The Haunting Of Loey Lane

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The guys make another house call- this time there may be more than spirits waiting for them.
Thanks so much to Loey Lane for inviting us- watch her here: ruvid.net/show-UC39eHhTEqiBlqRbmIIYjm-g and follow her: @loeybug
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Oct 18, 2019




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william finch
william finch Month ago
at 25 minutes 32 seconds it looks like figure is behind you
Jesus Padilla
Jesus Padilla 2 months ago
Hello BuzzFeed Unsolved Network I hate u you have been messing with my devil 👿 friends u might wanna stop.....or else
You Tube
You Tube 3 months ago
Can you do one on angels
Ann Chikhladze
Ann Chikhladze 5 months ago
The Dyatlov Pass plsss!!
Sheng Loong Tan
Sheng Loong Tan 6 months ago
@Kuroinokitsune what I think, I mean no disrespect but her dad died couple years back, hallucinations, anxiety, sleep paralysis, possibly major depression with psychotic symptoms
sofsof 18
sofsof 18 Hour ago
19:16 I dOnT tHiNk ThErEs A dEmOn HeArE
Nicolas Richards
Nicolas Richards 2 hours ago
22:12 “I want to stay”
Iron Heart
Iron Heart 3 hours ago
so funny story I don't believe in ghost but while watching this the attic doors at my house kept opening. I thought someone had broken in but I think it's just the wind
Ruza Hel
Ruza Hel 4 hours ago
If I saw a glass moving on it’s own I would’ve fled the room, not take a recording of it.
Sandeep_ _Dhakal
Sandeep_ _Dhakal 8 hours ago
7:56 NOw, whole demon world is happy that even shane fears
NezyUwU 10 hours ago
No offense but... Ryan's laugh in the beginning sounded like a horse or a donkey so im starting to believe he's possessed now
Boi Adeem
Boi Adeem 11 hours ago
Shane is the funniest 😂😂😂😂😂
Locked Down
Locked Down 11 hours ago
Is this real?😂
Nugget 12 hours ago
Bruh so they don't Ghost Busters the situation to try to get it out they just want to see some spoopy junk. I feel bad for this girl though (´༎ຶ۝༎ຶ)
Weezy Pie
Weezy Pie 14 hours ago
At 25:57 when the spirit box says "(unintelligible) come in" to me it sounds like it says "listen to me"
ToxiiccBadie jade
ToxiiccBadie jade 15 hours ago
idk if this is just me but when loey was by herself and it said "*untelligable* come in" it sounded like " listen to me" instead but its probably just me but forgive me if im wrong
Lizbeth Aguilar
Lizbeth Aguilar 16 hours ago
Ryan and shane: *pissing of the demon * Also ryan: we were very respectful Me: 😒😑
Amna Sarmad
Amna Sarmad 16 hours ago
Maybe the woman's voice saying "come in" while Loey was alone in the bathroom was the same voice she heard that said "she is going to come in now, is that ok?" when something knocked at the door while she was sleeping...
clara Garcia
clara Garcia 18 hours ago
if that was me and it was music playing thru the box like ryan im just gonna start tiktok dancing
clara Garcia
clara Garcia 18 hours ago
"I'll take you home with me" SHANE REALLY BE SAVING THESE PEOPLE TROUBLE HAHAHAHA Just get him to get all the demons and ghosts at his house and just him talking to them thru flashlights and getting mad at them like theyre cats
Luana Nascimento Figueira
O Shane tá parecendo o salsicha
Phoebe Sampson
Phoebe Sampson 21 hour ago
Shane looks like shagy
FIRER6 23 hours ago
I'm surprised that the ghost didn't start complaining about man spreading because it's from buzzfeed
Kai Essex
Kai Essex 23 hours ago
Is no one going to bring up that Shane looks like shaggy in that outfit😂😂
Kai Essex
Kai Essex 13 hours ago
Hahaha it’s amazing!
Hayley Mireles
Hayley Mireles 23 hours ago
i know right???!!!!!
Joep Lukken | LLN
Shame was wearing shaggy clothes lol
Fuck Off
Fuck Off Day ago
No ones gonna talk about how Shane looked like Shaggy this episode?
Akash Day ago
Damn, she is incredibly beautiful 😯
Saskia Christine
shane looks like shaggy in this and I'm scared
Jamie Isabeau
As much as I wanted to see a ghost all the signs point more towards carbon monoxide poisoning - hearing voices and feeling paranoid, and especially the burning smell! Would also explain why she keeps having these experiences even when she moved apartment.
Mireya Drum
Mireya Drum Day ago
25:53 I heard Spanish "A tu también" which translates to "you too" but idk
varad shukla
varad shukla Day ago
Shane wut are u doing 😂😂
Abdullah Al Aiban
she seems like a liar
Cynda Kill101
25:33 oh my gosh, shaggy is flossing
three us
three us Day ago
It just sounds like it's singing 😂
hoooligans Day ago
Loey: getting attacked by a demonic spirit Shane and ryan: *I be flossin*
Megan Hart
Megan Hart Day ago
did nobody else see the orb at around 16:08 ? could just be a bug or something but that would be dang good timing..
Alice Quinzel
All hail the watcher
Bruhken Day ago
anyone else thinks Shane looked like shaggy in this vid
Suha Aris
Suha Aris Day ago
i think .. even the demon is afraid of shane
Caden Hernandez
911 has been called
Shane is an amazing gift to this show lmfao
Zarek Lord of the Fries
I am with Shane on the Ouija board thing. It's literally a Hasbro product.
Jaron Robinson
Why shane look like shaggy this time
Jibrhan khan
Jibrhan khan Day ago
Your shaking cos ur blood sugar is low
Finnian Sher
Finnian Sher Day ago
Go to the time stamp 22:27 and watch the bottom right corner of the screen what is that
Rick Burnett
Rick Burnett Day ago
I love the show but this girl will do anything for hits and likes on social media
Jibrhan khan
Jibrhan khan Day ago
Hooolllyyy her leg is the size of ryan like fuk she must of been training years tobget that big looking
0:23 OH MY GOD RYAN’S LAUGH it was adorable
jelly beam
jelly beam Day ago
Shane can make being chased by slender leatherface penny wise and Jason voorhes a huge joke
10 pound jaden Leonard
Pickles what the hell
Priscilla G
Priscilla G Day ago
OMG Shane! :O
Ava Taylor
Ava Taylor Day ago
Shane really taught Ryan to floss
The Great Lord DIO
I think the unintelligible sound near the end that said come in I think it said “please don’t let Shane come in”
sHy__ girLie
sHy__ girLie Day ago
Y’all just gonna leave her like this I’m sister shocked rn
miss mitzi
miss mitzi Day ago
shane be lookin’ like shaggy
grandoverlord gaming
Shes lying
jack sully
jack sully 2 days ago
By knowing the name you have the power over it.
Blazer Heata
Blazer Heata 2 days ago
Ryan: names mean you have power over them Ghost: Hey Loey, Ryan Me: oh, it didn't say Shane's name. It doesn't have power over him Comment section: I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that
Mustafa Areeb
Mustafa Areeb 2 days ago
shane bullys demons
Mustafa Areeb
Mustafa Areeb 2 days ago
i want them to play surah baqurah in one of these vids to see what happens
DOODSIEROLL 2 days ago
@ 28:22 whoaaah! are we gonna ignore that? Plus the video is 28:22 long and what the hell?
Mustafa Areeb
Mustafa Areeb 2 days ago
all demons end up trapped in shanes head
Mofather 26
Mofather 26 2 days ago
Shane be looking like shaggy from Scooby doo like zoo is Scooby we have a mystery to slove
imoimmy 2 days ago
is anyone going to address that Shane legitimately is dressed like shaggy this episode???
Fish the Conqueror
I like shanes shaggy look
Ruby Diamond
Ruby Diamond 2 days ago
why is shane dressed like shaggy
Ruby Diamond
Ruby Diamond 2 days ago
the demon obeying shane with the torches again
ReeDunkiluse 11
ReeDunkiluse 11 2 days ago
Shane looks like Shaggy from Scooby doo
SomeGal_inPH 2 days ago
19:54 I CAN'T WITH THIS 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Shaun Mclaughlin
Shaun Mclaughlin 2 days ago
Ghosts must be real how else could anyone explain her getting those jeans on 😂
Aleene R
Aleene R 2 days ago
Is no one going to talk about how Shane literally looks like Shaggy from Scooby-doo? (outfit wise not hair) Edit: nvm read more comments and people have said that but still
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 2 days ago
I love all the Mickey Ears on the back wall in her bedroom!!;D
birdfroggie uWU
birdfroggie uWU 2 days ago
can we just appreciate how much of a queen loey is
Dj buttstuff
Dj buttstuff 2 days ago
Girls a clout chaser
Tee Dee
Tee Dee 2 days ago
when the boys went to Colchester Shane said they're turning into scooby doo, now he's dressed like shaggy.. it's happening guys
Why me Why?
Why me Why? 2 days ago
21:58 This man looking like shaggy from scooby doo
fuzeixy -_-
fuzeixy -_- 2 days ago
19:40 😂😂😂
Sophia Bolger
Sophia Bolger 2 days ago
Is anyone going to mention that Shane looks like shaggy from Scooby Doo
J24 2 days ago
Shane looks like he's cosplaying Shaggy from Scooby Doo XD *LIKE ZOINKS, RYAN, IM LIKE DANCING ON THE GOATMAN'S BRIDGE BECAUSE ITS LIKE MINE NOW!*
Lois Dunbar
Lois Dunbar 2 days ago
Shane is a very negative and unlikeable person ......it always seems like he is making fun of people......please talk less Shane.....
Beast 47
Beast 47 2 days ago
I love the way she’s having a stroke and there teaching eachother how to floss
A_Internet Person
Demons from the other world: *having a campfire and chanting at a shot drinking contest*
ryan the gamer
ryan the gamer 2 days ago
none it rially
Hisoka Morow
Hisoka Morow 2 days ago
Those thigh cant hunt me any day.
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