The 'Full House' When Urkel Taught Steph Glasses Positivity

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Remember the 'Full House' when Steve Urkel taught Stephanie glasses positivity? It was a very special episode.
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Jul 12, 2019




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Comments 1 168
Zachary Siple
2:44 Pedo jokes...
Finalzero Day ago
And we never see that glasses again...
Hector Matute
Hector Matute 3 days ago
1:27 human herpes LOL
Bryson Brown
Bryson Brown 10 days ago
“It’s Steve motherfucking Urkel” 😂😂😂😂😂
Devious J
Devious J 22 days ago
So THAT'S how Steve learned his strut. Also GODDAMN those glasses were never fashionable.
Jacob Fisher
Jacob Fisher 26 days ago
Season 5 when?
Phil McCrevice
Phil McCrevice Month ago
How about braces for those chompers?
Natasha N.
Natasha N. Month ago
God 90s tv was like ....entirely all bad and should never be rewatched. I can't believe I grew up with this crap
Esquire Putmoves
This narrator is hilarious when she put those glasses on and he said goddamn goddamn I lost it
Charlie Stout
Charlie Stout Month ago
Is that red headed kid from pete and pete?
on-Q Organ
on-Q Organ Month ago
These are funny as shit and insiteful,you guys need to seriously do a couple of sister,sister episodes! They had sum fucked up PSA episodes
Montesama314 Month ago
"How many third graders do you know, Joey?"
Mark Keith
Mark Keith 2 months ago
Urkel would be the last person to tell tales of gradier about wearing glasses, that nerd!
APersonNamedJune 2 months ago
Y’know, for a second I glanced passed the title for the video while looking at the playlist and thought the video was called “The ‘Full House’ When Urkel taught The Spin” Arigato, Urkel....
Wawagirl17 2 months ago
This episode is still legendary for having Steve Fucking Urkel tell Danny Tanner, "Suck it up and move on with your life!"
Dominick Schrute
Dominick Schrute 2 months ago
When i see Bob saget on full house now I can only think of his joke about a man in a brothel with a chicken smh
emptyspotlight (official account)
god those glasses were just whyyy
Only One MITCH!
Only One MITCH! 2 months ago
This guy(narrator)annoys me damn it I love it!
Toso Sifi
Toso Sifi 2 months ago
1:09 😂😂 I'm rollin bruh lmaoo
Toso Sifi
Toso Sifi 2 months ago
It's Steve "MOTHERFUCKIN!" Urkel 😂😂😂😂
ReniTube 2 months ago
Lol when Steve was struttin tho lol
CR100026740 2 months ago
Programming note: No blacks watched this show back in the 80s. White girls did. How many Urkel blacks do you know?🤔. Hmmm...
Shawn James
Shawn James 2 months ago
Stop talking we want to hear the episode
tony pina
tony pina 2 months ago
But she never wore the glasses again, or did she get contacts cause I don't remember her wearing em in other episodes
I cry tears of lemonade
“Girl it is time to check those peepers” lmaoooooo
Michael Colgrave
Michael Colgrave 2 months ago
I feel like Joey should be a bigger concern
janX9 2 months ago
We *NEVER see the glasses again* on future episodes, thus defeating the purpose of the morale of the story.
A W 2 months ago
Working Title
Working Title 2 months ago
1:07 in tears, i died.
Jose Matias
Jose Matias 2 months ago
Is steve motherfucking urkel hahahaha this dude is so funny telling this story
Og Swineflu
Og Swineflu 2 months ago
John Williamson
John Williamson 3 months ago
I'm ashamed that I STILL want Jessie's hair 35 years later.
BigK13372 3 months ago
2:17 Because, OF COURSE, the bully is a red head.
Amanda WingZ
Amanda WingZ 3 months ago
I was so happy when they remodeled the girls bedroom. Horrible horrible look before
Refuze2Lose 3 months ago
Who watched these shows? They are the cornball whitest shows I never seen. I can't believe this and 7th heaven were on for as long as they were. This show had 2 reboot seasons. WHO WATCHED THIS SHIT? SERIOUSLY!
Fire puppies
Fire puppies 3 months ago
Then Stephan tried to hit up DJ. Urkel didn't authorize it
Kira Nolan
Kira Nolan 3 months ago
Why do you talk like Mickey Mouse? Lmao.
Don K
Don K 3 months ago
Maybe if Aunt Becky put that school fraud money into some glasses Stephanie would not look MORE dorky than Steve Urkel..
Ellie Trotta
Ellie Trotta 3 months ago
Lol I had that same dog sweater back then
Patrick Huffer
Patrick Huffer 3 months ago
You need to also do the Step By Step episode that also featured Urkel.
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