The Harvey Weinstein Trial: Everything You Need to Know

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The Harvey Weinstein trial is starting off in New York. Here's everything you need to know about the groundbreaking trial in entertainment history.





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Adam Hansen
Adam Hansen 19 days ago
In the black and white picture Harvey looks like the lead singer of a doo wop band. The bands name is: Mickey Finn And The Sex Offenders with their hit single: Will You Still Love Me In The Morning.
Rose LR Writer
Rose LR Writer 20 days ago
Typical: When you are accused by a woman, get a female lawyer, when accused by a Hispanic man, get a Hispanic lawyer,, when accused by a black man, get a black male lawyer,... when accused by a child, show to your trial with a child holding your hand... And if your crime scene is a real mess, get 11 lawyers like OJ Simpson did.
allan thomas
allan thomas 24 days ago
Let the fat prick dies in jail x
LORY35587 25 days ago
Ugly pig just like Epstein
James Cadzow
James Cadzow 25 days ago
He's not a sex addict he's a psychopath with narcissistic tendencies. Sexual addiction is just one of his demonic traits. It doesn't matter if the victim is a man, woman or an animal if he knows he could over power and control the victim that is one he desires. There is no treatment, death is the only cure for his soul.
P. sh
P. sh 27 days ago
Great job illumenati.. another circuse show by the great power of evil freemason and illumenati
Anita Flynn
Anita Flynn 27 days ago
PAUL DOLAN 27 days ago
Sorry but faaaarck Harvey Weistein is so soooooooooooooo ugly.Looks like a wort hog
JTO o 27 days ago
Harvey Weinstein is old school. He's a throw back to the old Hollywood. The casting couch has been around since the beginning.
chris goodayle
chris goodayle 28 days ago
All these “non disclosure” legal pacts the victims sign are what is making legal cases/suits against the abuser that much harder to prosecute.NBC and Weinstein used them to protect themselves. I know it’s easy for me to say,but I wish the victims would stop signing these pacts,they are just enabling these abusers to keep hurting more woman.
Thomas De Lello
Thomas De Lello 28 days ago
It's been going on since Adam and Eve...
eva lamos
eva lamos 29 days ago
very ugly looking man,, Oh my GOD
Le Comte De Boreas
Le Comte De Boreas 29 days ago
Horsesht!!!! They all took advantage of him, actresses are professional liars, he is innocent! FREE HARVEY!!!!
eric salles
eric salles 29 days ago
Droit De quissance lol
karl Rensburg
karl Rensburg Month ago
Can anyone answer a question, why do the women or victims come forward centuries later ??? ( I dont support any woman harassment in any form either. )
Angel Pecica
Angel Pecica Month ago
And finally, after 21 years, I understand how the hell „Shakespeare in Love” had won the Best Picture at the 71st Academy Awards, against „Life Is Beautiful” and „Saving Private Ryan”...
Drinkwater 7
Drinkwater 7 Month ago
Troy Duffy....the one person Weinstein fucked, without their consent, who deserved it!!
Pat Martin
Pat Martin Month ago
Harvey just loved playing with his mutton gun now he can play with it all day with big bob and also big bobs mutton gun in his cell have a ball Harvey cheers you dog
Katherine Sampson
The predator’s attorney looks and sounds like a transgender.....😳🤭🤔
TEAM BWILE Month ago
911 is toll free. And nobody called. Just told their stories.
TEAM BWILE Month ago
Fuck Hollywood
Gabriela333 Month ago
Master manipulator and calculated. Total faker...come on Weinstein u can't fool everybody.
Robert Woods
Robert Woods Month ago
think harvey looks like a pig but it seems to me they have no evidence except ' hear-say ' and i don't believe that's admissible .but they're allowing it same with cosby , have you see the ugly broad accusing cosby ? he'd have to be the one on drugs .
Oba Sa
Oba Sa Month ago
So when it comes to r kelly, bill cosby, russel Simmons, Kobe Bryant, the media destroys the black man in the forefront on every media propaganda but when it comes to winestein he walks off Scott free? It really make my skin crawl because not only does it send a message subconsciously to the youth that this is what black men basically turn up to be and foreshadowing a rigged future, it also adds more stereotypes to black people. Now you got winestein who gets off Scott free showing the white masses they can get away with everything even stealing from like black culture. This has been going on since the dawn of time. God fearing god knows all and his vengeance is mighty he will make amends
brooks wade
brooks wade Month ago
groovy grandma
groovy grandma Month ago
He was a real creep. The woman who signed NDA's, the celebrities who did movies for him all contributed to his continuing on assaulting many. Will the media go after them? They took his money. They signed his NDA's. They continued on with him trading their careers for their dignity and safety. Then they turn around several years later for a do over for various motives. No matter how young I was to include when I was a single mother, I never took the paycheck if it included sexual harassment. I moved on to something else. Once I reported it, wore a wire. But I never kept silent and endured it. I question motives of anyone who continued on with someone in any capacity if it were so toxic. Yes, Weinstein was an ass creep. But most of these women went back because their careers were more important than their dignity and safety. Shame on them.
Dag Koj
Dag Koj Month ago
Personally I think it's all part of the entertainment industry. Sleeping with the man who can make or break your career is all part of the instrustry. So now calling it rape is disingenuous. It's like it's ok when it served you but as soon as it's no longer served you then it's rape. Come on....is it really that bad? We all sleep around so we can get what we want and that's part of life. Just like the young lady who married the old man so she can get his money and wealth. Do you really think that the young lady really love the old man? Don't you think that the young lady would rather married the young handsome guy? It's all about the money, the wealth, the power and what you are willing to offer or sacrifice to get it.
Reg Wells
Reg Wells Month ago
I wonder his first night in jail was?
Chloe wilson
Chloe wilson Month ago
What an ugly, ugly man he is.
Ste Sha
Ste Sha Month ago
Why did these woman go anywhere near him when it was well known what he was like , the guy is a scumbag but i think a lot of them new what the deal was.
Tanvi Barge
Tanvi Barge Month ago
100+ women reported, what about not reported ones? 🤔
The_ Joker
The_ Joker Month ago
Who is next?
Aqw aq
Aqw aq Month ago
Seems like a trail of hookers and their client.
Parsa P. Mohammadi, Esq.
Lock 🔑 him up and throw away the keys! He is a predator! Let him be raped by Tyrone! Tyrone will make love to his butthole!
Alexei Romanov
Alexei Romanov Month ago
omg- he also masturbated on David Schimer (102) and Leonardo Dicaprio (106). Sick Baster LOCK HIM UP 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😱😨😨😨
Bunkyman Month ago
So let me see if I have this correct--he doesn't deny the sex he just says it was consensual? Am I right? Look at him, now look at all of the women he says he he had consensual sex with. REALLY?? they consented to have sex with a fat, overweight, ugly old man? Get real you lying Ahole!!! Be glad I'm not on your jury.
Chin Brumback
Chin Brumback Month ago
Most of those women probably got on their knees when they saw Harvey Oh,I wanna be a Star.Oh Harvey
Aragon Farseer
Aragon Farseer Month ago
Most of these cunts were happy to be sluts and suck some cock to become famous!!! They only got bitter about it once they weren't being offered any work anymore, and their blow job skills couldn't help them any longer!!!!
Aragon Farseer
Aragon Farseer Month ago
Just Because over 100 sluts say he touched me or raped me, it does not make it true!!! Where is Your Proof?? It is very Easy to say, He did this, or, He did that, but You Have to Either Prove it, or, shut the fuck up!!!! simple!!! I am sick of Hearing About this Fucking Bullshit happening to Men without any real proof, just the allegations of some bitter women!!! fuck off and stop this shit unless you have irrefutable proof!!!
bambino bambini
bambino bambini Month ago
Noone can force anyone to do anything against their will. These victims know what they will get too.
Pamela Franklin
Pamela Franklin Month ago
Get him get Donald trump get all of them they evil
Rajendra Biswas
Rajendra Biswas Month ago
His security is looking so evil ugly mafia
Barbara Mulvaney
That gross fat pig can't get laid any other way. He is so disgusting.
Buffy Vamp
Buffy Vamp Month ago
He is a pig.
zaria Cotton
zaria Cotton Month ago
We keep doing alot of talk about wat Weinstein did but. Show us evidence proof cause theses lady's told Weinstein i miss you so to me da man can't be guilty wen they da one's chases him so dat make him innocent so theses lady's lying
zaria Cotton
zaria Cotton Month ago
But theses lady's said i miss you Weinstein so how you a victim i don't buy dis they all want money
zaria Cotton
zaria Cotton Month ago
Theses woman's r not victims it's all about da money why wait so lone did theses lady's report dis to da police back then wen they say Weinstein did all of dis to them i don't see no evidence anybody can say dis r dat
Dan Burke
Dan Burke Month ago
They spread their legs to get the roles....why complain
Satch Mahoney
Satch Mahoney Month ago
The head hypocrite in a town full of hypocrites! The actresses that blew their way to the top now get their revenge. None of these high power actors/ actresses ever knew this was going on? Was the CIA running cover for Weinstein over the years? They must have been because upstanding actors like Meryl Streep would have done something about it the second they heard about it....right? Ha Ha....she’s as bad as he is! They are making this out to be something so much bigger than what it is! The Hollywood perverts have been acting like this from day one, nothing has changed...if he gets through this they will line back up to kiss his ass to get in his next movie....Hollywood is a den of hypocritical perverts that preach to the ignorant public about how they should live their lives, which is NOTHING like the way these movie maggots live theirs! Brad Pitt probably molests puppies when he gets bored watching Angelina Jolie shooting up speedballs! THE SCUM BAG HOLLYWOOD SEPTIC TANK NEEDS TO BE PUMPED OUT AGAIN, ITS OVERFLOWING!!!!!
PAbcentral ______
For the times that he fucked up other actors started to get blamed for shit and I don’t think all of the other ppl deserved it. Some do yes but if a guy makes a pass at a women it becomes a me too thing just for a comment. Just like with Cuba Gooding Jr, he groped women yes that’s not ok but do you know how many women prolly liked that? N it’s not just him. Ppl were getting pulled into the me too thing after these women saw ppl getting money for this kind of shit and then they are on the wagon. Now it’s making women jump right into this whole metoo thing just by s man looking at her like yes this whole thing did something good however a lot of bad things came from this as well. With women coming out of the woodwork to get paid. Then now there are women who are so quick to go to the whole harassment thing against men who maybe made a pass at them or whatever. Or even if a guy slapped you on the ass yeah call him out on it and tell him not to do that shit again. Not sit there and start crying and saying how traumatic it was like you got a slap on the ass. You’ll live. There are many women who do the same thing to a man how come they aren’t getting charges or harassment? What we don’t count or something or are we just mature and not goin to cry and freak out over an ass slap.
Michael Peterson
If there were relations going on between the Accusers and the Accused it`s very very hard to pick who`s right but if there is a continued communication chances are,Harvey will get off.....
Josefina Magallanes
He is a disgusting FAT FUCK- who the hell would want to be touched by him? On purpose???? LOOK at his nasty ugly ass!
Josefina Magallanes
Asshole lawyers; get the fuck outta here, WEINSTEIN disgraced his family and his name and he is a piece of shit,, I hope he fullfills his sexual pleasures amongst those like him in the prison cell.
Josefina Magallanes
There is not even years in life that he should be locked up.
JR Month ago
Even if he’s is freed,he will be taken care of. As they did with Epstein o Michael Jackson Pedofhiles prio 1 Rapeists. Prio 2
Kharajan mohammad
If you look closely to the video of thos women who bought charges they dont look genuine.
Kharajan mohammad
Some of the women doing it for money..and the videos like set up or realtionship consent sex.
Jackie Planck
Jackie Planck Month ago
Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein are God's chosen people? Haven't these poor Jews been through enough without you further persecuting them?
xgetxsickx Month ago
Everyone knew - the real question is who did he piss off, or stop paying?
Tim Mathewson
Tim Mathewson Month ago
Everything You Need To Know.... Good ole Harvey Boy is tied in with the most powerful people in the world.... Harvey will not spend 1 day in jail & pretty much get off scott-free.... There will not be any pussy hat feminist protests... Because feminism is a political movement, not a women's movement...... The media that is owned and run by Harvey Boy's powerful allies will slowly make it look that some how in some why... Good ole Harvey Boy is a victim in all this ? And when it's all not said and done, Good ole Harvey Boy will be right back where he left off. Being a slothful pervert, making million dollar movies.... And you will watch them !!!!
Ron g
Ron g Month ago
Rot in jail you animal
_23Nostalgia _
_23Nostalgia _ Month ago
Harvey all of sudden walks with a walker how convenient? I bet he didn’t need one when he was raping these young women who were trapped with the lies of an Oscar nominated movie roles! Thank goodness they all Corroborated
Elizabeth Dunlap
The woman all are seen hugging him and praising him at award shows and for years when their careers are failed now they are all wanting him to get the rest of his life in prison. Cosby and Weinstein looks to have also were being taking advantage of
Tom Hunter
Tom Hunter Month ago
What's all this nonsense?! They were begging for it, they gave up the puss and he made them movie 🌟 🌟 🌟 now they wanna sue because they didn't make it big? I don't think so
Joe Homeless
Joe Homeless Month ago
What a punk
Moss Stirling
Moss Stirling Month ago
Frank busvek
Frank busvek Month ago
Latest news, the walker charged Harvey with rape!!!!!!
Krizhhan Muramatsu
Epstein (old dead man) and Weinstein (old rusty man) are STEIN (STAIN) Of society that needs to removed and put it to hell.
patricia palermo
pobrecito ese señor, sea lo que sea.... ni me interesa.... pero ME DA UNA GRAN LASTIMA.
Ron Ruggieri
Ron Ruggieri Month ago
If I were on that jury I would not have to search my conscience for more than two minutes to ACQUIT Harvey Weinstein of crude and bestial RAPE. I am inspired by a quote from the actress Hedy Lamarr who must have been familiar with more than a few Harvey Weinstein types in Hollywood studios:In her book " Ecstasy And Me … My Life as a Woman " I read : " have always felt that if a man gives you a solid gold key to his door he is entitled to the courtesy of a visit " A not so stupid CONSERVATIVE moral lesson here : TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN LIFE !
Victor Franco
Victor Franco Month ago
But yet Oprah won't make a documentary about this! 😠😠😠
the kingnumberone
What's done in the dark comes to the light? I'm so glad that this actually came to light.
Kitty Growl
Kitty Growl Month ago
Wait wait wait wait - a woman is the lead attorney for Harvey Weinstein? I can’t. And I’m even more disturbed after hearing the “nuts or sluts” defense. 5:35 Wtfffff
Eric Picho
Eric Picho Month ago
Why. Not just start his own porn production company.they are way more hottter chiks will to do him all day for a penny.
Ava Kate
Ava Kate Month ago
This guy needs to go to the same jail Jeffrey Epstein was at! He might actually get what he’s got coming to him!
Miguela Macailing
If he gets acquitted - American Justice System is dome - and the women depending him - needs to stand in a weighing scale of lies. I don’t know how these two convinced themselves they are not guilty???? How!!!!
Christopher Sawyer
What an ugly ugly slovenly beast, i can only imagine the trauma these poor gools are going through.
ryin catcher
ryin catcher Month ago
Hollywood is as gross as washington
Gigi Gigi
Gigi Gigi Month ago
Is there any women that after the said "Sex Assault"went to the Police Office to communicate the situation? I don't think so! I am not in either side, to me both are wrong, both are dirty and liars..
Gigi Gigi
Gigi Gigi Month ago
I am sure that has more Men in Hollywood just like Harvey...lets find them too...I do not believe that he was the only one to harass women...I am also sure that many of these women had consensual sex with him at that time, them they regretted or changed their mind after the: Me Too...
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