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Kelly (my wife) and I legit cannot stop making this dinner - marinated and then grilled chicken, homemade Naan + a sauce that brings everything together. It's easy, delicious, and healthy! 👌🏻
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We really just have one goal - to make your food life better. Ok that, and be entertained at the same time. And have you learn a few things along the way. So let’s make it 3 goals then.

If you only want the steps to make something, like those vids shot from above with no people, no conversation no nuthin - then we are absolutely not for you. But if you wanna a little fun while you learn, then this is the place.

Cooking doesn’t have to be hard, it just has to be delicious.
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May 10, 2021




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Comments 0
Lulu Flores
Lulu Flores 4 hours ago
Made it last week. It was such a hit I’ll be making it again next week. Thanks!
frogmccuish 9 hours ago
I just made this delicious meal, and boy oh boy, it was fabulous! I cut my chicken into strips before marinating, so that when I grill it I would get a lot of charred bits. So good! Naan was easy and delicious. Going back for another right now! Thank you Sam and Crew!
Alexander Noven
Alexander Noven 10 hours ago
When making this marinade, how long can i store it in my fridge? Is it possible to freeze? thanks
Just Lisa
Just Lisa 13 hours ago
Yes! I love naan and I’ve only made it once. This will be happening. May I also make a suggestion? I’d love it if at the end of some of your videos, you would tell us some of the best equipment to have in our kitchen arsenal such as the best knives to get (best value for the money) for different purposes, pans you must have, best utensils you will never be without, and the like. You don’t need to name brands unless it’s very specific, but types would help along with what to look for in terms of quality (weight, material, etc.).
Karin K
Karin K 14 hours ago
I added some roasted veggies to the mix, but otherwise kept true to your recipe. It was an absolutely delicious mess. Thanks for sharing.
spamh8r1007 Day ago
I want that t-shirt!!
Little Squirrel
Sam....."It is Greek after all!"..... Adds fish sauce and soy sauce.... Still looks amazing.
Venom_AD Day ago
It means, "Thank you very much."
R F Day ago
Followed the recipe to a T and it is WAY TO HEAVY WITH THE ROSEMARY!
Gr33k Fr3ak
Gr33k Fr3ak Day ago
That sentence you said means thank you very much not happy new year, but us Greek Americans will let it slide.
Alyssa Sader
Alyssa Sader 2 days ago
Well I know what I’m making for dinner tomorrow!
Tara Kempf
Tara Kempf 2 days ago
We are making this tonight. Tried the sauce goodbye ranch you are no longer needed. Also garlic paste = life changer. Thank you Sam 😊💓.
Jeffrey O'Connor
Jeffrey O'Connor 2 days ago
I have make this chicken once a week minimum. Also my wife's favorite, so I have make it for her work salads.
Michael Mercer
Michael Mercer 2 days ago
This is probably my favorite recipe of the last 5 years....or more.
thomas halikas
thomas halikas 3 days ago
Jerry L
Jerry L 3 days ago
I made this tonight. So easy and so delicious! My family loved it! Hats off friend!
chase lambert
chase lambert 3 days ago
I’ve learned so much from you guys ! I can’t wait to get home and try all of these
nan c
nan c 3 days ago
The chicken tasted so gosh damn good! Everything turned out perfect. Thank you Sam!
Sally Stingray
Sally Stingray 4 days ago
I'll be honest... I thought he was over exaggerating on how good these are because to look at it, it's a pretty simple recipe. Holy cow. Freaking phenomenal. That chicken. And that naan. Dude. I had never made flatbread before but I'm definitely going to make it all the time now.
Zoryana Moyko
Zoryana Moyko 4 days ago
Ok I made this and holy moly. Best chicken I’ve ever made. The naan, the dressing, everything was amazing. You never disappoint Sam!!!
Ben Leeper
Ben Leeper 5 days ago
This is the best thing I’ve ever made. No joke. I didn’t think the birria tacos would be topped.
Small Builds
Small Builds 6 days ago
This has quickly become one of our favourite dinners!
Eber Hwang
Eber Hwang 7 days ago
xD he said "that shit right THUR" lol Sam is the SHIT
FLOR BAILON 7 days ago
I saw, I made it for lunch OMG This is Delicious!!! Freaking good!!
Erica Smith, MBA
Erica Smith, MBA 7 days ago
I'm mad with a whole attitude just because I can't taste it or have none. Lol 🤣
The Bittle
The Bittle 8 days ago
I made this today. Holy $h!t, it was amazing. Thanks for giving us great food instructions Sam.
Mark McCormick
Mark McCormick 8 days ago
Love this one, Thank you!
This is a gyro bro
Steve Verweyst
Steve Verweyst 8 days ago
I'd put that in your pellet smoker on high. Looks great!!!
Howard Borish
Howard Borish 8 days ago
Your pickle onions on top Oh my God
smokey58able 8 days ago
Made this, left out the Fish sauce and garlic butter though. Tasted sooo good, thanks Sam for sharing this with us all. Will definitely be making this again 👍
John Kordatos
John Kordatos 8 days ago
Παραδίδονται μαθήματα Ελληνικών in exchange for some of that lovely avocado oil.
PremiumWater 8 days ago
when bad home cooks get a channel...
Tom Grudem
Tom Grudem 9 days ago
Phenomenal recipe.. I have used this to impress friends and influence others! It fucking ROCKS!
24CarrotCake 9 days ago
We had it for dinner tonight and it was fabulous! The naan turned out beautifully, given it was my first attempt. Thank's Sam!
Michael McMillan
Michael McMillan 9 days ago
Just got done with this meal tonight and it was exceptional! Everyone in my family loved it!
John Kordatos
John Kordatos 9 days ago
Vanessa Proctor
Vanessa Proctor 9 days ago
This marinade looks killer, I am definitely making that chicken tonight!
Sandy K
Sandy K 10 days ago
Oh shit, Sam, I just wanted to say thank you. Followed your exact recipe and these multi nationality chick naans came out freaking fantastic!
Panaiotis Kyriakou
Panaiotis Kyriakou 11 days ago
It means thank u so much🤣🤣🤣
degerg 11 days ago
ill never make my own bread
Michael Hagues
Michael Hagues 11 days ago
I’ve made this twice. One with chicken breasts and the other with thighs. The chicken thighs won in my opinion.
Andy B
Andy B 11 days ago
dude, I've done 2 of your recipes now (including this one), and both were killer. Subscribed nice work
Wyatt Darklight
Wyatt Darklight 11 days ago
I've been making this recipe lately, and the thumbnail is 100% accurate. I can't stop making this, it's so amazingly good. Thank you for the recipe!
Wyatt Darklight
Wyatt Darklight 5 days ago
@Seeker XIII that's the only part I didn't make. I bought Naan bread from the store i work at. I absolutely suck at baking so I never bother trying.
Seeker XIII
Seeker XIII 5 days ago
How much yeast did you use? He says one packet but I'm not sure how much that would equate to since I imagine packet sizes would differ from brand to brand. Plan to make this for Saturday lunch and I don't want to mess up lol.
Revel Syndia
Revel Syndia 11 days ago
Me: watching this with my five year old son Sam “sh*t” Me (winces)
T1v2 11 days ago
Efharisto poli means thank you very much not happy new year looooool!
rEAdyOrN 11 days ago
Play don't put cucumber in your wraps... It's just water, it just makes the whole wrap less tasty cause of all the water. Put some onion maybe lettuce.
Lynn King-Tolliver
Lynn King-Tolliver 12 days ago
Made this chicken for dinner tonight with yogurt flat bread and grilled peppers & onions. Outstanding! This marinade is a definite Keeper! So glad I made a double batch so there’d be leftovers. 😊
C Osman
C Osman 12 days ago
Just made this with store bought mini naan... my goodness. My wife hadn't seen the video and said "we should make this a regular dinner"
Preston Dier
Preston Dier 12 days ago
Fire 🔥 meal. So F-ing good. Make it all it’s pretty easy
Kwang Nam
Kwang Nam 12 days ago
Love those grill marks! Add red onions and crumpled feta cheese and call it perfect!
Midwest Girl
Midwest Girl 12 days ago
Oh, Hell yes! Damn, that looks GOOD! Thanks for sharing!
mAdeAgle 12 days ago
lol! Sadge ha ha haa...
mrswimsuit 12 days ago
in germany we called this "gyros pita" and its with pork :)
Mark Theisen
Mark Theisen 12 days ago
I like the shirt
Danny Groocock
Danny Groocock 12 days ago
Sam 2021 "if its not perfect, well, that's the world ladies and gentlemen" That hit hard :')
Imam Shanto Asfi
Imam Shanto Asfi 12 days ago
This looks delicious, but it’s soooo small!
ennoidyam 13 days ago
I would make this if I could actually find half the ingredients in a normal grocery store
Gig Tee Vee
Gig Tee Vee 13 days ago
Great combi - like a Greek taco on Indian naan...nice fusion.
Samwise Gamgee
Samwise Gamgee 13 days ago
no red onion slices??
Nilah Janae
Nilah Janae 13 days ago
Made this…added a splash of honey to take it to the next level. You are a genius
phila119 13 days ago
Nice looking Watch, what watch are you wearing
Monde Design
Monde Design 13 days ago
Just found this recipe a couple weeks ago, and we've already had this three times. It is definitely in our dinner rotation now!
Taylor Trades
Taylor Trades 13 days ago
I bought naan from the store and made the rest. Easy and very delicious. This fish sauce is relatively new to me. It sounded gross so I googled it. It's just decomposing fish juice. Not so bad. LOL. But it does make it yummy.
Steven Woods
Steven Woods 13 days ago
Dude. This looks fucking amazing. Making this tn for sure
Michael P
Michael P 13 days ago
Sam those chickens on the grill 👀 sexy Broski! I’m definitely getting down on this technique. Great camera work and editing boys!
Nick Alpha
Nick Alpha 14 days ago
Guys, when you are building your pie always add the sauce after the bread and not after the meat, if you dont want to bath with it when you eat.
GhostHex 14 days ago
Made this tonight. It was awesome. The wife was skeptical about the Sambal but loved it. Ironically I the neighbor had his lawnmower rolling while I was grilling too.
Sara Tmedhin
Sara Tmedhin 14 days ago
I just wanna say, that I’m 23 and will never ever forgot how amazing with some chicken. Thank you!! I never thought I’d be able to cook like this 🥺😁
Matt Mac
Matt Mac 14 days ago
You remind me of Alton Brown but far less annoying. Love this channel
Paul Brody
Paul Brody 14 days ago
Made this twice since watching the video - great quick healthy(ish) meal. Thanks again Sam!
Frank J
Frank J 14 days ago
Sam!! This was freaking amazing!! The marinade...the sauce..the chicken!! I never comment. This made me comment!!
Person 14 days ago
that lemon is a total bastard
Miss Sophia
Miss Sophia 14 days ago
Hey Sam😁 I hope you and your family are well! this looked sooo good! Cant wait 2 make it! I love your sense of humor you crack me up!!! I always think its cute when you say "right boys"! Its nice you always include them! Cool! Thx for sharing this recipe. Take care be safe! 😁Sophie
andy lammers
andy lammers 14 days ago
First watched his 2 weeks ago….already made this 4 times since then. It’s truly unbelievable, the wife is impressed.
Tammi MacClellan Heupel
Mmm that doesn't mean Happy New Year...it means thank you very much! :) Efharisto poli!
b0rg1010 15 days ago
Looks epic and tastes even better. 👍😃
Mufasa Woods
Mufasa Woods 15 days ago
The wife and I just made this and it was amazing and flavorful. Thanks bro
Oneness Seeker
Oneness Seeker 15 days ago
how could you try the sauce cold you plonker
Jayne Williams
Jayne Williams 15 days ago
I just made this for my family for dinner tonight. It was soooo good! Me being the Italian I am, used more garlic. And I used cloves not paste/purée. Did some baby reds and asparagus on the grill too. Great dinner. Thank you for sharing with us.
PrblyUrFather 15 days ago
Whats that chili paste called?
portagee dosage
portagee dosage 15 days ago
I'm not going to lie that shit looks amazing
Grants Dad
Grants Dad 15 days ago
Try putting some dill in your tzatziki sauce
Turny Montana
Turny Montana 15 days ago
I'm confused
Dan Allnatt
Dan Allnatt 15 days ago
I remember having stuff like this when I was living in Athens and Salonica in Greece. It's actually pretty cheap and tasty fast food there.
Darth Tahhan
Darth Tahhan 15 days ago
I am a big bbq guy! And this week is getting a new bbq and I just started watching your vids! Wow! I can’t wait to try it all. Sub and bell clicked done and done
Erik Kruis
Erik Kruis 15 days ago
Saw this yesterday and I will make it today! I can't wait.
Holly Stryker
Holly Stryker 15 days ago
Seriously, the best chicken ever!!
Todd Dubberly
Todd Dubberly 16 days ago
Tom Hanks has a cooking show?
G O 16 days ago
hi handsome . what a beautiful sentence, " my wife wants to eat meat"lol
dax margo
dax margo 16 days ago
lol you know that your "Happy New Year"actually means "thank you very much" in Greek
David Mosley
David Mosley 16 days ago
Jessie Taylor
Jessie Taylor 16 days ago
An easy, simple, home-run flavor recipe that even my inexperienced self can attempt AND enjoy. Thanks, Sam and Crew - You guys make me feel like I can cook.
Commodore Krunk
Commodore Krunk 16 days ago
I like your shirt!
Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown 16 days ago
Thank you for anchovie paste sub comment. Apparently used all my fish sauce recently but have the paste. And soy paste instead of dark soy sauce. Magic
Dominique Harvieux
Dominique Harvieux 16 days ago
I just took my first taste of this marinade and ... oh my frickin GOSHHHH. This is DELICIOUS! 😍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 thank you!!!
Adriana Paredes
Adriana Paredes 16 days ago
Made this yesterday! Absolutely delicious! My new favorite!!! Thank you! Everyone LOVED it!!! 🙌
s p
s p 16 days ago
Made this...omg its so delish. Making it again tonight. Its addictive
TycoTyrannus 16 days ago
Now i have to google Sam and Gyros to see if he made them and if they are any different. Cause this looks like the gyros i get at my fav Greek place here in Palm Springs. Its not rolled like a gyro here. More like a taco. Either way looks good. Now im gonna go get a gyro from the greek place. lol
TycoTyrannus 16 days ago
Who here prefers the Japanese mayo? We bought a bunch after Sam kept going on and on about it. I would say its as much mayo as miracle whip is ya? It has that tang to it that miracle whip has. Kinda has a oily salad dressing vibe. I like it but for me id rather put Hellman's on a sandwich than this stuff. Maybe it does better when used for cooking and mixing rather than spreading it raw on sandwiches and burgers etc.
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