The Fuel Tank of Tomorrow - A Super Capacitor?

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KiloWatt Labs CEO Omer Ghani explains in the above interview, filmed at the IDTechEX Show!, that his company has overcome these challenges and has begun shipping large-scale, super capacitor-based energy storage solutions for applications such as microgrid, renewable, utility and mobility. He indicates their solution is a cost-competitive replacement for traditional battery approaches,
Read more at: www.viodi.tv/2016/12/09/the-fuel-tank-of-tomorrow-a-super-capacitor/

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Dec 9, 2016

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Viodi 9 months ago
A minority $2.5 investment from NorthWestern Corporation (“NorthWestern’), through its wholly-owned subsidiary, NorthWestern Energy Solutions, Inc., is a major endorsement for KiloWatt Laboratories. NorthWestern Energy serves over 700,000 customers in Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska plus Yellowstone National Park. This is pure speculation, but the KiloWatts Lab solution could be a good way to store energy from NorthWestern's Spion Kop wind farm and, Two Dot wind farm. www.northwesternenergy.com/our-company/media-center/current/news-article/2018/11/01/Kilowatt-Labs-announces-investment-from-NorthWestern-Corporation
Sam Sam
Sam Sam Month ago
May I have your company contact or website.
B5429671 XJ
B5429671 XJ 6 months ago
Hmm, I would invest $5 in them. I know, that's a lot, but I feel like gambling. Is that a majority stake?
w e23-9u2f
w e23-9u2f 6 months ago
ROBERT FRIEND 6 months ago
Great work, I will have a look, especially now that the technology is 2 years mature since your post. Question, why is my 1 farad capacitor charging too slow?
Viodi 6 months ago
The march of progress continues in this area and this development of printing a graphene ink on a glass or flexible plastic substrate could literally change the shape storage. This article doesn't suggest how this would compare on either a price or energy density standpoint to other forms of storage. www.advancedbatteriesresearch.com/articles/16329/multitasking-graphene-ink-printed-into-tiny-flexible-supercapacitors
sevenhornets 5 days ago
No USA distribution outlets. He mentioned CA. But how do we buy here ??
Roxor128 11 days ago
What a load of marketing wank! Just one long stream of clueless hype from yet another idiot who thinks supercapacitors are the solution to everything. Given he's the CEO of a tech company, he's probably been told by his engineers a dozen times that they're not the miracle solution to all things energy storage, but is too thick to understand them or too dishonest to listen. You want a real use for supercapacitors? Buffering demand and generation between the motor and battery of an electric car. Or take your 100kg house battery and add a few kilos of supercapacitors to cushion against startup surges from the fridge, and make the batteries last longer before needing replacement.
rocketred55555 18 days ago
I do not believe it is a super capacitor. More likely a Lithium Titanate cell based. I do not know how you get 96% round trip efficiency with a Super Capacitor given that 50% of the energy you insert (QV) is released as 0.5x CV^2 (When pushing electrons in a charging capacitor, the ones already there push back.) The 50% energy loss is thermal and if you charge hard and fast enough - EM radiation. So it is likely a mis-named/mis-classified battery. It may have a capacitor in it, but it might be a very small portion. Frankly, doesn't matter if it does your job and consistent with the spec performance that you thought you bought..
halim xomer
halim xomer 22 days ago
the price might be high as hell......
Jim Wilson
Jim Wilson 25 days ago
I worked for Mack Trucks and we had a demo electric truck that was powered with super capacitors. That was more than 15 years ago, so it's not a new idea.
Maurice Upton
Maurice Upton 28 days ago
Maxwell batteries...produce these for trucks & starting, they use super caps, but still need a standard LA battery to keep them charged up for long term stability.
Ramesh Malhotra
Ramesh Malhotra Month ago
where can we buy your SUPER CAP
Viodi Month ago
Hi Ramesh, please contact KiloWatts Lab directly at kilowattlabs.com/buy To be clear, Viodi is not affiliated with this company. We just did the interview. Thanks
Lightning Rod
Lightning Rod Month ago
absolute OilKiller, the people that KNOW this will try to take you out. Honestly, do NOT concern Yourself with "range anxiety" do Not concern Yourself with "unstable intermittant power" do NOT concern Yourself with this technology because we have YEARS AND YEARS to squeeze you for every last cent of worth in You. image an infinitely powerful batterie, a real "magic box", truth is You don't have to imagine, it has been here for over a Century, Welcome to the 21stEdition
Brett B
Brett B Month ago
the problem with creating public hysteria is that irrational "solutions" become as easy to sell as candy to a baby. capacitors or batteries are *storage* they do not create energy - at best you hope they store everything you put in until it's needed - and that's a problem because the magnetic fields are not bounded by dielectric materials. perhaps we can use the old plumbing analogy once more: a capacitor or battery is like having a barrel of water which you can empty to turn whatever you like - I will even allow you to set it as high as you like so you increase the pressure... but it is *never never never* going to do as much work as a barrel of gasoline
Roxor128 11 days ago
A lot of the people selling "solutions" also seem to be completely clueless about what different technologies are good for. So much nonsense about supercapacitors replacing batteries! A tonne of hydrocarbons might store a lot of energy, but not a lot of applications actually require that density or come close to extracting all of it, yet there's this constant fuss over the energy density of batteries vs petrol. A typical electric car battery might store enough energy to drive the car 300km, while a 65L tank of petrol gets 500km. Okay. So what? You, the driver, are still going to need a break before the car needs charging or refuelling, and most trips are going to be well under that.
Damnit Bobby
Damnit Bobby Month ago
That will never work.
Jack West
Jack West Month ago
A supercap will not be good storage until they can hold voltage above 250 volts. Series super caps divides ferads per each one added.
ozciva 27 days ago
The should be charged individually while connected in series and discharged as whole while connected in series.
solarstacks Month ago
Super/ Ultra capacitors don't have the capacity. They work great in parallel with a good lithium battery. The new Solid state batteries will be like this. By itself a capacitor is ok but not for long time energy, just short start stop times.
Roxor128 11 days ago
We need a lot more people making these points. Too many of the commentariat just buy into the hype.
Torsten Meyer
Torsten Meyer Month ago
arvioshop.com.au/supercapacitor $4500 for a 48v 3.5kwh unit, 100A 30min charge/discharge rate Looks like its for sale in most countries except USA - kilowattlabs.com/buy
Kandela Brown
Kandela Brown Month ago
It’s been 3 years, where do i buy one?
Torsten Meyer
Torsten Meyer Month ago
Bjorn Dyno
Bjorn Dyno Month ago
What I don't understand: The energy stored in a supercap is proportional to the square of the the voltage, and inversely proportional to the distance between positive and negative poles. But the risk of electrons traveling through the gap between the poles increases proportional to the voltage. Hence, voltage is a limiting factor, but should be maximized because of the energy stored. Why does the speaker talk about a low-voltage supercap then?
Georgia Benedict
This instant charge coupled with lithium would be great for a self supporting looped circuitry.
Georgia Benedict
Aminlv Month ago
man this is awesomeeeee can't wait to see it in big market i hope oil industry just dont kill their biz
Larry Butler
Larry Butler 2 months ago
Do the math, idiots. Recharging 100 KwH cap in 30 seconds would require megawatts at each recharge post! PHYSICS, LOGIC and ARITHMETIC, even inside the EV Reality Distortion Field trumps dreams, magic and bullshit every time! 100 KwH, even if it's 100% efficient, which it's not, is 100 KW for an HOUR = 100 KwH. 100 KW x 60 = 6 million watts for one minute = 100 KwH. 12 million watts for 30 seconds = 100 KwH! Where in hell does he think he's gonna get 12 million watts for half a minute for every car in line? It's simply ILLOGICAL and insane. 12 million watts to a 500 volt battery pack = 12,000,000 divided by 500 = 24,000 AMPS! The cable to the car could be used to hold the car up! Industrial bus bars of really thick solid copper bars don't conduct 24,000 amps! This is truly INSANE..... Well, I gotta go fill up my diesel with #2 fuel oil from the little hose at Circle K. 3 minutes "recharging" runs about 450 miles, but it doesn't matter. There's a Circle K or someone's diesel pumps on every corner.
Martin Griego
Martin Griego 2 months ago
I want one now , wat will it cost
Bill Bird
Bill Bird 2 months ago
Why does the website have so many redirects
Sedonascape 2 months ago
Wonderful technology is still being supressed here in the US, people are kept in the dark.
Trent Smith
Trent Smith 2 months ago
its 2019, why am i just hear about this now?
SamaritanElad Month ago
Been on youtube for many years... Type in FUN WITH SUPERCAPS Also the navy is using them to propel warheads & eliminate caring the blasting powder bags onboard for their cannons (RailGun launchers). Where you been? City electric buses use them for regeneration and initial accelerate (there cool as I love driving them for 12yrs now) & hybrids cars too. Supercaps can store the rapid energy and slowly dump that back into the batteries as batts cannot rapidly charge up or dump fast.
Ken 2 months ago
How can I attend battery trade shows in La...
cammer 2 months ago
sorry, a hundred mile range is not enough. i dont care if it takes 5 seconds to charge. i dont want to deal with the hassle of constantly having to charge my car, especially on a long trip. keep working on this.
David Dubbin
David Dubbin 2 months ago
Conceptually the science makes sense. After all, if the principles of capacitance were fake, then you would not be able to read this on your computer or mobile device. You have thousands of capacitors sitting on your desk at work in the integrate micro circuits the run our every day lives. The challenge is size for the respective amount of usable energy stores. Duty cycles are much greater simply because of the laws of physics. Capacitors can be charged and discharged exponentially more times than any existing battery technology. It is because they charge and discharge so rapidly that they are used in electronics. Capacitors have inherently had the challenge of dissipating their energy stores literally to the open air when stored over time. Perhaps this company has discovered a shielding method to reduce that problem. Look at their proposed applications. Charge the bank while sun is up and the wind blows. Then turn the lights on at night when the sunlight is gone. No concerns with passive discharge as the duty cycle is short enough to not have to worry about it. Hybrid cars is even a better example of shorter duty cycles. I am not a scientist but I do have Electronics Engineering education under my belt. Nickel Cadmium batteries never would not exist if everyone was satisfied with the old Lead Acid form. Lithium Ion batteries would not exist if Ni Cad and Nickel Metal Hydride had been deemed to be the be all and the end all. My point is that need generates research. That creates innovation which in turn results in discovery. I applaud innovators that dare to say that succumbing to the status quo is like rolling over and playing dead. I am not a tree hugger but if anyone thinks that electric cars will be around 100 years from now if we don't solve the environmental problems associated with batteries you are dreaming. Batteries and there resultant waste products are the next big environmental nightmare. I say to Mr Ghani please continue to dream.
richardnanis 3 months ago
No doubt - super caps and super cap batteries are very interesting - but to say they are competitive in energy density and form factor to liion cells is just marketing blah blah! Sorry to say that right away - but it must be said clearly! Maybe this will be an alternative in 10 years. I experimented with supercaps myself and they suck in many ways: they self discharge in a few weeks, they can get hot when charged or discharged with high currents, they are difficult to balance and the cells voltage is low. To discharge them down to zero is nice but the energy delivery at low voltages becomes very low as well - so there is no real practical use when voltage is changing all the time. LiFePO4 is much more stable in voltage and has very good durability, lots of cycles and low danger potential.
Zika Track
Zika Track 4 months ago
Wrong batterires were invented thousands of years ago......dont trust a liar
douglas newton
douglas newton 4 months ago
Artjoms Pugacovs
Artjoms Pugacovs 4 months ago
I own one 16v 500F. I can make discharge tests and stuff if you request. Supercaps are not good storage. But it always starts my Audi A6 2008, even at 7 volts.
Peter Jones
Peter Jones 5 months ago
I know SuperCaps ARE the future but, this guy being interviewed said at exactly 1:20 in, "we charge them slowly because it's the law". WHAT? If this IS the law, was it made to protect fossil fuelled cars or old fashioned batteries? Something stinks here... possibly.
david r
david r 5 months ago
with a solar panel I had that same idea too Capacitor with solar for ev cars
Roxor128 11 days ago
A few solar panels on the bonnet, roof and boot of a car could trickle-charge the battery while parked in the sun. The capacitor would not replace the battery, though. It'll be a buffer between the battery and the motor for handling surges of demand and generation during acceleration and braking.
Jose de la Cuadra
Jose de la Cuadra 5 months ago
For a Tesla Car can this Supercapacitor complement the lithium battery to extend the battery power before the next charge?
Artjoms Pugacovs
Artjoms Pugacovs 4 months ago
Not practically. What it can do is give you bonus power if you have sports tesla. Most importantly caps will extend litium battery lifespan cause caps will deliver the surge power now. Therefore i only start my car with capacitor, battery is just for car computer and alarm etc.
Li Feng
Li Feng 5 months ago
One question how safe they are !
Grant Pedder
Grant Pedder 5 months ago
Yes, they are as safe and stable to use when set up and maintained, if necessary by skilled, qualified technicians as power supplied by any utility co. Like all things electrical, home and industrial, they should be used with care and respect.
Grant Pedder
Grant Pedder 5 months ago
I have seen these Super Caps in action here in the southern suburbs in Cape Town South Africa. Friends of mine at Green Energy SA are installing them in homes. Quick, clean and space efficient installation. They work very well, better than anything I have EVER seen. I will be purchasing a 3.5 KW. Super cap for our sailing yacht and will charge it with 2x 270W solar panels and a wind gen. They do exist, work well and are cost effective. (7KW also available)
Darkages 5 months ago
I will believe it when I see it. How much tax payer money has gone into this?
Dark Phoenix
Dark Phoenix 5 months ago
great discussion, I'm a fan of supercaps also. If they can increase the energy density to lithium-ion, that'll be the end of batteries and it'll become the age of the supercaps and all the benefits it can bring. This man will become a multi-billionaire if he can pull that off because Li-ion batteries are still in very high demand and will increase as we get more electric cars on the road.
Kalyani Aditya
Kalyani Aditya 5 months ago
Its a direct question to Mr. Omer Ghani, CEO of Kilowatt Labs. Cannot we use these super capacitors’ bank in place of LI Battery bank in Electric Vehicles? What are the advantages and disadvantages in using super capacitors bank instead LIB bank? Expecting your clarification at the earliest possible. Tnks. Bye bye.
Srinivas Siddarth
Srinivas Siddarth 5 months ago
is this guy a pakistani?...Hmmmm....!
Nino Walker
Nino Walker 5 months ago
When does it come out and how much does it cost
Viodi 5 months ago
It's available in certain parts of the world and through a Kilowatt Labs dealer. I don't know the cost. Please see the kilowattlabs.com/buy
Daniel Roig
Daniel Roig 5 months ago
Lies, the super-cap technology is not as energy dense as Lithium-Ion yet.
SamaritanElad Month ago
1 million cycles though. Li can't do that!
BigCooter.com 6 months ago
Ultra / Super Caps still lack the ability to hold a charge for a reasonable amount of time, required for many power intensive applications, like automobiles. Best application for these is in a hybrid power pack with lithium cells .. as each compliment each other, one can hold a charge long term, the other can charge/discharge very quickly, etc...
Roxor128 11 days ago
Yeah, I keep making that exact same point. Unfortunately all too many people just listen to the hype.
w4csc 6 months ago
Remember - Prey is always spelled with an "e", not "a"
Roxor128 11 days ago
So that's why gods need prayer so badly! They're parasites feeding off us!
T'airn'KA 6 months ago
Is it filled with capacitance gel? ;-)
Toto Savann
Toto Savann 6 months ago
So this is what Tesla is up to by buying Maxwell Supercapacitor company
Viodi 6 months ago
That purchase seems to be a validation for the technology.
Gerald Koth
Gerald Koth 6 months ago
Our battery folks were working on Super Caps starting in 1985.
Jeff Hagerman
Jeff Hagerman 6 months ago
I think battery's caps and solar will be the future im working on it myself right now on a small scale
Nelson Club
Nelson Club 6 months ago
Responding to comms below re EV's - this guy was talking about stationary use not cars - they are now commercially available for that
Johnny Begood
Johnny Begood 6 months ago
Good luck Omar, we need more people like you!
Bill Coleman
Bill Coleman 6 months ago
I think I'll wait for the flux capacitor.
Tony .w
Tony .w 6 months ago
The danger which he avoided was that you could get electrocuted very quickly..the whole capacitor dumped on your body instantaneously..Not good for the heart or the nervous system....But saying that...I think this is the way forward.. I see youtube instructions on building capacitors in plastic paint buckets .. I think I will explore this further
Viodi 6 months ago
Your comment reminds me of the kid in my 9th-grade electronics class who charged a capacitor and threw it someone and commanding them to catch it. Fortunately, that was only a minor zap compared to a supercapacitor.
Edgar Kaufmann
Edgar Kaufmann 6 months ago
It seems you can make easy fake business in such countries.
Edgar Kaufmann
Edgar Kaufmann 6 months ago
@nyctreeman I understand your method: Much lies, much effect.
nyctreeman 6 months ago
It's not a fake business, it's a multi billion dollar business now around the world.
Roger Nevez
Roger Nevez 6 months ago
why tesla has not adopted this revolutionary super capacitor?????
nyctreeman 6 months ago
Capacitors are used in some cars today, but only for restarting the engine. The reason you can't use them as the source of propulsion power (yet) is because they just can't supply the needed power for enough time ... however, there is research on banks of these caps being recharged by other methods built into a car ... but it's all very theoretical at the moment.
Tony 6 months ago
Fast discharge are great for high power laser weapons.
Charlie K
Charlie K 7 months ago
Will a Tesla be able to utilize a super capacitor? Price compared to batteries?
Des Peach
Des Peach 7 months ago
A very interesting development. For years I've believed that using this format of batteries will become the ultimate answer in successfully harnessing alternative clean electrical energy domestically as well as in motor vehicles. An exiting period lies ahead in the further marketing and development of this breakthrough. Just imagine how much more functional of grid solar systems can and will become.
greg baniak
greg baniak 7 months ago
Can I see a car driven by supercaps?
ms3bani 7 months ago
nope. power density is way too small. capacitors have extremely low esr but terrible power density compared to traditional batteries.
walter hartland
walter hartland 7 months ago
how do u slow down the discharge i cant c it working but sounds good
Cherif Bouzaza
Cherif Bouzaza 7 months ago
Very nice video, I m interested
Morgan Farrell
Morgan Farrell 7 months ago
This really needs to be the future of electric cars. It will always come down to cost. If the cost is cheeper than Li-ion batteries, with all it's benefits, these super capacitors will take over the market. I would love to replace the AGM batteries that I use in my trailer with one of these.
raghava ram
raghava ram 7 months ago
It's available in India
DEVUNK88 7 months ago
Pat Melonzon
Pat Melonzon 7 months ago
Great video!!!
Viodi 7 months ago
Thank you. There is a follow-up interview with him from last month's IDTechEx, which I plan on publishing in January.
Ray Navarre
Ray Navarre 8 months ago
The idea is not new. There is a possibility.
horizon 8 months ago
what is this comany called? can i buy a home battery from them?
Viodi 8 months ago
KiloWatt Labs is the name. They are selling it through distribution and it is more of a business-to-business model, so don't expect to see them at a retailer.
mihindu1967 8 months ago
Hush. . . Hush. . . Today is the age of curved graphene and ultracapacitors. Not in kilowatt hour but in megawatt second, because ultra is higher than super. India is behind in battery technology. Catch up India :) www.skeletontech.com/about ruvid.net/video/video-Q8sMA9O4_QY.html ruvid.net/video/video-KQ2Eo6wl5r0.html ruvid.net/video/video-zWkOFuzkZxo.html
jorge pearl
jorge pearl 8 months ago
is there a super capacitor that keeps at least 50% the charge in the night? 50% would be leaked, or used in the night, solar cells would feed these super capacitors, if so they could be used instead of batteries to power a house
Rich DeFazio
Rich DeFazio 8 months ago
Get some bodyguards! This sounds amazing
Toreshammere Celt
Toreshammere Celt 8 months ago
Well, if they can scale these things for mass distribution, the Saudis are done.
Lauri Wirén
Lauri Wirén 8 months ago
End of "lithium-economy"?
rick dees
rick dees 8 months ago
I'll buy this,,,, tomorrow. When the B.S. stops and the product becomes a reality but not before.
Matt Burns
Matt Burns 7 months ago
I would use this for a off grid 10 x 36 x 34 venomous snake tank I'm putting together from scratch , it's my own design
Viodi 8 months ago
We filmed a follow-up interview at last month's IDTechEx conference last month and it's clear that their storage systems are not being targeted at the consumer and seem to focus on industrial applications, such as grid and telecom applications. Will publish that interview in January. In the meantime, here is an interview with Dr. Peter Harrop, the chairman of IDTechEx who spoke of some of the developments that he finds fascinating viodi.com/2018/11/30/fit-and-forget-many-more-ways-the-world-is-changing-idtechex/.
Shane mike
Shane mike 8 months ago
Can you charge them with solar panels and hook them up to a grid-tie inverter and use the them for the evening? My solar make to much energy during the day but looking to store the power for few hours during the evening before bedtime, they sound better than traditional battery storage. I would love to buy some if this would work
Brett B
Brett B Month ago
in that case I believe you're going to run into a cost difference - more batteries is probably cheaper than one of these exotic capacitors
Cvetko Radovic
Cvetko Radovic 8 months ago
Hope he is telling truth. But he is in conflict with big corporations, poor guy. If he sale it to them for peanuts may be on market for ours grandchildren.
DavidFMayerPhD 8 months ago
Sorry, it is no go on this, and here is why: The innumerate among us are at a terrible disadvantage. They simply cannot understand why certain things are the way that they are and other things simply are NOT going to happen. Here is the simplest and best example: Energy storage for automobiles. Look at this simple table: Form energy density in megajoules per kilograms Methane 55.5 Gasoline 46.4 Propane 46.4 Gasoline 46.4 Jet fuel (Kerosene) 42.8 Methanol 19.7 Lithium metal battery 1.8 Lithium-ion battery 0.875 Flywheel 0.5 Supercapacitor 0.36 Nickel-metal hydride battery 0.288 Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy_density This table lays to rest all of the BS claims made by the advocates of new forms of energy storage and shows why hydrocarbons are here to stay. Even if we stop using all fossil fuels and go to a pure solar energy economy, all energy will still be converted into hydrocarbons before being used for vehicles (except for special cases). Note that the "Gee-Whiz" technologies such as flywheels and ultra-capacitors need a ONE HUNDREDFOLD increase in density to be competitive. I omit hydrogen because it is far too bulky for use in ordinary vehicles. Read it again: "ultra-capacitors need a ONE HUNDREDFOLD increase in density to be competitive" There has been no sign of this happening. Come up with a SAFE super-capacitor with 100 times the energy to weight and I will reconsider. I mention safety because, unlike hydrocarbon fuels which need oxygen to release their stored energy, a short circuit in a super-capacitor will result in a colossal explosion. Gasoline does not explode unless vaporized & mixed with air (or other oxygen-containing gas). Contrary to the movies, gasoline results in a fire in less than ONE OUT OF A THOUSAND automobile crashes. Any serious mechanical damage to a super-capacitor (as in a car crash) and KABOOM! Class dismissed.
Evelyn Woodcock
Evelyn Woodcock 8 months ago
In the 1920 // 1930 People in the UK would take there Battery for the radio , to an ironmongery shop to charge, this was seen as a revolution, Nick name the kilner battery as it was made in a glass jar. in the 1940 // 1990 lead acid batterys were the all in thing, Then came the Lithium battery 1990 // 2018 woopy doo. then came Mr Ghani, with the capacitor battery, all these products have limitations, as thay say Dont knock it till you try it.
Jack Heppell
Jack Heppell 8 months ago
SLICK WHEELS 9 months ago
Old news, people being using capacitors in car instead of 🔋...
Rock Snot
Rock Snot 9 months ago
Yeah? Can they stand freezing?
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