The God of High School - Opening | Contradiction (feat. Tyler Carter)

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Artist: KSUKE
Song: Contradiction (feat. Tyler Carter)
Watch The God of High School on Crunchyroll: got.cr/Watch-GOHS
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Jul 6, 2020




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Comments 100
Jamrah 4 hours ago
Sick opening but too bad the adaptation was worse than Tokyo ghoul
Just some guy
Just some guy 6 hours ago
Plot: 0 Fights and animation: 100
Darla Rose
Darla Rose 13 hours ago
Beautiful love u.
Bernardo Rosa da Cruz
Still trying to find out how the anime is connected to being a high schooler.
Nea Hour ago
@yukioYT but there's a guy who is in prision..
yukioYT 18 hours ago
I think you can only enter if your a high schooler
Zaz3r Amvs 平和
Everyone forgot about this anime
Jeff Zheng
Jeff Zheng 2 days ago
This was so promising but lackluster in the end
yukioYT 2 days ago
Best intro I’ve heard in a while
Yasser Arres
Yasser Arres 2 days ago
Only legends would know from which opening this one is inspired
Maria DiMarco
Maria DiMarco 2 days ago
This OP makes me wanna fight.
les français parle le francais rien d' autre
Why in this anime everybody have a red nose?
IExosticDemon 3 days ago
More season please
Yeet 51
Yeet 51 3 days ago
GoH shows the capabilities of MAPPA on Jujutsu Kaisen and Jujutsu Kaisen shows the capabilities of MAPPA on Attack on Titan: Final season. And aot fs will bridge the adaptation of MAPPA on Chainsaw Man Well played MAPPA
DecafMocha 3 days ago
Dubstep done right
GreeZy 3 days ago
i think the only reason mappa animated this anime was to just show off their animation skills
Iamthesenate 2 days ago
so true
TTVtoxicbtw3449 4 days ago
this anime was so good and the opening itself is so freaking good
Du Nhu
Du Nhu 4 days ago
Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja.
unfunny shitposter
This is the weirdest op i've ever seen
Maneshna 4 days ago
I think it's cool tho
Brendi Gameplays Ü
0:57 1:06
Brendi Gameplays Ü
0:42 0:52
light imagay
light imagay 5 days ago
1:01 I'm👏a👏simp👏for👋this👏man👏
Me see’s intro thinks to self hmm seems good I should watch it. 😗 gah dayum that was a good show 💪🏽👴🏽
*_Tyrone_ Xelis_*
why do i feel like AirGear Vibes .. ?
Mighty Queen
Mighty Queen 6 days ago
Making an anime out of webtoon. Im not sure if i really want it but Im going to wait for killing stalking anime
H?ziq Nauf?l
H?ziq Nauf?l 6 days ago
I’m one of those few people who knew about this song but didn’t know about this op
Du Nhu
Du Nhu 6 days ago
Is my is my mother goose club out.
Roberta Morrison
Roberta Morrison 7 days ago
When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.
Nathan dennis
Nathan dennis 7 days ago
Mappa doing all the work
JerseyNYC83 7 days ago
1:17 The stone cold stunner
Blue_ Chan
Blue_ Chan 7 days ago
I love it verrrrry muchhhhh it's my fav anime I watched it all I hope they make season 2 and if they already did pls tell me!!
Titanic Chungus
Titanic Chungus 7 days ago
yea this was the best anime op 2020
Tth e Tryg
Tth e Tryg 8 days ago
Is it weird that I made a 10 hour of this for myself
Tth e Tryg
Tth e Tryg 8 days ago
I never seen a opening better then this. nothing beats this.
Golpe característico de cada uno: -Mori: Patada. -Mira: Espada de luna. -Daewi: Puño. (Casi siempre el izquierdo).
Tots Phoenix
Tots Phoenix 8 days ago
The games theme song is better
Ryan WF
Ryan WF 8 days ago
Yes more screentime with that dragon, fox and other God creatures
Du Nhu
Du Nhu 8 days ago
Ya Allah ampunilah dosa kami semua yang setuju like.
فارس المقداد
بعد كل هالتعب يجي ترافي يدمر الانمي بأقل من ٢٠ دقيقة
muhammad rizal
muhammad rizal 9 days ago
Geometry dash song!
Jubileu 9 days ago
it's like geometry dash song
Leo Öhrn RI7 364RIGR
10000 comment lol
Clara Carr
Clara Carr 9 days ago
When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.
Clara Carr
Clara Carr 9 days ago
Ingat.... Ada allah....
Clara Carr
Clara Carr 10 days ago
Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment
Ed Paras
Ed Paras 10 days ago
The opening is so different than the other anime openings
Kristopher Vargas
Kristopher Vargas 10 days ago
Varana Ilma
Varana Ilma 10 days ago
Remember when they were actually still in high school?
SEGATE GAMING 10 days ago
This series is going to give a hard competition to other series in future note this
ANIME SOCIETY 10 days ago
@SEGATE GAMING maybe you r new
SEGATE GAMING 10 days ago
@ANIME SOCIETY huh idc its the best anime i have ever seen in my life
ANIME SOCIETY 10 days ago
They ruined goh
Ash Thompson
Ash Thompson 10 days ago
Why did crunchyroll have to screw this show up
Ash Thompson
Ash Thompson 8 days ago
@Chance Obordo that's exactly what they did
Chance Obordo
Chance Obordo 8 days ago
@Ash Thompson so does this mean they squished 100 chapters into one 12 eps??
Purple Crystal
Purple Crystal 10 days ago
@Ash Thompson wow
Ash Thompson
Ash Thompson 10 days ago
@Purple Crystal they rushed the whole entire thing and the story never made sense to any who haven't read the webtoon for example they went from people fighting in a ring to them fighting god
Purple Crystal
Purple Crystal 10 days ago
What did they do
y.miggs 10 days ago
If you are anime only, please do yourself a favor and don't search Daewi Han. I made this mistake so y'all don't have to do it
SAM AMV's 11 days ago
Crunchyroll you ruined this amazing manhwa by fast spacing it😤
Purple Crystal
Purple Crystal 10 days ago
ANIME SOCIETY 10 days ago
@Purple Crystal thry ruined god of highschool by fast pacing it read the manhwa it is much better
Purple Crystal
Purple Crystal 10 days ago
What do you mean I don’t get you
Jonathan ignacio Silva silva
Fantástic op 🤩🤩🤩
Synix 12 days ago
Totally different vibe to other openings.
irtaza khan
irtaza khan 12 days ago
For the people this intro is 1 minute and 30 seconds Yes that's the reason why I came to this video, to find out how long the intro is so I know how much to skip
irtaza khan
irtaza khan 8 days ago
@Purple Crystal chill
irtaza khan
irtaza khan 8 days ago
ANIME SOCIETY 10 days ago
Purple Crystal
Purple Crystal 10 days ago
Achintya Bajpai
Achintya Bajpai 12 days ago
Make more seasons. Cmon.
Djamil 13 days ago
This animations are just weird flex
Leonardo maso
Leonardo maso 13 days ago
we want the season 2 like if you want the season 2
Purple Crystal
Purple Crystal 10 days ago
Elena Giovanna Fiorito
WOOOOOW... great opening!
Purple Crystal
Purple Crystal 10 days ago
Zarick 13 days ago
0:23 esa no es la mano de goku?
lesther :v
lesther :v 13 days ago
Good electro beat
Purple Crystal
Purple Crystal 10 days ago
Purple cat Plays
Purple cat Plays 13 days ago
hey guys remember when this story was about a highschool tournament
Purple Crystal
Purple Crystal 10 days ago
Kelly McKellen
Kelly McKellen 12 days ago
💀💀 it’s still one of my favorite manhwa’s tho
Partap Bejai
Partap Bejai 13 days ago
Anyone still listening to this?
Purple Crystal
Purple Crystal 10 days ago
Underreaded Books
Underreaded Books 14 days ago
Bruh I'm speechless I watched this like 10 times
Underreaded Books
Underreaded Books 10 days ago
@Purple Crystal Dayuum who hurt u👀
Purple Crystal
Purple Crystal 10 days ago
DRAWING MANIA 14 days ago
The song isn't epic But the comments are😂
DRAWING MANIA 10 days ago
@Purple Crystal bruh dude
Purple Crystal
Purple Crystal 10 days ago
Afreen Kaur
Afreen Kaur 14 days ago
Big fan of this - like
Purple Crystal
Purple Crystal 10 days ago
XZZINN XD 14 days ago
How have ive never seen this this op is sooo goooddd
Purple Crystal
Purple Crystal 10 days ago
Kamarii Mathews
Kamarii Mathews 14 days ago
From the lighting of the video, I thought everyone was black... Until I paused at 1:28...
JasonGreninja 14 days ago
oh heck yah boi!
Cha Boii Luke
Cha Boii Luke 14 days ago
I find it so cool that Tyler Carter did the opening theme to GOH!!
Alexi Luffy
Alexi Luffy 12 days ago
i loved him but then he got cancelled..
AG_X REY 14 days ago
best fortnite game!
Gidéonne Beauty queen
I never see this anime, but now I am ready to see all season
ANIME SOCIETY 3 days ago
@Gidéonne Beauty queen yes that’s what it is
Gidéonne Beauty queen
@ANIME SOCIETY u was right. The manwha is so much better
ANIME SOCIETY 5 days ago
@Gidéonne Beauty queen np
Gidéonne Beauty queen
@ANIME SOCIETY thanks man
ANIME SOCIETY 6 days ago
@Gidéonne Beauty queen if you r on android go search up on google app named mangazone you can read all there sadly if you are on ios then no app for you but you still got a website - mangadex go for it
JIN MORI 15 days ago
I just want season 2 then my life mission will be done
Bricks FN Ψ
Bricks FN Ψ 15 days ago
can easily put this in rocket league
안이준 16 days ago
mr. stinky
mr. stinky 16 days ago
Idk how i didn’t know that this was the Issues vocalist
vince ng
vince ng 17 days ago
am i the only one want this anime to be in korean instead of japanese?😅
Villain Shoto Todoroki
This looks like an anime I can actually stay interested in
Faltz !
Faltz ! 17 days ago
No wonder why it has only 12 episodes 😤
tuna 18 days ago
praying that if there is a s2 they do good with pacing and stuff like that
mafia Zero
mafia Zero 18 days ago
The god high school s2 plz
Shawn Oxley
Shawn Oxley 18 days ago
god the pacing in this show is awful but its still a good watch
Ayeesha Cassandra Dela Cruz
Ben Youngblood
Ben Youngblood 18 days ago
This anime would've legit been godly if they didn't f*ck up the pacing of the original story/webtoon... this show has soooo much potential😭
The biggest Weeb
The biggest Weeb 15 days ago
The biggest Weeb
The biggest Weeb 15 days ago
They only did that to go to the weakening but now I heard they’re going to take it slow
makitoh coolest kiddoh
🕴️😁🔥🔥fire can I be featured here
KB 18 days ago
0:57 1:18 Story was rushed but the fights were TOP TIER and the setup for a potential season 2 was awesome
dollynho 18 days ago
grinlol eu adorei o anime eu espero a 2 segunda temporada 😀😀😀
Abhimansingh Chauhan
Abhimansingh Chauhan
@Danilo Andres is there any other one better than this???
Danilo Andres
Danilo Andres 17 days ago
John Carll Cabahug
John Carll Cabahug 19 days ago
0:45 that part when park mujin walks gives me chills
star gacha
star gacha 19 days ago
0:37 0:50
groundloss 19 days ago
The dissapointing thing about this opening is, that is doesnt summarize the whole show but shows the first episode. I was thinking "yeah, these fights will be a blast to watch" but then "well okay, these fights ended in 5 seconds". Liked it anyway.
Adarsh Vyas
Adarsh Vyas 19 days ago
Bruhh i just realized this is by Tyler Carter, his songs/covers are insanely good.
MeliMausi07 msp
MeliMausi07 msp 20 days ago
I love the op
RainbowSakuraa 20 days ago
Just me or this is one of the best-
String Cheise
String Cheise 20 days ago
Ah yes, Tournament Arc: the anime
Snow Hunter
Snow Hunter 20 days ago
It may not be the best OP, but it could become the best AMV ever created.
Madu 20 days ago
Otakus at rave ...
Lenessia YT
Lenessia YT 20 days ago
Ill be kotrodiksen bwe bwe mweng mweng nyiit " dubstep by milhya "
Keon Robinson
Keon Robinson 20 days ago
This gives me rocket leagues vibes for some reason
Nitos Wrath
Nitos Wrath 21 day ago
Neither the anime nor the OP was good at all. Beside the fightscenes pretty garbage actually
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