History of Music Video Dancing (w/ Jennifer Lopez & Jimmy Fallon)

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy whip, Nae Nae and Hammer Time their way through some of history's most iconic music video dance moves.
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The History of Music Video Dancing (w/ Jennifer Lopez & Jimmy Fallon)


Published on


Sep 10, 2019




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Comments 80
Natalie De Guzman
they really do be calling out billie tho
Make Time Now
Make Time Now 4 days ago
JLo still the freaking smoke show she's always been.
Alex Le
Alex Le 5 days ago
ok but those backup dancers at the end were spot on
aWAR girl
aWAR girl 5 days ago
Hey Jimmy, you and JLo dance ALOT together!
Пока все Дома
🤗😊😊😁 Жопа ти знову бігаєш Я згадала твої рухи Пезова 😁😁🤗😍
Real MVP
Real MVP 6 days ago
Ok where's michael jackson in this lol this ain't legit without him including at least 2 of his dances wtf
김로제 6 days ago
Bad Guy took me out 💀😂😂
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 8 days ago
Who is here in quarantine??
Kshitij Pal
Kshitij Pal 11 days ago
She has got groove in every single step.
Marcel Halat
Marcel Halat 11 days ago
she is the most beutifull woman ever, and that's a fact not an opinion.
Marcel Halat
Marcel Halat 11 days ago
oh righ jimmy is there
Marcel Halat
Marcel Halat 11 days ago
49 haha... NO. can you believe that some 50 year olds are called elderly ? it's so confusing that a 48 year old would call her a kid if he didn't know her age
The Mean Arena
The Mean Arena 11 days ago
Ho-la, ho-la, hey, Ho-la, ho-la, hey, rolling rolling roll with Kid 'n Play now!
MsMiika13 11 days ago
5.23.20 Yes!
Happy Newyear
Happy Newyear 12 days ago
What's wrong with wrecking ball? They made a masterpiece lol
Griffon Sommerville
my math teacher sent me and my class to watch this. I was not disappointed.
tina tina
tina tina 15 days ago
moon walk??
NIKITA NICKMAN 16 days ago
God Damn, J Lo is older than my mom, but so hot
Anime JT
Anime JT 17 days ago
Her abs though 😳🙊
Linda❤Aw 29 days ago
I love those 2 very much
Phelipe Nascimento
Phelipe Nascimento 29 days ago
Michael Jackson??????
Agnese Alemanno
Agnese Alemanno Month ago
Omh this beautiful woman is 50😭😍😍❤️
Michael-Jackson Visionary
D radidadi
D radidadi Month ago
Rene Longoria
Rene Longoria Month ago
No BBoys? They had some nifty moves in the video for Intergalactic!
Soraya Esfandiary
I don't know most of the songs.
Maria Xondrou
Maria Xondrou Month ago
Jimmy is an amazing singer and dancer like Jennifer López.
Марина Марина
Antonio Peña
Antonio Peña Month ago
Whenever you feel low, just have to watch this video
Ichi Castro
Ichi Castro Month ago
Jaja muy bueno
G Man
G Man Month ago
What a bod. Hers ain't bad either
Nay Love
Nay Love Month ago
Jlo has the energy people in their 20s with they had..
Sonex Reign
Sonex Reign Month ago
Jlo is a living legend
gwen mabanto
gwen mabanto Month ago
Love them both 😅😇🤗💕💃🤩
Tee Kay
Tee Kay Month ago
Probably the longest Jimmy did not talk 😂
xyrius Month ago
JLo is incredibly beautiful.
Sabrina Longo
Sabrina Longo Month ago
Chandelier lmfao
Trish B
Trish B Month ago
samuan001 Month ago
I'm missing in this compilation "Asereje" Las ketchup's song or Kaoma's "Lambada". Weren't they popular in the USA?
Lilan625 Month ago
How can one call this "History of Music Video Dancing" and not include MJ?
Harry Perry
Harry Perry Month ago
She dances better than owners 😁❤👑
Dorothy Zena Vallado
MJ :(
Mitsuki Month ago
Wow, that was cooool!
LambdaChief Month ago
wow...this is so bad
James Barnes
James Barnes Month ago
So dump they want us sell for dump really
Kairat Month ago
Дмитрий Бадров
Где skibidi, твари?
Michael-Jackson Visionary
No, Michael :( I think I know why cause of “LEAVING F**KING NEVERLAND”
Natalie Poulter
Natalie Poulter Month ago
I absolutely love your show. You never disappoint. You kept up with her, great job!❣️
Zihnimden Zihnine
not complete without "where the hell is matt" dance
Tima Alyeva
Tima Alyeva Month ago
Jesus... I am not Jlo's fan,but she dances like a goddes
KP Only
KP Only Month ago
Jimmy, it took a lot of guts to dance alongside JLo. Awesome.
Jeyner Suarez
Jeyner Suarez Month ago
Sabir Jon Amanov
Jacquelin Cheung
Jimmy has a great personality. Love u lots !
Aryaman Jolly
Aryaman Jolly Month ago
This tells us how music videos are becoming memes 😂😂😂
Adia Best
Adia Best Month ago
this entire video is just Jimmy getting super off beat and it cracked me up
Иля Радионова
sOLz nw
sOLz nw Month ago
Us guys growing up in the 90s saw it all. Now it is all bull****
Piano Impro
Piano Impro Month ago
I lol'd at wrecking ball
PsychoDonkeyy Month ago
I expected it to be in some kind of order.. I would've been disappointed, if it weren't for Jennifer Lopez being a great dancer with a great body.
Ricardo Walker
Ricardo Walker Month ago
Well, where is Michael Jackson on this video? Thriller, Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, Beat it?? Strange....
Eleilson passos dos Santos Ale
Show humor muito bom!l rsrsrs👏👏👏😅😅😅😅
N P 2 months ago
Always love the Roots ability to seem lessly move from song to song
Ethan Ingham
Ethan Ingham 2 months ago
The lighting is just like the viral video: History of dance!!!!
Marina Fina
Marina Fina 2 months ago
Sooooo gooood
Claudia Eckert
Claudia Eckert 2 months ago
The Best is wrecking Ball
Joshua Tambour Sprehn
Lisa vd B
Lisa vd B 2 months ago
Hey! What about Michael Jackson?
Timekiller2 2 months ago
You forgot the 3 cringiest dance videos. 3) everyday im shufflin 2) Fortnite 1) Harlem shake
s s
s s 2 months ago
Wow this proves how dancing is actually hard and a skill, Jlow seriously has talent. Jimmy was so cute.
Joshua Abram Caoagdan Sorneo
Imagine Charli D Amelio dancing with Jlo in this video
Ravid Levi
Ravid Levi 2 months ago
Wow, she is awesome
Sarah Pmg
Sarah Pmg 2 months ago
they really didn’t put Michael Jackson’s music in their videos « history of music video dancing » 🤨🤨pfff LOL
Paweł Jurczyk
Paweł Jurczyk 2 months ago
Bambi Gibson
Bambi Gibson 2 months ago
Is fallon single cuz am so inyo watchi g him right now!!!
Alex Alex
Alex Alex 2 months ago
No, Jimmy. Dance is not yours. Especially in comparison with JLo
jackie reinstedler
jackie reinstedler 2 months ago
How am I supposed to look like J Lo? We are about the same age. She's amazing
Shae Rayne
Shae Rayne 2 months ago
So far it has never been more apparent than in this one that the guest ALWAYS has way more rhythm than Jimmy.
Yaya Hoho
Yaya Hoho 2 months ago
For some reason, this made me emotional right at the end.. At the Whitney's "Dance with Somebody" but I can see it's the Bebe Rexha one.. Love love what you guys did here.. From Bad guy, Wrecking Ball, Chandelier, Single ladies, Gangnam Style, Bad Romance.. Haha.. Love, loved this.. Maybe I'm emotional because we are on our 3rd day of the 21 days of National Lockdown and, I don't know, we just took for granted, these small things really.. I don't know.. But, can the world please normalize once more.. Let's pray for our land (earth) #COVID-19 #FromSouthAfrica
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