The God of High School - Opening | Contradiction (feat. Tyler Carter)

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Artist: KSUKE
Song: Contradiction (feat. Tyler Carter)
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Jul 6, 2020




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Joseph Gallego
Joseph Gallego 2 hours ago
play this in 1.25 playback speed and it’s kinda lit
Adouni Mohamed
Adouni Mohamed 4 hours ago
That Guy laughing in the end seems very strong and his last name is Park like the ceo of the competition
Commander Maverick
Commander Maverick 7 hours ago
ArnavJ 9 hours ago
Hyunz Tarou
Hyunz Tarou 11 hours ago
good anime but they are rushing some important characters was to show up early but they was cut , maybe they bring this characters with the new episodes
sam meda
sam meda 15 hours ago
“I was keeping it secret But the word got out” YUP YUP
sam meda
sam meda 15 hours ago
Love this opening amazing
sam meda
sam meda 15 hours ago
every time here this is just PERFECT OP damnn
nghia ma
nghia ma 16 hours ago
daithi de nogla
A UNKANOWNE 16 hours ago
0:35 I'm pretty sure it said till your balls calm down
Mr. Heretic
Mr. Heretic 18 hours ago
Mitsuko Chan
Mitsuko Chan 20 hours ago
would kakao be nice enough to give us a solo leveling anime? Idk, but I would love to see it being voice acted by korean voice actors, but we all know it won't happen until a while. But we are getting a God of Highschool anime, and a noblesse anime, and don't forget the sweet home drama that's coming up as well.
Yankee 1147
Yankee 1147 20 hours ago
So did they forget fly to high is a thing or what ?
ItsJustVin 5 hours ago
Nope. Just wouldnt fit the first arcs
Davi Moura
Davi Moura 21 hour ago
Bom demais
Guillermo G
Guillermo G 21 hour ago
Me recuerda a Skryllex en sus peores momentos
¡Oh My Goodnessy!
¡Oh My Goodnessy! 22 hours ago
Can you please allow Crunchyroll in yemen?i wasnt able to watch BNHA Season 4. Thanks!
blue blitz
blue blitz 23 hours ago
this op looks like a Gatorade add ngl
Super_Pancake Rifle
Super_Pancake Rifle 23 hours ago
Anime: The anime
edo Day ago
ide gas!!!!!!!!!!!! by anis gaseranata
Maxx C
Maxx C Day ago
It looks like one of those heavy edit AMV's and I like it
Susana Veras
Susana Veras Day ago
Anime que vai bomba em 2020
Bxipu鬼 Day ago
This music givin me some bo2 memories on that one mission
Shiro Day ago
Best opening 2020?
ChriSPPoo Pooo
This here is my favorite opening of all time.
Tucanos Company
It's just me or this opening looks like an AMV
Valk Day ago
Opening makes me feel like I'm in world star
Frida Bo ••••
1:14 this dude is soooo mega perfect!!!!!! I was a simp the first time i Saw him!!!
ksia Nasc
ksia Nasc Day ago
Nossa que música top👏👏👏
Yukino Neko
Yukino Neko Day ago
Asuuuu me quedé mas absorta con este opening!! ME ENCANTA!!!
*Skip Intro?* Me: NEVER!!!!!!!!!
Kami sama -
Kami sama - Day ago
If all anime were Manhwa: One God, Attack on God, Seven Deadly Gods, My God Academia, God Eater, etc
ItsJustVin Day ago
That sounds more like manghua than manhwa
Martin Tran
Martin Tran Day ago
I wouldn't mind grinding Hoxton Breakout again if this was playing.
Dubstep + anime = fire
MK Styles
MK Styles Day ago
Who else gets reminded of the knight rider theme when hearing the start of this?
Gustavo Ferreira
i wonder if the opening will change in the next episode it doesnt make sense to be displaying the old participants anymore and also most part of it is just some reused scenes from the anime, which could mean they wanted to save their budget for the v2 hope im right lol
Mi darò fuoco
It's been 3 days and I still can't get this opening out of my head, help-
dexter dexter
Sebastián Puente
Este opening se vrg al de tower of god y machin
this op got me back into dubstep
The Gifter
The Gifter Day ago
Hello there for the 534th time
Pua’lani Day ago
I can’t even count the amount of times I replayed this 😭
Ripsnorter Media
Ripsnorter Media 2 days ago
this anime makes you love mondays
Aisha H.
Aisha H. 2 days ago
Dude everybody gonna rage when mori dan comes
LONE WOLF 2 days ago
When electronic music meets anime
TheGodOfCookies 2 days ago
Ngl this op gives me vibes, heck I still read the webtoon
Chris 2 days ago
listening to this high is amazing
Matheus Viana
Matheus Viana 2 days ago
Essa Opening é demais ♥️
Rosie 2 days ago
anyone up for a 24 hour rave to this ??
FionaApple 2 days ago
I feel like I need to be a 16 year-old boy to really enjoy this anime... will still watch it anyways lol
Maria Tumbler
Maria Tumbler 2 days ago
Not gonna lie when I first heard this op I was like: What?! English?! Yeah this gonna be my favorite anime. And, well, yeah it is😂
Bort 2 days ago
Ngl it's been a long while since I found dubstep enjoyable to listen to but this actually slaps pretty hard
Hailey 2 days ago
Tyler Carter on this track gives me LIFEE
That one kid that went missing 5 years ago
These fools literally spoiled taek jegals final form smh
ItsJustVin Day ago
Nah the other trailer vid did it worse
Leo y nada mas
Leo y nada mas 2 days ago
Será este el futuro de los Openings?
Storey 2 days ago
I got high hopes for this anime and oh boy I know it’s going to be good
Grecios Osaogieva
I love this series I already sent episode 3😀😀😀😀😁😁😊😊☺
JJKMAGS 2 days ago
I got some serious knife party vibes from this OP
Rage Raptor
Rage Raptor 2 days ago
Easily the best anime intro this year
rebecca 2 days ago
people with epilepsy be careful pls
huda sh
huda sh 2 days ago
الاغنيه الي نزلت قبل اربع سنوات احله بهواي من هاي شوفوهه نازله بقناة ويبتون باليوتيوب
Esteban Galian
Esteban Galian 2 days ago
Tu mamá por si acaso jsjsjjs
S-Tiㄥㄥ 2 days ago
2020 все таки радует Opening хоть в этом повезло застать в этом году ставлю его на первое место всех Opening
Niishu 2 days ago
this opening has more budget than the whole seven deadly sins season 3
HolyWarrior 1997
HolyWarrior 1997 2 days ago
If I had a dollar for every time I’ve watched this...I’d have around $70
Sofia Stergiou
Sofia Stergiou 3 days ago
this anime HAS to get viral istg
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Webtoons have truly made a great impact, the future is bright. Now we're just waiting for Solo leveling
migjo san
migjo san 6 hours ago
Unordinary too
Karim Alawi
Karim Alawi 6 hours ago
@Semisweet Syrup nah he means the anime
ツrazikal 8 hours ago
@Semisweet Syrup e
Jean Pierre Polnareff
Yo I’m sure you remember me, I find all your comments like a day after you comment and I say WHY HERE, but honestly if you’re not caught up to the webtoon you totally should, this is amazinf
Semisweet Syrup
Semisweet Syrup 2 days ago
Just Some Guy without a Mustache it came out dude
still a piece of garbage
This opening looks like It was made to be well received in the western world
Crimson Nioh Samurai
Intro shows fighters that where eliminated easily 😂 Gamdo, Kang, Miseon, Baek Sung-chul
_BAKI _ 3 days ago
i'm fcking hiped for the next episodes!!!
lewd 3 days ago
been a fan of tyler carter/issues for years lol was so weird hearing the op thinking "this sounds like tyler carter..?"
fabrizio velasco
fabrizio velasco 3 days ago
this anime is full of epic fights :V
TamaleMuncher 789
I wonder in what way is Jin Mori a contradiction
ShiroyashaS 3 days ago
Only a few episodes out and i already know that i will need a second season.
farouq alferjani
farouq alferjani 3 days ago
I'm gonna punch something or someone, idk what or who it is but I just will
James Pan
James Pan 3 days ago
I wish I could like this video multiple times
UlTraZGamEr 3 days ago
So what Noblesse? 🤔😔
Malcolm Morrissey
Best opening this anime season?
kenneth brown
kenneth brown 3 days ago
For all those people who said “ why aren’t these Webtoons an anime?” It just took time🙌🏽 now god of high schools gonna be Naruto level LOL. Wish for unordinary though😕
Jonathan Arvizu
Jonathan Arvizu 3 days ago
i probably woulda peeped this earlier if someone told me Tyler Carter was on this track
Shoune 3 days ago
korean series they speak japanese the opening is english ok.
Oliver Esparza
Oliver Esparza 3 days ago
I love the op but I like the op of tower of god more (well the song)
Carlos Castillo
Carlos Castillo 3 days ago
Getting razormind vibes from music when it goes overdrive
ChaosKing75 3 days ago
I love the animation of this opening
Marshall.D Teach
Marshall.D Teach 3 days ago
il pue loppening
Keku is Kek
Keku is Kek 3 days ago
Now all we need is the unordinary anime.
Holy 4 days ago
Etika would've loved this...
Oliver Esparza
Oliver Esparza 3 days ago
That dude always made me laugh I really miss his reactions
Dario 3 days ago
OnionSoup 4 days ago
I feel like I would hear this in a game of laser tag
TamperSwitch 4 days ago
Gu!do 4 days ago
One of the most hype ops in anime history. The bike wheel music transition was sick and smooth af.
Jflash 4 days ago
Now that Jin vs Han has happened, we’ve seen everything from the opening. Except for blue eyed Mori
ItsJustVin 3 days ago
What about Jegal
Lucas Parks
Lucas Parks 4 days ago
Dont mind me, just putting myself here, so people will know I was early af
Busfunboy 1212
Busfunboy 1212 4 days ago
Mom : who's going to do dishes today me and my family tryin to run ( my father too ): 1:06
Xmaster masters
Xmaster masters 4 days ago
1. listening to the song 2. wanna fight 3. going to fight
Alex :D
Alex :D 4 days ago
Guys i cannot stop watching this show i watched to 3 hours straight please send help :(
Pink Jaguar of Anakin
I started watching from the very beginning and honestly , now with episode 5 , pfff , it's becoming one of my favourite anime in terms of animation in the fight scenes , mate , it's sooo good in that , I wasn't expecting it before I started it!!
Wulfemaro 4 days ago
Dup-step lovers join the chat
Kuro Inoshita
Kuro Inoshita 4 days ago
Watched the webtoon come at me bro
Vulturelikes games
The beginning of the opening doesn’t even sound like anime lol
Trayvon Merveus
Trayvon Merveus 4 days ago
Them:How do you like the op for goh Me:Yes.
Ringo KOJIMA 4 days ago
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