The Great British Bake Off (w/ Peyton List) | Gregg Sulkin and Cameron Fuller

Gregg and Cameron
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If you know us, you know that we CAN’T bake ... so this should be interesting! Today we have Peyton List on the channel to challenge us in A Great British Bake Off competition!! Yum!!! Or Not...
Things...don’t go as planned. We made a huge mess, may have broken a few things & the competition was at an all-time high. Regardless, it was all in good fun! Who do you think the winner was? Don’t forget to like, comment & subscribe! Thanks for watching & we love you!
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About Gregg Sulkin and Cameron Fuller:
Hi guys! First off, we hope all of you are safe and healthy during this stressful time in our lives. We are all in this together. If you are still with us, subscribed to our channel after the ups and downs, we are so grateful. Gregg and I have been a part for over 2 years, but we realized that doing this together brings us so much joy. It’s not the same without the two of us. We love making content, and we love doing it for you. With that being said... WE ARE BACK!
The Great British Bake Off (w/ Peyton List) | Gregg Sulkin and Cameron Fuller
Gregg and Cameron


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Jul 25, 2020




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Comments 100
Helana Chelsea
Helana Chelsea 2 days ago
Watching again and LOL!!! such a mess boys
Darksouls ZHL
Darksouls ZHL 8 days ago
These two are the duo I haven't asked for but totally enjoy watching 🤣🤣
Shifty 8 days ago
Peyton taking another dub!!!
Music In my mind
Music In my mind 9 days ago
So funny .we really enjoy 👌💞
Amoni Neeley
Amoni Neeley 12 days ago
This entire video was chaos from start to finish😂😂
GG Ryan
GG Ryan 14 days ago
Gregg and cameron look like they murdered someone and baked them into a cake.😂😂😂😂😂
megan 22 days ago
I don’t know how to explain it but Peyton is the chaotic energy of one of those baking montages on a disney show where they don’t know what they’re doing so they just go for it and I freaking love it
Regina lh
Regina lh Month ago
I love Cristiano Ronaldo
Greg and Cameron’s RUvid channel is basically the new Disney Channel for Z-generations
El Lokazo
El Lokazo Month ago
Yo vine por Peyton
Ezekiel Mahabul
Ezekiel Mahabul Month ago
The guy in the dark grey shirt is mason from Wizards of Waverley place
Army x Blink
Army x Blink Month ago
@4:11 that's the Mason we know and love.....
tirza rengers
tirza rengers Month ago
Okay I totally forgot about gregg playing in pretty little liars 😂 you had a pretty good American accent when you played Wesley btw😅😂
Marlon garrido
Marlon garrido 2 months ago
I like when when Peyton list does those funny thinks
xxanabananaxx 2 months ago
My childhood heart is happy ❤
Samantha Hayton
Samantha Hayton 2 months ago
do more of these videos please i am crying from laughing so hard thank you for this
L U N A 2 months ago
Aleena Safdar
Aleena Safdar 2 months ago
Greg and Cameron. Greg and Cameron. Greg and Cameron, I know that this is a different Cameron but can we just have a moment for Cameron Boyce. He was an amazing young boy who had amazing dream. He was a good dancer, actor and friend. Now I know I’m just a fan of him and not a friend but, watching him makes me feel closer to him. May he go to Jannah (heaven) and be rewarded in the hereafter. (And yes I am Muslim). I heart in the replies = 1 pray for Cameron. I’m not a like begged I don’t care about the likes.
Malia K
Malia K 2 months ago
Wait he is from runaways right
pao 2 months ago
pao 2 months ago
my childhood oh my god HAHAHA I love this I love u guys so much k
Dany 2 months ago
I saw gregg sulkin, I clicked
The Fun Cousins
The Fun Cousins 2 months ago
Peyton won!!!
Ashley Lathan
Ashley Lathan 2 months ago
Jo 2 months ago
omg i cried laughing start to finish, the tie cracked me up 😂
Maya Jindal
Maya Jindal 2 months ago
Peyton List won
8600 _Butterfly
8600 _Butterfly 2 months ago
The level of CHAOS in the first 30 seconds
Finda5 2 months ago
I never understood what this frosting is made of
Jake Wootton
Jake Wootton 2 months ago
Peyton remember Greg from diary of a wimpy kid
HUGO ARMIJOS 2 months ago
I love you peyton💓💓💓💓
Josh Hustenberger
Josh Hustenberger 2 months ago
I always remember Peyton List as Emma Ross
Ariana Robinson
Ariana Robinson 2 months ago
This is basically become a Disney reunion channel and nobody is upset about it like please more
Emma Lee
Emma Lee 2 months ago
Peyton definitely won ♥️
SuperChiko 2.3
SuperChiko 2.3 2 months ago
This is a beautiful video 💕💓💓💕💕
Andrea Harris
Andrea Harris 2 months ago
The funny thing is Wizards of Waverly Place had a Crossover with Suite Life on Deck and Bailey who is Debby Ryan played Jessie it’s all connected
L T 2 months ago
I kept laughing during the whole video. And my mom asked me if I’m crying or not 😶😂
Chloe xoxo
Chloe xoxo 2 months ago
i feel like Gregg is in between famous but can also live a normal-ish life like other celebs know him and would do stuff like this with him
Kayla Moreno
Kayla Moreno 2 months ago
Peyton just stole the show and broke everything and it’s only been 10 seconds 😂
Brenna Herbert
Brenna Herbert 2 months ago
5:01 🤣🤣🤣🤣 poor Gregg
Ale Andra
Ale Andra 2 months ago
this is so chaotic i love it
Shreya Tamber
Shreya Tamber 2 months ago
JayChain GamesNL
JayChain GamesNL 2 months ago
Peyton wins
Emma A
Emma A 2 months ago
Sorry to criticize but you’re supposed to let the cake cool before putting on frosting that’s why it started to melt whenever you tried to show it to the camera
Joe Byrne
Joe Byrne 2 months ago
Wizards of Waverly place was an Iconic childhood show for me, what scares me abit is that I'm 19 now lol
ronit calderon
ronit calderon 2 months ago
3:32 ahhh the Noises
Florentine Nice
Florentine Nice 2 months ago
4:27 " You guys really are like a old married couple!!! " 😂😂😂👌🏻
Lucy Jones
Lucy Jones 2 months ago
Mary Berry & Paul Hollywood look different here
Georgia Ruff
Georgia Ruff 2 months ago
oh. my. goodness..... it’s mason.
Anna Lucia Schmitz
Anna Lucia Schmitz 2 months ago
This video cracked me up and I love it 🥰❤️you guys are so relatable and funny 😂❤️
Mehzabeen Mahfuz
Mehzabeen Mahfuz 2 months ago
You know it would be cool if mason replied to my comments 😒 oh shit I meant Greg 😂
Thomas Furret
Thomas Furret 2 months ago
Gregg is probably one of my biggest celebrity crushes... But like... Peyton won that. Hands down.
Vanessa Jabbour
Vanessa Jabbour 2 months ago
Lol they just had to take the red colored batter didn't they. 😂😂😂 It looks like a bloody massacre. 🙈😬 lol and that turkey 🦃 (fist bump 👊 with the high five ✋) @7:33 🙊😆😂.
Booming Bob
Booming Bob 2 months ago
I loved this show it was so interesting to see they’re version of it
Dara Mcfarlane
Dara Mcfarlane 2 months ago
5:26 gregg and cameron’s cake looks like an episode of greys anatomy😂
Almost Brother Unlimited
Is it just me or has she not aged?
Emily Craig
Emily Craig 2 months ago
Don't know why it took me three videos to subscribe! Watched Wizards from beginning to end and still watch it sometimes!! Mason - best love interest!! :)
Rodrigo Jimenez
Rodrigo Jimenez 2 months ago
i hate when people waste food, i didn´t enjoy this vid :(
Cristian Diego
Cristian Diego 2 months ago
Jessie Cakes the Wizards ( Tbh, this was like the best ‘crossover’ name I could think of) 🤪😂😂😂🤔😳
Gabriella Purcell
Gabriella Purcell 2 months ago
This was so chaotic and I’m living for it 😂💕
SELENA O'BRIEN 2 months ago
how are all of your vids this good??!!!
Ruhama R
Ruhama R 2 months ago
emma ross and mason - when worlds COLLIDE
Nikaury M. World
Nikaury M. World 2 months ago
The editing just makes this so much better 😂
caylin lee the drama queen
Peyton won lol
Cecelia Jones
Cecelia Jones 2 months ago
I cannot put into words how happy it makes me that my childhood faves are in a video together i-
Rachel Zachariah
Rachel Zachariah 2 months ago
Hello I am new and I just remembered Peyton from Jessie lol it took me a hour to realize
Valentina Marcano
Valentina Marcano 2 months ago
The egg cracked part was HILARIOUS HAHAHHAH
Claude Hodge
Claude Hodge 2 months ago
7:52 it looked like one of the boys got their hand chopped off and the blood just went everywhere!
Maria Clavijo
Maria Clavijo 2 months ago
Literally love u guys
Angel Palma’s World
I love Peyton because i watched Bunk’d and Jessie :DDDD
Brienna Edwards-Tewhaiti Edwards
holly hills
Julia Calegari
Julia Calegari 2 months ago
Hi Bdj
Hi Bdj 2 months ago
So we have a wizard, a fuller and a the infamous Emma
Sara Fernanda
Sara Fernanda 2 months ago
How they took the easyest thing in culinary to do and made it that is amazing kkkkkk
Atinuke Ladipo
Atinuke Ladipo 2 months ago
Classic with the Betty Crocker mix
Annie Beaulieu
Annie Beaulieu 2 months ago
this was so chaotic and i loved every second of it
Weird Wolf 123
Weird Wolf 123 2 months ago
Payton list the reason is that she played in all my favorite shows and movies and the cake looked good
DAIREX 2 months ago
Gregg you win my love (well you had earned it before) well, you earn more my love if you make a video with Laura marano, I am Mariella colonel olano only on another device😍
Mariella Coronel
Mariella Coronel 2 months ago
and that's why every time I search on youtube how to get the number of someone famous to find your number but it doesn't work for me
Mariella Coronel
Mariella Coronel 2 months ago
If you give heart to my comments I would tell everyone !!!! I would even create a RUvid channel to tell you
Mariella Coronel
Mariella Coronel 2 months ago
like you saw the video because Gregg is your crush.....😍
Krissie Louise
Krissie Louise 2 months ago
Cameron: 'We'll let you guys decide below" ... continues to eat Peytons cake
Shannel Rose
Shannel Rose 2 months ago
Peyton making more of a mess on her own than Gregg and Cameron even though their hands are tied lol
Lauren Johnson
Lauren Johnson 2 months ago
they literally asked her "what're you doing" like 762,891 times
lynn ly
lynn ly 2 months ago
Peyton: “Thanks for calling out your own teammate! That’s very British of you.”
Rachel Zachariah
Rachel Zachariah 2 months ago
lynn ly 😶
lynn ly
lynn ly 2 months ago
I gasped when I saw this.. Wizards meets Jessie
Anjalie Guin
Anjalie Guin 2 months ago
pardon 😳
Esther A
Esther A 2 months ago
Chloe_ Kae07
Chloe_ Kae07 2 months ago
this is the content i signed up for on youtube 😂
Erika Montes
Erika Montes 2 months ago
this video makes me wanna bake a cake lol!
Logo Bagus
Logo Bagus 2 months ago
good content I hope you keep update :)
Kieron Temnov
Kieron Temnov 2 months ago
I loved Greggs performance in "Fakin It" 💪😎
Pinkity Drinkity
Pinkity Drinkity 2 months ago
Can you guys do cookies but from scratch ?? Cookies are very easy but if you don’t know the exact measurements of everything it turns out awful😂
Syeda Afrin
Syeda Afrin 2 months ago
Woah omg I remember I used to watch your guys videos all the time, I had no idea you're both back! yayy
Ghiod1004 2 months ago
I can’t believe how dumb RUvidrs are I mean what part of social distancing can’t they understand?
Destiny Fernandez
Destiny Fernandez 2 months ago
Bro him in marvel runaways😳🤩
Jenica A.
Jenica A. 2 months ago
Okay but this is what they mean when they say you can find beauty in the chaos 😂😂❤️
Vee V
Vee V 2 months ago
omg finding your channel has made my life
Ray Zee
Ray Zee 2 months ago
The editing made it so much funnier 😂
Jenna Michelle
Jenna Michelle 2 months ago
Weirdly I’ve never smiled so much watching a RUvid video...
Sara S
Sara S 2 months ago
Next videos