The First Guy To Ever Write Fiction

Ryan George
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Here's a thing that I imagined happened and now we can all pretend like it did!
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Apr 9, 2019




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Comments 100
Ryan George
Ryan George Year ago
Here's some "Snap The Bad Guy's Neck" merch, you heroes: ryangeorge.threadless.com/designs/snap-the-bad-guys-neck-and-save-the-day
Carlo Munoz
Carlo Munoz 12 days ago
I've literally never bought anything from RUvid, but man I want this so bad
ACardboardBox Month ago
So then he did a backflip snapped the bad guys neck and plugged his merch
AdeChandra Hasibuan
I hope I live in America and could buy the merchs ;''(
Pillow Fred
Pillow Fred Month ago
Who will be the first to buy the merch?
Matthew Brent
Matthew Brent Month ago
All those necks that were snapped 😂😂😂
Nathan Furlong
Eat your cereal you must
Matthew Finis
Matthew Finis 7 hours ago
Oh so this was before the bible?
Anthony Haven
Anthony Haven 9 hours ago
BlueAnimated 11 hours ago
Shumyla Gardezi
Shumyla Gardezi 16 hours ago
Oh my God I want more of these
Sean McDonald
Sean McDonald 18 hours ago
Okay . . . .that was actually my reaction to hearing about The Avengers . . . . .
floricel_112 21 hour ago
You can actually see their minds being blown
goes Kate
goes Kate Day ago
Why do all of the stories end with “He did a backflip, snapped the bad guy’s neck and saved the day”
goes Kate
goes Kate 21 hour ago
Tristan Foxall no the point of the video is about the first guy to ever write fiction
Tristan Foxall
Tristan Foxall 22 hours ago
That's the point of the video R/woooosh
SuperSmashBrosKid I Like Smash
This whole video is a lie story
Calvin & Hobbies
I lie all the time like, *I like your glasses*
藍染 惣右介Aizen Sousuke
*...And that Shaggy did a back flip snapped the bad guy's neck and save the day*
Tzap Day ago
Thor, Doctor Strange, Ant Man, Maybe the dog is rocket?, I think the ghost might be Vision even though He's dead in endgame, Super man?
porteropedro Day ago
"There was a guy that, uh, could shrink." And thus, Ant Man was born.
Mia Sabathy白彌兒
if anyone hasn't watched the Invention of Lying by Ricky Gervais, GO GO GO
Rhonda Fizzleflint
So, do we see here how screenwriter guy and studio executive guy first met?
Kvothe The Bloodless
“..but dogs can’t talk” Aesop: “I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that”
Craftmastr C-223
Craftmastr C-223 2 days ago
Pitch Meeting Prequel
Muhammad Rafay Thaheem
That moment when your house burned down because you were busy listening to a guy speaking lies
Muhammad Rafay Thaheem
Hey shut up this guy is telling lies! ... Whaaat? 1:57 🤣🤣🤣
Jack Wagon
Jack Wagon 2 days ago
& snapped the guys neck & saved the day
Eviatar Etzion
Eviatar Etzion 2 days ago
1:55 I love how he ask for water beause is house on fire
KomodoJoe 2 days ago
You have earned my subscription you absolute madlad
Ummm Spiderman
Ummm Spiderman 2 days ago
There once was a guy named Evan who could run at the speed of light. One day he saw his mother going to work so he followed. Once he got there he did a backflip, snapped the bad guy's neck, and saved the day!
Mike Roberts
Mike Roberts 2 days ago
Pretty sure this was the plot to a movie.
Julian Bear
Julian Bear 3 days ago
“Snapped the bad guys neck and saved the day” 😂😂😂, got me every time
ThePanda 3 days ago
Not many people noticed this but when it said 90 minutes later and he said snapped the bad guys neck and saved the day he was talking about man of steel because superman has to snap Zodd’s neck
Sam Lindsay
Sam Lindsay 3 days ago
These always have some sort of awesome ending or plot twist and it make the video 4 times better.
Pooh Bear
Pooh Bear 3 days ago
i thought he said, there once was a boy named harry but then he said there once was a guy named bobby 😂
caitlín forester
came here because i ran out of pitch meetings to watch.
David Caceres
David Caceres 4 days ago
Snap the bad guys neck and save the day
Josef Cardenas
Josef Cardenas 4 days ago
The ending was the same thing but in different story's
CriticA 4 days ago
Nobody: Ryan George: And so the [insert good guy here] did a back-flip, snapped the bad guys neck, and saved the day.
Max Treangen
Max Treangen 4 days ago
waitaaaa second endgame didnt come out till april 29 2019 this is april 9 2019...........................
Max Treangen
Max Treangen 3 days ago
dududud illumanadi
Max Treangen
Max Treangen 3 days ago
@George Villarreal just sayin
George Villarreal
Cristian Herendi
Cristian Herendi 4 days ago
"so theres this guys who has super powers and he can like punch super and he can fly and" marvle:YOU DARE USE MY SPELLES AGAINST ME, POTTER
Kaykay Abuel
Kaykay Abuel 4 days ago
So there was this guy that shot people Cut:160 minutes later Did a back flip Snapped the bad guys neck and saved the day
Umbrella Corporation
The first fiction stories ever told.
nate van velsor
nate van velsor 4 days ago
So you’ve got an elaborate lie for me?
Dark Hawke
Dark Hawke 4 days ago
Ah, at last! Finally found the vid that explains the "did a backflip, snapped the bad guy's neck and saved the day" line I see in other Ryan George vid comments! My day is saved, even without a backflip and a neck snap!
JR_ Richard
JR_ Richard 4 days ago
Give us more, immediately 😂😂😂😂
raimond white
raimond white 5 days ago
saved the day
Dheatly Cruvig
Dheatly Cruvig 5 days ago
Can someone really tell a story, in a middle of a street to some strangers
George Villarreal
yeah just depend how long of a story you are planning to tell
Emily Beck
Emily Beck 5 days ago
avengers endgame with bobby, the ghost, superman, Rufis the dog and AntMan.
Curtis Lowe
Curtis Lowe 6 days ago
Shame on you! Poking fun at movieholics. 😂😂😂
Omar Nasib
Omar Nasib 6 days ago
still fresh after 1 year. this should be the avengers-endgame trailer XD
THEIsaacPigg27 _
THEIsaacPigg27 _ 6 days ago
Reminds me of The Invention of Lying
Ryuzaki 6 days ago
There is a man who can fly and .......Snap the bad guy neck and save the day He got Man of Steel Right
Tonchi 490
Tonchi 490 6 days ago
How did they knew about ghosts if fiction didn’t exist?
Apollohates Hisdayjob
Because many people belive they are non-fiction lol
Pencil Games
Pencil Games 7 days ago
I like the part when “he did a backflip snapped the bad guy’s neck and saved the day”
Jake Fulton
Jake Fulton 7 days ago
3:50 The moment I subscribed. I cried laughing
I didn’t notice he named all the avengers characters without naming the characters, amazing
mike hunt
mike hunt 7 days ago
So... the plot to "The Invention of Lying"?
Dwane Eggson
Dwane Eggson 7 days ago
My HoUsE iS oN fIrE but GiMmE aNoThEr OnE lIkE tHaT
gaming sen
gaming sen 7 days ago
the twist tho "perfection"
HAARG PERSON 7 days ago
these videos sound better in 1.25 speed
Xak Ray
Xak Ray 7 days ago
Wait its all avengers? Always has ben *fires pistol*
Alcadior 7 days ago
That ending was great
IntroMix 8 days ago
And the man who told these elaborate lies did a back flip, Snapped the bad guy's neck, and saved the day.
Elise 8 days ago
The invention of lying (2009)
that one pokemon fan
do not the cat
Pure Facts Central
And then he did a back flip, snapped the bad guy in the neck and saved the day
will matzka vlogs
The Avengers in a nut shell. This made me ded with laughter
Senator Sheev
Senator Sheev 8 days ago
This was how the bible was written without any of the explanation of how fiction works.
Crow ツ
Crow ツ 8 days ago
“I thought one of the dogs said the word raft but he was just burping” I’m dying
Pizza_Tony 9 days ago
Hmmm he should make a video about the first guy to write a fiction
I'm going to get the shirt just to see if anyone understands it.
Def To The J J To The Def
He’s telling the same stories
GALAXY DEER 9 days ago
*says the entire marvel universe*
Prof_ Longbow
Prof_ Longbow 9 days ago
The dude in the black shirt sounds like Sheldon
SuperSonicFan 14
SuperSonicFan 14 9 days ago
This video is funny and interesting and the very believable origin of fiction
All superhero movies in one video
G-Forces 9 days ago
That ending...
Addan 9 days ago
"The First Guy To Ever Make A Book" Listener 1: give us more! Listener 2:i won't be able to get a new house but give us more, yeah! Author: so I can't tell anymore of these I need to go home I'm hungry. Listener 1: BUT WE NEED MORE! Listener 2: MORE! MORE! MORE! Author: ok so I'm gonna write these on a piece of paper then sell it to you guys. Listener 1: and.. are we gonna read it? Listener 2: wow that's so cool! Author: ye I will write in on a piece of paper you guys will give me 25 dollars for it. Listener 1: but we were paying only 15! Listener 2: yea you're scamming us! Author: I will give it to you guys so you guys will be able to read them over and over again whenever you guys want without needing to see me! Listener 1: Woah, that's cool! Listener 2: yea, give us one of these Author: I'm gonna call them books. Listener 1: BOOBS?! Listener 2: oh yeah!! I want some boobs! Author: no not boobs it's books Listener 1:YE I WANT BOOBS Listener 2:YEA GIVE US BOOBS ok, I can't think of anything this is all. why am I doing this this video is 1-year-old lmao.
McFinnaPants 9 days ago
I found a whole subgenre of videos about pretty girls burping into dogs' faces with sexual undertones because of this. It's really gross. Thanks.
MrWhoWasIt 9 days ago
thinking of that was super easy, barely an inconvenience.
dtotino gaming
dtotino gaming 10 days ago
I love how the red hat dude asked for water when he first showed up and then revealed that his house is on fire and that’s why he asked for water lmao
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 10 days ago
And so all might did a Backflip snapped all for one's neck and saved the day
Tanner Judge
Tanner Judge 10 days ago
First guy to write FanFiction
Hannah Ha
Hannah Ha 10 days ago
I read lies all the time
Mikaela Fox
Mikaela Fox 10 days ago
I was gonna say “so that’s where the neck snapping thing” started from, but I can see I’m a year too late. I’ll just laugh at the burping dog instead. That’s just nuts.
AEED Butter
AEED Butter 10 days ago
that wasn't wrtting that was telling but still very entertaining
Milk Plague
Milk Plague 10 days ago
That face he’s making in the thumbnail is gold
Rahul Menon
Rahul Menon 10 days ago
I've been searching for the video that says snapped the bad guy's neck and saved the day for a long time. I saw that quote everywhere but didn't know which video it was from.
Enoc 10 days ago
keep these skits coming I want more
Keeping up with Farida :D
No that’s just lying!
Omg my dog is called Rufus lol
Rylan Moore
Rylan Moore 11 days ago
Has anyone mentioned the fact that they were in the middle of a street for 8 and a half hours?
Rylan Moore
Rylan Moore 11 days ago
"Shut up, this guy's telling lies"
Black Swan
Black Swan 11 days ago
I read the title as "FANfiction" not "Fiction" and I was waiting for one of the other guys to steal one of the stories and twist it. "Oh, but what if THIS happened?" and now suddenly we're in a pitch meeting. XD
chayes 11 days ago
Jesus Christ loves you
JKevz Reyes
JKevz Reyes 11 days ago
aaww.. doing a back flip, snapping the bad guy's neck and saving the day *Is TIGHT!!*
K.Ubaidullah Khan
K.Ubaidullah Khan 11 days ago
For the endgame ending you could have said " snaps his finger and save the day
Hariotheswitch 11 days ago
Pitch Meeting: Origins
abdullah salman
abdullah salman 12 days ago
Tony stark did a back flipped, snapped his fingers and saved the day
Yanic Gröber
Yanic Gröber 9 hours ago
@Nerrrdovania yeah me
Nerrrdovania 9 hours ago
Yanic Gröber someone hasn’t watched endgame
Yanic Gröber
Yanic Gröber 11 hours ago
i think that was thanos lol
Ahmed Walid.06
Wow wow wow.... Wow.
Walter_Bob14 12 days ago
Nobdy: Ryan: “...did a backflip, snapped the bad guy’s neck, and saved the day”
Alpha Trevon
Alpha Trevon 12 days ago
And so Rufus snapped the bad guys necked and saved the day 🤣
Rick Turner
Rick Turner 12 days ago
Anthony Quill
Anthony Quill 12 days ago
I repeatedly choked on my tea
Saloni Singh
Saloni Singh 12 days ago
Rufus is a Naked Mole Rat, not a talking Dog.
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