The Gift That Doesn't Give Back

Ryan Reynolds
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Dec 6, 2019




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karna pratap singh
Fun Fact he had sold his Jin company for 610 million dollars
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Zayne Ferguson
Zayne Ferguson 3 days ago
dp im ur hugest fan im 9 i have a dp suit an clone and blanket
Hzkym Bruh
Hzkym Bruh 3 days ago
I like it how 6M views but 2M subs poor deadpool
Phil P
Phil P 3 days ago
Reason number 100000000 that Ryan Reynolds is awesome!
humanfilth666ify 3 days ago
9 months is long enough. Is she pregnant?
Noho 2000
Noho 2000 4 days ago
It would've been cool if they got the "husband" as well. He sure took a lot of shit for that, too.
#awesome so are you
To new beginnings 🥂
Grantley Gibbons Photography
Love the nonverbal frustration between the two friends!!
Tanya G Davies
Tanya G Davies 5 days ago
She saw the new year 2020 and needed that drink.
Noho 2000
Noho 2000 4 days ago
2020, the year of "I'll have what the guy (or girl) on the floor is having."
Noel Thomas
Noel Thomas 5 days ago
I'm gonna watch all Ryan Reynolds adverts because i'm going to call in a favour one day... I want Deadpool to be the vicar when I get married ;) - you owe me Ryan :D
Brian J. Medina
Brian J. Medina 7 days ago
I don't get it.
Marcus-Aerilius Maximus
Traumatized wife turns to alcohol for coping mechanism....husband is waiting outside....
Saif A.
Saif A. 8 days ago
This is the most genius advertising ive ever seen
Harsh Goyal
Harsh Goyal 9 days ago
Best part is This ad doesn't have an ad
Uncle 10 days ago
Darrien R Pennington
They only talk and manipulate, when they breathe. ruvid.net/video/video-Xd6Btsth4Qs.html
Dizzy Rocket
Dizzy Rocket 15 days ago
Bill and Ted better be in Deadpool 3
Thomas McCann
Thomas McCann 16 days ago
He went through so much effort to get her to do this ad it’s brilliant
Shelley Kolody
Shelley Kolody 19 days ago
Gus McCrae
Gus McCrae 21 day ago
She does not look good in a close up, but then again, she looks better then most women would.
ViceKnIghtTA 21 day ago
Bringing psychology back into this, you ever realize that maybe women are the majority of the critics of this ad? Especially those who feel they are too overweight and unattractive to even find a husband to buy them a Peloton bike, but will never be able to get that feeling of someone gifting them it like the fit and objectively attractive girl in this commercial, and that's why they're upset when they see how manufactured this commercial is? Nah...maybe thats too complex for you folks to fathom lol...keep being stubborn America, cause another 2016 election.
Dakalo Matsile
Dakalo Matsile 22 days ago
Write that down
Darrien R Pennington
Spread the word my older brother 🙏🙏💙💙 ruvid.net/video/video-RW3pym2IVvw.html
ash285632 24 days ago
Well no shit ryan the gift isnt the one giving -_-
6,699,000 views wow
*.* raw_input
*.* raw_input 29 days ago
STAR CITIZEN IS a scam. So many great games have been completed and are almost on par with graphics, physics, etc..with half the time and money involved. I don't like comparing Elite Dangerous to Star Citizen but look at what Frontier was able to due. Star Citizen, with all the backing and 10 years of development should at least have a beta by now. Nope, just a bunch of updates for micro transactions, like new ships but nothing more. The current development of the game seems based on how to take more cash from the duped public. Now they are implementing a road map for the road map?? WTF you serious? I will not spend another dollar of my hard earned cash on a game that uses hype to empty your pocks for an unfinished game. As long as ppl keep giving them money, there will never be a reason to complete. They belong in court in my opinion. ✌ Stop spending cash on this scam and I bet the game gets completed.
Steven McFly
Steven McFly Month ago
Happy Cracker
Happy Cracker Month ago
Liberal nutball
S B Month ago
Peloton stock price more than Doubled since that advertising "disaster." Pretty good marketing I'd say.
Lezzles Garcia
Lezzles Garcia Month ago
Can’t believe Mercedes from ANTM is in this!!!! (Just came from Mercedes’ and April’s chat)
Tony Ed Lo
Tony Ed Lo 29 days ago
did the same girl!
Laura Fitzpatrick
Mercedes from ANTM!
C. Galindo
C. Galindo Month ago
Aviation Gin. It’s good to drink for alcoholics
LOCATOR Month ago
She’s bad
Omkar Rane
Omkar Rane Month ago
One of the rare videos where Ryan Himself isn't present
James Frank
James Frank Month ago
Peleton ad comes out....all hell breaks loose... RR: This shit's gonna have nuts in it!! (Calling their advertising department) Don't make me ask twice! Where's the Peleton lady?
Estyak Ahamed
Estyak Ahamed Month ago
wtf...she looks like Jake Gyllenhaal
Tork Is tozik
Tork Is tozik Month ago
The snack that doesn't smile back
Anime Master
Anime Master Month ago
I don’t he’s why u need an orange on the glass if ur not gonna use it is it for decoration? Is it orange skin or no?
TlalocW Month ago
So this needs to continue, and I'm gonna gay it up a little and not just take it to the next level but the level above that. Last Xmas Hallmark aired an ad that featured a lesbian couple getting married (for Zola - a wedding planning company). At about the same time, Burger King showed some ads for the Impossible Whopper with people using the word, "Damn," in them. Conservatives were, of course, upset about both. SO all the players are the same - Zola ad shows the same couple kissing, but then they sit down at the head table and are served some Impossible Whoppers. They take a bite, and one of them says, "This is damn good." Then you hear, "Congratulations," and they look up staring at us as if we were on the other side of the table. "Hey, thanks! We're glad you could make it. You look really good by the way." Cut to POV of the brides, and there's Peloton woman smiling and toasting them with Aviator Gin.
pratik kumar
pratik kumar Month ago
Well I don’t know anymore
848 W6sq3
848 W6sq3 Month ago
Gift doesn't give back hollywood narcism , don't worry relate back to themselves , .....woman face? Hmmm hollywood can't be trusted, yeah throat marks , bars waste time anyways
Mntdewmania Month ago
Xd games -brawl stars
Are you cartooning club how to draw
Daniel Godfrey
Daniel Godfrey Month ago
Had aviation but it's my third choice of gin. Gunpowder Irish Hendricks Aviation
Paulafan5 2 months ago
I still don't get the controversy. A woman asks for a gift and her loving husband gives it to her. I guess that makes him evil, according to messed up people. It's the same morons (tv personalities) that attacke John McEnroe for saying Serena Williams wouldn't stand a chance playing the men, which is true. Everyone in Tennis (including Serena) agreed with that statement. Now those idiots have moved on to banning tv episodes that weren't offensive for years (if not decades) because they saw racism when there clearly isn't any (ie Community, Golden Girls).
Olen Troll
Olen Troll 2 months ago
Is it wierd that when she looked right into my eyes i felt it on the upper side of my belly?
Traveller 2 months ago
The woman on the right, "It's gonna be a fun night". Best part.
Niko Feiza
Niko Feiza 2 months ago
Now this is how real actresses are made.
Hannah Cheng Music
Hannah Cheng Music 2 months ago
Delvin Perez
Delvin Perez 2 months ago
Tequiero amo tus peliculas
Crow29803 2 months ago
OMG, so sweet of Ryan to show everyone she does have acting chops! You go girl. BTW, I thought the last commercial you were in was great. To me, you look like, here we go! I think I can do it. And you did.
Beast 2 months ago
I thought she was stoned.. then again, I'm quite stoned as I'm writing this..
The brick dude
The brick dude 2 months ago
I wanna see if he responds to this
Broden Aden
Broden Aden 2 months ago
Do you know lannan escot
PlanetoftheApesfan 2002
Who is she
buttered toast everything
My nana says she knows your dad or grandpa or whatever
Simarker ,
Simarker , 2 months ago
Whats your aviation story ....
BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham
The greeks charted my star to Steal heaven Ruth Hodzi, they took hell...HE is Rob McIlleny
Vincent Paul Tañara
6 months ago feels like a decade ago
Ajo joseph
Ajo joseph 3 months ago
Tyler Raschke
Tyler Raschke 3 months ago
Was laser beam in one of your movies
Maple ‘
Maple ‘ 3 months ago
hm.. I want drink it but i am14years old and here is korea, my English fucking trubles sorry Ryan
AGBR • GAME FF 3 months ago
Deadpool la mejor pelicula
Kandieapples305 3 months ago
The woman on the left resembles Mercedes from America’s Top Model 👀
Angad Menon
Angad Menon 3 months ago
Just came here to say as of this moment in jun 2020 ryan reynolds has 69 videos.
Clanden 4 months ago
Buying a woman who already looks good an exercise bike
Paulafan5 2 months ago
How dare her loving husband buy her a gift she clearly asked for! The outrage!
Rideshare Commando
Rideshare Commando 4 months ago
From a marketing perspective, I find Ryan Reynolds brilliant! He lives in the moment and he is just an honest, funny human being (and I don't use that last part lightly, anymore). Just bought me some Aviation, and it's smooth.
Zio Ale
Zio Ale 4 months ago
cybersquire 4 months ago
Ryan & team need even more credit. Considering they essentially pumped out this commercial in zero time, the casting, acting and writing was spot on. If the two actresses who played her friends didn’t work, this would have been dead on arrival. Bravo!
grimgrinners 4 months ago
I just love the silent exchange between the two friends.
TheSpiderGuy 4 months ago
Giovanni23 Turin
Giovanni23 Turin 4 months ago
Stockholder #shareholder , gin distributor / avid fan ! More power !
Giovanni23 Turin
Giovanni23 Turin 4 months ago
I’m willing to buy some stocks to be part of the company, for real !
Giovanni23 Turin
Giovanni23 Turin 4 months ago
I hope i can find it here in Turin, italy ...i’m a fan !
Zach Carter
Zach Carter 4 months ago
In Deadpool 3, she should play a drunk chick who pilots X-Force’s plane: Aviation Jen
Ronald Barony
Ronald Barony 4 months ago
Who is she?
Weeb's Gaming
Weeb's Gaming 4 months ago
If this was a commercial for advertising alcohol. Is drinking it in the ad illegal!?
Jayx Official
Jayx Official 4 months ago
"This Gin is really smooth" 😏 I see what she's trying to do. 😆😂
Sunshine Feature
Sunshine Feature 4 months ago
Isac Valette
Isac Valette 4 months ago
iSuRRendeReDuK 4 months ago
Hey Mr R, have you ever considered playing Maxwell Smart...?
Goku 4
Goku 4 4 months ago
It's Phoebe , Rachel and Monica in disguise
Efran Adanır
Efran Adanır 4 months ago
Deadpool 3 gelck mi ne zaman?
NC Hải Phương
NC Hải Phương 4 months ago
I want to laugh too. Could anyone explain the joke?
Rhett SP1189
Rhett SP1189 4 months ago
This was brilliant
BeWoop 4 months ago
“we should probably stop staring before it gets scary though ”
xtremed121 5 months ago
why am I just seeing this now ? who is the one in the middle
Ben Wasserman
Ben Wasserman 5 months ago
She did that kinda cringe Pelaton video that got mocked on social media
jmhave825 5 months ago
I wondered why this ad did not face criticism for encouraging alcoholism. It implies drinking is the only way to solve problems.
ken karwoski
ken karwoski 5 months ago
Who are the ladies?
Mojito 5 months ago
This ad is wholesome I dig it!
RUBEN 5 months ago
The chick in middle is soooo hot.
ArchangelsBIG Media
ArchangelsBIG Media 5 months ago
That’s hilarious.
Ricky Rivers
Ricky Rivers 5 months ago
Ryan, you're a genius!
Ricky Rivers
Ricky Rivers 5 months ago
Excellent! All 3 women were amazing in this commercial. I laughed so much.
Kenneth’s Movie Corner
Ryan is the king of trolling
David Teck
David Teck 5 months ago
Damn Ryan you handsome genius you.
A.J. Hart
A.J. Hart 5 months ago
I'm thinking produce a monthly ad goofing/responding to something in the zeitgeist. Matt and Trey have demonstrated how quickly motivated people can act on an idea. Then replace the previous ad with the new one. If the topicality (word?) of the previous one fizzles before the next one is ready, always have an evergreen one on hand to sub in during the interim. Media can complain about needing lead time on things like this, but they demonstrate regularly that this is a lie. I've worked in media for a couple of decades. No one raises an eyebrow when a "late ad" comes in after deadline and everything needs to be re-jiggered. It's par for the course when you're whoring out your platform for ad revenue. Replacing an ad of identical length/size is cake.
clebo99 6 months ago
Any chance she was actually drinking gin in the commercial.
vaguevoices 6 months ago
Remember when the Peloton girl was the thing on social media? Seems like a different world now, good times. Only 3 months ago.
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