The History of Dr DisRespect - Twitch Superstar | The History of ESPORTS (PUBG H1Z1 COD)

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From humble beginnings to a Twitch Titan, DrDisRespect constructs his own path to greatness.
Twitter.......... @SlushTV_ (twitter.com/SlushTV_)
IG................... instagram.com/SlushTV_/
Twitch........... www.twitch.tv/SlushTV_
FB................... facebook.com/OfficialSlushTV
Discord.......... discord.gg/st6YfP2

DrDisRespect's Info
Twitch.......... twitch.tv/drdisrespectlive
Twitter.......... twitter.com/DrDisRespect
YT................. ruvid.net/u-DrDisRespect
Turbo Knight (goo.gl/cuYFqZ)
Christian Richardson (goo.gl/qQ39aZ)
VHS Dreams (goo.gl/RcseYy) (www.future80srecords.com)
Naser Van Detta (goo.gl/SUQb25)

Track List in order of appearance..........
Turbo Knight - Mirrorverse
Josh Lippi and The Overtimers - Royale
Christian Richardson performing "Quiet and Falling" from Celeste
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number - Guided Meditation
Turbo Knight - Bay City Sunrise
VHS Dreams - Night Drive
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number - Dust
Everything's Nice - Jingle Punks
Naser Van Detta - Break Away
Turbo Knight - Aeons

Shout Outs!!!
Brendan MK
mr novel
Andrew Ghiles
John Man
Blair Alexander
Scar and Toph
Jacob Povzikov
Pilho Hyun


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Apr 6, 2018




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Comments 60
Slush 2 years ago
Check me out on my media thingies! Twitter.......... @SlushTV_ (twitter.com/SlushTV_) IG................... instagram.com/SlushTV_/ Twitch........... www.twitch.tv/SlushTV_ FB................... facebook.com/OfficialSlushTV Discord......... discord.gg/st6YfP2 Patreon... www.patreon.com/OfficialSlushTV
bashpr0mpt 11 days ago
Fighter pilot persona? Do you even know what the fuck you're talking about?
M H Month ago
Man this was so well done. Cheers!!
Joshua Martinez
Joshua Martinez Month ago
Wow bro I subbed after this
Wusigi Dr
Wusigi Dr 2 years ago
This was amazing! I knew about it but it was very surface level so thank you for this. I'd love to see more videos like this of smash players or anyone that seems interesting! KEEP IT UP!!!
ceoRestAssured 3 hours ago
Dedication lol. She ain’t ever gonna trust him again. She woulda left if he wasn’t rich.
Noob x
Noob x 7 hours ago
I Miss Doc... stream is not the same
PenguiNITRO GamerXx
Yeah but you forgot the part where he gets banned
Nenad Jakovljevic
12:09 that is bullshit this guy using his life events for his own promotion its disgusting. It's same now with twitch thing ! I don't care that you cheat on your wife!!!
Nenad Jakovljevic
idiot lazy bastard
Apockiller 2 days ago
Awesome video!! The more I find out about the Doc the more I love him.
Nicholas Dwyer
Nicholas Dwyer 4 days ago
This man is an amazing person.
Ryan olsen
Ryan olsen 7 days ago
Tek Overclocked
Tek Overclocked 8 days ago
Who his here after Doc got ban on twitch. I hope he gets his own streaming platform! thumbs ups!!!!!
renterjack 8 days ago
firm hand shakes all around
IG:StaColi 325
IG:StaColi 325 8 days ago
Dr Disrespect is funny😹😹👌
Popenator 7
Popenator 7 9 days ago
Now update 2020 Edition
One Above All
One Above All 9 days ago
Anyone here after the Twitch Ban
Hareef -
Hareef - 10 days ago
2010??? How did i know about him last year??
Mr SAndwhiCH
Mr SAndwhiCH 10 days ago
this just came in my recommended after he got banned. I'm watching this to remember the legend.
Doug Steffy
Doug Steffy 10 days ago
I loved when I played grand theft auto 3 pc version when I was still younger
Doug Steffy
Doug Steffy 10 days ago
I played gta sanandreas when I was a 20 year old. adult male
Robert Mills
Robert Mills 10 days ago
Rob Meyers
Rob Meyers 11 days ago
Now I have no reason to ever watch twitch again
pianosenzanima 11 days ago
Omfg that intro blew me away... People are really dumb Holy crap
ReCoN 11 days ago
i was missing shroud, i know so much peoples they just know him cuz of the streams with shroud
Unflushablepiss 12 days ago
Chan Karatas
Chan Karatas 13 days ago
Mayn i miss him ☹️
Ash Suck it up!
Ash Suck it up! 14 days ago
No! Battle royal games are coming from "Battle Royal" the movie not the fucking shity Hunger Games. ruvid.net/video/video-N0p1t-dC7Ko.html 7:06
GosuDRM 14 days ago
10/10 DOCU
Ekstremedia 14 days ago
Very interesting video, thanks!
David Hellewell
David Hellewell 14 days ago
When you wanna be famous, Satan knocks on your door. If you wanna be famous DONT BE. You can change the world in a good way in many other different ways.
Joel 15 days ago
His story is inspirational as hell... Normal dude, goes after what he loves, with hard work and creativity makes a name for himself, has the love and support of his family, makes mistakes, gets honest with his followers and shows his humanity, finds forgiveness, presses onward... One step back, two steps forward. A damn inspiring story.
Warren Wilson Batista
WTF!! This guy gets millions just by playing video games and streams them?? Fuck my life. Should've become a drug dealer when I was young... Either I would've been on top of the world right now. Or dead.. which both is better
joseph lechuga
joseph lechuga 15 days ago
dude that was a well put together documentary on the doc well done sir keep up the good work
The choosen One
The choosen One 15 days ago
Matt Shewmake
Matt Shewmake 15 days ago
This video was bad ass! Thanks for the info on the Doc. New fan has just been born...
Works Wet
Works Wet 16 days ago
The doc was born on my birthday. 1-11. Let’s go baby!!!
Darkone Youtube
Darkone Youtube 16 days ago
fuck i really love the doc, great wrapup on his career, i wish he comes back stronger then ever
Legionarivss 17 days ago
Never heard of the guy before the news reached to me he got banned from Twitch. Deplatforming/cancel culture needs to end, terrible times when it comes to that. Let people speak their minds, we don't have to agree with everything. Dialogue is the way to go. Banning everyone who has a different opinion or is slightly offensive to you, makes you live in a correct censored world that has no connection to the real world.
Tech Opened
Tech Opened 17 days ago
I loved your video and it actually brought a little tears to my eyes! What an amazing, fun, entertaining, raw, original, ground breaking and awesome personality he is... I just game ocassionaly and I really wasn't following any streamer in particular... But I have to admit that the Doc actually got the curiosity bug inside me jumping around! He is simply amazing! I think they made a huge mistake of letting him go! And I am proof of that.
Swanny Dabs
Swanny Dabs 17 days ago
Such a legend
Peterson's Art & Games
Doc is a legend.
PopCultureMoron 17 days ago
Could use an updated version
jeramie mcgill
jeramie mcgill 18 days ago
not really dedication at its finest... dedication at its finest would have been not cheating in the first place lol
rrobertt13 18 days ago
Fucking around is the worst thing? Pfffft... Ever heard of cancer?
Iron Man
Iron Man 18 days ago
Rip dr
Yayo Gayo
Yayo Gayo 18 days ago
Xdxdxd fucking nub
Chad Gardner
Chad Gardner 18 days ago
Damn good job putting this together.
MattMonk 19 days ago
Infidelity is as common as daylight, especially these days. Doesn't make it okay, but watching all the hypocrites out there treating him cheating on his wife like he killed someone was disgusting and pitiful. Just another internet pig pile of losers unsatisfied with their own lives kicking someone far more successful than them while he was down.
Arran Johnson
Arran Johnson 20 days ago
Gotta make a part 2!!!
get jet
get jet 21 day ago
Good job man.
Andrewtheking 506
Plz make a updated version
Kostchtchle 21 day ago
Greatest twitch streamer of all time, twitch is fucking snooze fest without him
hello hello
hello hello 21 day ago
Doctor ... Doctor....Doctor ...Dis.....Respect 👏🙋
Globaled 22 days ago
guy bean? thats tough fam
Dina Miles
Dina Miles 22 days ago
Umm, why would he share that he cheated? It's his personal life, that shit is between him and his wife. No need to involve fans
Northwest Aerial Photography
I'll sum it up for ya. He bought a wig, mustache and some glasses and played COD and then got banned. LOL
Drake Warehall
Drake Warehall 24 days ago
He reminds me of The Law from Video Game High School
Drake Warehall
Drake Warehall 24 days ago
He reminds me of Dr. Robonic from Sonic
Yorkazuna 25 days ago
Well put together and informative. With the recent twitch ban the plot thickens
Michael Burney
Michael Burney 26 days ago
David Winters
David Winters 26 days ago
And he’s gone again...
Harley_yelrah 26 days ago
When I saw the cheating video I literally said his hat straight up says only loyal to the land
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