The Fuel Tank of Tomorrow - A Super Capacitor?

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KiloWatt Labs CEO Omer Ghani explains in the above interview, filmed at the IDTechEX Show!, that his company has overcome these challenges and has begun shipping large-scale, super capacitor-based energy storage solutions for applications such as microgrid, renewable, utility and mobility. He indicates their solution is a cost-competitive replacement for traditional battery approaches,
Read more at: www.viodi.tv/2016/12/09/the-fuel-tank-of-tomorrow-a-super-capacitor/

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Viodi 6 months ago
A minority $2.5 investment from NorthWestern Corporation (“NorthWestern’), through its wholly-owned subsidiary, NorthWestern Energy Solutions, Inc., is a major endorsement for KiloWatt Laboratories. NorthWestern Energy serves over 700,000 customers in Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska plus Yellowstone National Park. This is pure speculation, but the KiloWatts Lab solution could be a good way to store energy from NorthWestern's Spion Kop wind farm and, Two Dot wind farm. www.northwesternenergy.com/our-company/media-center/current/news-article/2018/11/01/Kilowatt-Labs-announces-investment-from-NorthWestern-Corporation
B5429671 XJ
B5429671 XJ 3 months ago
Hmm, I would invest $5 in them. I know, that's a lot, but I feel like gambling. Is that a majority stake?
Serbian Sauce Boss
Serbian Sauce Boss 3 months ago
ROBERT FRIEND 3 months ago
Great work, I will have a look, especially now that the technology is 2 years mature since your post. Question, why is my 1 farad capacitor charging too slow?
Viodi 3 months ago
The march of progress continues in this area and this development of printing a graphene ink on a glass or flexible plastic substrate could literally change the shape storage. This article doesn't suggest how this would compare on either a price or energy density standpoint to other forms of storage. www.advancedbatteriesresearch.com/articles/16329/multitasking-graphene-ink-printed-into-tiny-flexible-supercapacitors
Ir R
Ir R 4 months ago
Pinning an UPDATE to this ancient video HOWEVER prudent ignores there refusal to do what Toshiba and many others have done which is to Tailwind against what Ted at BikinginLa has awesome aspersion AGAINST: the status quo of yes far to many CARS. The learning curve requires smaller vehicles that can COST far more be claimed as more price sensitive not less despite selling for hundreds of times as much per gram WHERE literally the profit of gram shaving is industry. The assets of Performance Biking follow not just Toys rUs in lost synergy but BLOCKBUSTER video FOR as EVERYTHING moves to 'BYWIRE', only our bodies remain to move, and produce ESPECIALLY EVENTUALLY arguably as well. Smart control of equipment makes roading an effervescent undertaking with air ITSELF being subject to child's play EASY GENUINEDLY DECADES LONG AGO SETTLED equations like (FLARECRAFT BEST CELLULARLY YANKED) road height being half vehicle width at MOST to avoid all purchased materials in fabrication. As long as altitude is UNDER half speed is unlimited by sound barriers or efficiency SINCE higher speeds require less energy not more per thousand miles covered if traffic is equitous, and of course bidirectional, appropriately capitalised, and consumately PRECEDENTIALLY consequently therefore rational. So MOST importantly material science has nullified this companies IP as paper etc materials for insulation require no balancing circuitry!!! Still though you imply they have the relationships in a precompetitive market. HOWEVER there pdf likewise argues we will tolerate monopolistic solicitation of unregulated services like recently suffered with Alphabets failure to remove BOTTLE neck is not hard ENOUgh to nonmaladaptively to ignore for them. The grid is insolvent so it can't underbid trucked power without discharging bondholders claims. Unless KL sheds hostile investors IT MUST be regarded as hostile to world best interest. {ALL ...any... PREVIOUsLY ip above COPYLEFT! enjoy MERRY CHRISTMASS}
richardnanis 3 days ago
No doubt - super caps and super cap batteries are very interesting - but to say they are competitive in energy density and form factor to liion cells is just marketing blah blah! Sorry to say that right away - but it must be said clearly! Maybe this will be an alternative in 10 years. I experimented with supercaps myself and they suck in many ways: they self discharge in a few weeks, they can get hot when charged or discharged with high currents, they are difficult to balance and the cells voltage is low. To discharge them down to zero is nice but the energy delivery at low voltages becomes very low as well - so there is no real practical use when voltage is changing all the time. LiFePO4 is much more stable in voltage and has very good durability, lots of cycles and low danger potential.
Zika Track
Zika Track Month ago
Wrong batterires were invented thousands of years ago......dont trust a liar
douglas newton
douglas newton Month ago
Artjoms Pugacovs
I own one 16v 500F. I can make discharge tests and stuff if you request. Supercaps are not good storage. But it always starts my Audi A6 2008, even at 7 volts.
Peter Jones
Peter Jones 2 months ago
I know SuperCaps ARE the future but, this guy being interviewed said at exactly 1:20 in, "we charge them slowly because it's the law". WHAT? If this IS the law, was it made to protect fossil fuelled cars or old fashioned batteries? Something stinks here... possibly.
david r
david r 2 months ago
with a solar panel I had that same idea too Capacitor with solar for ev cars
Jose de la Cuadra
Jose de la Cuadra 2 months ago
For a Tesla Car can this Supercapacitor complement the lithium battery to extend the battery power before the next charge?
Artjoms Pugacovs
Not practically. What it can do is give you bonus power if you have sports tesla. Most importantly caps will extend litium battery lifespan cause caps will deliver the surge power now. Therefore i only start my car with capacitor, battery is just for car computer and alarm etc.
Li Feng
Li Feng 2 months ago
One question how safe they are !
Grant Pedder
Grant Pedder 2 months ago
Yes, they are as safe and stable to use when set up and maintained, if necessary by skilled, qualified technicians as power supplied by any utility co. Like all things electrical, home and industrial, they should be used with care and respect.
Grant Pedder
Grant Pedder 2 months ago
I have seen these Super Caps in action here in the southern suburbs in Cape Town South Africa. Friends of mine at Green Energy SA are installing them in homes. Quick, clean and space efficient installation. They work very well, better than anything I have EVER seen. I will be purchasing a 3.5 KW. Super cap for our sailing yacht and will charge it with 2x 270W solar panels and a wind gen. They do exist, work well and are cost effective. (7KW also available)
Nameless 2 months ago
I will believe it when I see it. How much tax payer money has gone into this?
Dark Phoenix
Dark Phoenix 2 months ago
great discussion, I'm a fan of supercaps also. If they can increase the energy density to lithium-ion, that'll be the end of batteries and it'll become the age of the supercaps and all the benefits it can bring. This man will become a multi-billionaire if he can pull that off because Li-ion batteries are still in very high demand and will increase as we get more electric cars on the road.
Kalyani Aditya
Kalyani Aditya 2 months ago
Its a direct question to Mr. Omer Ghani, CEO of Kilowatt Labs. Cannot we use these super capacitors’ bank in place of LI Battery bank in Electric Vehicles? What are the advantages and disadvantages in using super capacitors bank instead LIB bank? Expecting your clarification at the earliest possible. Tnks. Bye bye.
Srinivas Siddarth
Srinivas Siddarth 2 months ago
is this guy a pakistani?...Hmmmm....!
Nino Walker
Nino Walker 3 months ago
When does it come out and how much does it cost
Viodi 2 months ago
It's available in certain parts of the world and through a Kilowatt Labs dealer. I don't know the cost. Please see the kilowattlabs.com/buy
Daniel Roig
Daniel Roig 3 months ago
Lies, the super-cap technology is not as energy dense as Lithium-Ion yet.
BigCooter.com 3 months ago
Ultra / Super Caps still lack the ability to hold a charge for a reasonable amount of time, required for many power intensive applications, like automobiles. Best application for these is in a hybrid power pack with lithium cells .. as each compliment each other, one can hold a charge long term, the other can charge/discharge very quickly, etc...
w4csc 3 months ago
Remember - Prey is always spelled with an "e", not "a"
T'airn'KA 3 months ago
Is it filled with capacitance gel? ;-)
Toto Savann
Toto Savann 3 months ago
So this is what Tesla is up to by buying Maxwell Supercapacitor company
Viodi 3 months ago
That purchase seems to be a validation for the technology.
Gerald Koth
Gerald Koth 3 months ago
Our battery folks were working on Super Caps starting in 1985.
Jeff Hagerman
Jeff Hagerman 3 months ago
I think battery's caps and solar will be the future im working on it myself right now on a small scale
Nelson Club
Nelson Club 3 months ago
Responding to comms below re EV's - this guy was talking about stationary use not cars - they are now commercially available for that
Johnny Begood
Johnny Begood 3 months ago
Good luck Omar, we need more people like you!
Bill Coleman
Bill Coleman 3 months ago
I think I'll wait for the flux capacitor.
Tony .w
Tony .w 3 months ago
The danger which he avoided was that you could get electrocuted very quickly..the whole capacitor dumped on your body instantaneously..Not good for the heart or the nervous system....But saying that...I think this is the way forward.. I see youtube instructions on building capacitors in plastic paint buckets .. I think I will explore this further
Viodi 3 months ago
Your comment reminds me of the kid in my 9th-grade electronics class who charged a capacitor and threw it someone and commanding them to catch it. Fortunately, that was only a minor zap compared to a supercapacitor.
Edgar Kaufmann
Edgar Kaufmann 3 months ago
It seems you can make easy fake business in such countries.
Edgar Kaufmann
Edgar Kaufmann 3 months ago
+nyctreeman I understand your method: Much lies, much effect.
nyctreeman 3 months ago
It's not a fake business, it's a multi billion dollar business now around the world.
Roger Nevez
Roger Nevez 3 months ago
why tesla has not adopted this revolutionary super capacitor?????
nyctreeman 3 months ago
Capacitors are used in some cars today, but only for restarting the engine. The reason you can't use them as the source of propulsion power (yet) is because they just can't supply the needed power for enough time ... however, there is research on banks of these caps being recharged by other methods built into a car ... but it's all very theoretical at the moment.
Tony again
Tony again 3 months ago
Fast discharge are great for high power laser weapons.
Charlie K
Charlie K 4 months ago
Will a Tesla be able to utilize a super capacitor? Price compared to batteries?
Maharajji NKB
Maharajji NKB 4 months ago
Sure, you can discharge a super mega-cap in 30 seconds, but with currents at a million amps, something is going to melt. That's the trouble with supercaps. Because the capacity is so large, they present virtually a sustained dead short across the power supply during the initial phase of the charging cycle. Perhaps they could engineer a high power, field effect semiconductor circuit to regulate the charging current so that it would not exceed the capacity of the power source.
Des Peach
Des Peach 4 months ago
A very interesting development. For years I've believed that using this format of batteries will become the ultimate answer in successfully harnessing alternative clean electrical energy domestically as well as in motor vehicles. An exiting period lies ahead in the further marketing and development of this breakthrough. Just imagine how much more functional of grid solar systems can and will become.
greg baniak
greg baniak 4 months ago
Can I see a car driven by supercaps?
ms3bani 4 months ago
nope. power density is way too small. capacitors have extremely low esr but terrible power density compared to traditional batteries.
walter hartland
walter hartland 4 months ago
how do u slow down the discharge i cant c it working but sounds good
Cherif Bouzaza
Cherif Bouzaza 4 months ago
Very nice video, I m interested
Morgan Farrell
Morgan Farrell 4 months ago
This really needs to be the future of electric cars. It will always come down to cost. If the cost is cheeper than Li-ion batteries, with all it's benefits, these super capacitors will take over the market. I would love to replace the AGM batteries that I use in my trailer with one of these.
raghava ram
raghava ram 4 months ago
It's available in India
DEVUNK88 4 months ago
Pat Melonzon
Pat Melonzon 5 months ago
Great video!!!
Viodi 5 months ago
Thank you. There is a follow-up interview with him from last month's IDTechEx, which I plan on publishing in January.
Ray Navarre
Ray Navarre 5 months ago
The idea is not new. There is a possibility.
horizon 5 months ago
what is this comany called? can i buy a home battery from them?
Viodi 5 months ago
KiloWatt Labs is the name. They are selling it through distribution and it is more of a business-to-business model, so don't expect to see them at a retailer.
mihindu1967 5 months ago
Hush. . . Hush. . . Today is the age of curved graphene and ultracapacitors. Not in kilowatt hour but in megawatt second, because ultra is higher than super. India is behind in battery technology. Catch up India :) www.skeletontech.com/about ruvid.net/video/video-Q8sMA9O4_QY.html ruvid.net/video/video-KQ2Eo6wl5r0.html ruvid.net/video/video-zWkOFuzkZxo.html
jorge pearl
jorge pearl 5 months ago
is there a super capacitor that keeps at least 50% the charge in the night? 50% would be leaked, or used in the night, solar cells would feed these super capacitors, if so they could be used instead of batteries to power a house
Rich DeFazio
Rich DeFazio 5 months ago
Get some bodyguards! This sounds amazing
Toreshammere Celt
Toreshammere Celt 5 months ago
Well, if they can scale these things for mass distribution, the Saudis are done.
Lauri Wirén
Lauri Wirén 5 months ago
End of "lithium-economy"?
rick dees
rick dees 5 months ago
I'll buy this,,,, tomorrow. When the B.S. stops and the product becomes a reality but not before.
Matt Burns
Matt Burns 4 months ago
I would use this for a off grid 10 x 36 x 34 venomous snake tank I'm putting together from scratch , it's my own design
Viodi 5 months ago
We filmed a follow-up interview at last month's IDTechEx conference last month and it's clear that their storage systems are not being targeted at the consumer and seem to focus on industrial applications, such as grid and telecom applications. Will publish that interview in January. In the meantime, here is an interview with Dr. Peter Harrop, the chairman of IDTechEx who spoke of some of the developments that he finds fascinating viodi.com/2018/11/30/fit-and-forget-many-more-ways-the-world-is-changing-idtechex/.
Shane mike
Shane mike 5 months ago
Can you charge them with solar panels and hook them up to a grid-tie inverter and use the them for the evening? My solar make to much energy during the day but looking to store the power for few hours during the evening before bedtime, they sound better than traditional battery storage. I would love to buy some if this would work
Cvetko Radovic
Cvetko Radovic 5 months ago
Hope he is telling truth. But he is in conflict with big corporations, poor guy. If he sale it to them for peanuts may be on market for ours grandchildren.
DavidFMayerPhD 5 months ago
Sorry, it is no go on this, and here is why: The innumerate among us are at a terrible disadvantage. They simply cannot understand why certain things are the way that they are and other things simply are NOT going to happen. Here is the simplest and best example: Energy storage for automobiles. Look at this simple table: Form energy density in megajoules per kilograms Methane 55.5 Gasoline 46.4 Propane 46.4 Gasoline 46.4 Jet fuel (Kerosene) 42.8 Methanol 19.7 Lithium metal battery 1.8 Lithium-ion battery 0.875 Flywheel 0.5 Supercapacitor 0.36 Nickel-metal hydride battery 0.288 Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy_density This table lays to rest all of the BS claims made by the advocates of new forms of energy storage and shows why hydrocarbons are here to stay. Even if we stop using all fossil fuels and go to a pure solar energy economy, all energy will still be converted into hydrocarbons before being used for vehicles (except for special cases). Note that the "Gee-Whiz" technologies such as flywheels and ultra-capacitors need a ONE HUNDREDFOLD increase in density to be competitive. I omit hydrogen because it is far too bulky for use in ordinary vehicles. Read it again: "ultra-capacitors need a ONE HUNDREDFOLD increase in density to be competitive" There has been no sign of this happening. Come up with a SAFE super-capacitor with 100 times the energy to weight and I will reconsider. I mention safety because, unlike hydrocarbon fuels which need oxygen to release their stored energy, a short circuit in a super-capacitor will result in a colossal explosion. Gasoline does not explode unless vaporized & mixed with air (or other oxygen-containing gas). Contrary to the movies, gasoline results in a fire in less than ONE OUT OF A THOUSAND automobile crashes. Any serious mechanical damage to a super-capacitor (as in a car crash) and KABOOM! Class dismissed.
Evelyn Woodcock
Evelyn Woodcock 5 months ago
In the 1920 // 1930 People in the UK would take there Battery for the radio , to an ironmongery shop to charge, this was seen as a revolution, Nick name the kilner battery as it was made in a glass jar. in the 1940 // 1990 lead acid batterys were the all in thing, Then came the Lithium battery 1990 // 2018 woopy doo. then came Mr Ghani, with the capacitor battery, all these products have limitations, as thay say Dont knock it till you try it.
Jack Heppell
Jack Heppell 5 months ago
SLICK WHEELS 6 months ago
Old news, people being using capacitors in car instead of 🔋...
Rock Snot
Rock Snot 6 months ago
Yeah? Can they stand freezing?
Arnis 6 months ago
How do you discharge it to 0V within a second without setting something on fire? Like load or wires?
Samukelo Shezi
Samukelo Shezi 6 months ago
The two major cellphone tower companies here in South Africa are MTN and Vodacom (mtn.co.za and vodscom.co.za respectively).
Ramesh Malhotra
Ramesh Malhotra 6 months ago
indian PM will welcome you to INDIA
Ramesh Malhotra
Ramesh Malhotra 6 months ago
wow man --what is this battery--its a game changer
Dogwood 6 months ago
The power companies are your enemy. They use demand rates, billing cycles, base fees, etc. to discourage ANY power alternatives. Many of you who are small business owners know that you are charged a tremendous amount for "commercial" use even though kilowatts are kilowatts, no matter who uses them. Capitalism at its best.
Amit Jha
Amit Jha 6 months ago
can it be used in powering electric vehicles?
Theodore Parkin
Theodore Parkin 6 months ago
Very interesting. do you have these available in the US? what is the storage capacity?
Charlie Clemett
Charlie Clemett 6 months ago
This is fantastic, cant wait for them to be released
Babbar Sher
Babbar Sher 6 months ago
Because these capacitors are able to charge and discharge very quickly, they can be used in regenerative btreaking. The energy of breaking can be stored in capacitors, because breaking duration is usually 5 seconds. And then car can use this energy for accilaration which requires high power in short time. So capacitors can be added to bettery powered cars but they cannot replace bettery entirely because capacitors cannot store large quantity of energy for longer duration. So bettery is merathon runner and Capacitors are sprint runners
Brian N/A
Brian N/A 7 months ago
Looking forward to seeing this tested in electric vehicles...
maxfmfdm 7 months ago
it was a great video until he lied horribly about 2000 year life. it doesn't matter if you have a million charge discrage cycles and only discharge once a day if your capacitors go bad in about 20 years. its a great tech but its just beginning to edge out batteries. where the advantages of the super cap bank offer enough to outweigh their (newly reduced) disadvantages. just saying that is still impressive. but no we have to lie about everything. downvoted for shooting his own tech in the foot
fisioserv 7 months ago
when people talk about Challenges, they actually mean very big problems.
rudolf kalola
rudolf kalola 7 months ago
nunya biznez
nunya biznez 7 months ago
I was excited about this as a concept, but then, I saw the dirty indian scam artist.
kurt minges
kurt minges 7 months ago
I'm in,, I can see how this works ,Why didn't I think of that..I want to jump on board!!!!!!!!!!
ano T
ano T 7 months ago
I have been waiting for years its 2018 and still NOTHING
Here Now
Here Now 7 months ago
This was uploaded nearly 2 years ago. So where are they ?
Viodi 7 months ago
You are welcome. I would like to see it working first-hand. One of the many comments in this thread is from someone who has experience with it in Australia. As I have mentioned in an earlier comment, whether it is this company, it seems like the momentum is definitely there for Supercapacitors to have an ever-larger impact on the energy storage market.
Here Now
Here Now 7 months ago
Viodi 7 months ago
Here is a link to a list of their distributors/integrators. Note, they don't seem to have distribution/integration in the U.S. kilowattlabs.com/buy
Rajiv Sethi
Rajiv Sethi 7 months ago
Nice video. Told me something that I never knew. Now the million dollar question. How much for a capacitor that will replace my car battery and how much for a unit that will power a car for at least two hundred miles. Lastly, when will it debut in the market? Please make another video to answer these.
NoVaKane 7 months ago
This video is for investors
prayerpatroller 7 months ago
And for his next invention, the "Flux Capacitor."
Anand Prakash
Anand Prakash 7 months ago
Price place in Indian money
Mark Fischer
Mark Fischer 7 months ago
One problem with capacitors for energy storage is that while the voltage in a storage battery only drops slightly from fully charged to fully discharged, the full discharged voltage of a capacitor is zero. So while more energy may be stored in a given volume or weight than a chemical battery, only a small percentage of it may be usable.
Robert Shrewsbury
Robert Shrewsbury 7 months ago
Thorium yes indeed and Thorium is far more abundant than Uranium! If we had made Thorium reactors for electricity instead of Plutonium they would be a lot safer and generate a lot more energy in a smaller space. Radium painted on a solar cell will also create electricity and another interesting phenomena is that a very small piece of Plutonium or Thorium pressed against a Beryllium (Emerald) crystal will light it up very, very bright and outlast your mortal lifetime. This light will also convert into electricity via a solar cell and charge a battery 24/7
SB 8 months ago
B1 FREQUENCY 8 months ago
Also use the same power source in all Comm Satelites (Nuclear)
Franklin Knisley
Franklin Knisley 8 months ago
With such high high charge cycles and quick charge times, what about "on the fly charging" every 10 miles or so to allow for less weight and size of capacitors of EV's.
Viodi 8 months ago
I think you are onto something. as outlined in these articles www.linkedin.com/pulse/cool-new-e-busses-run-without-battery-gerald-babel-sutter chargedevs.com/newswire/singapore-electric-tram-charges-in-20-seconds/ Thanks
TwstedTV 8 months ago
USA government will not allow this as it will take away money from their pockets & their under the table payouts from the grid. hence the reason why the USA government has been arresting people who collect rain water as well as people who install small home wind turbines. several people in many states specially in the central parts of USA have been fined and jailed for placing solar panels on the roof of the house they own. For some odd reason USA believes and they have been recorded and video taped saying, that they own Space and everything within including the sun, they also said that they own any rain water and if anyone wants to install wind turbine, they cant because the government also owns the air that flows through their state. Dont believe me --- search youtube and see for yourself... its even been on the news. The government in one point when Elon Musk started his venture, the government went after him, but Elons Musks lawer told him to outsource it, hence the reason why many parts of Tesla are mostly outsources to universities which for some odd reason, government doesnt want to be entangled with. And the reason why Space-X, Hyperloop and other divisions hasnt been tackled by the USA government. - USA government thinks they own everything that exist. which in the long run, they will find out the hard way that they dont. - it belongs to mankind as a whole to evolve.
Thousand Wishes
Thousand Wishes 8 months ago
Is this another capacitor scam?
Michael Obermaier
Michael Obermaier 8 months ago
Dreams Dreams Dreams . . . So many Scam videos here at youtube . . .
Michel R. Kuhr
Michel R. Kuhr 8 months ago
Can i buy it or is it just a story?
Viodi 8 months ago
It seems to be available in certain countries, such as Australia, Indonesia, Italy, Pakistan and South Africa. There first use-cases seem to be grid and not vehicles. kilowattlabs.com/buy
regurkilu 8 months ago
Blatant false advertising! This is not a supercap, but a lithium ion battery!
ravishankar 8 months ago
There is no proof. Looks like another scam for tax credit on youtube.
Roberto Eick
Roberto Eick 8 months ago
shitty overal explanation, don't believe all
Eman ASMR 8 months ago
Something fishy about this
md alam
md alam 8 months ago
So where are those batteries. All smoke no fire.
Mishka 8 months ago
China has working super capacitor buses in one city...they charge up every few stops....they could be used for, inner city taxis also..energy density is still a problem for mobile applications....but there is a race for new material solutions for that problem...it's perfect for home systems, grid stabilization, telecoms...in its current state.
Serious Maran
Serious Maran 8 months ago
The big problems are still leakage and getting them into mass production.
Sanjeev Sen
Sanjeev Sen 8 months ago
He just bullshited. Nowhere it's been visible
Richard William Johnson
I would suggest that at best, many of the hurdles he says they have overcome, are actually still aims, and they have not yet overcome them. Some of them I don't think will be possible, but I could be wrong.
Eric Fling
Eric Fling 8 months ago
Lots of BS. Charging a tesla you're already maxing out the power running to your house. And supercharging stations are putting in a huge amount of power. Sure the capacitor can charge in 30 sec but you cannot fill up 100 kWh of power in 30 seconds. Don't forget we still have to convert AC-DC power.
Hubert Clark
Hubert Clark 3 months ago
+Steeve Richard This is the first reply to this artical that makes sense a super cap brought to full charge could discharge to a lesser charged S.C.
Steeve Richard
Steeve Richard 6 months ago
The idea to get around the massive current surge required to charge the super caps in 30 seconds, is to have one or more equivalent super cap banks in your home charging slowly during off-peak hours. This would allow you to charge your car from your capacitor bank very quickly when you need it. However, I don't believe super caps have gotten to the point where you can run a car with them alone. Maybe in a couple of years.
D W 8 months ago
Smells like a SCAM.........
Dark Phoenix
Dark Phoenix 2 months ago
no it's real but supercaps have 5% (10 kwh) of the energy density of Li-ion...however I've heard recent reports that they're up to 50 kwh (Li-ion is 250 kwh/kg) and some even state they're the same as Li-ion but I haven't seen much evidence of this thus far. I don't see why they can't, esp if they use materials like graphene. A high surface area to store charge is the key.
Daniel Roig
Daniel Roig 3 months ago
Agreed. Ultra caps still about 1/10 the energy density as Lithium-Ion. I think they will catch up some time, but just not now.
Roiked 7 months ago
there are already products out there being tested, just search for it on youtube
John Smith
John Smith 8 months ago
www.maxwell.com/products/ultracapacitors/51-volt-module look at this and see if you can guess where "Omar" is buying his old ones from?
John Smith
John Smith 8 months ago
I have 3x Maxwell 50V 178F (2000F in series) ultracapacitor banks. I was going to use them for regen on a 144V EV car. you need a good controller to utilise them. Them can charge/discharge at around 2000A
Pyroman /
Pyroman / 8 months ago
There no way in hell you could charge in 30s unless you were hooked up to a super high voltage cable ...nothing you have in a home or business think 30 kwhs in 30 seconds if you understand even a little about power you would think this guys a wack job ... Just insane if he had a product like he was saying every e.v in the world would be jumping on this if something like possible it would be done years ago caps are always going dump their power fast that what a cap does either that or a 70 kWh cap battery would be the size of a car and that's why it's not catching on
Pyroman /
Pyroman / 8 months ago
Must of over promised in this video cuz you haven't seen it catch on .. also would like to know what the energy density is
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