The Greg Gutfeld Show 8/18/19 FULL | Fox News Show August 18, 2019

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The Greg Gutfeld Show 8/18/19
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Aug 18, 2019




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Redwolf 27 days ago
This video is only two seconds long on my utube so I can't watch it. And it keeps happening ????
GambitXM Month ago
This was his best episode 😂😂
Leon Colyer
Leon Colyer Month ago
SovereignMan Bryan Trent Turner
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John Singer
John Singer Month ago
Your Ad placements suck. Thanks for ?
Evie Dee
Evie Dee Month ago
What's she smoking? DUHHHH.
Ray Riley
Ray Riley Month ago
Rachel Manjaw is truly insane. A complete blithering fool. I really don’t know how this nervous muttering dimwit has an audience.
Deborah Buhrman
Deborah Buhrman Month ago
Rashel MADCOW is past the point of no return, it's ashamed they closed the asylems back in the sixties, now the crazies are all over the place even in our Congress, and DOJ, we need to reopen them again, some of these people are not capable of functioning on thier own! They are dangerous to society!
Jonas C.
Jonas C. Month ago
Politics have not been boring since Trump walked down the elevator!!!! MAGA!!!!!
Gary Henry
Gary Henry Month ago
Greenland is where the Democrats are making their new home. We the people insist!
belly QBE6878
belly QBE6878 Month ago
I laughed so hard
richard cottrell
This guy is lying whoever posted this video this is not today's Greg Gutfeld show this is yesterday's Greg Gutfeld show
Terminatorfan 2016
God bless Mr. Gutfeld. He would be freakin awesome to have a chill hang out with.
Cody Horne
Cody Horne Month ago
i love how sad Kat is
B d
B d Month ago
I love my President!🤗
Sonny Dee
Sonny Dee Month ago
Awesome show Greg !! That whole web dating dogfishing / dogs and women segment was the greatest comedic lines I've heard in decades .. LOL Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off !!!! LOL
m bp
m bp Month ago
Came here for machi
FY N Month ago
Mad cow has stage 4 TDS.
m tajalle
m tajalle Month ago
Fred Winslow
Fred Winslow Month ago
Hilarious commentary from Tyrus. Black promenade loving this ! Lol
xslayer14 Month ago
Kats got too poll dance in that sexy dress!!!!
NECRO 666 Month ago
Looks like Kat has been getting some pearl necklaces LMFAO
John Tatum
John Tatum Month ago
Scaramucci...so sleazy...total narcisist.Beto reminds me of John Kerry...married to a rich lady, but trying to act blue collar...literally wears his blue shirt to prove it. He is almost as fake as Elizabeth Warren.
shadow mode
shadow mode Month ago
Katherine Timpf 很可爱,,..
annamal pete
annamal pete Month ago
They pay her for being nuts on tv
Albert Mas
Albert Mas Month ago
Scaramucci is like a dog who bites the owner hand !
T Renee
T Renee Month ago
Severe TDS. She's insane.
Sue Randall
Sue Randall Month ago
This is the funniest Gutfeld I've seen in s long time. Awesome!!
bmwolgas Month ago
Agreed. Even Tom Shillue's bit (which is usually pretty lame) was decent this time.
oversoul Month ago
7:00 it's hilarious cause that's how they talk
paul mc
paul mc Month ago
That charleton comment was perfect, it tossed tyrus down the stairs all by themselves :).
Richard Hewlett
Richard Hewlett Month ago
USA:nation of idiots.
Bollock Johnson
Bollock Johnson Month ago
"Trump has LITERALLY no support going into 2020. Orange man is done this time" >11000 (record-breaking) attendance at random rally, thousands more outside >Biden (dem frontrunner) can't pull together 100 people at a pie shop. Okay liberals.
John Pace
John Pace Month ago
This is my favorite show to watch while I’m pooping on Sunday morning. (I know it airs on Saturday night). Laughing helps the digestive tract and Democrats are only barely worth a sh**.
paul mc
paul mc Month ago
that skit was awesome :)
paul mc
paul mc Month ago
What do you mean , the strange new respect rule, look at any rino , once they jump ship they always are treated like gods amongst men. Look at mccain.
Dan Papai
Dan Papai Month ago
Hahaha The funniest one yet
evielovejoe Month ago
Kat, I LOVE you!!!!!!!!
Chris Boone
Chris Boone Month ago
Call Cuomo a more accurate name - Homo!
Chris Boone
Chris Boone Month ago
Maddow - One of those butch ho's that after the liberals pass her around, you get stuck with the drunk leftovers on TV.
Orie Cipollaro
Orie Cipollaro Month ago
Cuomo needs to be fired. He threatened bodily harm. Between that and the profanity he doesn't need to be on tv. If any conservative talk show personality was caught on camera speaking that way the left would call for his head.
paradigm respawn
paradigm respawn
"WHETHER YOU LOVE ME OR HATE ME, YOU GOTTA VOTE FOR ME!" The #1 Trump Quote of this Millennium. Or the next.
ron Tor
ron Tor Month ago
Ralph Geigner
Ralph Geigner Month ago
MSNBC ! B ! S ! MADDOW acts like such a B ! S ! Person, Mean and & Ugly ! Gone are the days of MOST ! real news ! GO ARMY
Derek Wilson
Derek Wilson Month ago
Norway owns greenland not denmark?
Master Honker
Master Honker Month ago
Yeah when did that change?
NF NF Month ago
Maddiow Mad Woman🤣🤣🤣
Ngongo Gongo
Ngongo Gongo Month ago
Tyrus is getting almost as unwatchable as Juan, Gregg's ratings will drop on both shows
Apache White Crow
America to the Laundry - in more ways then one....China not only stole 'Intellectual Property' they stole Real Estate, Copy Rights,Secret Weapons Technology, and the list goes on. Them sneaky little bastards doped up the Clinton's who sold them the Long Beach shipping building / steel company- on the West Coast. Giving China 'free import / exports' into the United States- unchallenged. China could import a Nuclear Bomb, in a shipping container docked at Long Beach CA, while the Clinton's and Obama's are vacationing Epstien Island. Do your fact check, see how American's allowed to be sold out- by the Democrats- to China. China laundries Democrat stolen American Tax payers $$$ and get away with it.....Screw China Economy, we will be at War with them in the near future, so WTF...let's get a return on the US re-building China- free of charge. Ancient Rome had it's Nero, and Emperor Caligula. Likewise, the US has it's Clinton's, and Obama's. Enough is enough.
L G Month ago
Cuomo criticized a 16 year old boy for smiling while being harassed by grown men. But when he gets called Fredo he totally flipped out... What a hypocrate!
Abc 123
Abc 123 Month ago
What is the Trump s new green deal..... to buy Greenland!!!! Trump s the best!!!
ailene30 Month ago
Funny lol
Larry E
Larry E Month ago
EVERY EPISODE, Tyrus has to get some digs in about "old white people," or "I never thought I would hear white people say," etc. I hear enough black blowhards who trade on being black and try to throw their weight around in daily life. I don't need to hear some TV guy make underhanded racist remarks.
Anh Cunningham
Anh Cunningham Month ago
Blah....Blah....Maddog Rachell !! Garbage Scaramucci butt -head traitors!
Terrance Fields
Terrance Fields Month ago
I like watching Tyrus trying not to crack up.
Terrance Fields
Terrance Fields Month ago
I saw Tyrus cracking up when Mark Steyn did Rachael and Hillary impressions. Let buy and sell some White people. Epic show!
BIgBass255 Month ago
If Kat's skirts get any shorter, I'm going to report her for stealing the show! MeeeeeeeeeOwwwwwwww!
Declan Lyons
Declan Lyons Month ago
I thought Joe Machi was Sinéad O'Connor.
JW Month ago
Make The White House boring again 🤐 Lefty will love that, then the majority of journalists will be laid off except for the pundits. "Recession" they🤡 better not wish for something they might regret. 💯🇺🇸 Maddcow 🤡 gets to keep her job.
Terrance Fields
Terrance Fields Month ago
Gutfeld is genius.
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