair because my hair is blonde now and I probably won’t be blonde for the rest of my life
Anthony Glino
Anthony Glino 21 hour ago
I have
Heather Pony
Heather Pony 21 hour ago
The thing with your moms hair in your leg 😂
Daniel Orduna
Daniel Orduna 21 hour ago
When there is hair in your food and think if its jaiden
Carolina Rosales
Carolina Rosales 21 hour ago
Whaaaaaaaaaat? You had differnt HAIRCUTS!?
Zo's Channel
Zo's Channel 22 hours ago
I want an undercut badly but my mom and hairdresser won’t let me have one-
Anette Aparicio
Anette Aparicio 23 hours ago
1:15 me to
The Night Girl
ur hair doesnt look bad if u have blond or bleached hair then do pink ;-;
Ledonna Reno
Ledonna Reno Day ago
My dog hair pinched into my fur and I had to pull it out but it didn't hurt
NatsuWants MC
...I have a under cut lol I do 😂
Amelia Thao
Amelia Thao Day ago
I have like hair
Brooklynn Knott
I have my hair dyed but it’s not underneath wanted to peek a boo and I am 8
Sharytzia Canas
I have a mom as a hairdresser too she is amazing 😉
Rafael Oliver-Campbell
i like my hair
The Divine
The Divine Day ago
Yeah actually I've had hairs pierce my skin a lot of times really mostly my hair's though
Bryan Luk
Bryan Luk Day ago
dat is snom on the tv
Ana Igranje
Ana Igranje Day ago
Lars Brockhoff
Your fave colur style makes me think of LaufenZside
ItzWenzday Day ago
Jaiden: Never more than 3 kilometers away from a Jaiden hair. Me: Does this mean I DON'T need to pay for merch
Jesso Exists
Jesso Exists Day ago
Actually, I have the same hair. EXCEPT MY BANGS ARE FJNDJFJF SO TALL I-
Alex Cabrera
Alex Cabrera Day ago
I could draw it
Someone Day ago
i actually pierced myself with my hair
Lidia Alvarez
What the ****
OMgGpits Trip
So u bald :3
Neha Sinha
Neha Sinha Day ago
I can draw it
I only dye my hair once and my sister make my hair one line gradient blue to pink color and the other became blonde
anime boi
anime boi Day ago
Snom is on the tv
Snekk Day ago
god I agree dummy thicc hair dummy thicc SUX
Labbo Lab
Labbo Lab Day ago
I’ve been through that part, I just gave up after it first stained my pillow and towels
Wirangrong Choophol
why you bully ari :(
kingb1717 YT
kingb1717 YT Day ago
I found a piece of your hair, Jaiden.
Zoey Thornton
Oh yes, I found a Jaiden hair in the shower a couple days ago, perfect, I can now make my clone. (JK)
Zoey Thornton
Me: Has dummy thicc hair like Jaiden XD Edit: omg lol ikr everyone always gives so many compliments about my dummy thicc hair, so true tho, so relatable. XD
Happy Pup
Happy Pup Day ago
I fRigEn hAtEd tHaT and then when I had long hair it was always tangeld with the bleach and stuff
Jerett vlogs for Gaming channel
Plsssss help meeee
mooncake :]
mooncake :] Day ago
I found jayden hair in my bunny
Geane Day ago
Polteageist be chillin with the blondie
Adriana Lopez
Your using the community shop remix in geometry dash
michelle mcnamara
I actually kinda have your type of hair jaiden, it’s super thick and even when I get a hair cut a few days later it’ll grow back so like you I don’t mess with it because my mom always did it. So now that I’m 14 everyone expects me to put it up And....I don’t, so yeeeeaa I know what you mean. HECK I EVEN DYED MY HAIR ALL PURPLE AND IT GOT EVERYWHERE!
Leia Ashwood
Leia Ashwood Day ago
Ummmm Jaiden I have hade hair go throw my skin your not alone XD
Gotcha Tubes
Gotcha Tubes Day ago
We is that @MV Perry
naritadragonfox abc
i have e been by my husky's hair
Mackenzie Burns
Actually i had a great dane and his hair was short and pointy so we whould step on them and the go through my foot
Purrple Kitty Girl
Omg the dyed water is SO RELATABLE
mingyu chen
mingyu chen Day ago
Me yup um yeah Asian mom hair five?
slashy Day ago
0:40 reminds me of ree kids hair
vatucalle 03
vatucalle 03 Day ago
Tha kokonut
Kokichi Kinnie
I FEEL THE THICK HAIR PROBLEM WAY TO WELL,I also have a under cute to and I always tie my hair up cause it’s in the way!!!I wanna cut it short tho
I did get pierced by a hair once. My reaction was like😯😦🤭😐😑🤔😂🤣😶 I’m like jaiden
I have really thick hair and I don’t know what to do with it 😞 I’ve tried what seems like millions of different products and nothing works. Send help
Erik Oliva
Erik Oliva 2 days ago
i got hair stuck in my foot 2 times
ꨄ ღ An Awkward Crybaby ღ ꨄ
My hair is getting pretty long I like long hair, but I hate brushing and washing it. I’m actually excited to get a haircut soon(hopefully soon)
armyxmoa _12
armyxmoa _12 2 days ago
I Actually never dyed My hair...
Charlotte Moore
Charlotte Moore 2 days ago
once i was like 3 and my dads beard hair gave me a splinter and i cried cus it hurt
Sakura. {Tokyo}
Sakura. {Tokyo} 2 days ago
This is why I dye my brown hair black And then I jab the ends with a colored paintbrush
Maribel Flores
Maribel Flores 2 days ago
Ohhh about the piercing hair thing I had that one time threw the shallow are of my palm how it got there is a question I ask every day I was in first grade 😂
Benjamin Rodriguez
you can style it But I have short hair
Karina Dagnino
Karina Dagnino 2 days ago
When I take a shower the water is red like blood
My hair is also really thick and I also have a lot
Me Me
Me Me 2 days ago
I have been pierced by a hair twice
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