The Full Transformation of Jeffree Star (Old Videos to Now)

Lex Calia
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Best clips of jeffree star
Videos used:
Jeffree Star
My Magic Star Concealer Was Stolen & Leaked ($2.5 MILLION Stolen)
Revealing Magic Star Concealer
Jeffree Star Old Videos 2
Jeffree Star Avril Lavigne
Speaking Facts
Roadtrips & Rum
Skull bandana Halloween mask w/ Lipstick Nick
JSC behind scenes launch #1
Velour liquid lip commercial
Icy blue glam
Boyfriend does my makeup
Get ready with me and manny Mua
Beauty k palette launch
Get ready in my rolls Royce with manny mua
Smokey copper glitter eye
Conspiracy palette
Shane x Jeffree collab
Conspiracy collection
The beautiful life of shane dawson -series finale




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Comments 80
J. FILL 16 hours ago
What is that exactly ?
Cathy T
Cathy T 16 hours ago
i just wish i had the funds to make myself look this beautiful. i love how much he loves & respects his little pom dogs. i still think he needs some big beautiful macaws to fly around that big staircase in his house.
Theresa UzhcaP
Theresa UzhcaP 18 hours ago
I hated those guys asking young Jeffree those questions not cool at all
a. shawnee
a. shawnee 19 hours ago
There was so much negativity being gay let alone a flaming gay years back in the day. Now it's fire to know a gay man. This man has paid his dues, been used, boozed and refused. Now, nothing is free from miss Jeff Free. Bitch, you did it.
caroline sc
caroline sc Day ago
I'm sorry but he definitely had plastic surgery later--in his cheeks, etc. It's obvious. Even says most of it in this video. But who of us would do it if we had the money? But in a 2017 video he says he never had botox or anything done. What??
Lol I was a fan of him from the beginning it must’ve been 11 years. I’m 25 now. Loved his music as well.
Pearl Pino
Pearl Pino 2 days ago
Chocolate Lover
Chocolate Lover 2 days ago
He was even more scary before
wikinails 2 days ago
Sei stupenda ,mi piace la tua femminilità una donna non ce l'ha sei meravigliosa un bacio da venezia italy
Andromeda Melancholy
Honestly im digging all years of Jeffrey he seems pretty chill and honest about what hes feeling he may come off as indifferent but its obvious hes had passion and determination doing what he loves since the begining and been unashamed to be himself no matter who he was with
Cali Baby
Cali Baby 3 days ago
He has no idea hahah wow till this day he doesn’t know what he’s wants to be it’s sad but a fucking liar
Adriana Fischer
Adriana Fischer 3 days ago
Wait he said He has Just a fast metabolism BUT in the First Video He has more weight so he made himself so skinny. He's not natural so skinny. It's unhealthy and Hes a liar
J Mo
J Mo 3 days ago
He turned his persona into a $50 MILLION empire. That’s a real business boss!
SkilledAnt18 Fortnite Content
Nathan is so hot omg
Marie Carlucci
Marie Carlucci 4 days ago
Next year I don’t want to hear anything about the Oscars, Grammies, or Golden globes. I don’t want to see a single actor, actress, celebrity or sports star on any red carpet trying to push their bs political agenda on us all! Next year I want to see nurses, doctors, military, first responders (police, EMS, fire), social workers, caregivers, support workers, shop workers, truck drivers, pharmacists, teachers.....all having free red carpet parties with awards and expensive goodie bags. We need to honor the real heroes in our society for a change! If this doesn’t happen it will be the biggest injustice ever! Thank you ... All of you that are working hard to keep everyone safe and allow us to have food on our table!! Copy and paste......Let’s see if we can make this happen and go viral! ❤️🇺🇸
Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo 5 days ago
If you pay attention to his makeup, you will realize why he owns the beauty industry now, he was always talented at that
LindyLooo99 5 days ago
Even his voice changed.
CaliGaL 5 days ago
he looks beter here than now.
Kaegen M.
Kaegen M. 5 days ago
I don't understand Jeff star. Maybe it's because im not in the whole "2019 iPhone g pro, OMG who's Miley ciris dating, this is my mornin makeup pack, guchi wearing, hiiiiiiiiii, trend knowing, fortnight playing, cash me outside, # using person. don't know. But maybe I don't wanna know... Maybe hopefully it will pass. Like a trend that last 3 weeks. Get to know the greatest generation ever. #WW1 #WW2!
Tiff KYS
Tiff KYS 3 days ago
Kaegen M. Did you intentionally misspell everything
miriam estrada
miriam estrada 6 days ago
I do miss Manny and him together 😩😩
Amber Blazez
Amber Blazez 6 days ago
4:20 ugh nathan only wanted jeffree for his money and lifestyle! you cant tell my other wise.
MakeupRockstar 7 days ago
Mood always! Ugh
Georgiana Costescu
He was actually pretty back then and his face looked feminine. His lips were beautiful and very in line with his small features. The front teeth looked good, too. Now he looks like a different person, still good, but very different.
Christopher Blessing
AlexDaNoob 9 days ago
Plot twist:He was that “I shaved mah eyebrows!”meme when he was younger :3
Shyrah Smith
Shyrah Smith 9 days ago
Is he eating icecream off of scissors
Crystal Lopiccolo
Crystal Lopiccolo 17 days ago
Hes so much more secure now I think hes happier .
Ânyà Štár ✨
Ânyà Štár ✨ 19 days ago
Good god! I can't see the new Jeffree from those old Jeffree. Except the voice of course
Dianna Brown
Dianna Brown 21 day ago
Damn was his look and makeup bad early on, what a difference a lot of plastic surgery did helped him he the million he is today......
Chloe Marie
Chloe Marie 23 days ago
Jeffree is bb❤️❤️❤️
bubble butt
bubble butt 24 days ago
Iconic! 💖💎✨
Damien Kitty
Damien Kitty 24 days ago
Now he looks like Laura Ingleson
Amber Donker
Amber Donker 24 days ago
What the hell happened to him?
NUR AIN 24 days ago
Amber Donker watch his docuseries with shane. You will know his bitter past. His face? He always being open about surgery.
MirandaEu Stewmsß
MirandaEu Stewmsß 25 days ago
Jeffrey star ❤❤❤ please make me overrr. Out of the whole 🌎 I like need it the most !!!! U have the money 2 $$$ and Omgod . I like love your videos and I think that would be a great make over video is teaching a broke stay at home mom how a diva does ittttt
Inez Rivera
Inez Rivera 25 days ago
I didn't realize how much work he had done.
Lila o
Lila o 25 days ago
3:43 yo thats one of MrBeasts dudes
Lex Calia
Lex Calia 25 days ago
My husband and I laughing sooo hard #chandler 😂
Devyn Fortunati
Devyn Fortunati 25 days ago
The guy asking questions at beginning was a dick .
Noora Tube
Noora Tube 26 days ago
His eyebrows lololllololololklolooololllllll
Snita Bhowmick
Snita Bhowmick 28 days ago
The best decision JS ever made is to shave off the eyebrows. Girl, that shit made you look ugly.
vj dc
vj dc 28 days ago
He looks like kirsten stewart here
Blancaneaux1990 29 days ago
There are so many reasons why jeffree star is inspirational to myself, i pray one day i can have the mindset, courage, & determination like jeffree star. 2020 dead broke in Colorado with a broken out face and just got over a miscarriage due to my abusive husband yelling at me the whole time i was pregnant. I use these videos as courage to change my life, my bad over share. ❤
sana zafar
sana zafar 29 days ago
Why he burnt his own pallete
Shannon Swanson
Shannon Swanson Month ago
“I don’t know if my mom ever planned this” 🤣 I love him. I’m so happy he is more at peace now. You can tell in his earlier videos how defensive, bitter and sad he was and rightfully so with how he was treated.
Dana Kiami
Dana Kiami Month ago
His lips were tiny 💋
Brittany Barnett
He smiles so much more now. 💖 loved him back in the Myspace days though
Lex Calia
Lex Calia Month ago
Absolutely agreed!!!!
Green Dog Music
Green Dog Music Month ago
To be honest he looked kinda cool but now he looks horrible in my opinion
Chris Stone
Chris Stone Month ago
She is a legend
Lex Calia
Lex Calia Month ago
Absolutely agree!!
Sevenblackswans SwanSong
I liked him better before !
pouvei agu
pouvei agu Month ago
The old jeffree mouth looks like kristen stewards
Heather Kavanagh
Watching this and so funny how famous he helped these people become and how they all stabbed him in the back.
Amanda Siekbert
Amanda Siekbert Month ago
What a beautiful person he’s become! 😘😘 Love him!
Makyaj Adresim
Makyaj Adresim Month ago
Baya yaşlanmış
Justine Faith Leonida
Idc. Jeff is happy now so who cares
Yo ItsNikkiB
Yo ItsNikkiB Month ago
This just makes me love Jeffree so much more! He went through it & now the universe is finally giving him the love & light he deserves. Love him! 💖💖
dani Month ago
The old jeffree reminds me of a nightmare and I’m here for it
Miss Mo
Miss Mo Month ago
Why did manny mua turn on jeffree??
Glamhippiehiker Month ago
Damn those lips were tiny!
Ray Ramos
Ray Ramos Month ago
Ray Ramos
Ray Ramos Month ago
Benita Rodriguez
He definitely is the definition of self made and his transformation is tasteful. He looks amazing! I didn’t know who he was prior to the Kat Von D controversy. So glad I watched Shane Dawson’s videos, and was able to see who he is. Love him!
Britnee De LA Vega
Ouh he’s had a lot of work done... crazy...
{Наиа снаи}
For one second only one second the first one i thought that jeffree star was Michael jackson but no.
ahoward Month ago
Can't believe I was like 12 when these videos were originally made (the first 3 or so). And I just heard of him this year lol thanks Shane Dawson.
Dally Dally
Dally Dally Month ago
I miss nate
Angie C.
Angie C. Month ago
Holy fuck he has a totally different face now...
Vixxen Fox
Vixxen Fox Month ago
Dudes come along way!
Chloe Hull
Chloe Hull Month ago
I remember when Jeffree looked like 2:57 that's when I was like who is this dude
natalie hawken
natalie hawken Month ago
Omg I just crack up when Jeffree and Shane Dawson are together. They are so funny. Love love love u both from Australia!!!
Anabella Flores
Anabella Flores Month ago
Jeffree is THE BITCH! the others can’t even😘xx
dani Month ago
Who else still calls him “he” and can’t stop seeing him as a man even though he’s clearly an alien 👽
dani Month ago
As much as a jerk that he was you can tell he was a sweetheart somewhere in there. I saw him visit his old home and his landlord and neighbors adored him
Brittany Ann
Brittany Ann Month ago
I legit cried when him and Nate broke up on god I cried 😢
Brittany Ann
Brittany Ann Month ago
I Stan him! Oh my god ❤️
Angie Ando
Angie Ando Month ago
My eyes itch when I use your crappy eyeshadows.
Carmelia Thomas
Carmelia Thomas Month ago
I used to listen to jeffree star, botdf, and play meez 😂
kiolin Month ago
todo esfuerzo tiene su recompensa, de ahí el éxito y el triunfo que tiene es gracias a ella que siempre está trabajando con ideas nuevas, y la gente les gusta. me alegro mucho 👏👏👏😘😘😍😍♥️♥️♥️
Paula Ewen
Paula Ewen Month ago
Hey!!! Love theese Bideos
Kim Bambi
Kim Bambi Month ago
I love Jeff..He s so funny..And i like his style. I would love him to be my BFF. ♡ Come hang out In The Netherlands,and i will show you the nicest places ♡ Lotts of love and bless!
Mikee Madredio
Mikee Madredio Month ago
I think he dont have eyebrows since birth.
Lex Calia
Lex Calia Month ago
Alien confirmed LOL
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