The Gas Pump Pulverizer

Gas Station Encounters
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Nov 10, 2019




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Comments 2 535
Grilo 3 days ago
Annnnnd Sheee Gooooneeeeeee!
Grilo 3 days ago
ahahah WTF- "H E double hockey stiff, im laughing so hard man, YOU ARE A GENIUS
Juan Zapata
Juan Zapata 3 days ago
Theirs the genius driver
Juan Zapata
Juan Zapata 3 days ago
A truck ran into pump #1🤭
Karim Mohamed
Karim Mohamed 3 days ago
This guy moderates the comments so bad. I watched one disappear at 2 AM within 5 minutes. Obsessed much?
Go Beats Mode
Go Beats Mode 5 days ago
Them Penske trucks, I tell ya. That's why I always rent them U-Hauls without the extra coverage, that's the way to go. 😎👍
loufromdabx 6 days ago
I say, u sir are a genius. That is all..
Jessi Lindsey
Jessi Lindsey 7 days ago
Why this grown man talking like a retarded middle school student 😂💀
SAS Productions
SAS Productions 7 days ago
he wasnt a turd burglar
Shera Casseus
Shera Casseus 7 days ago
Sounds like Patrick Star 😂😂
Jared French
Jared French 7 days ago
JerrBear74 8 days ago
She gone!!!!
dale swindells
dale swindells 8 days ago
Love this guy's swrcastic tone it's amazing
Visakha Ruby
Visakha Ruby 8 days ago
Lambert Starr
Lambert Starr 8 days ago
how much does a gaspump cost?
Kevin Schmevin
Kevin Schmevin 9 days ago
Turn in your man-card bro...
Tyrese 919
Tyrese 919 9 days ago
he just needed a lot of gas for his truck. ;D
aaron 10 days ago
Rip lil pump
Belinda Chisholm
Belinda Chisholm 10 days ago
Sorry if this is a silly question. But is this all the same gas station.
Rico Lewis
Rico Lewis 10 days ago
At 1:13 There is clearly NO TANK on passenger side. Also there are 3 YELLOW buttons on the pump and one tank. If it were DIESEL pump there would be a GREEN button and a SEPARATE HOSE.
jim surfnfish 808
jim surfnfish 808 10 days ago
At first I thought, how'd this guy get his driving job, then I seen some comments that anyone with a licence can rent a giant truck like this? I bet renters smash into tons of stuff.😅
Jet Life
Jet Life 10 days ago
"Oh I can drive a truck it's just like a car" yeah sure lmao
Jet Life
Jet Life 10 days ago
Imagine that shit just went "BOOOOM!" And you see wasted on the screen😂😂😂
Dustin Miser
Dustin Miser 10 days ago
Glad this isnt gta 5 everybody would have got blown up 😂
BAESIKLI 10 days ago
that lady can get it, SHE GONE
Ty Bolin
Ty Bolin 11 days ago
Why are you so surprised that so many people are asking about a stolen gas pump that’s not something that’s just an everyday occurrence lmao
Sean McGuigan
Sean McGuigan 11 days ago
The person rented the truck and obviously had no experience driving it
Que Pasta
Que Pasta 11 days ago
He thief scratched in reverse
ride the lightning
ride the lightning 11 days ago
Probably high
Mr. David
Mr. David 11 days ago
And America claims to have a DWV
Derek Thurgood
Derek Thurgood 11 days ago
That truck driver didn't have a clue how to drive that vehicle! What a moron.....
Richkad N
Richkad N 12 days ago
How u gone turn the steering wheel to the pump direction🤦🏾‍♂️
James 11 days ago
It was an accident to be fair. The thieves are intentionally jerks
Tim Z
Tim Z 12 days ago
my wife pulled the same move when i left the car under our awning before for. pulled right into into. then reversed with the wheels the wrong way.
Charon Christ
Charon Christ 12 days ago
You get all pissed when someone takes a pack of gum, but when some idiot trashes the pumps he's a nice guy? Lol
J.W. Higgs
J.W. Higgs 12 days ago
Nice new truck.
Moonrock High
Moonrock High 12 days ago
Ohhhh it’s a truck rental ... now I get it What a cook
Brendan Wilson
Brendan Wilson 12 days ago
“She (the gas pump) gone.”
Sean Chaney
Sean Chaney 12 days ago
Wow, from that angle it looked like he had plenty of room to easily pull up right next too the pump!! 🙄🤬
Logan 900
Logan 900 12 days ago
Come on my Great Grandmother could have done better.
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