The FUNNIEST DEFAULTS in Fortnite! (They Are SO BAD)

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The FUNNIEST DEFAULTS in Fortnite! (They Are SO BAD)
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Today we'll be watching the FUNNIEST Fortnite moments in Fortnite! These funny moments will include fails and moments that are the FUNNIEST in Fortnite! The Funniest Moments in Fortnite are from Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 - So the Funniest moments from ALL of Fortnite!
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A! (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)


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Apr 16, 2020




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Comments 80
MoreAliA 2 months ago
Who else misses finding Defaults like these in there games? 😂
Banana boi
Banana boi Hour ago
Me its just easy kills
Ayub abdi
Ayub abdi 2 days ago
MoreAliA code AliA Yaaaaaaaa
Andy Chiang
Andy Chiang 3 days ago
MoreAliA me
Darren Moore
Darren Moore 3 days ago
Fizl maybe someone is a bot I read your name
Bevan Fernandez
Bevan Fernandez 3 days ago
Isaiah Soikham
Isaiah Soikham 2 hours ago
Alias acts like he does those insane clips before but when he can’t do them. He is just a poser
lachy is the best
lachy is the best 5 hours ago
Nick Mason
Nick Mason 17 hours ago
Are the cars in the game yet
Jack goes Live2
Jack goes Live2 19 hours ago
SRCGaming 20 hours ago
10:10 why does he sound 12
Andy Haynes
Andy Haynes 23 hours ago
AllAroundEllie .M
Monsef Shady Abdel Monsef
i am a default and you are making fun of me
Sebastian Crimston
Where’s my 100 bots???!!!?????!!!!
Loganplayz Ayre
Check me out on mixer mez286
K.N.K Day ago
Ima cracked mobile player or that’s what my friends tell me
Conner Alvarez
Awww Ali is reacting to himself again so cute
Gillian Mumford
Me ali
Braydon Pedersen
Can I have a sikn
Oscsr Baker-Bell
Oscsr Baker-Bell 2 days ago
felise kelemete
felise kelemete 2 days ago
HAHAHahahahaahahahhah you bots
Alpha Warlox
Alpha Warlox 2 days ago
Bro I’m default
Xx_SoulxX 2 days ago
Hi 7
MD Haliff
MD Haliff 2 days ago
MD Haliff
MD Haliff 2 days ago
I am the last default
Emerson Dykman
Emerson Dykman 2 days ago
one way to find these boris is to go frenzy
johnson pathmanaden
I am a bot😥😥
Claire O'Callaghan
Ghulam Mohayudin
Ghulam Mohayudin 2 days ago
Are you a Muslim
Sameera Sirkhot
Sameera Sirkhot 3 days ago
Blaze 3 days ago
Roman wrestling I do not know about that but I want
Gigi Castanares
Gigi Castanares 3 days ago
When he was medkiting up he just came in and died😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Oliver Boss
Oliver Boss 3 days ago
i used to be a default so does that mean i was a bot
FL4ME 3 days ago
these clips are offensive to the defaults in these clips
Family John
Family John 3 days ago
Fishes and bananas vs. Defaults
Family John
Family John 3 days ago
I'm never going to give a default whenever I'm taking revenge back on them till to the video of default skins in there's going to be another war
Saeed Mariche
Saeed Mariche 3 days ago
Dean Bradshaw
Dean Bradshaw 3 days ago
I was the default with the turret he is calling me a bot
Zinzanjams family fun
401 the best moment where
Property Investments
7:48 Fearless old cilps that’s him..
Sheila Rose
Sheila Rose Day ago
True Ferry is the best
Trym nygård
Trym nygård 4 days ago
0:56 its Ali says BAM in the clip wen he kils him
OofVlogs 288
OofVlogs 288 4 days ago
Tfue : Am I a joke to you
Abubaker Yarmohammadi
We have all been a bot Alia but me I’m always a bot
Fortnite 4 days ago
SUPER DOGO 4 days ago
Plzzzzzzzz send me a friend request it would make my year epic roooooooooooly
SUPER DOGO 4 days ago
Frankie Jones
Frankie Jones 4 days ago
Alia u r da king of Fortnite bots
Cloud's Channel
Cloud's Channel 4 days ago
I GOT WILD CARD ♦️♣️♠️♣️♦️
Vicky Collier
Vicky Collier 5 days ago
Goblin Man46
Goblin Man46 5 days ago
there is a swear 2:29
Adnan Abbasi
Adnan Abbasi 5 days ago
No they are not hard to find them my sis is one
ethan and brody YouTube channel
Do you want to add me
ethan and brody YouTube channel
Ali you’re my favorite
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 5 days ago
It is easy to play on a PS4
Fortnite 5 days ago
Fortnite 5 days ago
Aleem Vanloan
Aleem Vanloan 5 days ago
Say if it's not a bot and you call that kid a bot and say if he watchs your vids
LeBron Thompson
LeBron Thompson 5 days ago
bot disrespect showing off cuz we dont have skins >:[
Ella's My Little Pony Channel
Please can you add me ali
James Simpson
James Simpson 6 days ago
I am a bot
Jennifer Coomer
Jennifer Coomer 6 days ago
Me rip old fortnite
Parker Hayward
Parker Hayward 6 days ago
F WORD 9:28
Wyatt Surber
Wyatt Surber 6 days ago
His channel is bad Albert poke and all you tubers exept him
Liz Karge
Liz Karge 6 days ago
I did not like or sub cuz I want challenge not sorry😎
Song_ Armour
Song_ Armour 6 days ago
11:12 he won with no ammo
Flippy the penguin
Mhe see the real video
Flix 1
Flix 1 6 days ago
Ali a : no swearing in my vids. 09:30 are u sure about that
man me
man me 6 days ago
I rolplayed as a defunt and the last guy let me win😂
Guranup Atwal
Guranup Atwal 6 days ago
Hi Ali-a
Dunny 6 days ago
technically we're not all bots in the start cause when I started I NO-SCOPED people with bursts and assault rifles
Josue Dilu
Josue Dilu 5 days ago
Lizzie Barr
Lizzie Barr 6 days ago
When I subscribed and hit the like button I got 10,00$
Hulkp YT
Hulkp YT 7 days ago
I am a bot because I play on mobile
The Shark
The Shark 7 days ago
Did anyone else noticed he talks about the last one on the next one
genevieve wilshere
I love bots but I also sometimes like to sweat
Abeer Alotaibi
Abeer Alotaibi 7 days ago
yesterday i let a bot win a game in solos 🥰
Hunter Miller
Hunter Miller 7 days ago
Ur bad
William Zhang
William Zhang 7 days ago
boss squad
boss squad 7 days ago
If you hit the like button Your gonna be seeing me for the easy elimination :D
Ghost Meowsceles
Ghost Meowsceles 7 days ago
Meow meow
Raymond Watson III
Ali A: You never find defaults anymore Me: Defaults in my squad every game
O-dogg Barker
O-dogg Barker 7 days ago
On the one where he was going crazy on the turret when it said bam it was you
Alan Pasternak
Alan Pasternak 8 days ago
Nathan Schmidt
Nathan Schmidt 8 days ago
Stop calling people 🤖
Mighty Doge
Mighty Doge 8 days ago
i found a bot trying to pic axe me, so i moved, he tried to get me but he kept getting the wall, so i went behind and got him with pic axe
Cruz Cortez
Cruz Cortez 8 days ago
I feel so bad for the kid who held alt and f4 poor kid
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