The Footage Michael Jordan Wants Us To Forget About

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"What y'all think I had this camp just so y'all can beat me?"
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Comments 100
snood l
snood l Hour ago
This video is so sarcastic I love it
Sub 2 TreesAllDay420
Jerry stackhouse beat him
Contraband KIX Est. 2019
Lmfao the narration is hilarious
Lil Uzi
Lil Uzi 11 hours ago
Kobe would had won that 1v1
Bm Slither,balloon to 5,and more
on most of those layups MJ could of reached up and got it.
Karla Lisen
Karla Lisen 13 hours ago
Jordan can easily dunk the ball hahaha
Szabo Lewi
Szabo Lewi 16 hours ago
Ive never heard as much bullshit in a video like this😂 smh
siahtheclown 16 hours ago
Bro I love the way this nigga begins his videos😂
Sunu 16 hours ago
The next day *Michael Jordan bangs on Rogers door at 6am* Michael Jordan: I want a rematch! 😡
QuickSilverV18 17 hours ago
Men I just love the beat in the background
Angel G
Angel G 18 hours ago
Is he on 2k
Gonzalo Osuna
Gonzalo Osuna 18 hours ago
Secretly Ethan
Secretly Ethan 19 hours ago
At the end of the day he can’t win 6 titles in less than 8 years
Abraham Jacob
Abraham Jacob 20 hours ago
You are fit to right scripts for Indian Masala movies
Dylan A
Dylan A Day ago
Thats ur goat? Lebron wouldn't have lost ;)
BryanWithAi Day ago
we all know Michael won
Marcos Escobar
This niggas gonna die smiling thinking about beating Jordan lmao
The Real Danny Mullen
"John "Talk to me Nice" Rodgers" that line killed me. Bahahaha. I swear he should get a unlockable player in a game, just for that nickname. MJ is the GOAT, and took this in stride. Just some regular dudes. Although, I'd really like to know Johns whole story, because being a mega successful CEO is something many college athletes never achieve.
Athena the superstar.
Karl Malone at it again. Good one mail man. Lol 😂😂😂😂
Nick -
Nick - Day ago
I totally forgot about this
EliteWolfTv Day ago
He beat a retired nba player who wasn’t even trying. He was just throwing up 3’s not even driving for the easy points
Ajmal N
Ajmal N Day ago
U just made this video to talk for 10 minutes and make some money off of it!
russ wst44
russ wst44 2 days ago
Kobe beat him 1 on 1
CallMePyk 2 days ago
Wait, if John bet the GOAT then who’s the GOAT now?
Dinero Hitman
Dinero Hitman 2 days ago
Jordan let that man do that lol yall some fools lol
Noah Linv
Noah Linv 2 days ago
Lol so he beat MJ to 3
Jeremy Stear
Jeremy Stear 2 days ago
Something tells me at some point Michael made him play him 1-1 again
Jezuz Gomez
Jezuz Gomez 2 days ago
Tht bum would never do tht to LeBron hell no mj ain't no 🐐
Vincent Seno
Vincent Seno 3 days ago
#1 Jokic Fan
#1 Jokic Fan 4 days ago
Proof that Wilt is the GOAT
Massimo Ciccarelli
Oh no mj famous last word
kbshowtyme 4 days ago
I wonder how much these guys paid to play with Mike?
Frank Daniels
Frank Daniels 4 days ago
Kareem doesn't get enough respect offense defense people changing shots because of his d
Roderick L
Roderick L 4 days ago
Teddi Mayo
Teddi Mayo 5 days ago
I know Jordan was kinda chilling on defense but, LMAO at all the Jordan groupies who just have to comment that he let the guy win...Jordan has never let anyone win, ever. He's the kind of guy who blocks little kids shots.
Harry White
Harry White 6 days ago
Classic instance of underestimating your opponent.
Grade A Pedigree
Grade A Pedigree 6 days ago
This is so irrelevant
miasmamuzic 7 days ago
Jordan leaving the gym: media1.giphy.com/media/3o6Mbt7Fd7f6DeL4CQ/giphy.gif
Alexander Resendez
Bro he gave him day game when he said ones.
anthony Whitlock
anthony Whitlock 7 days ago
Man are you serious? Jordan wasnt playing this guy at full comp level. Fake news lol
Mustard 7
Mustard 7 7 days ago
Electi 8 days ago
Delete that footage
Shawn Hawthorne
Shawn Hawthorne 8 days ago
This mite be one of the best narrated video on RUvid
Anthony 9 days ago
I wonder how much extra he paid Jordan to let him win? 🤔
jerry Vounas
jerry Vounas 9 days ago
I was there. I was the ball
Keegan_ Buffalo
Keegan_ Buffalo 9 days ago
He is coaching them he says it’s a camp at 3:48 ,if you guys play ball most coaches talk like this so why you trying to drag his name down and so what if someone beats him In a 1v1 he’s not in his prime o yeah watch the part he cut out ruvid.net/video/video-5B7U74Dg04k.html
Keegan_ Buffalo
Keegan_ Buffalo 9 days ago
Let the man retire damm
Mark McGowan
Mark McGowan 9 days ago
I’m sure that guy paid some dough for that win.
Wayne Nort
Wayne Nort 9 days ago
lol this is funny... The narrator is trying so hard to make it sound dramatic while MJ is simply putting on a show with non series humorous trash talk while in relaxed stance not really defending or to make baskets. (eg, MJ resting hands on his knees, a casual swipe at the ball to sort of imitate a shot block and extremely relaxed non serious shooting). Didn't you say they were mates in business... MJ would have geared it for John Rogers to win, even by lowering the points to singles. It makes for an exiting show.
Charlie Chung
Charlie Chung 10 days ago
Man, I don't usually comment on videos but I gotta say dude, I love your videos. The editing, the context you add and the music along with it? You make really engaging videos man. Keep it up cause you're killing it! Also, your instagram link is cut off in some of the descriptions.
Roel Santos Jr
Roel Santos Jr 10 days ago
3rd time he retired, right? Unless you don’t count the 93 retirement
Cullen Shanahan
Cullen Shanahan 10 days ago
Best commentary ever
Alexis Hans
Alexis Hans 11 days ago
this is indian soap opera. minus the indian
Logan Speer
Logan Speer 11 days ago
Evan Morris
Evan Morris 11 days ago
I will say one thing. That must have been the quickest pump fake ever, cause even I didn't see it.
nb off
nb off 12 days ago
ding174 12 days ago
He let him win.
Steve Jones
Steve Jones 12 days ago
let's make this into a 30 for 30 short! "The day Michael Jordan lost."
Chaplin 12 days ago
MJ's lucky this guy wasn't in the eastern conference in the 90s.
agapee77 13 days ago
It's obvious that Jordan let this guy win...
Eazy me
Eazy me 13 days ago
im disliking because that title you make mme sad
Eazy me
Eazy me 13 days ago
and my friend got invited to Princeton and we are from the west coast washington state!
Duc Luc
Duc Luc 13 days ago
Bruh this video is too funny
Jap Goonz
Jap Goonz 13 days ago
MJ was happy to let the man win😂😂
ShowDonkeys 13 days ago
And 1!
Satya vachan
Satya vachan 14 days ago
There's no point discussing ...this... everyone know Michael Jordan is very competitive..when it comes to basketball..so it's his nature..that will die with him...I respect that..!!
Fonzo Afre
Fonzo Afre 14 days ago
Hilarious 😂
Ray Grenade
Ray Grenade 14 days ago
whos john rogers again?
MrXelium 15 days ago
hahah fuck this commentary was hilarious. Had a good time.
mrg jaik
mrg jaik 15 days ago
Come on man , Jordan wasn't even trying we're not blind !
jkx22 16 days ago
The guy who won was probably paying big money for the camp, soooo.... And that's Mike Fratello at the end saying they're going to replace Jordan's picture but I guess everybody knows that by now.
James Palaphocks
James Palaphocks 17 days ago
whats the big deal? lol
J 336
J 336 17 days ago
After death what happens? AfterDeathTruth.blogspot.com/
carlos mascorro
carlos mascorro 17 days ago
This video is crap jorden could have destroyed him if he wanted to
Alan Gerosky
Alan Gerosky 18 days ago
Wow... lol
Laurence Sinsay
Laurence Sinsay 19 days ago
The pump fake's too good , I got motion sickness watching the vid.
3 super boys
3 super boys 20 days ago
Commentary was hilarious I had to watch until the end just for laughs!!
travis boom
travis boom 20 days ago
what anime is this?
Terry Scott
Terry Scott 20 days ago
Junior diaz
Junior diaz 21 day ago
I bet that dude got all the pussy in the office the next day
unclebob5 21 day ago
2:27 Hrrrmmm.. so MJ only retired twice from the NBA?
G 21 day ago
3 times
ras nas
ras nas 21 day ago
Not trying to be that guy but Jordan can jump way higher and could have easily blocked his shots and he could have easily just slammed down on John
Dug Nice
Dug Nice 21 day ago
I never heard this great story before. Thanks for sharing it.
Francis Smithers
Francis Smithers 22 days ago
Mj let his buddy win,no way dude beat the 🐐,unless Michael let him... They are friends...
Tavares C.
Tavares C. 23 days ago
Kobe lost a 1v1 to Beyoncé’s dad🤷🏾‍♂️
Tavares C.
Tavares C. Day ago
OgKacey yeah 😂
OgKacey Day ago
SeekJesusJohn316 23 days ago
Jordan wasn't wearing his 11's, so he wasn't trying that hard 👍🏼
Michael Contreras
Michael Contreras 23 days ago
Jordan was a great baller but he’s not the GOAT. Lebron is way better
muntu 23 days ago
This video is too long. Get the fuck on with it already.
Leo Smart
Leo Smart 23 days ago
Love this!
Dustin Albers
Dustin Albers 23 days ago
hes being nice
Sam Monroe
Sam Monroe 23 days ago
Cool vid
Joseph Porter
Joseph Porter 23 days ago
That crowd was dead idk what you're talking about
Jabari White
Jabari White 24 days ago
Lol u made that interesting
Dom Dukes
Dom Dukes 24 days ago
The problem with Michael Jordan is his character. He’s a complete scumbag. He treats people like garbage. Screw Jordan.
Brandon diesel
Brandon diesel 24 days ago
Don't let this distract you from the fact that Lebron had to make a documentary about himself calling himself the Goat.... What a chode
Mica 28
Mica 28 25 days ago
You make it sound like John is a god... he isn’t! It’s just one game!!! He wasn’t even ready for it. Everyone was so easy he didn’t even have to try. When this guy came he had to actually try
Mark Bernabe
Mark Bernabe 25 days ago
michaels just having a goodtime
bostero y boliviano
Rap Life
Rap Life 25 days ago
Jordan could have easily dunked every shot
Ayema Damashol
Ayema Damashol 26 days ago
Fake News!
Jon icey
Jon icey 26 days ago
"Dont be mad at me im just to good for you" pfft evidently not the GOAT when it comes to trash talkin.....if only dude woulda came back with "i know you are but what am i" when he burnt that mf with that head fake.... Crowd woulda left....
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