The Footage Michael Jordan Wants Us To Forget About

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"What y'all think I had this camp just so y'all can beat me?"
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16 янв 2019




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MAKE a MOVE 4 часа назад
Oh..oo its the CEO's turn. Before their 1 on 1 game, MJ already played and several games with those guys seating. So little fatigue on jordan. And also. He had to give the game to the boss. Hahahaha. Besides jordan just shooting from three. ( sigh)
Drat 567
Drat 567 8 часов назад
Jordan i think could have beat him no drought but congrats John
Matthew Lumsden
Matthew Lumsden 9 часов назад
what about when lavar ball beat him
Al Cortez
Al Cortez 15 часов назад
I don't see Jordan trying hard to win.. if he really serious we would have make a drive. And that man would not be able to block him.
sly star
sly star 15 часов назад
Yo yo yo just 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅whole video well narrated
Nicholas Addington
Nicholas Addington 18 часов назад
I know Mike personally. He loses sleep over this game.
Coochie Mane
Coochie Mane День назад
Michael Jordan is still the best Basketball player in history and he is better than the other guy
Employing Tiera
Employing Tiera День назад
He’s not the GOAT.......
Teddy Roybal
Teddy Roybal День назад
This is awesome. This guy just became a legend.
Megajal 1
Megajal 1 День назад
Finds the footage Michael Jordan doesn’t want anyone to see Uploads it to RUvid
Odd Questions
Odd Questions День назад
Michael was not tryin 😭
King Thomas lll
King Thomas lll День назад
This like being a 90 win% pure shot creator playing against an amateur 10 win % slasher and losing all because you forget to stay humble
OG Kellz
OG Kellz День назад
Thought you said Jordan was trying 😭 he literally let dude win. All Jordan had to do was drive or dribble a little . He shot in the guy face everytime
Damian Englert
Damian Englert День назад
You must be retarded to think that MJ played those seriously.
Jeston Gregorio
Jeston Gregorio День назад
If he was serious on this mj would have post up him a lot lol
Atiqul Islam
Atiqul Islam 2 дня назад
Better than playing in NBA
Pk 3 дня назад
He wouldn’t beat lebron 🙊
Ben Barnes
Ben Barnes 3 дня назад
Yea mike totally couldn’t have gone by and dunked on him 3 times if he wanted lmfao
Twitch IcyWavee
Twitch IcyWavee 4 дня назад
this video hella clickbait Michael obviously wasnt trying plus you just got done saying how he was good at basketball you act like jordan got shit on by some nerd who never played before. The trash talking was obviously fake considering they used to be friends
Swiftv R3LoaDz
Swiftv R3LoaDz 4 дня назад
6 Rings. The end. 😂🤷🏻‍♂️
William Hendrix
William Hendrix 4 дня назад
Jordan wasn't even playing D hahahahaha
William Hendrix
William Hendrix 4 дня назад
3 i could be many pros to 3 lol 11 by one's or to 21 only real test
William Hendrix
William Hendrix 4 дня назад
Oh an old Jordan hmmmmmm he was done with wizard's lol
William Hendrix
William Hendrix 4 дня назад
Labron paid for videos where he got dunked on by a child
Dalmatinac3 4 дня назад
MJ didnt even play defense lol.
Jim Peterson
Jim Peterson 5 дней назад
I beat Slick Watts in one on one many years ago! True story!
Damian Mrz
Damian Mrz 5 дней назад
He also said that he lost 1v1 to his brother Larry Jordan
Walter Oliva-Gonzalez
Walter Oliva-Gonzalez 5 дней назад
Jordan couldn’t even handle this guy let alone Lebron who is 6’8 270 lbs. 😂
Jakeem 5 дней назад
"oh no" lmao he sounded so doomed
Andree Christian Eno
Andree Christian Eno 5 дней назад
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the guy probably think MJ was serious. 🤣🤣🤣
WoLF 4 дня назад
Oh yea he was
Tony Son
Tony Son 5 дней назад
Tony Son
Tony Son 5 дней назад
Tony Son
Tony Son 5 дней назад
if i score ONE point on MJ i want a fuckin statue
Tony Son
Tony Son 5 дней назад
IS THIS YOUR GOAT????????????? lol jk jk jk
Tyler Viette
Tyler Viette 5 дней назад
"The man they labled GOAT because they didnt like the sound of Wilt Chamberlain anymore." ESPN 30 for 30
PoohCasanova C.F.N
PoohCasanova C.F.N 5 дней назад
Great video!
Mariano Adame
Mariano Adame 6 дней назад
So funny
Dane Ibsen
Dane Ibsen 6 дней назад
Iron Arm
Iron Arm 6 дней назад
Yeah, but he didn't REALLY beat him. He wasn't even trying.
1069 subs with no video challenge
1069 subs with no video challenge 6 дней назад
I feel like this is a bit over dramatic but still lol
Fuckoff 6 дней назад
1069 subs with no video challenge lmao yea true. Still a good video
G Gonzalo
G Gonzalo 6 дней назад
This was great..
Ozony Elsevif
Ozony Elsevif 6 дней назад
Lmao you consider this Jordan "trying" you sir are a joke lmao
zoilo san diego jr
zoilo san diego jr 6 дней назад
9:50 lol
jed lab
jed lab 6 дней назад
In your face Jordan
AJ covers
AJ covers 7 дней назад
Jordan shot 3 consecutives. That shouldve been enough. He didnt even drive.
coz mizer
coz mizer 7 дней назад
good john gusto muyan? 🤣🤣🤣
Clash Smchitcle
Clash Smchitcle 7 дней назад
Yall forgot about lavar ball
C Col
C Col 7 дней назад
Nike need to give him a retro forreal.
Tony de Leeuw
Tony de Leeuw 7 дней назад
Drama queen video the decade comp, here is your latest entry. Narrator clearly lost sense of all reality in his wording. It's a corporate event where they pay Jordan to play games to 3 points(I think), how could it ever matter what happened in one of those. I mean dude actually used the phrase "one of the rarest occurrences in recorded history" at some point in reference to Jordan missing 2 shots in a row. In recorded history bro, drama much? You know there is actually a fairly large amount of recorded history right? Also calls a fairly standard layup "one of the most historic displays of basketball", stop it right now young man! I feel like dude needs to be put on time out for that kind of talk. This video strikes as extremely desperate for attention, as it should be, being that the content is almost completely without any significance. Very silly stuff
Chris Gibson
Chris Gibson 7 дней назад
Yooo this video is great man I love it I subbed too, but for fucks sake could you please link me to that music in the first half of the video?🔥🔥shit was fire
ZneR_25 7 дней назад
Tha “oh no” should be in memes lol
Corey Langham
Corey Langham 7 дней назад
This was staged by the way
Jude Tech Jude
Jude Tech Jude 7 дней назад
he did not win Jordan said three where only wroth one so he won
Brian Thicc
Brian Thicc 7 дней назад
Good channel just wished you didnt stretch clips that hard
Matrix 25
Matrix 25 7 дней назад
тнαт ιѕ ʝυѕт σиє gαмє
Jerry Zhu
Jerry Zhu 7 дней назад
Losing is expected maybe he wasn’t feeling him self that day
Derek Leake
Derek Leake 7 дней назад
Lol he was trying but didn’t even dribble once 100 percent effort
Mr. Pump
Mr. Pump 7 дней назад
As if it isn’t impressive enough... he’s white
Nick Pizzuto
Nick Pizzuto 7 дней назад
LeBron's the Goat just so you know
Balo Drown
Balo Drown 8 дней назад
Dude this could have been 1 min fuck you
Capo Papi
Capo Papi 8 дней назад
Real good commentary👍🏼
visho89 8 дней назад
Clickbait video. If you're so good at analyzing and pointing out Michael's mistakes in basketball, you'd already beat him and be a hall of famer. The guy--MJ played against the best in the sport and beat them, and here you are making clickbait videos.
sicaxav 8 дней назад
Lebron who? Kobe who? Fuck them, John fucking Rogers is the GOAT
Bratty Neet
Bratty Neet 8 дней назад
So MJ lost. Big deal. He's still 6-0 and the best to ever play the bball.
Ligmeh Twitch
Ligmeh Twitch 8 дней назад
Whats the intro music called?
SDJ Boyz
SDJ Boyz 8 дней назад
My man analyzing a 1 on 1 that was for fun like it’s a nba final
thegoodcoffee 8 дней назад
*Tbh. I thought this was about Space Jam*
Laves 22
Laves 22 8 дней назад
Who cares...
Charles Evans
Charles Evans 8 дней назад
Jordan was obviously tired and John did the smart thing by taking the ball in while Jordan was tired. I’m sure John wasn’t the only one to beat Mike.
Tru Gambit
Tru Gambit 9 дней назад
Tru Gambit
Tru Gambit 9 дней назад
Convince this channel is for bronsexuals!! Change my mind?!?
Mark James
Mark James 9 дней назад
man if your buying into this video your just as a bigger loser is as the guy who posted it... no way jordan took this serious if you ever seen MJ play defense then you would know he didnt even attempt to get a body on the guy.. the guy did good but no way jordan played like he was in the NBA
Knavish 9 дней назад
This video is fucking garbage. Shouldve just replayed it because uour commentary is annoying as hell
Bonham House
Bonham House 9 дней назад
How much do you have to pay to get Jordan to do this?
Bonham House
Bonham House 9 дней назад
Silly. Why?
lutherah 9 дней назад
He's the first, with Lavar Ball after him
Michael Graham
Michael Graham 9 дней назад
What’s the name of the song with the sax in it in the beginning of the video?
Ricardo rosales
Ricardo rosales 9 дней назад
bro Jordan aint even trying
Aleister Midnight
Aleister Midnight 9 дней назад
Theres another time Jordan wished had never happened. He was beaten by a guy by the name Ken Criswell or Chriswell (not sure of spelling?) and beaten badly! What's even crazier is the guy was white...lol. I want to say the guy was from Kentucky. we all know how good Kentucky is when it comes to basketball. I used to be a Cats fan but I moved on... This guy not only beat him but he beat Jordan while he was in his prime! I've searched forever trying to find a video but no luck. video cams weren't as plentiful then as they are now. Still though I KNOW theres got to be a video out there somewhere because it was at a special event kinda like this. Somebody had to have had a camera set up because Jordan was going to be there. I'm convinced theres a tape out there someplace and will eventually mk it's way to RUvid....HOPEFULLY!!! I for one would love to see it. lol. Beari5ng Jordan when hes retired is one thing but bearing him in his prime is something totally different! lol.
Dean Solistino
Dean Solistino 9 дней назад
He kinda let em win. Just alil.
matt highkey
matt highkey 9 дней назад
“The goat that never was” ESPN 30 For 30
Only Ryno
Only Ryno 9 дней назад
not everyone is perfect
Alek619 9 дней назад
The trash talk from MJ its just crazy. 🤣🤣🤣
EllaradoD Francis
EllaradoD Francis 10 дней назад
Whoooohoooo lmao
clyde keene yap
clyde keene yap 10 дней назад
5:23 You're welcome. 1 like
clevelandcbi 10 дней назад
Some of them just wanted a raise $$$$
7Sin0City2 10 дней назад
BITCH, he pay's Jordan. He's going to let check's writer win pendejo.
Brick Houuuse
Brick Houuuse 10 дней назад
You all a doofy if you really believe this commentator. 😂 roflmao
Sofia Cambridge
Sofia Cambridge 10 дней назад
Jordan still the Goat 💪❤️
Jay Navarro
Jay Navarro 10 дней назад
Cool video but Damn that was ridiculous and annoying to listen to
dalton slavens
dalton slavens 10 дней назад
"He gives Michael one of the quickest pump fakes in the history of the universe"!?!? HAHAHAHAHA
XarTonEz Eshanh3d
XarTonEz Eshanh3d 10 дней назад
I've saw the micheal jordan 1v1 it was him vs kobe Bryant fan
Lee Givhan
Lee Givhan 10 дней назад
The commentary had me in stitches
Just2Dicks 10 дней назад
TO BE FAIR if they were in an actual game with Michaels career on the line. MJ would have absolutely crushed him
Reaction 60
Reaction 60 10 дней назад
And the Oscar for Most Overdramatic Narration in a Home Video goes to...
N ot Me
N ot Me 11 дней назад
Sounds like he's had fun. Stop making it bigger then what it is
Rapheal Wood
Rapheal Wood 9 дней назад
This was a 1 on 1 scrimmage game, Jordan barely did any of his trash talking he was known for. Look how he sat and waited for him to shoot no arms up. Dude seems like a great ballar in his day, but lets be honest he won with two shoots. Jordan gave him a life line out if respect.
Dеmid Hordenko
Dеmid Hordenko 9 дней назад
you don't know what mentality MJ had when competing. that dude does not believe in having fun
travelmonkey1112 11 дней назад
Jordan didn't even play defense. A fake swap and a no jump. The third shot he did but the guy got lucky. I guess you can make things up to get views.
n_y_p_e 11 дней назад
I was thoroughly entertained by this XD
RoBo Roket
RoBo Roket 11 дней назад
John paid for the win hahaha
Darkdong M8
Darkdong M8 11 дней назад
BREAKING:lebron and John Rogers having dinner right now
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