The Harshest Burns from the Roast of Justin Bieber

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Relive all the shocking and brutal jokes from the roast of Justin Bieber, as Roastmaster General Jeff Ross says, the “King Joffrey of pop.”
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Aug 25, 2019




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Comments 80
Comedy Central
Comedy Central 10 months ago
The Roast of Alec Baldwin premieres September 15 on Comedy Central. See who will be roasting Alec here: ruvid.net/video/video-ePp-8vOmmdk.html
Jasmin kahrić
Jasmin kahrić 3 days ago
@mgeek1 NG v is Mrs 0 0 Xvd, v, c
kassan williams
kassan williams 5 days ago
Justin beiber: "I love Kevin hart career plan, do everything Martin Lawrence did but shittier" Damn😂😭
RHH Assoc.
RHH Assoc. 18 days ago
shit hard not smart
Onfirestocks 22 days ago
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Dante4SSBU !
Dante4SSBU ! 25 days ago
Booty Eater
Booty Eater 2 minutes ago
High class people roasting eachother in front of an high class audience. Nice
HydroWolf235585 :O
Seeing Hannibal crack up is beautiful.
Lenny Summers
Lenny Summers Hour ago
"i bet you'r pubic hair is 50 shades of grey" why in the actual fuck did he sound like he really wanted to see that or has seen it and wants it!?
#JulioJones 11
#JulioJones 11 3 hours ago
I wish Greg Giraldo was still alive and was in this roast session - he was one of my all time favorites.
E 3 hours ago
Chris Delia this seems hella dark now.
Spinner1312 3 hours ago
weirdos.. except snoop dog
Shantel Bby
Shantel Bby 4 hours ago
Luda was over IT LMAO
Meke Nakwafila
Meke Nakwafila 6 hours ago
I wouldn't want to be roasted even for a million dollars, kidding, for a million dollars I might. Lol
Brandon 6 hours ago
When Martha Stewart is the most savage roaster of the night
Phillip Maiman
Phillip Maiman 6 hours ago
I’m sry but Pete Davidson 😂
Kev Skylark
Kev Skylark 9 hours ago
anyone else thought the pete davidson dad inhaling smoke joke was a little much?
Minh Pham
Minh Pham 9 hours ago
chris fo
chris fo 11 hours ago
7:49 trevorrrrr is so cute omg
Jaheim Houston
Jaheim Houston 14 hours ago
She murder everybody on stage if I was one of them I would have left
Jaheim Houston
Jaheim Houston 14 hours ago
She put shaq on the spot and Kevin Hart is dying over there get him some milk
Jamie Nicholls
Jamie Nicholls 14 hours ago
Office Space Lawyer "I got a client in minium prison he said it isn't a joke 2 options if someone tries you fight back OR end up someone's bitch". Main character "Oh God we just committed serious fraud where was the point ??". IT guy "Sh!t I put it in the wrong place I always do that !!". Indian guy "I am so f.ucked & the worse part if we go to prison they'd still get my name wrong"
Jahnos Onfroy
Jahnos Onfroy 15 hours ago
Dude that joke about Pete’s Dad was so fucking hilarious and fucked
Shuby Duby Pro Blackness
Luda didnt want to be there
Baruck Obungoo
Baruck Obungoo 18 hours ago
“Snoop, you look like a retired wnba player”
JB,,,,,,PROB WORTH 200K$ NOW🤷‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Georgine Verano
Georgine Verano 20 hours ago
Trevor Noah laughing at Jeff’s joke. And snoop dying at Ron burgundy
Colman Agranov
Colman Agranov 21 hour ago
Tianned DQ
Tianned DQ 22 hours ago
Why didnt kevin do one
Madlipz Art Buzz
Madlipz Art Buzz 22 hours ago
I thought that Keana Reeves
Joseph Kent
Joseph Kent Day ago
today i found out
Conflux26 Day ago
Kevin had the fun of his life lmao
KJ Enter last name here
Wait...does Justin Bieber have kids?
Nelson_brown Day ago
Why they all talking bout shaqs humongous schlong doe
Manny Padilla
I wish Johnny Sins was here😭😭😭
Orlando Molina
“He goes UP on his wife” Hahahahaha
MD CA Day ago
what do you call a girl who throws tantrums every time a female doesn't give her a complement... Justin Fucking Bieber
Dill n Pickle
Martha Stuart was class
Darth Revan
Darth Revan Day ago
7:49 Trevor Noah
Shaikha.M Day ago
shaquille is an Arabic word for handsome !!! اللغه العربيه تصيح بزاويه😂
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass Day ago
For Shaq they raised the mic like 10ft
Randal Allen
Randal Allen Day ago
Roasts wre started by drunks for drunks like dean martin,because theyd nothing to do with bored ass lives,,so I dont know why beebs was even their ,that cool ass canadian boy ,as far as rest are concerned there drunk stupid hurting for money ,because its suposed to be funny ,but in reality its just lame hollyweeds idea of a good time.
Ha Ah
Ha Ah Day ago
Randal Allen uh are you drunk
Elliot Griffith
Did shaq actually plow Martha?
ADUMTS 2 days ago
Isn't Henderson already dead?!
Ike Malik
Ike Malik 2 days ago
Martha Stuart KILLED it in this one
Ha Ah
Ha Ah Day ago
Ike Malik nah
Artur Horbatowicz
eee nie ma sebastiana rejenta to nie oglądam
John Serrano
John Serrano 2 days ago
Natasha Leggero: Selena Gomez is literally the least lucky Selena in all of entertainment history. Selena Quintanilla: Am I a joke to you?
John Serrano
John Serrano 5 hours ago
Mackenzie =/
Mackenzie 5 hours ago
@John Serrano lol
John Serrano
John Serrano 5 hours ago
Mackenzie ok why are you making fun of me though?
Mackenzie 5 hours ago
@John Serrano the joke is that its worse to have to sleep with Justin Bieber than be murdered. lol wow dude
John Serrano
John Serrano 5 hours ago
B but there is no joke to get??????
Ryan Rood
Ryan Rood 2 days ago
9/11 joke in 2020...."too soooon"
That one funny kid
7:04 Thats kinda messes up it doesn’t matter if its a roast or not man 😒
cachorro vaDIO
cachorro vaDIO 2 days ago
Psychocreepr !
Psychocreepr ! 2 days ago
Nobody laughed when the woman was up
Thiago P J
Thiago P J 2 days ago
Wow, this sh*t is NOT for everybody.... I loved.
gbhbatfink 2 days ago
biebs the king joffrey of pop....... savage :)
shankesh gagare
shankesh gagare 2 days ago
All i can see is Kendall jenner :3
Pecco Senpai
Pecco Senpai 2 days ago
Cosa il fottere arrosto di justin bieber? Mas sara buono? chissa proviamolo
Hala Hamze
Hala Hamze 2 days ago
7:23 *billie noises*
S T 2 days ago
Jeff Harry
Jeff Harry 2 days ago
Snoops looks like a cool ass salamander had me dying
natayoo 2 days ago
The joke about Chris getting all the bieber fan girls hits different now
Jamie Nicholls
Jamie Nicholls 14 hours ago
Someone playing Justin Bieber in public without headphones *throws them headphones* "We did vote to listen to this"
natayoo 21 hour ago
@Thalia Rivera he got accused of harassing underage girls
Thalia Rivera
Sonny Crockett
Sonny Crockett 2 days ago
Cocks, balls, dicks, and nuts!
rredzone 2 days ago
Hannibal is so good
pink floyed fan
pink floyed fan 2 days ago
players whelm
players whelm 2 days ago
Shaqs the coolest dude up there 😎 👌
Tristan Ho
Tristan Ho 3 days ago
Hannibal Buress being confused about Pete's race is so perfect
Mary Smiles
Mary Smiles 3 days ago
King Joffrey of pop music.. 😂😂😂
Sophia Haggray
Sophia Haggray 3 days ago
“I’m a big fan of Chris D’leia bc Chris gets a ton of girls.” Chile that did not age well...
Real Name
Real Name 3 days ago
a;right I like Bieber a lil bit now lol
EyeInTheSky 3 days ago
Justin was actually funny. Love the Snoop dis
TheMaskedPlayer 3 days ago
O'niel in irish is kindly though?
Benjamin Barger
Benjamin Barger 3 days ago
Why do they keep talking about shaqs d
Gaurang dandwate
Gaurang dandwate 3 days ago
Blacks are naturally funny
Phanetic Danny
Phanetic Danny 3 days ago
for a hot second i thought that was Riley Reid
Alextellonav Yesss
Yayo cagó el roast
Mung Siam
Mung Siam 3 days ago
I don’t get Justin’s 200 million dollar joke, someone explain😭
rosierose 3 days ago
Mung Siam it’s pretty self-explanatory. I dunno what to say to you.
Moderately Amused
4:25 is when DElia jumps in. Back when this came out I wondered why he hated Bieber so much. Now I know it just jealousy because Bieber could ask 18 year old girls for pics and people would just write him off as an arrogant young hundred millionaire but Chris gets caught and he is the creepy almost 40 son of a hundred millionaire. I wonder if all his buddies apologizing for knowing him made a dent in his ego.
Travel With Kaylen
one joke got cut from the show and it was Hannibal Burress who said "this is an extremely transparent attempt to be more likable in the public eye. And, I hope it doesn't work" this was literally just a way to make ppl like Justin
MystiCult 4 days ago
7:00 Kevin hart is dying LMAO
Travel With Kaylen
"you have it all, except respect, love, friends, grammys, and good parents" lmaoooooo
Libelldrian 4 days ago
8:38 Who is this girl?
Zoey Gregory
Zoey Gregory 4 days ago
Kevin was just shrinking in his chair from laughing 😂
Phillip Rodriguez
Why is Martha Stewart so damn fine for ?
Monica Enriguez
Monica Enriguez 4 days ago
This is gold
Ghazali 4 days ago
You call this roast, this was warm up. If you want real roast watch Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh's roast
Idk Lol
Idk Lol 4 days ago
Martha was the actual funny women on there lol
kaden bryant
kaden bryant 4 days ago
i’m not a justin fan but everyone’s being SO mean to him like farther than joking
I nort
I nort Day ago
@kaden bryant how am I bitter you don't realize that the whole point of a roast is to be "mean" to them you moron
kaden bryant
kaden bryant Day ago
I nort jesus what made you so bitter lmao chill
I nort
I nort Day ago
@kaden bryant Imagine having a playlist of ASMR you sad shit
kaden bryant
kaden bryant Day ago
I nort wow my feelings are so hurt 😭
I nort
I nort Day ago
Shut up you snowflake
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