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Watch as Game Of Thrones creator Dan Weiss, Tom Morello of Audioslave/Rage Against The Machine, Scott Ian of Anthrax, Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme, Brad Paisley, and Game Of Thrones composer Ramin Djawadi shred on the all-new Sigil Collection Guitars from The Fender Custom Shop.
Learn more about the Game Of Thrones Sigil Collection here: bit.ly/2H9eIQV
Production: Kasm Creative
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The Game Of Thrones Theme Song | Custom Shop | Fender


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May 14, 2019




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Comments 15 923
Fender 9 months ago
What is your favorite cover of the Game of Throne's theme song? Comment below!
ActiveGaming 098
ActiveGaming 098 2 months ago
This one! Amazing!
L J 2 months ago
Ben Shapiro ruvid.net/video/video-WoSvVDQJGv4.html
Erwin 3 months ago
Never saw the series, so this is the first time i hear the theme song.
Revolutions88 3 months ago
The Triangle
Dan old
Dan old 4 months ago
wow, Scott Ian as a fill guitarist! No solo for him?? Fender?? Poor effort. Other than that it sounds pretty good.
Brandon Kingery
The look of shock when he played and he’s country singer haha good job brad
M@ 4 hours ago
Every comment I wanted to make has already been made, but I think it bears repeating that, 1) this is better than the entire season 8, and 2) Brad Fucking Paisley just demanded that yall put some respeck on his name. WTF was that?! Dude just walked in like he was coming in from a Walmart run and fucking melted my face off. WHAT?!
Aaron Avery
Aaron Avery 5 hours ago
Paisley wrecked everyone with his "sprinkling of pixie dust"
Willow - The Kilted Steel Horse Diva Canada
Fucking Awesome!...Non Can Compare!11
Эржан Муратов
Dahoon 18 hours ago
Some say if you put your ear to valyrian steel you can still hear them playing to this day.
sishir pokharel
sishir pokharel 20 hours ago
I think Dan Weiss's guitar is connected to a chair.
Alex Valdivia
6.7K people have never enjoyed life.
Jacob Wilson
Jacob Wilson Day ago
Theres a whole into with various types of metal in my brain with black metal of the north
Wesley Slaven
That guitar that Nuno is playing is one of the most gorgeous things I've ever seen.
My good this mustang sounds out of this world...
1st guy riff is so awkward....
Joseph Mezic Jr
Where did you get this video?
DeathIsAGift Day ago
The small penis party :)
DHTree Day ago
Novice Guitar player...Wondering how Tom Morello makes a guitar sounds like a 1970s synthesiser from a Styx song? Awesome!!!
TyNico22 Day ago
Did on yesterday seeing them jamming! Simple and a bit of noodling ruvid.net/video/video-pXbdvgliM7A.html
der jako 84
der jako 84 2 days ago
Warum ist das nicht auf Spotify?
der jako 84
der jako 84 2 days ago
Warum ist das nicht auf Spotify?
jessejaviangel 2 days ago
I needed this and I never knew till now.
Zachary Desmond
Zachary Desmond 2 days ago
Everyone was like Paisley [scratch head] then he picked up the axe and everyone was like ooooookkkkkk.
Exotic Criminal
Exotic Criminal 2 days ago
subtitles:(guitar music) Deaf people: Heavy headbanging
David Rennie
David Rennie 2 days ago
I'm not sure how many times I've watched this video. It sounds awesome and you guys looked like you were having just a great old time. Excellent
Samuel Duet
Samuel Duet 2 days ago
wow respect
darek owens
darek owens 3 days ago
This was so awesome to see my guitar heroes shred that shit. And Mr.Paisley showed them all that your genre doesn't define your skill. Even Nuno was like "shit bro". Lol
mentalcartel 3 days ago
franciscopacora 3 days ago
For some reason I had a picture of Jack Black in School of Rock through the whole thing
Slugg0matic 3 days ago
Are we to assume Brad just walked in cold with *no group rehearsal* and torched his solo? I've seen him and he's a FAR better player than country music allows, but damn....
Regina Humes
Regina Humes 3 days ago
I don’t usually comment, but that was absolutely bad ass!! Sometimes a jam session is better than concerts...sometimes. Super impressed by Brad’s shredding! Can I buy this version?!?!
D Speedy
D Speedy 3 days ago
scott ian runs this song. absolute incredable this guy. not a selfish guy
One Lanky Trucker
Bought a guitar and learning to play because of this video. Best thing since sliced bread
pereira1801 3 days ago
Holy sh*t I thought the guy with the white telecaster was D.B. Weiss
Rob Mac
Rob Mac 3 days ago
Probably one of the Best Guitar Jams I have ever heard !!!! Each musician brings a little of his own style to create a Masterpiece!! Rock, Metal... to Country...THEY ALL SHRED!!!!... in their own style. !!! And it fits perfectly...True Master Musicians All. I Listen through a Soundboard. Add a little delay and a little reverb through Headphones... Wow!!!! Amazing.... I am blown away and keep coming back to this track at least once a day just to get some perspective on life. Thanks Guys for creating a sound that will be appreciated for Generations!!! AMAZED!!!
Javo Roma
Javo Roma 4 days ago
Rage Against The Iron Throne.
Paul Summers
Paul Summers 4 days ago
I would sooooo buy this album
brianr101010 4 days ago
Whoops, guess not if this is sponsored by Fender.
brianr101010 4 days ago
Is that red and gold guitar with all the engravings and inlays a "Tisco Del Ray"???????????
juxta position
juxta position 4 days ago
*chills* "MORE!"
David Scott
David Scott 4 days ago
I can't believe they had a jam about dragons and ice and fire didn't invite Yngwie Malmsteen. I guess they just figured he'd lay waste and desolation to everyone else in the studio.
Robert Brainard
Robert Brainard 4 days ago
i feel this is the best of the Theme songs, i keep going back to it because i enjoyed it.
Stone Cold
Stone Cold 4 days ago
i will forever have an emptiness inside me because i miss this show so much. this is fuckin rad
Bebek Panggang
Bebek Panggang 4 days ago
Atlas 99
Atlas 99 5 days ago
i literally cant take enough of this video, its been 3 months since i first watched and i still come back at it ffs its good man, like really good
Are They Good Live Tho
Why does Tom Morello & Eric Andre have the same voice?
Weaver Cattle Company
Needs more cowbell and where the hell is Lil' Wayne?
Optofix 5 days ago
Aged like milk...
John Terpack
John Terpack 5 days ago
I swear, any time somebody does something interesting with guitars.... Scott Ian will be in the middle of it.
M R 5 days ago
I see a bright future for all of them. I really do.
Karen Le F
Karen Le F 5 days ago
They appreciate each other to the max.
R R 5 days ago
It’s too bad that Tom Morello dropped out of the presidential race. Oh wait, is he not Corey Booker?
R R 5 days ago
I’m not entirely convinced that Tom Morello isn’t a character played by Keegan Michael Key
Dreden Plays
Dreden Plays 2 days ago
Thatd be funny tho
michael lalawmpuia
JuuS0 5 days ago
Yeah well Tom Morello is wearing Moomin shirt so all you other guys automatically lose
I are Warpiggy
I are Warpiggy 6 days ago
Aside from that life changing melody from morellos nipple twisters, Ian’s the real mvp. Still didn’t give any F’s. And I know what Ian would say to this “ i don’t need some mfacker tell what good I did I know what i did” and that makes it even better.
Anony Moose
Anony Moose 6 days ago
Too bad GoT sucks and no one gives a shit.
majorlifts 6 days ago
Buncha hacks🖕
Randy Straney
Randy Straney 6 days ago
Gym motivation
XRazorback11x Gaming
Honestly this is an incredible video but i cant help but hear "weiner, weinerweiner, weinerweiner" from south park lol
Star Gazer
Star Gazer 6 days ago
Omg all this for an intro to a tv series lol...
Максим Максимов
Классно. Аж захотелось сериал пересмотреть.
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