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The Great Wall - The First Attack: William (Matt Damon) and Tovar (Pedro Pascal) watch in shock and awe as alien creatures attack the Great Wall and the Nameless Order fights back.
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When a mercenary warrior (Matt Damon) is imprisoned within the Great Wall, he discovers the mystery behind one of the greatest wonders of the world. As wave after wave of marauding beasts besiege the massive structure, his quest for fortune turns into a journey toward heroism as he joins a huge army of elite warriors to confront the unimaginable and seemingly unstoppable force.
TM & © Universal (2016)
Cast: Jing Tian, Hanyu Zhang, Pedro Pascal, Matt Damon
Director: Zhang Yimou
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Aug 1, 2017




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Comments 100
Clash Of Troops
Clash Of Troops 8 hours ago
Clash of clans lol
Witman Leiva
Witman Leiva Day ago
hffr ff
zm rh
zm rh Day ago
Score 92toII39toII92 00:001:52.00 why i brought/myself here; directly!
Muslimin yg patuh
LAILAHAILLALLAH Muhammad Rasulullah
brandenburg2388 3 days ago
The Crane Corps are completely useless against those creatures. The ladies should just learn to use bows and arrows to shoot those creatures like the rest of the men........
Kyle Libero
Kyle Libero 3 days ago
At least they get to do a sick backflip for 1-2 times before they get devoured alive...
724warlord 4 days ago
Imagine if they spent this movies budget on New Vegas instead
FireRabbit 4 days ago
I have a theory that 47 Ronin and The Great Wall are exist in the same universe, they had similar vibe...oh, and both films lead actresses starred in Pacific Rim
The Blue and black squad
Btw no fair everbody gets one but the generl gets two
Mien Trinh
Mien Trinh 6 days ago
I want to see you again
upuiy6 7 days ago
Reptiles everywhere
James Narvaez
James Narvaez 8 days ago
Imagine doing a backflip just to die 🤦🏻‍♂️
Heber Ruiz
Heber Ruiz 8 days ago
listen this at 3AM
everyone's ranting in comment section wait till you see Attack on Titans in anime.
Abdul Hashim
Abdul Hashim 9 days ago
The wall
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson 9 days ago
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy 9 days ago
Imaging what’s behind the sence
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy 9 days ago
Why do they sound like a violen breaking
Fluffy Dumpling
Fluffy Dumpling 9 days ago
That monster looks like some Aragami from God Eater.
HI. 9 days ago
Teacher: why china build great wall? Student: To protect china from monsters Teacher: 😕😕
Jeffrey Richardson
chen wongs leatherman 7 5
Daniel Samraj
Daniel Samraj 9 days ago
China is *****
UWU taskforce
UWU taskforce 10 days ago
Better than Mulan lol
Phú VLOG 10 days ago
Better than Mulan 2020 1000%
Leon Jayz
Leon Jayz 10 days ago
I hope they do a Great Wall 2 How they came to earth
Alexis Bahena
Alexis Bahena 11 days ago
Remind me next time to throw my child to the kidnapper
Ryan Hoon
Ryan Hoon 11 days ago
The Crane Corps duty is to kill the ones that are trying to climb the walls. But instead they are just feeding their delish body to that reptiles.
郭獻志 11 days ago
chief 1 redwolf
chief 1 redwolf 12 days ago
Heaven and earth will pass away Jesus said. But my Words will never pass away. Matthew 24:35. There will be a new heaven and a new earth revelation 21 We must be willing to turn from sin to receive Jesus forgiveness , and to know and live out his teachings. He who does the will of God abides for eternity 1 John 2:17. Visual Bible movies 🎥, and Audio Bible NKJV on RUvid !!! ❤️📖🙂
Phoenix Of harvard
Phoenix Of harvard 12 days ago
If they won the fight against reptiles how come the lost to mongols???????
Jeff Wilson
Jeff Wilson 13 days ago
When you trying not to finish too quick lol
Ququyewuhe Shwuheieje
Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan
Alex Roy
Alex Roy 14 days ago
Lol, they are the real suicide squad
Seong Hwan Park
Seong Hwan Park 14 days ago
What is the purpose of blue girls? Baits?
Kafold ١
Kafold ١ 14 days ago
I think we can all agree that at this point whoever formed all the formations literally wants all the soldiers to die
صباح الشمري
Ququyewuhe Shwuheieje
The poor doggie had to suffer and watch dis XD
Jack Canada
Jack Canada 15 days ago
So here's my explanations on how you found this video! -Watched the movie -Found it while watching other clips -Saw it everywhere so you decided to click on it -Searched it -Needed something to watch -Was looking at Kaiju things -Was looking at zombie things -Curiosity -Why -are -you -still -here
Alex K.
Alex K. 15 days ago
Equal rights, equal leftovers.
Jerry Chen
Jerry Chen 16 days ago
Dang only if white people showed up they could have saved China from the Mongols.
Survivalist 16 days ago
Is this the episode "Love, death and robots" ???
Zara-Lee Hamilton
Zara-Lee Hamilton 16 days ago
I need to watch this movie-
Twentyseven 17 days ago
Crane Corps seems like a pretty bad job to have lol it’s also super ineffective. They drop down every 30 seconds and kill like 2 of the lizards...
saman jayarathne
saman jayarathne 17 days ago
that monster was huge
Andre Pelonia
Andre Pelonia 17 days ago
2:53 Their thoughts: Oh, so they backflip to hit around 1-4 creatures and then die? Yup I know, it's kinda dumb but it works lol
Magron 3 days ago
To be fair, I'm fairly sure they were supposed to be a distraction, because in the movie when most of the Crane Corps die, the aliens b-line it for the wall like in World War Z.
Federico+ 17 days ago
They are just lowering tasty meaty treats for the creatures tho...
Christian S
Christian S 17 days ago
Sure, those crane corps were a stupid Idea. But so was charging machine guns in WW1. Anyway it was done over and over and over again. Stupid actions are not that rare actually.
Nerf Shooter
Nerf Shooter 17 days ago
China's might during the 1400s
Steggy The Peg
Steggy The Peg 17 days ago
when i was watching this in the cinema, somebody said "DOOOOOOOOOOOG!" when the green hound things came on screen
Kyudo Kun
Kyudo Kun 17 days ago
The blue women are the perfect example of bungee jumping gone wrong.
Hades Mortem
Hades Mortem 17 days ago
It's a valley right they have brains but didn't use it they could create traps on the ground or build a dam
42,069 Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge
As a reptile, I am proud to be represented as a Mongolian, so accurate.
Estate Sales
Estate Sales 17 days ago
Chinese LOTR
Mine Stone
Mine Stone 18 days ago
Meanwhile jimmy kimmel : Another matt Damon's dumb movie
Awakened Kaiji
Awakened Kaiji 18 days ago
Lords Mobile live action looks good
CHINESE HITLER 18 days ago
“Aim for the eyes”- no one can hit something in the eye from that distance.
CHINESE HITLER 18 days ago
Those divers at the dumbest idea. How is that efficient? It’s as stupid as the drummers.
George Morley
George Morley 18 days ago
What is this nonsense?
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Imagine Lu Bu jumping down and killing all of the reptiles by himself
Rory Manley
Rory Manley 14 days ago
We meet again.
Dud_Playz Ingco
Dud_Playz Ingco 18 days ago
riwdyr rowdy
riwdyr rowdy 18 days ago
Crane corps attack are the worst. Need to change name to Crane corpses attack.
Date Masamune
Date Masamune 18 days ago
Girls: We want to join the army, like Mulan did! Emperor: Oh, you do, do you?
r3tr0 h4ckz
r3tr0 h4ckz 18 days ago
This would've been a lot more controversial if the Survey Corps joined in.
Maria Davis
Maria Davis 18 days ago
How is noone talking abt how this looks kinda similar to Attack Of Titan??
Jayden Bell
Jayden Bell 18 days ago
If I wanted to watch something like this I would load a Total War game and funnel thousands of a weak units along a narrow path against a few units of strong pikemen and lots and lots of archers behind them. This movie feels like it's just trying to appease China or something
Danny Cheung
Danny Cheung 19 days ago
the people with the arrows were probably not even trying to aim at then because there everywhere
Meme King
Meme King 19 days ago
I think the real reason crane Corp was made is to make a sort of female death row to execute them.
vivi44 19 days ago
China trying to fight Covid-19.
big chungus
big chungus 19 days ago
The blue girls are incredibly useless
中野ハ 19 days ago
animagi 19 days ago
damn mongorians arways attacking my city warr!
Eowksnvd Duiwkzvg
Eowksnvd Duiwkzvg 20 days ago
0:22 my love video :X
Marvellio Raditya
Marvellio Raditya 20 days ago
sir china is very over populated what we're going to do Give them a blue ridiculous armor put them on a bungee jumping and feed them to the mongolian reptile
Cool Dude
Cool Dude 20 days ago
I don't care what any tactician says, in my eyes the crane corps will always be a worthless form of defense
Jayden Lau
Jayden Lau 20 days ago
0:40 thats how u stay sfe play them drums
ShinruXL 20 days ago
Is an attack on titan fan they could’ve done better with this
ShinruXL 20 days ago
The only brave person I see here is the camera man.
kellyann griffith
kellyann griffith 20 days ago
Why did jump down from there they could let the men jump
Just shut up and give me a like
Who came with the idea of arming some chicks with a javelin at a time to kill the countless beasts one by one during bungee jumping?
Grace Yap
Grace Yap 20 days ago
Area 51 be like:
i like the drums
Boboc Stefania
Boboc Stefania 21 day ago
Me: Man i hope the girls won't did they look so badass Them: *stupidly throwing themselves right into the monsters' mouths* Me: yea they can die then I guess
A G 21 day ago
Land mines would be useful
Bigfellr 21 day ago
So they couldn’t just bolt out the sun?
Li -Ion
Li -Ion 21 day ago
lmaooo they were just feeding them poor girls
SilverEdo 21 day ago
Shouldn’t there subside bombs so they can kill more
Rory Manley
Rory Manley 22 days ago
*Everyone starts firing:* Me: Awesome! I wonder what these blue girls are gonna do? *Get torn apart instantly* Me: ._.
crazybrickstudios 23 days ago
Aim for the eyes!” Meanwhile the archers are shooting them from like a mile away
Joe Joe
Joe Joe 23 days ago
WOW I'm so surprised how the camera man could survive this!!!
Saint_ D3L3ON
Saint_ D3L3ON 23 days ago
I mean, that's a nice blue color
I’m sorry but this was one of THE WORST movies I have ever seen in my life.
a pedofile with a chicken suit
1:22 is this guy dude perfects founder ,how tf is that even possible.
Caleb Logan Editz
Caleb Logan Editz 24 days ago
Me looks at the thumbnail Also me: where did they find me
Graveheart 25 days ago
Yup. Those are what Mongolians look like...
Angel Hernandez
Angel Hernandez 25 days ago
Erik Haugan
Erik Haugan 25 days ago
The crane corps: fowe my famiry *KAMIKAZEEEEE BAAAANNNNZZZZAAAIIIII!!!!*
Octo Daddy
Octo Daddy 25 days ago
They probably could have reduced their casualties by like 50% by just getting rid of the crane corps.
sa ba bee sa ba bee
1:02 wait don’t the stairs will burn
Mr. Jackson :P
Mr. Jackson :P 26 days ago
Alien Perspective: *D-Day*
Dalbem Dobem
Dalbem Dobem 26 days ago
Uma bosta
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