The Giant Art That Keeps Planes Quiet

Tom Scott
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Next to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is the Buitenschot Land Art Park, a giant set of ridges and furrows cut into the landscape. Yes, it's art: but it also stops some local residents from being exposed to jet noise.
More about the park: www.schiphol.nl/en/schiphol-as-a-neighbour/page/landscape-design-plan-to-combat-noise-nuisance/
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Oct 21, 2019




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Comments 80
Tom Scott
Tom Scott 7 months ago
I got really lucky with the weather and really unlucky with the direction the planes were going.
DoublehashPlus 15 days ago
Enjoy Holland Down here in “the south” it doesn’t rain that much
SPEED PROOF 24 days ago
Dutch weather is not that great😅
Sebastian Sipos
Sebastian Sipos Month ago
Dude, I gotta say, your content is next level! From IT (the one with the dates from a programmer's perspective is awesome) up to this kind and other content on other channels, it's a delight when you upload. Thanks!
Micah van Everdingen
@spj515 No, in rooms you use three types of insulation, Method one: Use soft things like wool carpets to absorb the sound, which makes it less loud on the other side of the wall. Method two: Use hard flat objects that reflect the sound back, sometimes this can be shaped to deflect sound into a specific direction. Method three: Use objects with a lot of surface area and lots of irregularity, lots of small spikes and dents, this is to scatter the sound and make it deflect many times causing the sound waves to lose a lot of its energy You use method one if you want to muffle the sound a bit, make it sound more at home, this is why you have all kinds of furniture in the house, from carpets to couches which help muffle the sound. You use method two if you want to sound isolate the room, but not muffle the sound, this is used for concert halls, as you don't want to lose sound, you need the room to deflect it back and create a good harmonic sound. Method three is used if you want to make a real death silent room, it can be used as torture or as a room to work in, it muffles the sound and can be made to muffle more than 99% of the sound
spj515 4 months ago
Does this mean that the similarly shaped sound insulating boards people put on their walls to reduce sound transference (like in a musicians practice room) should be perpendicular to the wall rather than flat against the wall?
10.000 subs with 0 minecraft Let’s Play’s
The place is called buitenschot, I always let the dog out there.
10.000 subs with 0 minecraft Let’s Play’s
I always go fishing there
MijnNaamIsGijs 3 days ago
1:58 I mean you’re not wrong. Everything is flat here :|
Job Tutorials
Job Tutorials 5 days ago
Ik woon daar
GAMING SAVAGE 6 days ago
I would love to live behind planes taking off
TerribleTonyShow 6 days ago
Does the art keep the Jelling stones quiet?
Red Wolf
Red Wolf 6 days ago
They could make an artificial mountain from all the excess dirt dug up from construction sites. That would definitely dampen the noise.
Raportagens 2.Bildschirm
Kind of gave me some anxiety
electricamir248 9 days ago
I need to build one of those in front of my house. I'm sure the city won't mind.
that pattern looks like those noise reducing foam pads you see in musicians studios
Shady 12 days ago
You guys remember when this dude threw a drum kit off a cliff
Benjy52 15 days ago
Heathrow needs this.
Dilano T
Dilano T 15 days ago
Fun thing i live in the netherlands and i did not even know this existed😂
Smarter Than You
Smarter Than You 16 days ago
They should use the jet engine noise to produce electricity.
C P 17 days ago
at the beginning of this video i instinctively turned down the volume on my headphones :D
Param Shah
Param Shah 18 days ago
Who else remembers reading about this on their PSATs from two years ago
Keimpert 21 day ago
I live in Amsterdam but ive never heard of this.... looks cool though
AppealToReason 21 day ago
“It can even filter out steady noise, such as a fan” Me: oh yea my fan is on.
Jake 24 days ago
IK this is an old video, but i wanted to point something out. WIth the wave form thing... Isnt that a plot of sound intensity? Or maybe, Intensity of average frequencies? Think about it, it cant be a plot of all frequencies we are hearing. it must just be intensity of one or an average. Horizontal axis IS time, therefore vertical axis must be either frequency or intensity. There is no third axis for the other. Or i am completely mad, Im tired and need a nap.
Arnold Caines
Arnold Caines 25 days ago
I'm always amazed by people complaining about airport noise. Most airports, especially large ones, have been in place for a very long time. By design, airports are built on the edge of population centers for noise control and keeping buildings out of approach paths. But what do developers do? They build housing tracts near airports... DUH! if you move in next to an airport, expect some noise. Don't want to listen to airplanes? Stay away from airports.
pillowpants337 29 days ago
skip to 1:18 if you want to avoid the rambling at the start and get to the actual story
Seugoi 29 days ago
I live right next to an airport directly under the flight path and my brain filters out all plane noise... unless I'm watching a movie,
RogerWilco Month ago
Of course it was flat ground, it was the Netherlands. - How observant of you. ;-)
GauRee ArolkaR
GauRee ArolkaR Month ago
incomplete video. you should go to the town and measure the sound levels
David Lockett
David Lockett Month ago
I would like to identify a system that filters out the noise of neighborhood barking dogs.
EverettAviation Month ago
1:33 hehe, i can imagine getting your taxi clearance: "KLM 123 ready for taxi" "KLM 123 taxi via P A J F C J M N X U F1" "Uh... taxi via, uh, P... A... F.... what was it again?" (obviously not real taxiways)
XarJar Month ago
Wij noemen dat kleine dijken
Joshua Geerts
Joshua Geerts Month ago
I can see my house 😜
Kristan Wifler
Kristan Wifler Month ago
This concept can also affect the weather by breaking up wind patterns. I'm waiting to see it used in a similar way to stop tornados.
ravagekillz Month ago
well as a dutchmen i can proudly tell you all, The sound wave prolly did not make it into acceptable limits, so the government changed the limits.
Marina Neves
Marina Neves Month ago
This remembers of that colossi fight Shadow of the Colossus were you have to hide under the ground to make the colossus stay in a position were you can climb it.
Ha Cl
Ha Cl Month ago
i read the title as "The Giant Ant That Keeps Planes Quiet" and i was like "WHAT"
Me Too
Me Too Month ago
Sorry that's not art
Corporal Punishment
Very interesting engineering solution but I guess to work even better the mounds would need to match the amplitude as well as the frequency.
Cabbage Cat
Cabbage Cat Month ago
I live about 1-2 km from an International Airport and less than 500 m away from the railway. My brain ignores the planes and trains noises
Rik Osborne
Rik Osborne Month ago
I can vouch for the filtering thing. Eight years of living right next to one of my city's busiest streets, and I no longer even notice most traffic sounds.
Jon B
Jon B Month ago
Imagine having to taxi out to that one runway that's in the next town over..damn
Jobos a hobo
Jobos a hobo Month ago
So that’s why I seem unable to hear the helicopter that lands within 100 metres of my house about 10 times a day?
tijmen131 Month ago
I realized this was The Netherlands when I saw those tulip fields
Максим Галайчук - Mypka_Max
What happened to the framerate? Is my com lagging or is it the video?
Build It Use It
Build It Use It Month ago
that would be so fun to ride on a dirt bike
The BackYard
The BackYard Month ago
I live under the eastern approach route voor the Buitenveldert runway, In the neighbourhood where that runway got its name from, there is a manmade forest between me and the noise of the planes but if you go westwards into the forest you can hear the rumbling engines of the planes. Even though you hear Some planes flying by at night its still quite quiet. I think that the so called noise belt around schiphol really works Well!
Daves Reality
Daves Reality Month ago
I live near an airport and don't notice it at all really if I'm away a week or so and come back home I really notice it then.
firedino Month ago
Could've planted trees too
Kenny iglesias
Kenny iglesias Month ago
Sooo the solution was to mimic the wavelength of a jet engine with the dirt to create destructive interference to distort and partially cancel out the noise ....
sizone Month ago
This guy is James Bloody Burke reborn! Brilliant!!
Popular Media
Popular Media Month ago
Thats crazy. these people buy houses next to an airport for cheap. then cry and make other people pay to get rid of the noise?
Matthew Trzcinski
We just insulated this house for heat until you cannot hear landing traffic for DFW 18 R
MarBo 18
MarBo 18 Month ago
They litterally put MOUNTAINS to stop some sound??? (i'm Dutch and this is a joke)
Samuel Xu
Samuel Xu Month ago
I though it said ant instead of art
videogalore Month ago
I assume that these were all calculated somewhere, it would be interesting to see some data about the before and after effects. Seems odd to me that they all appear to be the same height, I would have presumed that they would need to be higher as they reached the housing area?
Patrick Doyle
Patrick Doyle Month ago
2:36 - It's "sound damping", not "sound dampening". Damping makes something quieter; dampening makes it wetter.
John P
John P Month ago
1:13 I never thought of jet noise as low rumbling bass. To me it is head-splitting high-pitched pain.
Grumbleman Brickson
This is why they made stonehenge, spaceships were too loud
Le Um
Le Um Month ago
I can’t tell if Tom is 55 or 25
Epic 7000
Epic 7000 Month ago
how expensive would that be
Xxspaceman85xX Month ago
Ill never understand why people move next to a 100 year old airport then complain about noise.
Hate Speaker Sargon Of akkad
Can't hear you
Oliver Dixon
Oliver Dixon Month ago
Ahh yes I remember these things called "airports", that was before the event right?
Joseph Gibson
Joseph Gibson Month ago
That’s an amazing way to cut out the low end rumble. Wonder if I applied the same logic when Busking I could block out motorbike noise...hmmm
D. C
D. C Month ago
Your brain might filter out the noise but I believe it still gets stressed by doing do. Going from low level but still constant noise to absolute silence and you'll feel so much more relaxed.
fejic Month ago
I took off from this runway and I was honestly confused like crazy why the pilot is taking us away from the airport on the ground
Joseph F Portelli
Strictly speaking we only hear in 2d. We cannot differentiate if a sound is quiet or far away, neither can we hear if something is above or below us, only to the left or right.
n10cities Month ago
The Schipol site mentions that some of the sound is reflected upwards, but possibly some noise cancellation might be going on with waves interfering with each other?
anonymous Crabz
anonymous Crabz Month ago
big soundproofing pads
DayinMontreal Month ago
Planes will not face their engine the other way for take off. Planes land and takeoff with headwind. So it depends on the wind.
RadRich Month ago
If sound proofing can work in a recording studio on a small scale... same concept, but so large you'll need a drone to actually see the ridges.
IconSpal538 Month ago
Planes been real quite since this
Serendipity Month ago
The intro is funny, because my brothers were fighting in the background.
Jajus14 Month ago
0:21 oh no tom is gonna fall into the water oh no
Graydon Sharp
Graydon Sharp Month ago
"How often does the train go by?" "So often you won't even notice it."
Marc W.
Marc W. Month ago
Now we know what the pyramids were for!
klyde beso
klyde beso Month ago
How about a stuka?
IncadesentCat Month ago
I think some trees would help a bunch too
Michael Vandi
Michael Vandi Month ago
Plot twist: the Pilots just turned on cruise control when they are in the area
humor Month ago
same thing as walls in recording rooms, real cool when its done with dirt instead of foam.
Alex1911 Month ago
The landscapers must hate cutting that field.
milk choco pillows
milk choco pillows 2 months ago
Looks like the farlands
Merijn Fluitman
Merijn Fluitman 2 months ago
Now they just have to do that to the air above my town so my conversation doesn't drown out due to airplanes passing every five minutes anymore. Maybe Corona will last all summer and I'll enjoy the most quiet year of my life
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