The Full Superstar Duel: Kevin Durant vs. LeBron James In NBA Finals 2017

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In one of the great all-time NBA Finals matchups, King James became the first player in NBA history to average a triple-double across a Finals series, while Durant starred on both sides of the floor from Game 1 through Game 5, earning Finals MVP honors.
KD averaged 35.2 points for the 2nd most points in a 5-game Finals (behind Allen Iverson), while LBJ put up 33.6, 12.0 and 10.0. Re-live their best plays here.
Who had the better series in YOUR eyes?
NBA Duels showcase ONLY THE BEST head-to-head matchups from the around the Association, past or present.

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Jun 14, 2017




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Comments 80
Justin 2 days ago
Dam Lebron had nothing for KD on defense
Next Zone
Next Zone 9 days ago
Deja vu 10:55 Lebron and JR Smith
Daytona 10 days ago
KD make it look so easy..
Jack Fienga
Jack Fienga 11 days ago
go cavs IM the bigest fan of the cavs and win the most ring for the cavs
Sugeng Purnomo
Sugeng Purnomo 11 days ago
Damn, this match-up was so epic Durant was unstoppable bcz of his size with jumpshot. And Lebron did his best thing-all around play If Cavs had great two-way big men on that time (For me AD) for contain KD this series would be more epic bcz AD could matcing KD size and quickness
Nate Cole
Nate Cole 12 days ago
lebron always demanding the ball and he is not a point guard,not east to be his teammate....
Roland Tran
Roland Tran 12 days ago
Albert the Witness
Albert the Witness 12 days ago
Durant performed well since he got a lot of no call fouls lol everytime james went to the paint, just look!
Eclass Ginobili
Eclass Ginobili 14 days ago
It don’t matter who u switch it’s still an even matchup mfs gone always find an excuse
Eclass Ginobili
Eclass Ginobili 14 days ago
2016 curry vs kyrie klay vs jr smith Lebron vs iggy off the bench or Harrison Barnes draymond vs kLove Bogut or Tristan Come bacc 3-1 omg lebronS the goat 2017 curry vs kyrie klay vs jr smith KD vs lebron Kevin L vs dray Tristian vs McGee KD dominates now all of a sudden they overpowered fucccccc outta here
watchful news
watchful news 14 days ago
Eclass Ginobili FACTS
hip rok
hip rok 15 days ago
KD can’t win without GSW. He’s still a sensitive weak personality
Eclass Ginobili
Eclass Ginobili 14 days ago
Kevin love kyrie bron supporting cast dwade bosh bron supporting cast Lebron ad Dwight supporting cast Curry klay Durant supporting cast
Eclass Ginobili
Eclass Ginobili 14 days ago
hip rok lebron didn’t win without kyrie tf and you don’t even know the man he choose to do what lebron did 3x the fucc do u mean dude
tony stark
tony stark 16 days ago
im lebron all the way and not a fan of durant...but kevin durant is a solid competitor! ... so deadly that i was furious on those finals that theyve fought each other.... what a fearless and accurate shooter..a clutch performer....respect!
watchful news
watchful news 14 days ago
tony stark Solid competitor ahaha no guy, KD is the best point blank period.
tony stark
tony stark 16 days ago
im lebron all the way and not a fan of durant...but kevin durant is a solid competitor! ... so deadly that i was furious on those finals that theyve fought each other.... what a fearless and accurate shooter...respect!
JLV HD 17 days ago
5:12 is not a travel I'm confused
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez 18 days ago
KD straight cooked Lebron
Draw with Ro
Draw with Ro 20 days ago
Lebron James ruvid.net/video/video-hKf5flvKlEw.html
digong demonyo
digong demonyo 20 days ago
easymoneysniper 20 days ago
king james vs king slayer
Haitao Tang
Haitao Tang 20 days ago
KD somehow just made every single tough shot
Eric meng
Eric meng 20 days ago
This game still kills me
BigOcean Cooley
BigOcean Cooley 21 day ago
Durant was super nasty in this finals smhh, nobody can't bring no damn Lebrun to me ever again
Chitra Karunanithi
Chitra Karunanithi 26 days ago
KD scored everywhere on the court. LeBron is just a freight train.
Jackfields Jack
Jackfields Jack 28 days ago
2-0 warriors cavs. LeBron vs Durant
Sole Magus
Sole Magus 28 days ago
Duh the man that won had the better series. And was the better player and is the better player KD> L3-6RON the traveling flop circus
Goat KD7
Goat KD7 Month ago
The goat 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐❤KD❤
Mehmet K.
Mehmet K. Month ago
James 👑
brian green
brian green Month ago
KD can't be guarded
Drxke Month ago
I like this the hardwork from both teams going at it once again for a title
YT TayKeith
YT TayKeith Month ago
Take me back to this Final 😩
Gakuka Gaming
Gakuka Gaming Month ago
i think durant is the goat than bron
ceedee1945 Month ago
8:56 Durant pulling up like he's in the gym by himself...
meme god
meme god Month ago
FX Month ago
Lebron vs other superstar matchup is meh. Lebron vs KD, take my money.
king kulit
king kulit Month ago
Kd literally going at lebron in the 2017 finals, but lebron keep running away and avoiding him by switching
mavs fans
mavs fans Month ago
lebron king💪
leor nemrac
leor nemrac Month ago
He worked hard for that ring and he deserve it even though he went to gsw to have it.. Other superstar will die not having a ring or two..
Emil Zacharia
Emil Zacharia Month ago
KD destroys LeBron in every one on one contact.
Ken Ken
Ken Ken Month ago
Pure shooter...kd Pure weak... LeBron...
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry Month ago
Big respect to this both player. I know they both love each other and they friend each other. They both GOT! And humble player not like other like DG. So KD live the GSW this year because of DG attitude. Selfishness player DG. I want to see KD,KLAY,STEPH play in Warriors but no DG to line up. I hate is fucking attitude.
ϟ mYStiiCAl Cj ϟ
16:35 🏅🎖🏆
Erik Zogaj
Erik Zogaj Month ago
lebron is so good like sheesh
kevin couture
kevin couture Month ago
how about we do a special corona edition 1 on 1 tournament?
Modou Jammeh
Modou Jammeh Month ago
I say LeBron is greatest of all time, whoever have a problem with that. Just see me on the other side##
Nethskie Parungao
Modou Jammeh Fck u!! You dont have any brain Michael jordan is the greatest of all time. Mark my word!
Eric Ocomatl
Eric Ocomatl Month ago
Grande durant :b
T Month ago
Watching Lebron score 51 that year without Kyrie was amazing. Honor to see such great talent
Salvatore Barbato
People who think that Durant has won 2 rings thanks to the 'Warriors' dimension I think they've never watched his Playoffs highlights. He's so good! Well deserved!
Loiemark Ebana
Loiemark Ebana Month ago
It's so funny thes
lemonchild Month ago
R.I.P Kobe Bryant 1978 - 2020
Garvey Mfeka
Garvey Mfeka Month ago
I really don't think people realize just how amazing this duel was. While the comparisons and disrespect is something we're used to, this is probably the greatest duel between superstars ever. KD was getting everything to fall while impacting the game everywhere else, stats were 35.2/8.2/5.4 with 1.0 stl and 1.6 blk. Lebron was EVERYWHERE, 33.6/12/10 with 1.4 stl and 1.0 blk. There is no clear best player in the series unless you're biased, this in my opinion has got to be a battled referred to throughout history, had it gone on a lot longer, people would really appreciate the effort both these guys put into winning these finals.
Sean Omari
Sean Omari Month ago
Durant will forever be a GSW great 😢 miss him
Raphael Yowww
Raphael Yowww Month ago
miss this playoffs bron game💪👑
maskay wilfred
maskay wilfred Month ago
this just shows to you all bronsexuals how far he is from Durant!!
Jonathan Ruban
Jonathan Ruban Month ago
10:25 this guy lebron wanted to swat I.T to the next row
drew c
drew c Month ago
Clearly the best player on the court. The fact that Kerr, Steph, and Klay all said he was their best player and the fact that he destroyed Lebron in nearly every head to head situation, there was no doubt he was the best player in the nba until he got hurt. Now, at this moment, however, with Lebron improving his J, and improving on his one on one skills, and with KD still recovering, it’s debatable again between KD and Lebron. Also, Kawhi’s improvement has him close to KD and Bron but before KD went down, he took Bron’s crown.
Word Overdose Publications
KD was the difference. He had to change squads and the warriors had to upgrade a 73 win team to beat the man. that's just fax
K Free
K Free Month ago
Kd still pussy
Zhuqi Zhou
Zhuqi Zhou Month ago
the hardest road
Microhard bill door
come back to watch 2 great players duel
Michael Barraza
Michael Barraza 2 months ago
watchin this in quarantine
larry king
larry king 2 months ago
that is why he is always looking for big stars to team up to avoid his favorite BROOM hahahaha
Ezekiel-Ross Moodie
Ezekiel-Ross Moodie 2 months ago
KD joined the Warriors, It doesn't count. # cupcake # softest move in sports history.
Ric Fede
Ric Fede Month ago
Lebron's titles with Miami don't count cause he joined Wade and Bosh to make his path easier as well.
Jay Bird
Jay Bird Month ago
Maddest person in the world🤣🤣🤣
TJ Awesome
TJ Awesome 2 months ago
Imagine LeBron is averaging triple double in the finals with Love and Irving but still got swept in the finals (3-0).... GSW with KD is the most powerful team ever in the NBA...
Ibrahim Tall
Ibrahim Tall 2 months ago
You FOOLS! KD had to join an already superstar team to let his game be employed to this level. LeBron was working with one other excellent player (Irving), a good player (Love), and the rest being semi-competent bums.
Max Ketchum
Max Ketchum Month ago
@Jay Bird he don't know shit you idiots fail to realize that this is litterally the same team that won the 2016 championship..had the cav's won i bet he wouldn't ve saying shit about the team in general. And what difference would that make all they do is give the credit to lebron when they win and put all the blame on the team when they lose...
Jay Bird
Jay Bird Month ago
Dam, somebody that actually knows ball.
Ryota Kise
Ryota Kise 2 months ago
10:52 Bruh He Blaming Jr smith😂
Omar A
Omar A 2 months ago
5:52 Lebron had enough from KD
Omar A
Omar A 2 months ago
5:09 KD did every thing in that play .. locked up Love and blocked him then go on offense cross Lebron and shot a difficult shot
moon rocks
moon rocks Month ago
Omar A im thinking thought isnt it a travel at the start? Touch-dribble-step-stop-dribble
EJ 2 months ago
One of the great pussy runs of all time 😂😂
Drew Fowler
Drew Fowler 2 months ago
This nice and all but they cheated Bron out of 3 rings, allowed the warriors to staxk their team and then the following year they broke up a team in 2018 that would have destroyed GS (IT4 in his prime, Jae Crowder, D.Rose, Dwade!!) So since they refuse to let him finish his career in 2019 with 6 rings, Him and AD are going to rule the NBA world for the next 3 years, Mark MY Words.
Ric Fede
Ric Fede Month ago
And then you woke up. You need to smell the coffee and understand that Bron is not winning anymore. Kawhi will not allow that as long as Bron is in the West Conference.
NoName718 2 months ago
Drew Fowler nothing you said makes sense. Put down the crack pipe.
Cheryl Ann Lumbo
Cheryl Ann Lumbo 2 months ago
I love these two legends❤🏀
subash s
subash s 2 months ago
Lebron James one man army 💥
Derek Yeeter
Derek Yeeter 2 months ago
Joined a 73 win team to get a championship. That is why it’s not respected. Stephen curry owns this mans career. If KD never wins another championship after the 2 he got with the best team in history, the 2 he has now means nothing. Lebron won 2 with D wade, went home and won another so the comparisons can stop right there. Lebrons move was weak but not KD weak nah he took it to a whole other level 😂😂😂 “steph man I couldn’t beat bron with Russ and harden I need you bro will you allow me to serve as the 5th all star on your team? I know I couldn’t beat you either I still have nightmares about you in my sleep itd be dope if jus...” steph- “stop. Yes bro. You can come. I’ll even let it be your team for a year and I’ll keep Dre off your back” Russ, harden, and KD just aren’t champions. Steph and klay and Bron are tho they just have that blood in them. And KD saw it and knew it as well
1:51 future team mates
Ambalavanan T
Ambalavanan T 2 months ago
Oh man it really looks lke One man Vs the whole world. How on earth LBJ can take on against 3 super stars in shooting
Ponce Arnel
Ponce Arnel 29 days ago
Lbj fans alsways finding ways to excuse their king from that murder done by kd...hahahaha
Dipendra Rai
Dipendra Rai 2 months ago
I am sick of watching this over and over I want to see the season continue
L Tesla
L Tesla 2 months ago
Cavs would have had a 3 peat if Kevin stayed in OKC
Kevyn Durant
Kevyn Durant 2 months ago
Durant is one of my favorite players but when your second best player won back to back mvp’s last year and you got Klay Thompson and a dopty draymond ofc they were gonna beat the lebron and kyrie. Lebron and kyrie balled out but it wasn’t enough and that kd and bron matchup was amazing to watch.
Jay Bandz
Jay Bandz Month ago
@Malik Kai exactly like the cavs had klove Jr smith Kyrie Iman shumpert chaning frye Richard Jefferson and LeBron and Tristan Thompson and they beat the same roster in the same year on Christmas no excuse they beat the warriors with kd already and they all been in the finals so they have zero excuses
Malik Kai
Malik Kai 2 months ago
Kevyn Durant even matchup Lebron just can’t guard KD
Malik Kai
Malik Kai 2 months ago
Where’s Kevin love bro does he not exist ?
watchful news
watchful news 2 months ago
Its evident lebron has no confidence in his jump shot as only when he's up by a comfortable margin does he shoot jumpers or when he's getting blown out, he took only 7 jumpers the entire series and only 1 jumper when the game was close, as i watched this reel to understand what i saw, THATS WHAT I SAW, the rest of his shots were some type of layup package, which shows bron is afraid to shoot the J, because he knows its really not their, his FG% is so misleading because of that its scary, his fans always talking how he beat a 73 win team leaving out his teammates, except when he losses, then they throw each and every teammate he ever has under the 🚌, i could go on for days about what i saw, to sum it up KD is better than lebron but the media is paid to say otherwise.
Edward Yamada
Edward Yamada 2 months ago
Back to back titles. KD surpassed LeBron. Then he hurt his Achilles tendon.
Marcos jeffry De los santos
Porque sólo repinten lo donqueos de Lebrón james
Ry Reviews
Ry Reviews 2 months ago
how Kyrie always tries being the PG but LeBrons the boss lol
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