The First Guy To Ever Kidnap Someone

Ryan George
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Dec 27, 2019




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Ryan George
Ryan George 9 months ago
Thanks to NordVPN for sponsoring this video! Take advantage of the NordVPN holiday deal at nordvpn.com/ryangeorge or by using coupon code 'ryangeorge'. Get the 3-year plan with 81% off plus two amazing gifts: 4 extra months + NordPass password manager app (worth $194.61).
Rebecca Black
Rebecca Black 11 days ago
behold a pale horse William cooper ruvid.net/video/video-d14VqXB18PI.html ruvid.net/video/video-JPAk-5Dqn9A.html
Curvaceous Triangle Gaming
@Sun Hat the fuck if i know, I don't control the post-nut clarity, it controls me...
Elon Mush
Elon Mush 23 days ago
the code is actually "Boobdude"
ALPHA GAMER 25 days ago
Today on my english course,we were making exercices about theft and robbery and its differences when I saw kidnapping and Immediately remember this video,really why the fuck it has kid on the same,it should be mannapping
Curvaceous Triangle Gaming
@Sun Hat ouch man, take a joke...
Abdulrafay Khan
Abdulrafay Khan 13 hours ago
Love how phones were discovered before kidnapping in this video
Arian Gorman
Arian Gorman 17 hours ago
"Kidnapping sounds terrible, you nabbed a man" was too funny mannabbing
Kandy Kitty
Kandy Kitty 20 hours ago
growingoaks productions
Making a catchphrase must be super easy, barely an inconvenience.
Meloncool Eeeh
Meloncool Eeeh 21 hour ago
Lol I wanna be friends... or more
Airav Kathariya
Airav Kathariya 23 hours ago
Can i just say you’re sooooooooooooo funny n i only discovered ur vids today
A Team
A Team Day ago
tomer s
tomer s Day ago
make an adsronaut origins video
Troy Sanchez
Troy Sanchez Day ago
Do the first guy to ever put a snake up his ass
Alqx Rendoris
The first guy to lie about the idea of COVID
UHFStation1 Day ago
He was abducted. He's a grown ass man.
VP Day ago
Kiddnapping was invented after the Cell phone apparently haha.
Nudedragon 2 days ago
Stokbolm syndrome is made up. One personnabbing victim felt safer with the criminal than with the police, because the police were willing to kill the victim but the nabbers weren't. Nabbers were polite and clearly just after money, cops came for blood and didn't care whose. Then some psych decided thst the victim was insane despite their reaction making perfect sense in those circumstances
mama_ joe
mama_ joe 2 days ago
nord vpn more like nerd vpn
Thomas Reger
Thomas Reger 2 days ago
Love you bye! 😂
Gamerboy Maki Virtudazo
Who is the first man who found milk And what was he doing anyways :O
Vatolicious 3 days ago
This one was exceptionally good
Kael Griffis
Kael Griffis 3 days ago
"K. Love you, bye." 😂
Emrie 3 days ago
This is literally the best video I've ever seen.
Thomas N
Thomas N 4 days ago
Its funny how much less of a society we will have if we have less vocabulary. I can see why Orwell talked about this idea, and why its actually happening.
Lorina Haleyalmong
Is this screen rant
Kαωαίί Wίιιοω Çħαη
They always sound so annoyed.
Goten 6 days ago
Shower thought: If a child is sleeping he is technically *kidnapping* .
Henry Works
Henry Works 6 days ago
The first American to be missing was Charles Brewster Ross, and was the first primary victim in a ransom kidnapping.
sf4k1as 6 days ago
My favorite RUvidr!!!
Hailey Marr
Hailey Marr 6 days ago
U make for a very convincing officer 👌🙂
Zacc Fitzgerald
Zacc Fitzgerald 6 days ago
he sounds like carl from llamas with hats
Pablo Chowdhury
Pablo Chowdhury 6 days ago
Ian Rowland
Ian Rowland 6 days ago
"I don't think you should be allowed to take someone against their will and put them in a room" Schools:
phinxninja 6 days ago
"I'm going to transfer you to the police." Lol
Tikva Keller
Tikva Keller 7 days ago
Getting rid of the kidnapper was super easy. Barely an inconvenience
landon lamb
landon lamb 7 days ago
this should be “the first person to kidnap someone and go to jail”
Just Background Noise
I like this world where kidnapping never happened until after smartphones were invented.
Pink Emerald
Pink Emerald 7 days ago
Lol 😂😂 Anyone else following this dude on TikTok? 😂🙋🏻‍♀️
Brody Voltz
Brody Voltz 7 days ago
First guy to say a word
Omar Magdub
Omar Magdub 7 days ago
this vid is sponsered by nordvpn
Bacon Boi 420
Bacon Boi 420 8 days ago
love you bye. hehehhehehhe
Angel 8 days ago
I Zeke
I Zeke 8 days ago
then the police did a back flip snapped the bad guys neck and saved the day
menerdyboy 8 days ago
Stockholm syndrome happen in 4 minutes, quite fast!
Lync 8 days ago
"love you bye" I died
Billy Wong
Billy Wong 9 days ago
I think Ryan is an INFJ-A
doctor aracnido
doctor aracnido 9 days ago
SO they invented smartphones before kidnaping
Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis 10 days ago
Was this the proposed job that sparked that epic debate amongst that gang of criminal Ryans about who was in or out?
Meme Splitz
Meme Splitz 10 days ago
This is great to know
farlon muentes
farlon muentes 10 days ago
This world is actually good if they just discovered what kidnapping is after phones and technology were already a thing.
maya A
maya A 10 days ago
Daim I wish life was this easy
Secret . . M
Secret . . M 10 days ago
I love how you added Stockholm syndrome lol 😂
Mr. Meme Bucket
Mr. Meme Bucket 10 days ago
It used to be tradition to have 2 people committing a crime until about 1460
MiniRusty01 10 days ago
The ending was too funny
Jaxon Jordan
Jaxon Jordan 10 days ago
The first guy to have a food truck
Priyanka Shukla
Priyanka Shukla 11 days ago
'So it's a freelance business?' Sounds legit
Jacob blue
Jacob blue 11 days ago
...I decided
Crow ツ
Crow ツ 11 days ago
Then the police did a backflip,snap the bad guys neck and save the day.
Breaking stuff
Breaking stuff 11 days ago
These give off Danny Gonzalez skit vibes and I love it
Joseph Douek
Joseph Douek 11 days ago
Sure, the police in this universe are useless, but it’s a good thing that everyone else is.
Joseph Ryan
Joseph Ryan 12 days ago
The first person to ever wear tape on there mouth must have been like: MMPH MMPH *MMPH!*
Mavrin Renoy Kundukulam
he speaks like sheldon from young sheldon
usless SamLOlz
usless SamLOlz 12 days ago
First guy to ever got kidnaped.
Abby Apple
Abby Apple 12 days ago
Kid-napping, because it’s usually kids, and they usual die (‘nap’)
Hazem Eldelebshany
Hazem Eldelebshany 11 days ago
Calm down bro
Kero gamal
Kero gamal 13 days ago
everyone is gonna put everyone in a room until this pandemic is over I decided !!!!!!
Multi Gamer
Multi Gamer 13 days ago
The first person to negotiate
phacey facephones
phacey facephones 13 days ago
I stole yoly
Jon Dunmore
Jon Dunmore 13 days ago
3:35 -- So this is actually The First Guy To Ever Develop Stockholm Syndrome. What a twist!
boathe 13 days ago
i can imagine this is how crime in Canada is like
Pukei-Pukei 13 days ago
"Okay maybe we can take people in a room and others cant" 100% iq
jesse sisson
jesse sisson 13 days ago
Love ya, bye!
Jovylle Bermudez
Jovylle Bermudez 14 days ago
Thats actually hilarious
gum guy1
gum guy1 14 days ago
This is how police, stealing, the thing that makes people atracted to their kidapper and jail along with kidnapping
gum guy1
gum guy1 14 days ago
What about brothernapping or sisternapping
chayes 14 days ago
Jesus Christ loves you
The Infamous Hobbit
These remind me of llamas with hats
Минск Картофель
Are there any actual cops watching this video?
jEy Em
jEy Em 15 days ago
They don't know what kidnapping is But there's jobs and phones
KaSh V.K
KaSh V.K 15 days ago
Such a Paradox
sandwich gorsh
sandwich gorsh 15 days ago
Pagi Parthiv
Pagi Parthiv 15 days ago
Police man said " love u , bye" to the kidnapper 😂
Gamer jones
Gamer jones 15 days ago
Wait wasn’t the first kidnap a kid
Ben 1
Ben 1 15 days ago
It is so funny. Kid napping!! The police bits, I was laughing so hard.
SE Gamble
SE Gamble 16 days ago
First guy to speak or create language. I don’t know how you’d do it, because one guy wouldn’t have words to say, he’d just grunt or something, but I’m betting Ryan can make it hilarious.
Keathan Ho
Keathan Ho 16 days ago
Mustache is superiority
gonecoastal4 16 days ago
Officer: So after we put this guy in a room against his will for putting some other guy in a room against his will, are we gonna get paid? 'cause I have stuff to buy. Chief: Sure, we'll just tell everyone that they have to give us money or we will put them in a room. Ya, know that first guy had a pretty good idea. Maybe he should be our leader.
MetaHarv_207 16 days ago
Paul Forrest
Paul Forrest 16 days ago
Neil adstrong the adstronaut
GREGORY90 16 days ago
I burst out laughing. This really makes you think as well.
bruce wayne
bruce wayne 17 days ago
That first cop is the friendliest cop ever: "okay love you bye!"
alex beau
alex beau 17 days ago
Omg I haven’t seen original content in a very long time
Darky 17 days ago
This guy feels like the stupider version of josph seed (farcry 5 - new dawn)
D.U.C.K JimBob Animations
Why dont country's just ban NordVPN?
Bloody Bee
Bloody Bee 17 days ago
Love that they added Stockholm Syndrome 🤣
Hank 2542
Hank 2542 17 days ago
This feels like a tutorial
Doodle D
Doodle D 17 days ago
I’m only on a ad and I know he’s going to say I’m going to steal you
Cameron Gray
Cameron Gray 18 days ago
“Hi there, hello, it’s me, i Am ThE pOlIcE”
all about stick bots
Kidnapping in a nutshell
sabrinazz 18 days ago
"Love you bye"
Sailaja Beeram
Sailaja Beeram 18 days ago
So homes where invented before Kidnapping
Bethany Hughes
Bethany Hughes 18 days ago
i laughed so hard
Anna *****
Anna ***** 18 days ago
The first guy to ever have sex. The first woman to ever have sex. The first woman who ever gave birth (9months after the previous video). The first guy to fall in love ("but dude, you can have sex with anyone you want and they want you!" "No, you see, I wanna have sex only with this one!" "Whaaaaaaat?").
Geoffrey Jack
Geoffrey Jack 19 days ago
I agree with the term '' man nabbing '' makes more sense...
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