The FUNNIEST and CUTEST video you'll see today! - TWIN BABIES Adorable Moments

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Adroable twin babies compilation will make your positive day.
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Jun 3, 2018




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Comments 5 568
RetroMaster64 4 hours ago
1:22 not babies
Sonia Alves
Sonia Alves 19 hours ago
Presente de deus
Gacha Cringe
Gacha Cringe Day ago
This is the only thing that makes me want kids:/
J L 2 days ago
Happy and Beautiful Babies
Boyse Ramsoomair
Boyse Ramsoomair 5 days ago
Cute and adorable bundles of JOY.I have no problem looking at them over and over again
darlene araujo
darlene araujo 7 days ago
darlene araujo
darlene araujo 7 days ago
darlene araujo
darlene araujo 7 days ago
Bem encaixado para transporte
darlene araujo
darlene araujo 7 days ago
Ov gamer
darlene araujo
darlene araujo 7 days ago
My baby kids beatiful fadher
darlene araujo
darlene araujo 7 days ago
janiya watkins
janiya watkins 10 days ago
I have a twin brother
Mad Titan
Mad Titan 13 days ago
Oh I want a baby so bad... I guess I'd have to find the mama first.
Michael Marette
Michael Marette 13 days ago
I see some of these pictures in the videos and I just have to shake my head in amazement how anyone can think some of these pics are funny and cute. How can one baby stealing a bottle from another causing the other to cry and drinking from it which is cross contamination of germs causing both kids to be sick anything remotely related to cute and funny? Seems to me like the parents need to spend less time exploiting their children in youtube videos and take parenting classes or maybe supervise and watch their kids more carefully.
Michael Marette
Michael Marette 8 days ago
@Hilda Best Girl again, I don't know if you and a bunch of your keyboard commando friends are playing a game.. I don't know who I'm actually talking to so I would ask you one last time not to contact me again. I have no desire to continue this game with you and your friends or whatever kind of game your playing. Not interested..
Hilda Best Girl
Hilda Best Girl 8 days ago
Michael Marette Actually I did though... :/ I said it earlier in my long paragraph “I don’t know what you mean by “ignorant kid” because uhh I am a kid but I’m not ignorant and I don’t have babies of my own but I do understand not everyone is perfect because I live in a suburban neighborhood where families are just families.” And how is me asking if you had kids, then telling you my opinion, and then reminding you of the fact I’m not some older man or woman, is me changing my identity? But alright cool, keep thinking these things. 👌
Michael Marette
Michael Marette 8 days ago
@Hilda Best Girl when people blog each other in social media, it could be a kid on a keyboard pretending to be 80 or any other identity that person wishes to have. Since I'm not superman, I have no way of knowing. This identity that you say you have, I don't ever recall you mentioning this to me. However, you are not who you say you are because your changing your identity each time we talk. So, I'll just leave you alone regardless of who you say you are or are not. Go in peace. I will not reach out to you any more.
Hilda Best Girl
Hilda Best Girl 8 days ago
Michael Marette •-• I just told you I’m a kid. Like I’m literally a kid. Like just got out of highschool kind of kid with no children. Also not old enough to even drink legally. What mistakes are you saying that I even have? You literally have nothing to call me out on because I don’t have any ammunition for you to do so. How can you tell me a literal child who doesn’t have kids to better themselves when I don’t even have kids. All I have are siblings, Ma’am/Sir/Idk.
Michael Marette
Michael Marette 8 days ago
@Hilda Best Girl no one is suggesting here especially me that your absolutely guilty of any crime; just very bad parenting as I see it in these videos and many many others.. Your entitled to disagree with me as much as you want; I know what I see in many of these videos and I call it like I see it.. If you know deep down I'm right, and I can see that I've triggered that in you, than fix the areas your messing up in and do better. Don't shoot the messenger for calling you out on your mistakes. Thanks for your opinion about my opinion!! SHALOM!!!
Lilys Lovely Life
Lilys Lovely Life 14 days ago
Abu Mustafa
Abu Mustafa 16 days ago
такие засранцы маленькие)
Innocent Sin
Innocent Sin 17 days ago
0:44 baby Joker
Luk Sam
Luk Sam 19 days ago
U uagh u uose
Luk Sam
Luk Sam 19 days ago
U uagh u uose
Lucifer 13
Lucifer 13 21 day ago
0:55 Heath ledger in childhood xD
Space Boy
Space Boy 29 days ago
1:11 lmao 😂
Space Boy
Space Boy 29 days ago
SirParcifal Month ago
OMG the two twins with the hiccups had me cracking up because they sounded like two squeaky pop up toys heheheheh
BenJAMin Month ago
9:45 top ten anime betrayals
Walter Flores
Walter Flores Month ago
4:28, 1# baby : Your funny
Walter Flores
Walter Flores Month ago
Soooo cute Iike if your on 2020
zainab l
zainab l Month ago
😍😍😍😍😍sooooo prrety
Dragonicharge _yt
1:21 how is that baby stuff being cute?
Pavan Kumar
Pavan Kumar Month ago
01:14 ,,🥰😂
Verdeflor Tin
Verdeflor Tin Month ago
Tsukigami Month ago
Loveless Hernandez
2:37 cuties
Julian Clement
Julian Clement Month ago
There's nothing faster than a toddler when ask what's in your mouth
Kalada Epelle
Kalada Epelle Month ago
My favorite part is 9:54 pure sibling love Zero rivalry
Iqbal Kausar
Iqbal Kausar Month ago
I likes baby twins is so cute baby I love it this video I watch another video too
Ari Carou
Ari Carou Month ago
Did anyone say baby fever?
Angéla Elizabet Fodor
Hepy family Thenks your Engyi
naresh kumar
naresh kumar 25 days ago
Not Offended
Not Offended Month ago
I want twins someday.
Robert Juhasz
Robert Juhasz Month ago
Aww so cute!!!
0:12 if my kid's not laughing like that, I ain't keepin it.
Alaina Bleuel
Alaina Bleuel Month ago
Always I wouldn’t have twins. My last #2 were 13 months apart. They videos mak me laught
Eruvwu Obuaya
Eruvwu Obuaya Month ago
Aww precious! 😍
naresh kumar
naresh kumar 25 days ago
hello world
hello world Month ago
How stupid do u have to be to dislike these 👼
Loretta Posey
Loretta Posey Month ago
I love how anything and everything can make babies laugh
Meenakshi Sowmya
@Aster Zeno 666
Space Boy
Space Boy 29 days ago
Aster Zeno
Aster Zeno Month ago
𝚈𝚎𝚊𝚑.. 𝙲𝚛𝚢 𝚝𝚘𝚘𝚘...
Pretty Girl
Pretty Girl Month ago
38k dislikes 😯 But Y???
Anita Hendricks
Anita Hendricks 2 months ago
Ravyne Kley
Ravyne Kley 2 months ago
9:14 psychopath in power
stab thabitch
stab thabitch 2 months ago
0:17 Me and my bff one day into diet
Joshua Bennett
Joshua Bennett 2 months ago
That was soooooo goooood
Mitchell Vengesayi
Mitchell Vengesayi 2 months ago
I so love twin sets 😊
Matthew Whiteside
Matthew Whiteside 2 months ago
No crutches but I think I have a lot of fun to watch the kids for the day but if
Antonella Obelmejias
Jajaja ja jaja jajaja
Lupe Hernandez
Lupe Hernandez 2 months ago
They are so cute
ぱあ 2 months ago
jean metters
jean metters 2 months ago
Awwwwwwww this is so cute AND funny!!!!!!!!!!
محمد يوسفي
محمد يوسفي 2 months ago
ما شاء الله
Sadiyah M
Sadiyah M 2 months ago
babies are Sooooooooooo cuuuuuute
مازن خالدي
مازن خالدي 2 months ago
ما احلا الصيغار اتؤام
مازن خالدي
مازن خالدي 2 months ago
TheBeautyLightroom tarte
Who hit 38k dislikes for babies wtf 😂
Troll Villain
Troll Villain 2 months ago
But, I mean it could be by a mistake too tho, because when i'm watching videos on my ps4 I sometimes make an mistake and hit the dislike button lol.
Troll Villain
Troll Villain 2 months ago
That's what i'm saying! Some people just ignorant and don't got no life.
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