"The Hibakusha" (Creepypasta)

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Here we have a particularly solemn creepypasta about Hiroshima, and what happened after the smoke settled.
Story By: Iskander Khan
Story Link: bit.ly/2jZrCcI
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Sep 3, 2019




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Comments 116
C. Rexus Gothopotamus
Bravo, my friend, bravo! You are, without a doubt, the greatest narrator on youtube-bar none!
Sam Riding
Sam Riding Month ago
Troy Simon
Troy Simon Month ago
For a weapon to truly be, a.. "perfect" weapon, it would, have to be an unimaginably horriffic weapon. A weapon, which inspired such fear.. inflicted such pain & destruction, that the mere thought of using such a weapon, would be enough, to END Wars, "before" they had begun. So as to make the notion of war become so abhorrent, that society would re-double it's efforts in preventing the conditions & circumstances, from which, the spectre of war rises. Poverty, famine, & plague...yknow... to.. "try" and make the world a better place for those living on it. To... promote.. personal freedoms, and. "happiness". Happy people, in general, are not inclined towards violent, destructive behavior. People.. that "have" things, like a safe, happy & healthy family, that is well provided for and a home FOR their families, and the freedom to make choices to themselves & their family. When people "have" MORE of those things... they have MORE to lose..more reasons, to do all in their power, to prevent strife, conflict.. & war, which could.. & likely WOULD, take ALL of those "things" from them. The "fewer" of those things people have... Well, the.. fewer "reasons" they'd have.. NOT, to go to war.
The bubbling black pool and the "dogs" were probably the most disturbing part.
David Buller
David Buller Month ago
😲 dang that was freaky, now I’ll look at dogs differently, great show 👍👋🏻😺
Manuel De Menezes
I listen a lot to these narratives but this one has completely stumped me Man kind must never repeat this evil onto its self ....
Morrigan ravenmist
But they will!! And thats what so bloody scary!!
LordOmnissiah Month ago
Some Hibakusha came to visit my high school to talk about their experiences. I ended up writing a school newspaper article about them and the atomic bombings afterwards.
Køltira Memeweaver
My issei grandmother was a nurse in Shikoku before she immigrated to Hawaii. She's said she had to treat bomb victims that were transported to her hospital.
Marz Riv
Marz Riv Month ago
I’ve reheard this story 5x already. It needs to be turned into a movie!!
Sam Riding
Sam Riding Month ago
Thank you so much! There's more of my writing over at www.reddit.com/r/samridingwrites Or follow me on Twitter @IskanderKhan2
realelliotth Month ago
Buck 50 my Hibakusha
Kenneth Johnson
Kenneth Johnson Month ago
At 6:50 in the story there is a big historical mistake....if the grandfather was one of the first to enter Hiroshima after the bombing yet it was Dec 14, 1946, he unfortunately he went over a YEAR after the bombing! The bomb was actually dropped on Aug 6, 1945, and U.S. radiological teams were there in the few months to follow. I think the writer had meant maybe Dec 1945....but even that would be late. Wilfred Burchett was the first western journalist to visit Hiroshima after the bombing, arriving alone by train from Tokyo on Sept 2, 1945.
Abyssal Horror
Abyssal Horror Month ago
Brilliant writing, thoroughly disturbing especially with the journal's contents. I give this story a 10/10
Sam Riding
Sam Riding Month ago
Thank you so much! There's more of my writing over at www.reddit.com/r/samridingwrites Or follow me on Twitter @IskanderKhan2
Victor F.V
Victor F.V Month ago
Just a normal day in the zone blyat.
Satonya B
Satonya B Month ago
This sounded like Clint Eastwood was narrating. I really enjoyed this guy's voice.
okay I had to entirely delete my original comment after hearing the story just to make a new comment and for that to be my only statement this was not creepy pasta it was a account of the aftermath of the bombings of Hiroshima and we're just hearing Hiroshima not Nagasaki after world war II that's not a creepypasta that's like a historical recounting of events
Rockspoon Month ago
Sounds like the mutinogenic bomb in Adventure Time.
rutgerhauerfan Month ago
It always angers me when people defend the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by saying it's "payback for Pearl Harbour". As if a sneak attack on a MILITARY base is in any way comparable to annihilating two cities filled with innocent humans and animals. Fuckin' hell...
joaquin vega
joaquin vega Month ago
Am k the only one that notice he sounds like snake from metal gear solid ???
Logan C
Logan C Month ago
Thanks spook!
Raven Vargas
Raven Vargas Month ago
One of the most disturbing scary unique and sad stories 1 of your best thank you
April 🥀Rose
April 🥀Rose Month ago
Liked this one :)
Joshua Kane
Joshua Kane Month ago
Great story, had a little giggle when he said horror stories are for kids and dopes cause i am a dope.
Jester Hutchins
Jester Hutchins Month ago
Missed the tape player noise at the beginning
Fiona Cahill
Fiona Cahill Month ago
Beautifully paced story and reading.
Matt C
Matt C Month ago
I’m safe from the teriyaki. I ate it.
Razora Month ago
Where's the VHS noise!
Andrew Scolari
Andrew Scolari Month ago
I had a friend in college whose paternal grandfather worked on the Manhattan Project. Since he couldn't tell his wife about the project, my friend's grandmother though he was having an affair and followed him all over New York City trying to catch him in the act.
blacklotus1991 Month ago
Can you narrate more Japanese horror stories? I love your voice
Tomatoknuckles Month ago
This was brilliant. Hopefully we'll have more readings from the journal soon👍
Chell's Real Parents
That one tore me to pieces. :'(
Jordan Sims
Jordan Sims Month ago
This was a good one
Friend Or Foe
Friend Or Foe Month ago
Jack Holmes? I think that may be my great uncles name who was in the war
Nicholas Sudov
Nicholas Sudov Month ago
A very strong story. But "dogs" wearing golden wristwatches and rings... hmmm.... 1) I doubt, imho, that a human can be crippled by radiation to turn into something like a dog moving like a dog 2) the Japanese junta squeezed all juices, all resources from the population in its final madly desperate attempt to turn the tide of war bag. I can't believe that Hiroshima people could wear gold jewelry in 1945.
Nicholas Sudov
Nicholas Sudov Month ago
Thanks... I don't know about today, but I read in the early 1970s that those outcast-hibakusha still lived in Japan. Still thousands of them. The more lucky Japanese did not want to communicate with them. That was when I learned the word for the first time. Poor crippled radiation-poisoned people.
Elvira Arriaga
Elvira Arriaga Month ago
❤love the way You tell the stories with Your Great Narrating Voice ❤ and reading the people comments! Please post more new Videos
Atlas Lawden
Atlas Lawden Month ago
This was not at all what i expected but im definitely not disappointed excellently horrifying.
Sam Riding
Sam Riding Month ago
Hiya mate, Really glad you enjoyed the story. But just out of curiosity, what were you expecting? I still find story titles to be a troublesome thing, picking the right one can be tough. So I'd love to hear your feedback on the topic. Thanks a million, Sam Riding
Chris Andresen
Chris Andresen Month ago
A 20+ minute king spook upload. Click click click.
Jonah Rivera Luciano
Hibakusha is (in Japan) a survivor of either of the atomic explosions at Hiroshima or Nagasaki in 1945.
Jonah Rivera Luciano
sharon paterson your welcome
sharon paterson
sharon paterson Month ago
Simon Luther thank you i was going to google it after reading the comments 😊
John Popa
John Popa Month ago
Love your videos my friend hope all is well
Stefan Milicevic
Ah yes, Nagasaki and Hiroshiman...what an interesting historic event.
Dough-Boy Gaming
doodleartlover Month ago
More than creepy... just plain scary! 😶✌️👍
tiffany benefield
KingSpook, Thank you for a longer video. It was an awesome story. I was neighbors were a man that did a tour in WWII, 1 your in Korea, & 1 your in Vietnam. He would tell me stories of war for hours at a time. He ALWAYS told me to stop asking questions when he would get to a point when the memories for too hard to handle. He was better than any history book or teacher EVER.
Jackie Alpeter
Jackie Alpeter Month ago
I don't speak Japanese,but I've seen the word "Hibakusha" before I think it's the word used for A-bomb survivors?
Amber Mote
Amber Mote Month ago
Jackie Alpeter yes
Casandraelf Month ago
The 'dogs' could have simply been desperate survivors trying to get help, I just realized
Atlas Lawden
Atlas Lawden Month ago
Casandraelf trying to be put out of their misery most likely
Lou Bowen
Lou Bowen Month ago
Necropotence666 Month ago
I missed you KingSpook!
Paolo Bejar
Paolo Bejar Month ago
I don't normally comment, but this one was one of the best stories I've ever heard! Your narration was perfect for this tale! Thank you!
Tangerine Rose
Tangerine Rose Month ago
Those bombings were so wrong in every facet imaginable. What people can do to each other is the worst horror story there is. Thank #KingSpook another well read story. It touched my soul. 😭
Chris M
Chris M Month ago
Japan deserved the bombings. They involved themselves in a war they had no reason to be involved with.
Samuel W Drake
Samuel W Drake Month ago
A necessary evil brought upon the Japanese people by their stubborn proud leaders.
Catherine Featherstone
Creepy, we're briefing going over ww2 in school today
Cadillac Deville
The King would upload while I'm sleep. I made this the first story of my day,starting off right.
Atlas Lawden
Atlas Lawden Month ago
Cadillac Deville same here
Nina Nightmare
Nina Nightmare Month ago
This story was amazing made even better by your fantastic narration! Love your channel and thank you for all of your hard work!
erkheth Month ago
Touching story, spending eternity side by side. And quite moving for me. Around the end of ww2, it was still compulsory for men to join the army. My father went to cleanup in japan, never saying too much about it. He also loved navy rum. He passed away last june, so this story hit me hard. Thanks, really good. RIP to those veterans ♥️♥️♥️
M.J.M Brooks
M.J.M Brooks Month ago
erkheth my grandfather was stationed in Japan during WWII as well. He only spoke of one story once about having to help remove bodies from a train crash. But even then he didn’t go into much detail. ❤️
Higura Gainishigi
Excellent reading, Kingspook. Reminds me of my grandpa and his stories from Vietnam.
7sinz88 Month ago
Part 2? Further on with the book
Sam Riding
Sam Riding Month ago
Sounds like a plan...
Elishka Ghostley
This was probably one of the most disturbing stories I have ever heard.
ThatchSimon Month ago
Just thinking about coming across the "shadows" left behind in Hiroshima once I move sends a chill through me. It's just... Unsettling.
Anthony Towner
Anthony Towner Month ago
Those shadows are actually still there if you ever visit hiroshima now and days.
David Smith
David Smith Month ago
The horrors of war. All wars. I think of the quote attributed to Gen. Robert E. Lee. "It is well that war is so terrible otherwise we would grow too fond of it."
Steven Conroy
Steven Conroy Month ago
That was a good spooky 1 liked it a lot
sigma cube
sigma cube Month ago
Thanks for the bedtime story, KS, cheered me right up. Insomnia is a b****. And my roommate is having another bout of chronic demonic possession again, so I'm listening to you and this lovely thunderstorm in the garage. It's much more pleasant than listening to the narcoleptic boogeyman yell at the voices in his head all night... I'd rather laugh than cry. It listen to you read me a good story with real life rain sound effects. Hugs to all. ~sigma
Jacee K
Jacee K Month ago
Damn..what a profoundly moving story. You've got the perfect voice for narrating KS..especially these amazingly creepy stories.
Premier budz
Premier budz Month ago
I hate the people who dislike you guys are probably the reason he gives us only 2/3 videos a month now !
sigma cube
sigma cube Month ago
...are you drunk, bro?
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