The First Guy To Ever Swim

Ryan George
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It's summer and I love floating at the top of the drinking stuff.


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Jun 30, 2020




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Comments 100
Dennis Briscoe
Dennis Briscoe 9 hours ago
Those are some seriously specific ideas for future (insert various shapes here) holes full of the drinking stuff in people's yards. Lol I love this guy so much!! He makes my shitty life worth... Continuing to suffer through.
Sirena Spades
Sirena Spades 12 hours ago
Am I the only one who keeps looking in the back for a shark fin? Oh yeah.. there they are.
Yvan Padukov - Willmann
why the subtitles in hebrew?
Philip Prudek
Philip Prudek 15 hours ago
before they invented swimming, if you even touched water you would suddenly die, your body flung away from the "drinking stuff" and the death message you would get is "died to world".
Omar AL-halawany
Omar AL-halawany 22 hours ago
When you realize that we have all been swimming in our mother's womb...
JAY-RON Day ago
I got rick rolled by a chip ad.... by rick Astley......
AJM2 Day ago
I liked Dominic's character arc.
meher ahuja
meher ahuja Day ago
"Drinking Stuff" XD
Aaron Sutcliffe
Aaron Sutcliffe 2 days ago
it tastes like pennies
Mew Tube
Mew Tube 2 days ago
Drinking stuff😏
Jeremiah Owens
Jeremiah Owens 2 days ago
Apparently they made chips before they could learn how to swim
Super Tuber
Super Tuber 2 days ago
lol u so funny
Elizabeth Fujimoto-Maza
sketch?!?!?!?! this is ALL what happened.................................................................................................................
Samantha Loudermilk
thank you for inventing the sport i’ve been doing for 13 years i’d be very bored without swimming
Tim the Enchanter
Well ... that got dark fast. I'm going to miss swimming guy. He seemed nice.
Mrbanana :D
Mrbanana :D 3 days ago
hey, give me the *drinking stuff*
Rajan Parajuli
Rajan Parajuli 4 days ago
Juice box..yeah right
Wishvesh Chaturvedi
Knew Domonic would come back!
Ben Parker
Ben Parker 4 days ago
2:27 Nobody cares about triangle- ₒₕ ₙₒ.
Andy McClurg
Andy McClurg 5 days ago
"Swimming's not a sport, that's just you trying not to die!" -George Carlin, probably
The Lamb Sauce
The Lamb Sauce 5 days ago
*Basically the first person to go on water and float* Everybody: IT’S A WITCH!!
Earnest scribbler
First guy to make a window?
maya zabri
maya zabri 5 days ago
I love your vids
ejjk ejjejej
ejjk ejjejej 5 days ago
God bless everyone
Memes Heaven
Memes Heaven 5 days ago
so thats a drinking stuff
Meredith 6 days ago
when you realise we cant drink the sea. Me: umm *Slurp *
Matthew Mayrand
Matthew Mayrand 6 days ago
This just makes me jealous because I don’t know how to swim
minesome craftsome
he is right what is swimming? I guess it is just waving your arms and legs bout
Radiical 7 days ago
I think you spilled your non existing juice box
Krissy 7 days ago
This guy is definitely a triangle voter 🤣🤣🤣
CX Velocity
CX Velocity 7 days ago
my name is dominic
Umer Siddiqui
Umer Siddiqui 7 days ago
Hair: let's get wet! Moustache: no thanks, am dry :p
Milkyway. com
Milkyway. com 7 days ago
*yEaH iM iN tHe FrIckEn DrInKiNg StUfF*
xxluna rosemaryxx
Podcasts about bread.
Axtol1042 8 days ago
0:26 I like how that’s my brothers name 😅
xXzlightzXxBG 8 days ago
all the drinking stuff: water & juice
Hamza Sheikh
Hamza Sheikh 8 days ago
Plot twist Dominick killed the guy standing in the drinking stuff
Sailesh Mishra
Sailesh Mishra 8 days ago
Charlotte Thomson
“Oh no he went into the drinking stuff” Lmao 😆
I. Invincible
I. Invincible 8 days ago
hmmmm i guess this video was made before real life oceans existed....
You can now play as Luigi
I like how he just says oh no as he dies
Omurtag Krusteff
Omurtag Krusteff 8 days ago
2:29 i'm dying
GANESH C G 9 days ago
3:05 So that's what Ryan looks like from the side.
Mohammad Ilyas Iqbal
U should make a 1st person to ever run
Disphing 9 days ago
"it's refreshing" "well that's what people say about things that are cold"
its dom btw
its dom btw 9 days ago
My names Dominik but my nickname is dom
420 gaming yt
420 gaming yt 9 days ago
They only bad thing about these are that there not historically accurate because we would have known how to swim from evolution or whatever
silver night
silver night 9 days ago
*oh no*
Star motion Studios
good question. how AM I still alive?
muffin 10 days ago
It feels so good to dive in the bath tub then look up and then the showers on and when you come up it feels like a waterfall😁😁😁😁
Nadeera 10
Nadeera 10 10 days ago
I love when he say 'drinking stuff'
Enemy 88
Enemy 88 10 days ago
they're basically cavemen lol
Most Sharks hardly ever really attack humans not because they are scared of us but because we taste really bad, we are really bony
Galaxy_cola 10 days ago
“Hey guy... I think you spilt you juice box or something- oh hey Dominic” 🤣😂🤣🤣😂
ZoeIsHahaha 10 days ago
"Did you go to the bathroom in the drinking stuff?"
SuperQuail 10 days ago
When you have excellent use of English but no word for 'water'
Glitch Gaming
Glitch Gaming 11 days ago
The Drinking Stuff.
BL4CK FL4ME 11 days ago
I wanna go to that beach now
Yt Sordboy5
Yt Sordboy5 11 days ago
Listening with ray con
Giannis Karageorgos
Yasuo's sword gun is actually real
Stitched 11 days ago
Who has a triangular swimming pool in their yard. Better yet, who has ever even seen a triangular swimming pool in general.
Memeicide 57
Memeicide 57 11 days ago
I love drinking stuff.
Santi Strange
Santi Strange 11 days ago
These guys are polite even when dying. Eaten by sharks
•pixie• 11 days ago
“The drinking stuff”
Cyan 11 days ago
what is swimming?
Big Daddy Oak21
Big Daddy Oak21 12 days ago
The first guy to swim was our fish ancestors
Ice Wallow Come
Ice Wallow Come 12 days ago
The past:AHHHHHHH FU** HELP ME IM GONNA DROWN Savior:Quick grab my wooden minecraft boat! Today:DHSUDHAJJSJSIW HELP IM GONNA DROWN Modern man:just get up dumba** thats a kiddie pool Thats how i pictured it
ItzMilkyPlayz 12 days ago
Izuku midoria
Izuku midoria 12 days ago
I love this so much
Poa 12 days ago
Ryan George is “the first person that uploads videos I enjoy”
Nuka -cola
Nuka -cola 12 days ago
I like how they know what pennies, juice boxes, and shapes are, but not pools or the name for the drinking stuff
Jazyzamp 12 days ago
Dominick was alive the whole time Me: they had us at the first half not gonna lie
Ender Elohim
Ender Elohim 12 days ago
i watched it with hebrew subtitle and now i reaise i don't know hebrew
Shriji Kunadia
Shriji Kunadia 13 days ago
Lol drinking stuff is the name
Mikhael Joaquin Deen
And this makes me want to swim
Mikhael Joaquin Deen
It salt water
Mikhael Joaquin Deen
It water
Wolf Fangs Cute Cats
these are so funny
I poop On a toilet
I poop On a toilet 13 days ago
I have the ex-55
I poop On a toilet
I poop On a toilet 13 days ago
I have some raycons and there amazing
Frank Charles
Frank Charles 13 days ago
Shut up about tri- oh no Dominic comes out of water Oh hey dominic
Frank Charles
Frank Charles 13 days ago
Hey I'm watching this with reycon
Kevin Feige
Kevin Feige 13 days ago
I was completely dying at 2:29!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B Mason
B Mason 13 days ago
The refreshing thing really hits deep
LegendaryXPROGYT Salomon
Amazing even though the green screen sucks. Btw I just subed. I like your vids.
Dessie Atkinson
Dessie Atkinson 13 days ago
The first guy to swim was burned and called a witch I think
Victorious Hime a.k.a エリザベスプレイズ
floating in the top layer of the drinking stuff is a thing now, I've decided
MGTOW Stan 14 days ago
Damn that guy spilled his juice
the savage
the savage 14 days ago
Do first person to walk 😂😂
adan perez
adan perez 14 days ago
Why didn’t it call it water
ultra yt
ultra yt 14 days ago
Pls tell me your joking
Jayden Games
Jayden Games 14 days ago
Sharks come to eat in the drinking stuff. 1. Why are sharks there? 2. Triangles curse Mr. SwimminginDrinkingStuff from not letting a triangular pool exist
Charles 14 days ago
Woken in a nutshell
C҉o҉c҉x҉n҉u҉t҉ C҉r҉e҉x҉m҉
“oOh YeAh-“ “Did you go to the bathroom in the dRiNkInG sTuFf”
Darkstardragon 14 days ago
I want "The First Guy To Ever Hack Somebody"
ivy fox rose
ivy fox rose 14 days ago
Ryan: oh hey Ad: honey
Gary_ Shah21
Gary_ Shah21 14 days ago
When I through a pool party I’m gonna call my pool the drinking stuff
Yettus Yeetus
Yettus Yeetus 14 days ago
Filled to the brim bro
Karl Johan
Karl Johan 14 days ago
No one realized that the pennies was blood...
madi lynn
madi lynn 15 days ago
I am now on going to be calling water drinking stuff.
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