The First Guy To Ever Have A Name

Ryan George
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Hey person, what's your sound?
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Jun 2, 2019




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Comments 100
Ryan George
Ryan George Year ago
Here's some "Snap The Bad Guy's Neck" merch, you heroes: ryangeorge.threadless.com/designs/snap-the-bad-guys-neck-and-save-the-day
Goffy 7 days ago
Would appreciate if you checked out my new video! 😄👍ruvid.net/video/video-uSmkEzz6JAg.html
Nexus YT
Nexus YT Month ago
Have you bought Canada yet?
When life gives you lemons make pop- Tarts
So I did a backflip snapped the bad guys neck and saved the day!
ruste shackleferd
I initially found you the "pitch meeting" videos and these are just as great.
Kirrich Kovic
Kirrich Kovic 2 months ago
Wow wow wow wow
Md 9 hours ago
How long have these guys lived?
Michael T. Paulo
Michael T. Paulo 21 hour ago
You are literally the 2nd coming of Sorkin
Troy Sanchez
Troy Sanchez Day ago
Why tf is Slovak the first subtitle you get
Hazardous Soup
Hazardous Soup 2 days ago
The best part of this is the cat sitting in the corner
Ed’s mock’s and reviews
"oh hello Eh" "hello Sofa" this is comedy gold
Dark Tech
Dark Tech 2 days ago
Why am I so proud that this guy lives in Montreal?
Dilara Korkmaz
Dilara Korkmaz 2 days ago
It looks like a Rush Hour parody
Bjarne :3
Bjarne :3 2 days ago
and my sound is also...
Freyakitty Da-mew
Freya Babysitter. Anyone else?
ImDumbYT 3 days ago
Noo, when Jesus named Adam, that was the first name
ImDumbYT 3 days ago
Aditya Pethe you are the 700th reply on this video
Aditya Pethe
Aditya Pethe 3 days ago
you were the 3,700 comment
Brayden B
Brayden B 3 days ago
if these got a 30 min long comedy show id be so happy
Ian Soares
Ian Soares 3 days ago
This is how pokémon feel everyday
Obsidian Dragon13
Person: neither of those are good. Person: they aren't bad. Person: they are actually. Me:😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂 PS. Why is this so funny?
Gaming Boyz
Gaming Boyz 3 days ago
conepictures 3 days ago
Everyone should just have a unique name. There are only 107 billion people. This would be totally doable.
Zencify -
Zencify - 3 days ago
astroloudboy 3 days ago
this guy looks like impractical jokers smashed together with Sal's dominant gene 😁
Sam Sung
Sam Sung 4 days ago
Being the first guy to have a name is tight!
Wolffy Howl
Wolffy Howl 4 days ago
Plot twist they were both named person
adam 4 days ago
I mean the first person to have a name is adam(acording to the bible) who is also the first human
revolzy 4 days ago
Hey AAAAAAA, what's up
A A 4 days ago
LeKnight Studios
LeKnight Studios 4 days ago
LeKnight Studios
LeKnight Studios 4 days ago
Other than this video *The box never got to Bob Unemployed’s room*
subscribe just to see how many i can get
I just came from the first person to write fiction and i love how hes still making those new and completely original stories with totally different endings
AmigoRoberto 5 days ago
I'm also Bob to get my attention you have to leave a like on the video
Piano Hypnoshroom
But what if the cat in the background’s name is Person?
ৰোহণ Rohan
that was beautiful and painful to watch at the same time ... great video
Sean Mclaughlin
Sean Mclaughlin 5 days ago
Kawhi Leonard
Kawhi Leonard 5 days ago
"hello, ehh", "hello, sofa" lmao
Henry Stickmin
Henry Stickmin 5 days ago
Let’s make a conversation but when you reply you gotta change the username to “Person” so it’s harder How was your day Person (first reply)
growingoaks productions
Talking to person was super difficult, much more than an inconvenience
Matthew Martin
Matthew Martin 6 days ago
Name them. Ryan. They're all Ryans. Problem solved.
만 레벨업나 혼자
Last part made me laugh so hard
KingDan 6 days ago
My sound is daniel
tickle monster
tickle monster 6 days ago
*slim shady*
Creeper Jones651
Creeper Jones651 7 days ago
🤣Bob Unemployed
terraria Gamer
terraria Gamer 7 days ago
I found you from tik tok
TheEditor0 7 days ago
Me know every single thing of this is historical inaccuret: ha...
Cats Rulez
Cats Rulez 7 days ago
my name should be ahhhhhhhh
Sheepless 7 days ago
The Bobs might be unemployed, but evidently they could still afford two squishy rectangles to sit on
Cyn 7 days ago
I like Bob Unemployed. Way better than Bob Unemployed.
Mia Sabathy白彌兒
PC Panda
PC Panda 8 days ago
I thought one off them was gonna say “and I’m Bob the builder.”
Gracie Bridge
Gracie Bridge 8 days ago
The first man's name was Adam. Wait am I missing the point.
Nathan Furlong
Nathan Furlong 9 days ago
Eat your cereal you must
Toyl 9 days ago
His name was name
Nicholas Vieira
Nicholas Vieira 9 days ago
i’m gonna name my child Sofa
I Love Lamp
I Love Lamp 9 days ago
And then he did a backflip, snapped the bad guys neck and saved the day
Miko 9 days ago
chika chika slim shady
the first guy to ever has a name is adam
Foscor M.D.A.
Foscor M.D.A. 10 days ago
Quentin Decréau
Quentin Decréau 10 days ago
Ryan is a baker and a delivery man
Tri Dao Nguyen
Tri Dao Nguyen 11 days ago
Please make the first name tag like a sequel Which one is Bob unemployed?
razan youssef
razan youssef 11 days ago
Damn them sitting in the couches looks so good that I forgot they’re both the same person
Rebel Friend
Rebel Friend 5 days ago
I know, right person?
Flame Hank
Flame Hank 11 days ago
did anyone notice the cat in the bottom left corner
Kαωαίί Wίιιοω Çħαη
I can't watch this without laughing.
Darknesbow 11 days ago
Dont click there!!!! 👇 ruvid.net/show-UCCj9czPdWVY1xMIEilNNQrQ?sub_confirmat=
pro monsterr
pro monsterr 11 days ago
Xstream Asian
Xstream Asian 11 days ago
Isn't the first guy with a name is Adam
SlythyGD 11 days ago
These are confusing times...
Mirra Markhaëva
Mirra Markhaëva 11 days ago
Watched this sketch 12467 times, noticed a cat in the video only now.
I'm up 4 anything
I'm up 4 anything 12 days ago
memiller0617 12 days ago
"The logic in this video made a lot of sense." "Yeah, it did, didn't it?"
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 12 days ago
Believe it
Nik RoCraft
Nik RoCraft 12 days ago
Hello my name is Dominik Unemployed-RUvidr
Nateorious 12 days ago
Hi, my name is eeeeeeh
Aidan E
Aidan E 13 days ago
I’m a Christian and I know Adam and Eve has names but I’m not gonna complain because I liked it
Daderpycat 13 days ago
I just noticed the cat in tbe background
Ethan Boo
Ethan Boo 13 days ago
So my ancestor worked in a bakery ( my name is Ethan baker)
farlon muentes
farlon muentes 14 days ago
imagine in the stone age that they invented a much more complicated system like delivery but never bothered with names.
Hypedmaniac 14 days ago
Lacoste 124
Lacoste 124 14 days ago
I’m pretty sure they made names before words, but still cool video idea
tr3e power splatoon
Montréal hell yeah
MuditCubin' Official
I always wanted to be a sofa
MuditCubin' Official
Hey my name is Person
Dalia M
Dalia M 15 days ago
I just came from the fiction one haha -the day
Preston Wu
Preston Wu 15 days ago
Do you accept the terms and conditions to change your name to Eh
Aus Bare
Aus Bare 15 days ago
No names is PC so not to offend any one.
JENSEN DAVIS 15 days ago
1:13 (cat confusion intensifies)
BigSillyOrangeCat 15 days ago
1:12 CaT
Star Wars and Marvel Mashup
True story
Penh Chet
Penh Chet 15 days ago
It make no sense
Eduard Lazar
Eduard Lazar 15 days ago
Jamie Logie
Jamie Logie 16 days ago
Forest Wolf
Forest Wolf 16 days ago
My name is now ehh
Mr. Meme Bucket
Mr. Meme Bucket 16 days ago
this fucked me up
Ratnesh Mandal
Ratnesh Mandal 16 days ago
Staying unemployed is tight.
Perseverer One
Perseverer One 16 days ago
But heres another problem, I share a name w/millions of other people.
Alyssa Zoccolillo
Alyssa Zoccolillo 16 days ago
I’d LiKe To BoB tOo PlEaSe
Eloina Hernandez
Eloina Hernandez 16 days ago
So I guess deliveries to your home was invented before names
Rainstorm The RainSkywing
I got my name for my Birthday!
friboy BR
friboy BR 17 days ago
"My sound will be eehhh"
frankie hompson
frankie hompson 17 days ago
What I love about these is that everything else is normal. Society has advanced in such a similar way to ours that clothes, houses, decorations, food etc are the same but fucking NAMES and DREAMS don’t exist yet
Omenvreer 17 days ago
My name is also Bob Unemployed, as of yesterday. :(
Mike Craft
Mike Craft 17 days ago
Efraim 18 days ago
*"Hello Eh."*
TheCreeper185 18 days ago
My name will be fffffff
TheMarionick 18 days ago
Someone cast this man as a cassiere or something in a Marvel movie.
MrWhoWasIt 19 days ago
i was waiting for a bob the builder joke
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