The Funniest Interview I've Done So Far (Jack Black & Karen Gillan)

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I interviewed Jack Black and Karen Gillan for the Jumanji The Next Level press tour. We talked about sharting quite a lot... but Jack recognised me since he does youtube himeslf on Jablinksi Games. So cool!
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Dec 10, 2019




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Comments 100
Navid Emami
Navid Emami Hour ago
I thought of the exact joke with sceptic eye at the exact same time as Jack
Crit 11 hours ago
Amy and Rory
Redex Killz_
Redex Killz_ 18 hours ago
jack has met all of my favorite people so lucky!
Harvey Garcia
Imma kill Jack Black's haters if he has any
Jack Black's comedic timing is ON POINT.
Diamond Liberty
Can i please be jack blacks friend?
Pacifist Tictac
We need White Tiger on stage Like if you got the reference Hint hint school of rock bonus
Krusty 24
Krusty 24 Day ago
This interview is so cringey and awk
Aarit Mathur
Aarit Mathur 2 days ago
I want more Jackskepticeye starring Jack and Jack
mrfireacid YT
mrfireacid YT 2 days ago
jack black looks like fat thor became a lumberjack who works at a sanding factory
infamous Trapper
infamous Trapper 2 days ago
RED Shirt Gang
Generic Pretzel
Generic Pretzel 2 days ago
Shart and restart 👌
EmoBerri 2 days ago
Sean and Karen are so awkward lmao
game girl
game girl 2 days ago
Ghosty 01
Ghosty 01 2 days ago
You can really hear Karen's accent now
A D 3 days ago
“Be Aggressive! B E Aggressive! No?” Y’all remember that?
A D 3 days ago
Jack Black is the most relatable person ever.
Malachi Salazar
Malachi Salazar 3 days ago
Who remembers nacho libre
Ree Week
Ree Week 3 days ago
they're so chill and funny I love Jack Black man
Waffie The Dweeb
Waffie The Dweeb 3 days ago
Jack: Jack😀 Jack: Jack😉
Rene Lariviere
Rene Lariviere 4 days ago
ill pay to see a remake of the exorcism with jack sharting on everyone
Ryan Starkweather
I love Jack black. Cx her too but I don't know her name.
FRG Mr.Piglets
FRG Mr.Piglets 4 days ago
It’s cool to see the video with 140k+ likes and dislikes lesser than 1k
Aditya 0209
Aditya 0209 5 days ago
At this point Karen Gillan should be happy she was born in the uk I’m referencing the Karen meme
PlayTime Records
PlayTime Records 5 days ago
He went from skate 3 and happy wheel videos to interviewing celebrities💯
Loafus Boafus
Loafus Boafus 6 days ago
So an Irishman, an American and a Scottish lady walk into an interview studio
Jesse Shortis
Jesse Shortis 6 days ago
2:18-2:40 feels like a fever dream
Jewels Sparkler
Jewels Sparkler 6 days ago
Is it just me or did anybody notice Karen switching into another accent throughout this interview?
Logan Csapos
Logan Csapos 7 days ago
9:02 is comedy gold 😂
Lil Bitch
Lil Bitch 7 days ago
They all have red shirtsssssssss
Dove campbell
Dove campbell 7 days ago
bluegaming25 8 days ago
Live action kung-fu panda
david samuel
david samuel 9 days ago
A.G .Q
A.G .Q 9 days ago
An Irish a Scot and an American walk into a bar.
catch me
catch me 9 days ago
i like this karen
Oliver C. Karstark
Karen Gillan is a gem. So is Jack and so is Sean but Karen in Doctor Who was my childhood. Love her.
Greg D
Greg D 11 days ago
Sean is actually really good as an interviewer
Praetorian 12 days ago
ngl shes fit 😂 (if my gf sees this im sry🖤 )
Parrotine Pili
Parrotine Pili 12 days ago
Sprucedog 13 days ago
dude I love her accent
Spider Rocket
Spider Rocket 14 days ago
Jumanji trumpets
[R3KT] TeamUp17
[R3KT] TeamUp17 14 days ago
Why do I hear Stewie saying *NUN* - Chucks
MrWaffler_ Man
MrWaffler_ Man 14 days ago
karen gillan was my childhood in doctor who as amelia pond
Three of my favourite famous people in one video, holy heck.
Bree 16 days ago
This is my favorite interview out of all the ones he did^^
lil pap
lil pap 16 days ago
A sharts revenge. A Jack Black movie
are u dumb stupid or dumb k
That Jack Black guy seems funny he should make a youtube channel
NightFox 18 days ago
never really liked the new jumanji movies but always been a fan of doctor who so i nearly screamed when this was uploaded
Techno Play
Techno Play 18 days ago
Watching this and got a notification that Jack black uploaded a video, I think he is spying on me.
Michael Stoyles
Michael Stoyles 18 days ago
So lucky I’m basically jacks son and I have a crush on Karen
LYNX 20 days ago
CookieMasterRbx 20 days ago
creepercraft276 20 days ago
Karren gillan was in doctor who
BlueSnowfox 21 day ago
It's so hard watching an interview about Jumanji when all I can think about is Doctor Who
Ink King
Ink King 22 days ago
God. To have a massive celebrity like Jack Black instantly KNOW WHO YOU ARE has to feel insanely good
Filip Bauer
Filip Bauer 22 days ago
If I ever saw Sean on drums and Jack rockin the guitar I think I would literaly shit and cum from the same place
dreamhouse 22 days ago
Karen is the most chilliest and nonjudgmental Karen ive ever known
Landon Gamezzz
Landon Gamezzz 22 days ago
Does she play Brave ?
Dylan Wayne
Dylan Wayne 22 days ago
If your are reading this hope you are okay in this crisis
Dylan Wayne
Dylan Wayne 22 days ago
Sean: nun? JackB: nun? Sean: nun? .... JackB:nunchuck
diabuns Fadera
diabuns Fadera 22 days ago
Im exited of the next film
JakeOfDiamonds 23 days ago
Jack should have started by saying “Hello Uncle Jonathan Hello Pond” If you get those you have my respect
Fuzz Puppet
Fuzz Puppet 23 days ago
shitty interview from a shitty youtuber
Max 23 days ago
I thought I recognised Karen but couldn’t pin point where front until rewatching doctor who and man it’s awesome how far she has come!!!
random bigboi
random bigboi 24 days ago
7:46 Oh really now
Fancy Pants
Fancy Pants 24 days ago
Both of these actors are the reason I keep on trying.
iam unknown
iam unknown 24 days ago
I was genuinely hoping that Kevin hart would be in this interview
Ritticle 25 days ago
It's my dad!
nick lis
nick lis 26 days ago
"I'm used to yelling and swearing" Karen Gillan: " that sounds fun"
Amazing Dodo
Amazing Dodo 26 days ago
The only karen that isn't a karen
Stikbot original 2489
Silly Gustavo
Silly Gustavo 27 days ago
Jack Black is an absolute unit
Ariel Klint Apas
Ariel Klint Apas 27 days ago
the only karen we respect
Captain Brad
Captain Brad 28 days ago
How the stinkpickle does jack get all these with actual celebrities while no other RUvidrs get to do things like this
Warrior X
Warrior X 28 days ago
Wow jack black has the best hair in the world
Sowrdlord 28 days ago
The Shartening
Goated Ghost
Goated Ghost 29 days ago
at 2:40 - 3:03 Sean was ready to leave
Amber J
Amber J 29 days ago
Jack Black is such a dope ass person.
The Big Gay
The Big Gay 29 days ago
“Did you learn from Bruce Lee” Me: I learned from Guy Sensei
Two Jacks in one room but both their real names arent jack. Coincidence i think not
MATTYjoe614, Jack blacks real name is thomas lmao
MATTYjoe614 4 days ago
Jack Black‘s real name is Jack Black Jacksepticeye‘s real name is Sean McLaughlin
Matthew Aleschus
can we just talk about the Doctor Who actor, just not realizing she is sitting in front of a youtube personality. I thought you went through space and time, and saw the future.
Acean HUN
Acean HUN Month ago
What's up? Much. *I felt that*
Elliot Waterfield
Nun or numb...
YingaYuga Month ago
The jack with the beard and the glasses was funny
Ruatfela Cck
Ruatfela Cck Month ago
Be the Red. 😎
ilike crabs785
ilike crabs785 Month ago
amy pondddddd
Pacha Busby
Pacha Busby Month ago
I thought these were fake omg
Chikara Zuyoi
Chikara Zuyoi Month ago
One of the few Karen’s we like
therealdeal76498 9
if jack/sean knew he would interview jack he would probrobly say shut up because he most likely listened to tenacious d he seems like he would
The Gaming God
The Gaming God Month ago
The only Karen I respect
Mason Lynch
Mason Lynch Month ago
2:23 jack b: num jack s :NUN
69,420 subs with some vids challenge
Jack: What’s up? Also Jack: Much.
Gachawolfsky Month ago
At around 8:00 it reminded me of once when I screwed up the words in a school play so I made a laugh out of it 😂
MrScrubs Month ago
the karen who we respect
Reece Kelly
Reece Kelly Month ago
The shirtening
Tatsuo Dragon
Tatsuo Dragon Month ago
Krazy Pyro
Krazy Pyro Month ago
We need to see whos the true jack we need a jack off
THE HUNTER 0912 Month ago
Plz collabbbbb with jablisky
Emmelene Perencevich
they must’ve color coordinated... they must’ve
Branden Mills
Branden Mills Month ago
Hey jack have you ever heard of the game brutal legend if not its a game about the legend of rock and roll and how it was formed and jack black plaus the main charecter its a hack and slash game so I thought you might wanna play it but it is a bit old
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