The Future of the Channel, and You. [Walk with Grey vlog]

CGP Grey
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Sep 17, 2019




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Domedag1706 [RBTIA]
Jesus Christ American countryside looks beautiful. Now I want it go to America.
Mikael Runarsson
Mikael Runarsson 9 days ago
wish i was a millionair to be able to support u
Ahmed Elmogi
Ahmed Elmogi 9 days ago
That video is awesome and so homeulaiting .
Mark Martin
Mark Martin 13 days ago
Is that your shack at the end? Are you the next Unabomber?
adwa awddw
adwa awddw 15 days ago
Heres a tip: put an ad at the beginning. No one has watched the video, so you can't ruin the creative aspect of the video.
fire_ bird1987
fire_ bird1987 15 days ago
hold up...stop, where is that place your walking? i want to go there and walk too! i havent been camping in forever.
William Hornstra
William Hornstra 18 days ago
Students are forbidden? TOO BAD! The government pays me to study! The Australian Taxpayer can buy your bread!
Matthew Winter
Matthew Winter 20 days ago
Thanks for posting this. I signed up for Patreon.
Regele Leu
Regele Leu 20 days ago
That part about students was really thoughtful and understanding of you
Michael Burke
Michael Burke 21 day ago
Well, I assume this worked. The bastard is patronized to the tune of 32k a **Month** No hate or anything, I love his videos, but damn did this double down come through.
L L 23 days ago
It's weird that none of his videos (particularly this video!) mention nebula; the video streaming service that he is a cofounder of. It is meant to fund creators without risk of takedown or demonetisation so, you know, it seems pertinent.
Jess Enright
Jess Enright 26 days ago
Joining your Patreon. You do great work. Thank you!
Jin15192 b
Jin15192 b 29 days ago
Does anybody know where this vidoe was shot? i want to go there!
Lord LunaEquie is me
As long as we're supposed to be open, your upload speed is part of the reason I still follow you. I'm (nominally) an adult who works almost 50 hours a week. I don't have the time for people who upload even once a week anymore. I like doing stuff with my free time outside of youtube, thank you very much.
Ahmad Shahnawaz
Ahmad Shahnawaz Month ago
*except for students* Sheeeet and I was about to donate too
Matthew Morgan
Matthew Morgan Month ago
Anyone who is complaining about Grey getting X amount of money per month, chill tf out. Dude works his ass off for this channel and was working his ass off years before he got paid. I truly believe it’s not about the money for him. Even if it was about the money, he could make a mid tier 6 figure salary elsewhere. Dude is brilliant. Patreon is a way for people to say ‘Hey, I support you!’ Which a ton of people are happy to do. It’s no pressure to donate like he said, we who donate just want to do something good
d4v1d5c0tt Month ago
Just put adds on, we will understand
Cougar2k Month ago
I feel like many RUvid video creators are going this way now, moving to crowd fund platform, so they don't have to modify or limit their materials on what they can or can't say to suite RUvid guidelines. And I respect that, I wish many of favorite RUvidrs could do that now, so they don't have to fear for repercussions at expense of their creative content and opinion. Just want a quick tip Grey, can you do a lump sum payment like paypal, monthly contribution makes me feel uneasy, lol.
Sabuus Month ago
Thank you for the kind words, and support towards students. I love your content, and will support once I graduate and am able to. Thank you for always producing high-quality, informative content
gareth cairns
gareth cairns Month ago
I’ve been away for a while (2 yrs) and in that time new content has appeared (oblig. meme done) but I can’t seem to get to the right patreon account in the link. Can anyone help out by reposting or confirming?
Ketan Sharma
Ketan Sharma Month ago
Someone must have figured out where he is, in this video
Ishaan Thakur
Ishaan Thakur Month ago
I'm a student so i cant
Connor Meletta
Connor Meletta Month ago
There’s no possible workaround with the word “forbidden” right? (1:26)
nora T
nora T Month ago
I love your videos I've learned soooo much from them and the time and dedication that you put into your work is astounding. Thank you for being so awesome
A Russian Spy
A Russian Spy Month ago
I thought CGP was a 2D stick man, so who is this guy
Nightinear Month ago
1:26 "Students are forbidden for donating" You win this time, Grey
sunsethillssnuggles 2 months ago
Please put ads on everything. I promise I don't care.
[ironic name here]
[ironic name here] 2 months ago
Thanks for acknowledging that students want to support you but can’t. I would love to support my favorite youtuber a but school is a money pit so finding another money pit through RUvid is financially irresponsible.
chunificationify 2 months ago
i would support you if knew your face and who you are
william evans
william evans 2 months ago
I wish I could afford to be a patriot. I love your videos and the animations. The startrek video was my favourite.
Chinmay Agarwal
Chinmay Agarwal 2 months ago
Love you Grey !
Ahmad Shallouf
Ahmad Shallouf 2 months ago
I know you read the comments. I so wish I could make a donation and support this channel but alas, for I live in a country where I am financially severed from the rest of the world. Plus I barely have a job. I thought that at the very least I could write a comment of encouragement and support (I know, you can't deposit encouragement) and appreciation of how much work goes into every video and how much it has added to the personal knowledge and even personality of many viewers. Thank you so much, Grey!
Mike Thomassen
Mike Thomassen 2 months ago
It would have been the troll of the year, if this video had a sponsordeal.....
halima essabiani
halima essabiani 2 months ago
Seriously as soon as I am done with school and in a steady place in my life I want to do all I can to support him.
LeSethX 2 months ago
If it makes you feel better, this video made me realize that somehow I was not already subscribed. I fixed that mistake.
Legendary Pizzabox
Legendary Pizzabox 3 months ago
Please help yourself to ads if the video made was rather expensive we wouldn’t mind the double tap/time slider, was created for many reasons and many comforts unless if you can’t bring yourself to do it you can turn sponsors very informative as well comparing one website builder to others we want you to be able to grow your channel RUvid takes time so when something comes out those few minutes/seconds really impact people
jakomean 3 months ago
Me, a student, at the start of the video: "Oh you want me to donate on Patreon? Sure thing!" Me, a minute later: "...Oh Ok."
jmw150 3 months ago
Lol 30k a month. Fuck me.
007Ben 3 months ago
Grey is an awesome human being.
Adittya Abir Dhrubo
Adittya Abir Dhrubo 3 months ago
The patreon money is workibg well with him posting a lot of videos.
Lemonz1989 3 months ago
Nice buns ;)
Kyler Mahler
Kyler Mahler 3 months ago
Me: man I wish I could support grey but I'm a poor school boy Grey: school children are banned from supporting me work on yourself Me: *cries*
Scott Madison
Scott Madison 3 months ago
Honestly, I'm quite happy with a 'Un creative' Ad. Pick a sponsor. Gain money from them. End o'video ads are just fine as long as they don't affect *your* creativity.
john smith
john smith 3 months ago
If you even see comments then I'd like to let you know you have one of the finest learning channels on the internet. I truly respect what you do and enjoy it dearly. Cheers!
勝雄 3 months ago
Wait there's a law where students are forbidden from donating! I'M GOING TO JAIL
FSX239 3 months ago
Will support you!
Scarlett Nightengale
*adds a countdown to when school ends and sips my coffee* Soon.
Khong Minh
Khong Minh 3 months ago
Oh thank god. I’m a student and I feel bad when I can’t support content creators I like. Will do when I graduate! Don’t worry, I made sure to choose a career where AI won’t be taking over soon. Or at least I think so.
Çommenter Person
Çommenter Person 3 months ago
Aren't most of your audience learning from you...students?
Saurabhav 3 months ago
He allows dollar a month donations. Let's take him up to 50k a month people!
Flying Scorpion
Flying Scorpion 3 months ago
I wish I had more money to give. At least I'm here to watch and comment.
alextiming-youtube 3 months ago
I personally can't afford it, but I hope people support you by donating monthly instead of per video. It allows you to create the best without having to worry about pumping out any old crap for the checks.
AdamS Fisher
AdamS Fisher 3 months ago
3 videos a month later, Patreon must be booming now.
Pushy 3 months ago
A true gentleman. Keep up the damn good work son.
Grim Legion
Grim Legion 3 months ago
you know i really enjoyed the lord of the rings videos. you could put in some more of those describing fictional worlds. that must be easier then the real world videos. how about a history of Disney films, or greek mytology threw the years.
GenialBunion 3 months ago
I disagree with sponsors interfering with your content. I cannot imagine how personal these videos were to you so maybe I'm wrong here, but you can think of the sponsor at the end being like a filler episode in a show. It's not technically cannon so you and your viewers can ignore it. You need to eat my guy. I'd advise comprising a little to be able to live your life financially comfortably. People supporting you on patreon is a good idea, but advertisers are a much safer financial discussion. Nice sweater btw, might pick one up
slad roznik
slad roznik 3 months ago
I think that you are going to continue to make videos, yes? If so, would you be interested in looking into the demise of a country run by a democracy. An historian, Professor Alexander Tyler, studied this over 200 years ago and made an interesting conclusion...
blognewb 3 months ago
you know you lost a lot of those donors after flexing your tesla... lol 🤣😉 (p.s. i was about to get one myself until i read a number of those hassle stories having to charge halfway your commute and you're late at work, meeting, etc., long story short im back to looking at how amazing the prius or honda hybrid is)
Angel Feather
Angel Feather 3 months ago
I really like the sound of your voice. I was looking at my subs and didn't recognize your name. Now I see why I did. I have alot of viseos to watch so I can get to know you better.
John Kimonster
John Kimonster 3 months ago
Suggestion: go live a 3rd world country where those dollars worth much more (and internet is 100% neutral)
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