The First Guy To Ever Play Tag

Ryan George
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Tag is weird. It's a weird game.


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Jul 7, 2020




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NekoGrace 79
NekoGrace 79 11 hours ago
Thems tha rules.
The Inevitable
The Inevitable 14 hours ago
0:00 to 0:20 FBI OPEN UP!
9nikolai 23 hours ago
A lot of children's outdoor games sounds like something a pedo came up with. Imagine a perverted middle-aged man telling a child about these kinds of games: "You run away, and I try to touch you. Once I've touched you, it's your turn to touch me." "You close your eyes and count to ten, and then I'll go hide and watch you as you try to figure out where I am" "Your friend here will run after us and try to touch us. If your friend touches you, you stand still with your legs spread out until I crawl between your legs." "Let's get half-naked and then you close your eyes and try to touch me. We'll be in a pool to hinder your movement, but don't worry, whenever you shout 'Marco' I'll shout 'Polo' so you know where I am." "This time, how about you hide and a group of us try to find you, and once I find you, I'll hide with you until we're found." etc.
Echo Reality
Echo Reality Day ago
Video idea: First guy to work
Caelan Ireland
i saw the thumbnail first and not the ttitle and i was afraid
Consent to touch someone on the shoulder? Hmm
NINL0X Day ago
Pachi 2 days ago
“I’m not done you didn’t let me finish!” “Well I don’t want that to happen either” Uh
Textbook Boxing
Textbook Boxing 2 days ago
I’ve watched too much themainmanswe I thought he meant Tekken Tag
Mordred X
Mordred X 3 days ago
“Why would I try to touch you!” Ever heard of hide and seek tag before mister?
Tony Lone Fight
Tony Lone Fight 3 days ago
I totally missed "I didn't finish" line! LOL
Stupid comedy Skits
Fun fact hide and seek was invented so kids could learn to hide from predators
yeet_kid64 4 days ago
I always wanted to touch my friends so that they could touch me back and we would make a frickin game out of it :)
Vinny Fentey
Vinny Fentey 4 days ago
HAHAHAHAH this sone has killed me
GhoziAy 5 days ago
This makes tag look weird
Lela Behr
Lela Behr 5 days ago
The deadpan in this guy is intense! XD
Henry Stickmin
Henry Stickmin 5 days ago
First ever guy to be depressed Me
ABCyoudead _
ABCyoudead _ 5 days ago
Thems the rules
cheese grater
cheese grater 6 days ago
i just noticed the sign behind the guy who invented tag says hi there hello
The Proud Nerd
The Proud Nerd 6 days ago
I have an idea for a "The first guy to ever...." Video. "The first guy to ever throw a snowball" I can already hear some of the dialogue now after the snowball has been thrown, Ryan 1: "hey did I do something to upset you?" Ryan 2: "No I just thought taking some snow off the ground and rolling it up into a ball and hitting you with it would be fun." Ryan 1: "That doesn't sound like fun it just sounds like assault to me." Ryan 2: "I thought we could make a game out of this." Ryan 1: "A game where the goal is to assault another person?" Ryan 2: "No where you take as many balls made of snow as possible and try to hit as many people as you can with them." Ryan 1: "Oh my God." Ryan 2: "I have a feeling it would be really popular with kids on snowy days." Ryan 1: "Please don't tell any kids about assaulting people with balls made of snow."
The Proud Nerd
The Proud Nerd 6 days ago
Wow the whole concept of tag sounds really creepy when you hear it explained out loud.
mrillmakeit 6 days ago
"Thems the rules!" 😂😂😂
Jaylen Martinez
Jaylen Martinez 6 days ago
Hahaha it sounds so rong
Leonardo Machado
Leonardo Machado 6 days ago
Animation in cinema: * exists * Walt Disney in 1928: 1:08
J Dawg777
J Dawg777 7 days ago
"Ye- well I'm not done ya didn't let me finish" "I don't want that to happen either" Me:😐...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Troy Sanchez
Troy Sanchez 7 days ago
First guy to play freeze tag Guy 1: HAHA UR IT Guy 2: *Stands still* can u not Guy 1: Wtf Guy 3: Who is it
Macharashvili 7 days ago
he uploads theese on yt?
Keira Meehan
Keira Meehan 7 days ago
this is so dirty 😂😂
Project Redfoot
Project Redfoot 7 days ago
3rd guy lol
gotama420 7 days ago
your funny
LeKnight Studios
LeKnight Studios 8 days ago
Who saw the Ba Ba Ba Guy in the background from another episode?
LeKnight Studios
LeKnight Studios 8 days ago
The first guy to tell a joke
Kiva Harjo
Kiva Harjo 8 days ago
I love this series ❤️ (・∀・)
Thuilray YT
Thuilray YT 8 days ago
“ba ba ba guy. live in concert” who else saw that
Bradtheboss 8 days ago
Muhammed Akinyemi
I don't want IT to touch me!
Unknown Person77
Unknown Person77 8 days ago
This sounds like llamas with hats
Jay Simkhada
Jay Simkhada 8 days ago
So he did a backflip touched his neck and said tag to save the day
Rex The7th
Rex The7th 9 days ago
Pause in 0:27 for Ba Ba guy concert
AGV Tube
AGV Tube 8 days ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Ba Ba Ba Guy LIVE IN CONCERT
Hariotheswitch 9 days ago
The Ba Ba Ba Guy! The Ryan George CU Lives on!
Lucid 9 days ago
First guy to clap: I will smack my self to show I like something...
Nathan Furlong
Nathan Furlong 9 days ago
Eat your cereal
AGV Tube
AGV Tube 8 days ago
I just did
Techo WinMC
Techo WinMC 9 days ago
great content, no adds and original ideas. subscribed
M B 9 days ago
Does anyone else love the way Ryan says “wouldn’t?”
J P 9 days ago
My only question is "where and when can I see ba ba ba guy in concert?" He's fucking tight tight tigh
Zavier Bannerman
Zavier Bannerman 9 days ago
Covid: **ends** Girls: *OMG I CAN SEE MY FRIENDS AGAIN!* Boys: 0:09
Dylan is a Memelord
Touch A Guy
Selena Mendez
Selena Mendez 9 days ago
Touch And Go T.A.G:0 mind blown to me
Tommy Blindkilde
Tommy Blindkilde 9 days ago
this video can be misunderstood
YoboyTrez 9 days ago
He said wait u didn’t let me finish my man said I don’t want that either if u know u know
Arthur morgan69
Arthur morgan69 9 days ago
skyrim children noises
Epic Gamer 305
Epic Gamer 305 10 days ago
Surprised it got ads! (Thumbnail)
Artsy Arts
Artsy Arts 10 days ago
“It me your turn to touch ME” “No”
NeoFox Exodius
NeoFox Exodius 11 days ago
I love how the backgrounds look like their talking in the street
Jordan 23
Jordan 23 11 days ago
I wonder I he actually talks with his eyes wide open. I've never really given it much thought if he did or didn't...
SUPERCHAYANNE007 11 days ago
Nice video
Khushboo Ray
Khushboo Ray 11 days ago
This guy deserves more views, more likes and more subscribers 🙌
TheOfficialTank 11 days ago
Old man across the street: Hey kid lets play a game its called "Tag" im It I'll touchhhhhhhh you and you touchhhhhhh me? Ready? Kid: i wanna go home...
Cup Boiii
Cup Boiii 11 days ago
Yes "The First Guy to Play Tag By Himself"
Goosebumps The Fan Series
Guys.... this is the 100th video by Ryan.
N E W T I N G Z!
N E W T I N G Z! 12 days ago
I WILL TOUCH YOU!! first words ove been saying to all my crushes..well im still single !!!
Dylan Floden
Dylan Floden 12 days ago
What are you doing step- Ryan
Anonymous Squirrel
Anonymous Squirrel 12 days ago
chrisf12222 12 days ago
The idea has a lot of potential to be humorous, too bad this whole video is shrouded in an embroidery of sexual innuendos. I'm all for them, dont get me wrong, but am I the only one who thinks this is just awkward and bad taste? There were a lot of different routes to go with this other than "touching each other is weird" lol. Feels like middle school humor
Cute Kitty 3000
Cute Kitty 3000 12 days ago
You didn’t let me finish. I don’t want that to happen either 🤣😂
Anthony or EaglesSB
I love The baba ba. Guy poster in the back
I don't think I'm ever going to play tag again.
Ushangsu Paul
Ushangsu Paul 12 days ago
Markiplier does some great jokes , ehh??
gavrilo princip
gavrilo princip 12 days ago
Wtf!? I have that exact same Hawaiian shirt?!?!
Cody Vanderzwaag
Cody Vanderzwaag 12 days ago
Dudes ideas are some of the most creative in comedy
mastakrafsta 13 days ago
Somebody get this man a clone
Inside the Booth
Inside the Booth 13 days ago
Michael C
Michael C 13 days ago
When is “Ba Ba Ba Guy, live in concert” happen and where do I buy tickets
Wildcard 14 days ago
“Wait I’m not done, you didn’t let me finish” “Yeah I don’t want that to happen either” Haha. Cracks me up
Prominence 14 days ago
Touching people is super easy bare an inconvenience, but I get arrested every time I do.
Anomaly 14 days ago
In Australia (south east Qld at least) we call it "tiggie"
carebear228 14 days ago
I've watched this at least 20 times and it gets funnier each time!
Kaos One
Kaos One 14 days ago
Think about the man that invented twister.
Junior Boom
Junior Boom 14 days ago
Ba ba ba guy concert😂😂😂
Swamp thing Helya
Swamp thing Helya 14 days ago
Lol this video
Abbie Morris
Abbie Morris 14 days ago
do the first guy to be an imposter
ItIsYeSnake 15 days ago
Bababa guy in the background live concert I want to go
Lagtastic123 15 days ago
"You didn't let me finish"
The Bassist 69
The Bassist 69 15 days ago
I will never play tag the same way again
Elspeth Irving
Elspeth Irving 16 days ago
Where can I buy those ba ba ba guy concert tickets
farlon muentes
farlon muentes 16 days ago
Ryan is the person that makes normal things sound dirty when he puts it in a sketch.
Charles C. C. Shier
At my school, we referred to tag as “tiggy”
Peter Anthony Jalgalado
i just realized they might be talking about sex
Rachel Blomstrom
Rachel Blomstrom 17 days ago
🤣😂 I'm dying. Lol
Donald Trumpet
Donald Trumpet 17 days ago
“I’m going to touch you”- Ryan George.
Dunkin MCcockinher
Dunkin MCcockinher 18 days ago
Pitch meeting for project-X ?
Johnny C
Johnny C 18 days ago
"you didn't let me finish." "I don't want *that,* either." 😲😧🤣
CreenelMC 19 days ago
There's a poster saying 'Ba ba ba guy live in concert" behind him
IDo Videos
IDo Videos 19 days ago
Him: don’t tell kids about this Also him: Imma tell some kids about this
Riftyfish_ Xdthe23
Riftyfish_ Xdthe23 19 days ago
Ba ba ba guy in the back round lol
bec98765 19 days ago
First guy to ever make fire.
Tiffany Miner
Tiffany Miner 20 days ago
Ultimately my favorite so far by far I'm haven't laughed at RUvid like this in so long
erix4erix 20 days ago
Benny´s Lego Video World
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