The Game Of Thrones Theme Song | Custom Shop | Fender

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Watch as Game Of Thrones creator Dan Weiss, Tom Morello of Audioslave/Rage Against The Machine, Scott Ian of Anthrax, Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme, Brad Paisley, and Game Of Thrones composer Ramin Djawadi shred on the all-new Sigil Collection Guitars from The Fender Custom Shop.
Learn more about the Game Of Thrones Sigil Collection here: bit.ly/2H9eIQV
Production: Kasm Creative
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The Game Of Thrones Theme Song | Custom Shop | Fender


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May 14, 2019




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Comments 13 451
Fender 4 months ago
What is your favorite cover of the Game of Throne's theme song? Comment below!
Димитър Нейков
Rishabh Kumar
Rishabh Kumar 21 hour ago
Владимир Бурба
Number one!!!
Nathaniel Robert Hills
Idk how anyone even has a face anymore... mine melted off.
Juan Diego Rincón
The cover by Paulo Cuevas is completely AMAZING
kelvin russel
kelvin russel 2 hours ago
wtf!! this is awesome. are they using their foot as a metronome? haha.
Rahmat Ichsan
Rahmat Ichsan 2 hours ago
Eduardo Leon
Eduardo Leon 2 hours ago
hears it once “ Got It”
PandaMan 3 hours ago
Observer 3 hours ago
How many metal heads totally blown away by Brad Paisley?
Jarod D
Jarod D 2 hours ago
I'm still shook, 3 days later.
ARBINXON BEY 4 hours ago
Superman playing guitar 3:35
Bobby Beretta
Bobby Beretta 7 hours ago
Nuno and Brads solos where so damn beautiful, gave me goosebumps!🤘
Lee matthew Tan
Lee matthew Tan 8 hours ago
Kali Mist
Kali Mist 9 hours ago
great cover but tones sux.
Boz71 10 hours ago
bblando65 11 hours ago
All the other guys are looking at him during his solo and saying, "Dayuuuuuummm, that country boy can ROCK it!" lol!
bblando65 11 hours ago
Sorry to say this, but i really wish Brad Paisley wasn't wasting his time playing country music...he's wayyyy too talented a guitar player to spend so much time playing such simple music as country music is...
MaRty Dela peña
MaRty Dela peña 14 hours ago
Nuno and tom
Scrub Plant
Scrub Plant 16 hours ago
Weißer Wolf
Weißer Wolf 22 hours ago
If they had played it correctly, they would have ruined the ending.
Puffster Mon
Puffster Mon Day ago
This is the most insane thing i have ever seen. I have a eargasm right now
MaxNugroho Day ago
It's all fun and games until Yngwie steps in
Jarod D
Jarod D 2 hours ago
Actually.... now I need to see those three, Brad Paisley, and Tom Morello face off.
Jarod D
Jarod D 2 hours ago
You can't have Yngwei in this without Satch and Vai.
Niraj Malla
Niraj Malla Day ago
I haven’t even watched GOT single episode, And this music is dope
Jesus John Fuentes
Wowww game of metal thrones !!! Dracaryssssss
Indra Setiawan
Game of fender
Jarod D
Jarod D Day ago
Tom Morello straight used the Forbidden Arts, like a sorcerer.
Sonny Ramadhan
i dont know danzel washington can play guitar that good
Max Bade
Max Bade Day ago
one of the coolest things I've ever seen
Rodrigo Contreras.
Por eso es importante conocer bien el instrumento y no quedar en vergüenza como Scott Ian, ser guitarra rítmica es importantísimo, pero saber solear también lo es.
Nathaniel Robert Hills
How can that room even house that much talent. Dope AF
shh 1234
shh 1234 Day ago
At 10.6 million views, this video probably made Fender more money than their $30K GoT guitars.
nilselmeskov Day ago
Tom seems to be such a nice guy. He introduces himself by name to another guitarist. Like not the whole world knows who he is.
David Forgit
David Forgit 2 days ago
Did this video make me a brad paisley fan?
Michael Sevens
Michael Sevens 2 days ago
*Jaw Dropping Killer Jam Out* Game of Tunes!!! That was so... Mahvelous... Absolutely... Mahvelous.. ... Dahlings!!! Incredible!! Does that amp you up, or what?!?!
Roy Ankush
Roy Ankush 2 days ago
This is finally going to be my ringtone Love you fenders You won my heart Respect 🙏
Tarun Kumaar
Tarun Kumaar 2 days ago
That random shred at 0:07 by Nuno was amazing.
Kenneth Miles
Kenneth Miles 2 days ago
Fucking amazing!!!
Giuseppe Nicolais
Slash dislikes this video
Xavier Desmarais
Xavier Desmarais 2 days ago
That is a lot of forearms muscle haha
anggra J.R
anggra J.R 2 days ago
Behold ! Tergaryen clansmen !
Edwin Orellana
Edwin Orellana 2 days ago
Wow! I never knew how much I needed this video in my life! Elite talent level in this video
Jason Kim
Jason Kim 2 days ago
Gain of tones
TOFTTBlues 2 days ago
Man, Paisley can shred with the best of em
Nick Knee
Nick Knee 2 days ago
All I can think of hearing this is the South Park Floppy Wieners version
Adrian Poida
Adrian Poida 3 days ago
Anywhere tabs from this?
Edward Cee. Adam Adam
Highest level of gameplay in Guitar Hero🤣😂
Rudy Noviady
Rudy Noviady 3 days ago
Jason Meeks
Jason Meeks 3 days ago
Haha, the look on Nuno's face when brad gets done
Bob Clarke
Bob Clarke 3 days ago
Its not about speed its about skill and emotion.
Nautilus1972 3 days ago
4:27 WTF!!?
Nautilus1972 3 days ago
We just need beavis and butthead in the background ....
Sugarisweet 3 days ago
That tele fits Scott Ian image wise like a glove!
Steve Walker
Steve Walker 3 days ago
I would like to know the prices on those Fender Custom Shop guitars.
Cyndi Anderson
Cyndi Anderson 3 days ago
I know Scott Ian's is beautiful. I looked it up and it's expensive. Very. Very. Expensive. The case is badass....lined in fur. I want one and I don't even play. Lol.
AZ HockeyNut
AZ HockeyNut 3 days ago
and for some reason I just want this to last on and on and on! Just keep letting them fly like dragons up and down the neck while Scott Ian thunders along like the hoofs of millions of stallions riding thru the battle.
Hélio Solar
Hélio Solar 4 days ago
I love the styles and creative approaches in the solo work of each guitarist, so diverse, they don't get much time in between the beats to improvise complex patterns, yet they made it work, super fast .. I'm sure they practised a bit before the whole thing was recorded hha
Davide Mignano
Davide Mignano 4 days ago
No words ... awasome
Jeff Pierce
Jeff Pierce 4 days ago
This is badass 🔥🔥
Piyush Raut
Piyush Raut 4 days ago
Gravity is bitch.. It pulled his all hair to his chin..
А. Bullgak0ff
А. Bullgak0ff 4 days ago
очень классные гитары.ну и музыканты естественно просто суперские:)спасибо.Нуно и Том в особенности.
Natre Klo gordo
Natre Klo gordo 4 days ago
La wea buena por la conchetumaree!
Dan Zainal
Dan Zainal 4 days ago
Nuno's solo nicely explains the characteristics of the Lannisters, strong, regal, cold and calculating. Awesome!
KRYSS 4 days ago
dont show this to ur sister. shes going to be cersei
HomeValue Glass
HomeValue Glass 4 days ago
Ok that went about 3 minutes too long
esther habs
esther habs 4 days ago
Wow Nuno Bettencourt and Scott Ian. Bruce Dickinson coming soon!!
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