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I need YOUR help finding new, funny clips so I created a subreddit! Go to reddit.com/r/roguehuckster and submit videos for a chance to get featured in a new video!
I don't monetize these videos (I mean, none of the clips are mine) so if you want to you can support me here: patreon.com/roguehuckster
I do not own any of these clips. I'm going to try and get in the habit of leaving links to all the videos I use in the future, I don't have all of them for this video though.
Copyright Disclaimer, Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for 'fair use' for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
(Got this from MemerMan's video descriptions and thought it would be useful :P)
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Aug 14, 2019




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Comments 60
Rogue Huckster
Rogue Huckster 11 months ago
I'm working on a new video now, but I'm having trouble finding clips. If you guys have any videos, go to reddit.com/r/roguehuckster and post them there, if I put your clip in my vid I'll put your name somewhere. Also my 8th video (Simba one) was locked by WMG because of the Turn Down for What on recorders clip, I don't know if I'll reupload it.
Random Guy Gaming
Random Guy Gaming 4 months ago
The bongo cat one IS THE BEST
Random Guy Gaming
Random Guy Gaming 4 months ago
Discontinued 4 months ago
3:51 AA= Me getting stabbed AAA= Me getting shot AAAA= Me stepping on a lego piece
Hello Sweetheart
Hello Sweetheart 4 months ago
The white static in-between is horrible, thumbs down all the way!!!
centralkid_drip 4 months ago
Rogue Huckster you call this a funny video
Mergen Peterson
Mergen Peterson 17 hours ago
Why do we laugh at animal suffering
TyGamer4 Day ago
12:57 peacefully going to the bathroom to poop me: remembers that i was sick and idk whats wrong *MY BUTT WHEN I START POOPIN*
Jennifer Sharp
Jennifer Sharp 4 months ago
3:09 is one of the funniest 😂🤣😂
Jennifer Sharp
Jennifer Sharp 4 months ago
Jennifer Sharp
Jennifer Sharp 4 months ago
Jennifer Sharp
Jennifer Sharp 4 months ago
3:23 is funny too (count as the second on)
Laxus 2.0
Laxus 2.0 4 months ago
Not kinda funny
Rohan Xavier
Rohan Xavier 4 months ago
In America crows poop on you In motherland crows salute oh glorious leader
Dreamy Butterfly
Dreamy Butterfly 4 months ago
I laughed at the Pirate one... I can't breathe...
D B 4 months ago
4:50 😂😂😂😂😂
Leonardo Caballero
Leonardo Caballero 4 months ago
Philip Carlile
Philip Carlile 4 months ago
Lmao, "free real estate" always gets me
Dark Demon
Dark Demon 4 months ago
1:02 is when I lost to this challenge
Megan Johnson
Megan Johnson 4 months ago
I did not laugh. No I'm not emotionless I just did not laugh UwU
Ashlyn Seymour
Ashlyn Seymour 4 months ago
I lost before the vid evan started
DJ Kend
DJ Kend 4 months ago
16:50 its polish channel! 🇵🇱
*V e l v e t*
*V e l v e t* 4 months ago
When you mow your garden the mower flys away
xMiaDarthvader 4 months ago
3:24 I spit my water out, and it got on my PC...Im so dead
-Ŧєคгlєรร_๏Ŧ_๔є๓๏ภร -
İf you laugh crepper armys blow up your base (awww Man)
Dinosaur kingdom leader 2.0
Man: who steals soap Me:sweats heavily
aris _spnl
aris _spnl 4 months ago
5:40 SONG
Hazel Duo
Hazel Duo 4 months ago
1:15 scared the crap out of me
pure flame
pure flame 4 months ago
Me farting alone(12:56) me farting in public(13:40
MMA slayer The mindflayer
The seal one was already made
wolves 4 months ago
thank you
BSDS 16 4 months ago
I need the music on 8:08 please
Thornable 4 months ago
God fucking dammit the gramma bit almost got me and he had to say I wouldn’t want to see that either 😂
Leonardo Caballero
Leonardo Caballero 4 months ago
Leonardo Caballero
Leonardo Caballero 4 months ago
the milo gamer 8e6
the milo gamer 8e6 4 months ago
BrickBattleBoi 4 months ago
Girl: -le waves at bear- Bear: Hi -waves back-
Bagel lord
Bagel lord 4 months ago
I smiled twice, good job you made me smile but you didn't make me laugh. Try harder.
Godzilla dab king
Godzilla dab king 4 months ago
Me: hi guys Friends: 1:14
Ninjafoxko_ bfip
Ninjafoxko_ bfip 4 months ago
6:10 my laugh is gross!
Suman Magar
Suman Magar 4 months ago
15:30 can’t be more relatable 😭😭😭😭
justin moss
justin moss 4 months ago
@15:54 i just lost it!
Ender kitty cat ender Pearl 171
4:37 that's really funny ngtl
Mio Arasaki
Mio Arasaki 4 months ago
Why was the "febreeze the cheese" the only one to make me laugh😂
BoDuke2 the original
1:43 why are you hammering a screw in the first place At least it looks like a screw to me
ElViciao YT
ElViciao YT 4 months ago
I was trying soo hard but i laught 16 times,all the laughts was pure comedy xd
Michael 4 months ago
That dog sneeze was the cutest thing ever haha xD
Jack Chance
Jack Chance 4 months ago
Am i a meme? I see shadow demons 😁
Pax Attack
Pax Attack 4 months ago
12:50 me having Diarrhea
Teresa Goldman
Teresa Goldman 4 months ago
Video: 4:57 me: people in 2020 do
Devlin Johnsen
Devlin Johnsen 4 months ago
DigitalSpartan 5
DigitalSpartan 5 4 months ago
None of this is funny
Miraculous Ladybug
Miraculous Ladybug 4 months ago
0:43 im dying.... i could die
Annabella Patton
Annabella Patton 4 months ago
1:11 nope 1:30 nope 2:40 NOPE 7:11 still nope 17:17 *SILENCE*
Maggie In a Baggie
Maggie In a Baggie 4 months ago
Why do they call grapefruit grapefruits if grapes are tiny and green/purple and grapefruits are big and orange with red/pink inside like those are practically opposites. Also why is it called grapefruit there are already grapes and they're already fruits
Oliver Simpkins
Oliver Simpkins 4 months ago
the first part scared me XD
Letorin 4 months ago
April of 2020 be like: 0:04
Jesus Salazar
Jesus Salazar 4 months ago
Emmy R
Emmy R 4 months ago
0:49 noooo I was doing so goooood. 😫😫😫😫🤣🤣🤣🤣
Laura Kilner
Laura Kilner 4 months ago
9:08 When the mercenary rogue fails a stealth/dexterity check but remembers that he's good friends with the owner of the house the mercenary group sent him to rob
Todd Cox
Todd Cox 4 months ago
Remember guys... FEBREEZE THE CHEEZE
PeeJeeWeejTV 4 months ago
Flexy Rexy
Flexy Rexy 4 months ago
13:04 when its taco Tuesday
Ryden TooGrumpy
Ryden TooGrumpy 4 months ago
HaZu 95
HaZu 95 4 months ago
1:17 death note
Grant Woodell
Grant Woodell 4 months ago
rodent-zilla in the beginning!
Potato of Memes
Potato of Memes 4 months ago
Did not laugh... well... when taking the challenge of course! Otherwise, those were Noice
StAPeZ 4 months ago
When someone takes ur pizza roles 2:07
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