The FUNNIEST and CUTEST video you'll see today! - TWIN BABIES Adorable Moments

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Adroable twin babies compilation will make your positive day.
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Jun 3, 2018




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Comments 100
Patricia Lagatta
Patricia Lagatta 14 hours ago
Haha a ok in all of this 😂👌
Basic Gal
Basic Gal Day ago
This made my day 🥺❤😃
Martha Pierre
Beautiful my god thanks very nice babes amen amen
Easter Azali
Easter Azali Day ago
They’re so sweet and cute ! 💖
Muhammad Shafeeque
Very nice
Anna Hacker
Anna Hacker 2 days ago
How could 40000 people dislike this? This is the most precious thing in the history of precious things
TSU Gaming
TSU Gaming Day ago
That, or there phones are broken, no red-blooded human could dislike this (Edit: screw my grammar, and no intentional insult to anyone)
Anna Hacker
Anna Hacker 2 days ago
TSU Gaming I certainly hope so
TSU Gaming
TSU Gaming 2 days ago
They were too focused on watching the video and missed the like button
Lia The Purple Galactic Hybrid Gacha
I love the laughing ones
Yaw Jay
Yaw Jay 2 days ago
So any movement is cause for laughter
Pooja Tumdam
Pooja Tumdam 3 days ago
Achche bachche
Lori 3 days ago
40K clicked dislike? What?
Xavier Varela
Xavier Varela 3 days ago
Baby time
Von Hera Alimuin
Von Hera Alimuin 4 days ago
Im sad then i just laugh
ᄀᄅ 6 days ago
한국인 없나...
近辻あい子 7 days ago
Amitab Bachan
Amitab Bachan 8 days ago
Brother when I was baby my parents couldn't afford camera so I can't see how inocent I was
Linda van den Akker
Instead of asking 'why did you do that?' help the kid!
Fite D-Darkness
Fite D-Darkness 9 days ago
I mean, dang, they’re cute.But dang, they’re disgusting! They’d need a tablecloth to wipe their damn faces!
Amara V
Amara V 9 days ago
Number 2 was dangerous
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 13 days ago
2:00 -- don’t tell mom,and we’ll do it again tomorrow!
Sandy 13 days ago
Nana Kwame Mensah
Nana Kwame Mensah 15 days ago
3:25 this isn't funny or cute.
Allégra Tate
Allégra Tate 16 days ago
The twins that had hiccups at the same time😫😫😫so cute💕
David Schmidt
David Schmidt 17 days ago
I needed this after all of the news lately
Iokesh Bojedla
Iokesh Bojedla 17 days ago
Debra Lynn Paxton
Debra Lynn Paxton 19 days ago
*insert meme here*
*insert meme here* 20 days ago
me: enjoying wholesome and innocent babies shane dawson:
Fadul Salih
Fadul Salih 20 days ago
So cute init fam
Dalya Akram
Dalya Akram 21 day ago
OMG I want twins now😭😭
REE H. 22 days ago
My twins use to give each other hickeys from the rooting and sucking reflex 😆
Syasya Shaylaa
Syasya Shaylaa 23 days ago
Lebanon is dying Help
2.30 is this normal for little kids to snore that loud ? Parents must see doctor.
CYCS59 CYCS59 23 days ago
Where r the black babies 👶🏽? These r cute! But I’m only seeing white babies? 👶🏽👧🏾 would like to multi cultural
Celticsorcerer 1
Celticsorcerer 1 24 days ago
Twins are torture to me. Im a twin. My twin is dead. I never had moments like this with her. My cousins did. They’re twins. My step-brothers did. They’re twins. Why not me?
Daniel Kempton
Daniel Kempton 19 days ago
Have you talked about this much, i mean with friends etc? Or is this you reaching out?
Cody Warner
Cody Warner 21 day ago
Sorry that must be hard
shesha hayat
shesha hayat 24 days ago
All babies are beautiful, brown black and yellow too ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️ to all the children of the world ❤️
Susan Johnston
Susan Johnston 24 days ago
The ones of letting babies cry & slip on a wet floor are disturbing, to me. Otherwise many adorable scenes.
The Ella Twins
The Ella Twins 24 days ago
Geneva Dugger
Geneva Dugger 25 days ago
Those are the cutest babies I have ever seen
Barb Schulkes
Barb Schulkes 25 days ago
Babies always put a smile on your face And we certainly need it 😘🙏🏼
Lawnmower Guy
Lawnmower Guy 26 days ago
Legend has it willow and his twin are still trying to escape their dad.
Angelique Orelus
Angelique Orelus 24 days ago
Rajabu Ally
Rajabu Ally 26 days ago
Tanzania amna izo zetu fimbo2
Mr, Private
Mr, Private 26 days ago
If only adults can be like a child just think how the world would be
Malika Kamiljanova
Malika Kamiljanova 27 days ago
So sweet❤❤🥰🥰
Layla Ali
Layla Ali 27 days ago
They are so cute and adorable
Larissa Abbott
Larissa Abbott 27 days ago
Aww babies!! They cute until they start throwing a tantrum haha!! I wonder what my partner say about having a third?🤔
Tonja Burnett
Tonja Burnett 28 days ago
jean metters
jean metters 28 days ago
Esperanza Luna
Esperanza Luna 28 days ago
They are all so cute and adorable . If only the world was that innocent 😇 . Things would be so much better . Can’t help but dream . 🧸🧸♥️♥️
Rosita Frutos
Rosita Frutos 28 days ago
Vous avez raison mes cheris rigoler c est formidable a vous voir et a vous entendre love🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵👍
M. Theresa Carozza
M. Theresa Carozza 29 days ago
So adorable and funny. Like they imitate or mimicked each other. So much fun they're having.
Francis Mausley
Francis Mausley 29 days ago
Precious! Delightful! "It is good to laugh, laughter is a spiritual relaxation." "Happiness is a spiritual state." ~ Abdu'l-Baha, Baha'i Faith
Savannah Dehollander
So cute🥰😍
Josief Sisay
Josief Sisay 29 days ago
Babys are beautiful ❤️ they are heaven God 🙏🙏 💯🙏🙏💯🙏
Pam Clark
Pam Clark Month ago
Wonderful!!!! Loved every minute!!!
Harden Thicke
Harden Thicke Month ago
LOL @ 9:16 especially @ 9:24 🤣
Harden Thicke
Harden Thicke Month ago
4:40 teamwork!
The Murphy Family
aww love the smile...
Tanja Novicic
Tanja Novicic Month ago
Anna Paciello
Anna Paciello Month ago
Anna Paciello
Anna Paciello Month ago
Anello di valore
Gayathri Devi
Gayathri Devi Month ago
how funny
Sumer Chambers
Sumer Chambers Month ago
The 2nd one 😂😂😂
Lisa Gay
Lisa Gay Month ago
Great,video so,beautiful and very sweet so pricelesĺs watching them play together so adorable may God bless them forever I love them 🤣🤔🙄😎🦓🤩😋
elizabeth arriagada
Tsu okay
Tsu okay Month ago
All my sadness is gone now
Ekrem Fillia
Ekrem Fillia Month ago
super video++++
Manuela Lucchini
mac demarco
Linda Beasley Brewer
Аня Ложкина
Gabriella Senziani
Anche le famiglie delle bambini ciaotutti
Gabriella Senziani
Ciaoatutti bambini carini estupedi ciao
Jui Saha
Jui Saha Month ago
Hii my baby...❤😘😍
Pranayjit Das
Pranayjit Das Month ago
Varun Agrawal
Varun Agrawal Month ago
0:44 why so serious?
Tariq Quadri
Tariq Quadri Month ago
Lovely and cute.
J. Skellington
J. Skellington Month ago
@9:23 should have won the thumbnail image.
Connie Barrett
Connie Barrett Month ago
SK Tangibur Kamal
So cute 😍
K Mit
K Mit Month ago
3:45 I didn't see nothing lol
Harapriya Ratha
Harapriya Ratha Month ago
Very cute baby 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Viorica Radu
Viorica Radu Month ago
Ce fericita mi-ati facut ziua cu aceste creaturi minunate,va multumesc!
26G DA GOD. Month ago
5:45😭😭😭😭 wish this was longer
26G DA GOD. Month ago
4:14 me an da homie after da hotbox😭💯
•JellyBean Bear•
The twin who snoring are so cute
Hemalatha Hemalatha
I like cute babies excellent
Vivian Kelly
Vivian Kelly Month ago
So adorable coming from a twin!! My mother had a second set of twins after my sister and me !! We were two years apart from the second set!!ywin relationships r wonderful and special ❤
Ghaniah Subscriber's
Roy Weaver
Roy Weaver Month ago
No Copyright Songs
Naufal Haris
Naufal Haris Month ago
1:29 that’s no longer babies
Fireblade Month ago
Some of these are not even twins and some are not even babies.
ce collie
ce collie Month ago
You do know all twins aren't identical and many people still refer to their children as babies past the infant stage. So settle down
lotsofluv Month ago
Les rires des bébés sont la chose la plus mignonne! Ils parviennent toujours à mettre un sourire sur mon visage! 😋
Trudy Cunningham
I had a set if twins l had twin girls we use to dress them the same we got 2 of every thing they were a handful.they are now in there 50.year old now didnt know l was hav
Angry Shamrock
Angry Shamrock 2 months ago
Babies are so cute until TouYube commercial of Disney. Disney are pee doughs and child traffickers.
Haydee espinal
Haydee espinal 2 months ago
Twins must be a lot of work, but a lot of fun too!
Maritu Sesay
Maritu Sesay 2 months ago
Lovely 😍
sm4carnageihope 2 months ago
The ones at 0:43 live in a society
Tamara Elshaboury
Tamara Elshaboury 2 months ago
This is so cute ❤😍🥰😘
Khwanhathai yamnaree
So cute💖💖💖💖🌹🎀🎠
Rebecca Berry
Rebecca Berry 2 months ago
What was the reason for the video of the older child hitting the baby in the face. Didn't get it. Why put it on here. And yes this is my OPINION!!!
ce collie
ce collie Month ago
Smh🙄. They wanted to share it. Not my opinion, FACT. Quit whining
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