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Herobrine and monster school can't believe that Entity turned good..
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Good Friend by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Artist: audionautix.com/

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May 22, 2020




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Comments 80
XDJames Month ago
from now on, Entity will be a regular student of Herobrine and part of monster school. You will going to see him always in monster school challenge and story. Are you agree with that?
Yu Chen Jiang
Yu Chen Jiang 12 days ago
modstmp98 ريفان
Sgg Egemen
Sgg Egemen Month ago
XDJames pro
ام زهراء
ام زهراء Month ago
@Тамерлан Тагиров vpgp key 1o wnw new IQ o1 qk wow jqkk🖤🖤🖤
Lance Marqueses
Lance Marqueses Month ago
Im happy intity is now a good person 😊😊😊😊
Mohammad Abul hasan
Mohammad Abul hasan 24 minutes ago
Make a part 2 of this plz
Gloria esperanza Alvarado ortiz
Que triste 😢 pero al final que feliz 😊
Nayane Silva
Nayane Silva 4 hours ago
Você tem valorizar as pessoas em Minecraft
Simone Bartolini
Simone Bartolini 6 hours ago
Roselyn Sackitey-Matey
This is the power of friendship!!!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Amelia Humaira
Amelia Humaira 8 hours ago
Thats great :-)
Mercenary #1
Mercenary #1 8 hours ago
Animation very nice
Radiik Ochlopkov
Radiik Ochlopkov 10 hours ago
Tshering Den
Tshering Den 10 hours ago
Wait this restarts?
Tablet Tableta
Tablet Tableta 10 hours ago
Que bonito😊😊
Tablet Tableta
Tablet Tableta 10 hours ago
Me iso llorar
George Schummel
George Schummel 11 hours ago
You surprise me man i like it the man it like am angel bro
Xander Puertos
Xander Puertos 13 hours ago
dude XD James is good bro😇😇😇😇😇😇
Tanmoy Debnath
Tanmoy Debnath 13 hours ago
You are very good
Raine caliwan
Raine caliwan 13 hours ago
Raine caliwan
Raine caliwan 13 hours ago
bluewy's OffixialYT
bluewy's OffixialYT 14 hours ago
ᴉ ɥɹǝǝʇɥ
Leyla İslamoğlu
Leyla İslamoğlu 14 hours ago
NathCole RTC
NathCole RTC 15 hours ago
Entity is become good and bad An Entity is good now
ezekielplayz 1
ezekielplayz 1 15 hours ago
He made the wrong poition hahahahahhhahahahahhha
Rei Ayesha Espiritu
Rei Ayesha Espiritu 15 hours ago
Good 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢
Jorelle Filoteo
Jorelle Filoteo 15 hours ago
Enderwolf cool
Paresh Sheladiya
Paresh Sheladiya 16 hours ago
I was crying
zeddaxRaja gaming pro1108
Path 2
Irisha Stasenko
Irisha Stasenko 16 hours ago
Why bullying the good entity😭😭😭😭 6:21
Janice Rellon
Janice Rellon 17 hours ago
I LOVE this show is making me cry
judith tan
judith tan 17 hours ago
i want more vid like this
Gavriel Woo
Gavriel Woo 17 hours ago
Nhật Trumpo Sv7
Nhật Trumpo Sv7 18 hours ago
😡 endmen
Learned And search
Learned And search 18 hours ago
nice viedo
Lady Tan
Lady Tan 18 hours ago
This made me cry 😭
shido usagi shinyayuki
I love
Ethan Sunga
Ethan Sunga 19 hours ago
The entity is good right guys he wasent bully humans he become good
Gacha cookie Jake
Gacha cookie Jake 20 hours ago
Keilove Reatag
Keilove Reatag 20 hours ago
i love Entity i love
Pedro Luis de Oliveira
Gary Huguley
Gary Huguley 20 hours ago
So immortality makes the entity good
The creativter
The creativter 21 hour ago
BEACOUSE of this vid I will make a entity plush
Shady Gamer
Shady Gamer 21 hour ago
Entity is so good now cool
toyoko oka
toyoko oka 22 hours ago
Витя Ака
Diego Santos
Diego Santos Day ago
lela cat
lela cat Day ago
Kkkk o slime
Lindha Gabrielly
Ehepjerurhfeukaeydh ok ath
Diogen Diogenov
why did he drink it without testing it
يامن اتسع ملكه
Slime: z z z z z z z z z
the. banana split. ROBLOX player
Dariusz Szubstarski
Dariusz Szubstarski
Manoel Duarte
Isso é muito amoroso dá até vontade de chora
Manoel Duarte
Fale em português
Marileide Carneiro
Marileide Carneiro
nanngu wah
nanngu wah Day ago
I'm poor kid but no I'm not poor dream not Minecraft I have Minecraft videogames But I think I'm very good kid Video
nanngu wah
nanngu wah Day ago
Let me know if you guys need help 😂
Afzal Mohamed
Karen Claire
Karen Claire Day ago
About this
Karen Claire
Karen Claire Day ago
Im so sad
Ayyan Basit
Ayyan Basit Day ago
Leyzking Day ago
I like the part that enderman punches him
Fazril Farhan
Entity gopd l love you
alfian sumilat
xDjames I love that
Hitoshi Yakuwa
I love you so much monster school
Hitoshi Yakuwa
Wow this video is so cool and love love by:monster school
Oliver Bergg
Oliver Bergg Day ago
This video makes me have tears. It is so cute keep up these happy videos
leri shaqarashvili
leri shaqarashvili
Ssoouu moooch ai God end lov you video end ai Veri lov iou
Syed Nahian
Syed Nahian Day ago
I love winter slime get cars on the walls and back on his feet LOL 😂
ah dee ah dee
Erter dipcot ngdiptbct tyiii hahahaha
marny mema
marny mema Day ago
Entity good😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢
Sayam Aryan
Sayam Aryan Day ago
Rhegan Gaming
I love this channel & animation and i will subscribee :)
Gacha Mina
Gacha Mina Day ago
When entity got hit by enderman and cry i cried and then when dog came i cry more 😭
Lyvann Thyro
Lyvann Thyro Day ago
I like the good version of entity and I hate the bad version
if enderman punch him
Junu Dutta
Junu Dutta Day ago
Pls entity need to be good
Summer Cheah
Summer Cheah Day ago
Is so toching im crying😢
Siti Maulidah
Andrew Tan
Andrew Tan Day ago
Wow. :c
Md Akib
Md Akib Day ago
Can I be one of student pls my name is short 123 In Minecraft pls
crisanto cariño
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