The Gas Pump Pulverizer

Gas Station Encounters
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Nov 9, 2019




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Comments 80
Raz Aghoul
Raz Aghoul 15 hours ago
I'm always wary about people driving a big rental truck. No one made sure these idiots could actually responsibly drive it!
Nicolas Fisher
Nicolas Fisher 19 hours ago
What an idiot cutting the wheels the complete wrong way
Suhib Bot
Suhib Bot 2 days ago
Summer user rocket launcher to blow up the station
Juan Serrano
Juan Serrano 7 days ago
I love your videos!!!!!
Art 9 days ago
Trash driver
Tyler Josephson
Tyler Josephson 11 days ago
So what happened to the gas pump?
harrison777ify2 13 days ago
Truck rental- hope he paid extra for the insurance lol
motto 22
motto 22 13 days ago
Drove off with pump handle like a dumbass and owner wanted $500 to repair the snap on hose . No damages to anything but claimed it’s cost him $500 to reattach
chris chupailo
chris chupailo 13 days ago
Why is he pulling up to the gas pump , when he is driving a truck with a diesel engine because looking at the pump the is no selection for diesel fuel or another pump handle for diesel fuel.
Ovulating Grashopper
Rental truck... he shouldve rented a driver as well
Second Dime
Second Dime 14 days ago
He had very bad day
RB 17 days ago
I would not even stand infront of that truck like that women and men did.
Christopher Froney
Christopher Froney 17 days ago
What a special kind of stupid
harrison777ify2 13 days ago
I mean it’s a rental truck and they are probably not used to driving that big of a vehicle. Still kinda stupid, but it can happen
Blu Boi
Blu Boi 17 days ago
Man...he almost had it...except for the driving part...
jim coolu
jim coolu 17 days ago
Derek Gizmoh
Derek Gizmoh 18 days ago
It's a rental lmao
Colonthree Enterprises
If you've seen all the 11foot8-videos you know what's about to happen when you see PENSKE.
Just a peace of cake
And that's why u have insurance. Then the guy got fired who was working
harrison777ify2 13 days ago
It’s a rental truck, they are moving stuff not working for the company
Jake Johnson
Jake Johnson 24 days ago
Dumb. Its aways so annoying watching someone who cant drive
Dom 14
Dom 14 27 days ago
Karlos Karlos
Karlos Karlos 28 days ago
this a everyday problem wit me in my hellcat on gta
Adrian Green
Adrian Green 28 days ago
This is why trucks shouldn’t go into gas stations there too big!
chrisball YT
chrisball YT 28 days ago
I thought it was going to explode
Russ Anderson
Russ Anderson Month ago
Duh my favorite color is clear my favorite number is 0
ABigBigMac 1
ABigBigMac 1 Month ago
What if it all just exploded and everyone died.
Overseer Farcus
Overseer Farcus Month ago
U need a CDL to drive one of those I believe.. how are u that stupid?🤣
1o1beauty Month ago
She gone
eddy5750 Month ago
Exactly why I don’t get why just any regular person can get rented those big box trucks or drive huge RVs. And I already someone is gonna say it’s exactly the same as driving a little Honda Civic coupe
Ellis Mitchell
Ellis Mitchell Month ago
Ooooh there goes the gas pump she u go (fast)
James Williamson
This is why renting a truck cost so much
penguins forall
penguins forall Month ago
When ever see truck rental.. run for the hills.
corey Babcock
corey Babcock Month ago
That woman is hott
Joel LQ
Joel LQ Month ago
So what happened to pump number one? Come on we have to know what happened to pump number one. Please please please please. Please tell us what happened to pump number one. Thank you, waiting for your response and video.
Donald Spaniol
Donald Spaniol Month ago
Did everything exactly wrong
Killa hoe 6 9
Killa hoe 6 9 Month ago
Who else thought it was going to blow up like gta
Matt Damage
Matt Damage Month ago
No...Thats why people without a cdl shouldn't be allowed to rent that.
Nora Month ago
trying to put gas in a diesel, sounds about right
francis adam
francis adam Month ago
martyborman Month ago
Biden's an idiot!
lost Girl_ gacha life
I like how the truck says truck rental
Ty Month ago
Absolutely useless.
Tejah Month ago
Oops daisy did I do that?
mariuszp876 Month ago
when you pass exam for your DL, they should include course for straight trucks
There was a time I was a U-Haul dealer. I could just look at some folks and realize they were a wreck waiting to happen. After doing the paperwork/rental agreement, I would get the truck off my lot and onto the street, then give them the keys.
ds99 Month ago
That guy should not be driving that truck. He had his wheels turned the wrong way and he was going to do even more damage. I’m glad that the man came along and told him to turn his wheels the other way. Good thing that the woman was there too because she alerted him as to what he was doing.
Wonder Why
Wonder Why Month ago
Idiot dont know how to drive a truck!
Alec nolastname
Alec nolastname Month ago
To drive one proffesionally you need a special license. To rent one on the other hand, you need a credit card.
Christopher B
Christopher B Month ago
BAN MOVING TRUCKS NOW! So tired of these freaking moving trucks rolling all dangerously through our streets running over little kids and gas pumps and polluting our airs and starving my brain for oxygen!! There is no reason for this shit!
Jordan Hillard
Jordan Hillard Month ago
You gotta love idiots, so entertaining 🤦‍♂️
Pine Barron Dude
The Driver needs to have his front wheels turned all the way right when he starts backing up not to the left. LOL definitely not a CDL driver
MurkedlikeJ Month ago
What a douchr
Jacob Castoria
Jacob Castoria Month ago
GOD and JESUS loves you
OuroborosWorm Month ago
It genuinely hurt my feelings when he was trying to reverse off the pump and still didn't understand how to use a steering wheel.
Jason Timmons
Jason Timmons Month ago
A fucking classic Karen just had to be right there too
Damn dude wasn’t even close 😆
My brain after playing gta for ten years: SHHHEEEES GOONNNNAAA BLLLOOOOOWWWWW!!!
Poozie Uzi
Poozie Uzi Month ago
Don’t post stupid shit like this again
harrison777ify2 13 days ago
Very badass bro
steveistheman84 Month ago
turn the wheel the other way! holy shit wtf was this guy doing driving?
eric zerkle
eric zerkle Month ago
How stupid can you be? Oh wait, never mind....................
Nolan Month ago
It's a good thing they let just anyone drive those
Akotski1338 2 months ago
This has got to be the stupidest guy in the world
Vihari Royal
Vihari Royal 2 months ago
That was Cringe.....😐
Prince Noah
Prince Noah 2 months ago
Man: Women are worse drivers than men. Man in yellow truck: Hold my beer.
TastyTerps 2 months ago
There is a problem with Penske trucks running into things. Look up a Penske truck crashing montage.
Eddee What
Eddee What 2 months ago
My scary a$$ would get my car away from pumps. Also there is so many things wrong with his truck driving. Glad it didn’t end too badly.
dgy78 2 months ago
uh.. isn't that a diesel truck and the tank is on the other side? wtf were they doing going through there?
Nabil Harkous
Nabil Harkous 2 months ago
I have the deepest respect for these owners who deal with thieving idiots on a daily basis
Deb 2 months ago
Jesus, that guy couldn't drive a hot spoon through a tub if ice cream.
MrParkerman6 2 months ago
This is why you don't corner your way into a gas pump.
MrParkerman6 2 months ago
He did it on purpose for revenge for getting busted on this show.
MrParkerman6 2 months ago
She Gone!
TROLLINGforcatfish 2 months ago
What happened to the gassy pump and when are we gonna get a video blah blah blah rest of joke
Brad D
Brad D 2 months ago
Turn the wheels the other way! Lol. She gone!
Money and Family Ent.
Its a rental whoever rented this didn't know how tf to drive a truck
Jay Tubin
Jay Tubin 2 months ago
I cringed so hard when he turned his wheels to the left and backed up into the pump
HOMEGUY4X4 2 months ago
Has absolutely no idea how to drive a big truck.
peter papadimitriou
peter papadimitriou 3 months ago
Idiot that doesn't know how to drive the truck
J C C 3 months ago
GTA lied to me my whole life
Tyler Rawson
Tyler Rawson Month ago
LeonSnake 3 months ago
Jackalski57 3 months ago
By turning the wheels the way he did at 1:58 he backed into it even further. Good thing they stopped him and had him turn the wheels the correct way to minimize further damage!
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