The First Guy To Ever Be An Artist

Ryan George
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Hey good news I moved a bunch of colours around on some paper and now it kind of looks like you.
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Sep 10, 2019




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Comments 100
Ryan George
Ryan George Year ago
Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for arts and/or farts twitter.com/theryangeorge instagram.com/theryangeorge
Runed0S 7 days ago
What if you had slowly sped up time in adspace
Rawan Rayan
Rawan Rayan 13 days ago
Ouu I w I’ll pop hzhhzhZ thx gzyhx try daily ksjZjASo
Woof you
Woof you Month ago
Reverse Nyancat nice try
I Rr i
I Rr i Month ago
Thank you for my out loud snorts. You're in my top two funniest comedians of 2020. And I do believe you're in the lead. 🤗
Tomás Ó Treasaigh
Tomás Ó Treasaigh 2 months ago
Hey Ryan thats a nice cap you're wearing in this video, what make is it? Peace from Ireland mo chara x.
Anselm Gademann
Anselm Gademann 15 hours ago
„Apple iPhones are supposed to be like Apple iPhones that’s part of the iPhone experience“
Just Original
Just Original 20 hours ago
When you try to explain something to your friends:
Fakerboy 93
Fakerboy 93 Day ago
You should have said writing a picture
Hugo Alberto Marin Ossa
The best way to sell art is to say it isn't for sale? Good strategy. Thanks.
Buttery Nuts
Buttery Nuts Day ago
3:49 Oh god the irony!!
Muhammed Akinyemi
Littering the woods with paper is tight
Henry Andree
Henry Andree 3 days ago
Actually the first drawing was made by cavemen and what they did was draw in cave walls
Henry Andree
Henry Andree 3 days ago
If you r/whoosh or anything like that your. A banana
DoggyMan Israel
DoggyMan Israel 3 days ago
Nobody : Hearth : hello 🙂
Carlson 4 days ago
You know what else can capture a phone
SmidgeWasTaken 5 days ago
*hey screw you man that things ugly!*
Canadian Shark26
Canadian Shark26 5 days ago
The first person to sit on a chair: "I'm gonna put my butt on this thing until I want to get off"
Dr. Hamza د. حمزة
Is that Ray William Johnson?
Ayaan Sayeed
Ayaan Sayeed 5 days ago
When he said artsy I thought of a RUvidr
Thomas Cherrington
Clue the movie
Kevin Bauer
Kevin Bauer 6 days ago
I dont want to be in a room!!!!
Nathan Furlong
Nathan Furlong 6 days ago
Eat your cereal you must
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshikage Kira 6 days ago
I want to see these in canonical order
RealCoolGuy 6 days ago
"I think it's pointless for humans to paint scenes of nature when they can just go outside and stand in it." ~ Rob Swanson
sam dunn
sam dunn 8 days ago
Do first guys to run for politics
Vijval Jain
Vijval Jain 7 days ago
Yes! Amazing Idea!
Shubham Pandya
Shubham Pandya 9 days ago
The guy in Red t-shirt reminds me of Kevin Malone from the office.
That last picture stressed me out for some reason.
T Blood
T Blood 9 days ago
who else got a drawing tutorial add before this video
Rosa Bella
Rosa Bella 9 days ago
The artist is just a squidward.
Charlie Boucher
Charlie Boucher 10 days ago
this dude is so fricking funny
Call of duty Memes from me
I want to see the whole cast
Miles Upshur
Miles Upshur 12 days ago
Portability isn't the main feature, but not having to deal with wolves definitely is.
zakosist 12 days ago
3:47 egg
friboy BR
friboy BR 13 days ago
"So far... no good!"
Project Redfoot
Project Redfoot 13 days ago
Frankie Rosales
Frankie Rosales 14 days ago
1:28 “That’s not me I’m me. I dunno what that is” lol 😂
Anatoli Gonodanov-Meydbray
I love it how the ad in the video was about mastering drawing
UltimateWATCHER2 14 days ago
This guy is ridiculous.
ICE WA1K3R 14 days ago
Why did he draw the forest bather with pants? He said he was wearing any? This isn't art it's more like a fart with all these continuity errors
Rebecca Black
Rebecca Black 14 days ago
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Super Luminal Probability Cloud
Ryan makes me want to come up with a product just so I can have him do a commercial for it
Max Wiercx
Max Wiercx 15 days ago
I love how all of his videos are connected, like they’ll put you in a room for that
1 million subs without any videos Challenge
It rhymes with FaRt
rwwy 15 days ago
Wait... How did they did draw Ur costume?
Melany Howell
Melany Howell 16 days ago
The last picture reminds me of eggs XD
MrTop 10
MrTop 10 16 days ago
The first person to watch a video What are seeing I dont know i think it's a moving picture
Lus Verma
Lus Verma 16 days ago
This reminds me of René Magritte's art piece called "This is not a pipe." because it's not an actual pipe, it's an *artwork* of a pipe.
chayes 17 days ago
Jesus Christ loves you
Lisa McIntosh
Lisa McIntosh 17 days ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Lisa McIntosh
Lisa McIntosh 17 days ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ╾━╤デ╦︻(▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)
BlackLion 17 days ago
It's like the extended version of that scene from Firebringer.
Amanda Lynn
Amanda Lynn 18 days ago
What I’ve Learned From These Videos: You will be put in a room
Calum Holmes
Calum Holmes 18 days ago
I like to think that all these videos happened in one day.
Cave Johnson
Cave Johnson 18 days ago
i like how he always says "hi! hey there, it's me! im the adstronaut."
Glitch 19 days ago
"Art More Like Fart I Just Destroyed You" somebody quote that
Samuel Cole
Samuel Cole 20 days ago
"Actually, looks like boobs..." "... *I'll* _take_ *your* _entire_ *stock"*
Doctor Llewellyn
Doctor Llewellyn 20 days ago
I am the guy in the red shirt
DJ epSo
DJ epSo 22 days ago
This isnt even a conversation. One just says something and the others says why thats a problem
Mathias Loen
Mathias Loen 20 days ago
It’s an argument. Not a conversation.
Elon Mush
Elon Mush 23 days ago
4:20 This should be called: "The first guy to sell pornographic drawings"
Elon Mush
Elon Mush 23 days ago
This feels somewhat like The Animorphs Series companion book The Hork-Bajir Chronicles, where a Messiah-like figure tried to show a fellow of his unintelligent alien species a painting that depicts him.
Jon Dunmore
Jon Dunmore 23 days ago
Reminder: all this time, Ryan is talking to a guy who is not wearing pants.
ANate Cartoons
ANate Cartoons 23 days ago
looks at art: life could just be simple mins later: it looks like boobs can i buy it
Kevin Mills
Kevin Mills 23 days ago
"That can't be me; that guy is wearing pants."
Csucskos 24 days ago
Art-Fart You see, that's called a rhyme. Do things like this and define an order to these words and then call these a poem. And then this could be another form of the "Art".
Dee almond man
Dee almond man 24 days ago
then the art did a backflip and snaped the bad guy's neck PS. the bad guy is the other person, who did not invent art
MineTurtle Animations
i like how neither has art on their shirts to show that in this universe no one has been an artist yet
Jessica Wabe
Jessica Wabe 25 days ago
Why 90s didn't never heard art before?
a c
a c 25 days ago
You’re silly
CeeDee Comedy
CeeDee Comedy 25 days ago
Oh yes, a paper 🍎
dynomar 26 days ago
Doma is made in a super tiny town in Idaho called Post Falls.
Nubby Ooof
Nubby Ooof 27 days ago
and this is why food smelling markers were invented
Tom Merker
Tom Merker 27 days ago
art doen'T exist. the job of art is to hold the mirror to reality and since the universe is infinite there is just no mirrror big enough ;)
Generic Human
Generic Human Month ago
Apples taste like aluminum and white plastic.
Obsidian Pinnacle
“Art more like fart see I just destroyed you”
Just Joey
Just Joey Month ago
This is not an apple
This is useless
This is useless Month ago
I love how prisons have been invented atleast thrice on this channel.
Unfunnny Month ago
and then the art snapped the bad guys neck and saved the day
Alex TTB
Alex TTB Month ago
do you think that the art will be put in a room?
I Rr i
I Rr i Month ago
Thank you for my out loud snorts.🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Jibrhan khan
Jibrhan khan Month ago
Holy o fuk iv been watching mr art guy and mr half naked guy for a while but its clicked ge fukn loves himself a lot fukn bucket loads of loving himself as hit like i yhink if he sees this hed actually think about telling the other how gorgeous he is.
Mystico Month ago
I love your new videos. I love your old videos too. But it’s nice to see that you have more than just pitches for movies lmao
Dawg Craft
Dawg Craft Month ago
Then he did a backflip, snapped the artists neck and saved the day
Zen Zen Turtle
Zen Zen Turtle Month ago
Ok but why does every character sound delusional
gagaplex LPs
gagaplex LPs Month ago
It's a sketch based on that pipe-painting, eh?
Jimmy Owens
Jimmy Owens Month ago
Not dealing with wolves is tight
Tobias Sepp
Tobias Sepp Month ago
Can you sponser my football club?
Mike Braun
Mike Braun Month ago
Amazing that the artist predicted that the other guy would be wearing a red shirt when he was shown the art
TortoRacoon Month ago
“First person to ever drink (cow) milk” that would be creepy
David Strout
David Strout Month ago
"I'll buy it from you" "How much?" "Oh, I'll pay you in exposure."
itsalberto_real Month ago
I love how they call a jail cell a room idk it always cracks me up
Arktos Month ago
these skits bring levity to my day, thank you !
Bubble Monkeys
Bubble Monkeys Month ago
I don't know man, maybe you should switch to "Top to the morning" coffee brew
s s
s s Month ago
Ahnaf Atif
Ahnaf Atif Month ago
This man... his creative work gives me tremendous amounts of you, and Hope.. idk why! FINDING JOY AND NOT KNOWING HOW CAN BE TIGHT!
Corbin Barron
Corbin Barron Month ago
I relate so hard to red shirt ryan
user name
user name Month ago
Ryan George is so talented, I almost watched his ad.
Shrimp ‘0z
Shrimp ‘0z Month ago
I feel like he made this video just to show off paintings he has been working on in is free time
Glyne Lewis
Glyne Lewis Month ago
After the first artist came the first critic.
pablo cau
pablo cau Month ago
This is the kind of talk I have with my parents when I show them a program I developed in the computer
Haqeeqee Month ago
1:24 Of course it looks nothing like him. He drew him with *pants* on. 👖
dot Month ago
i Lack Logic
i Lack Logic Month ago
JT-SZN Month ago
The first guy to fuck a duck
Great job Ryan how are ya feeling today hope your staying safe during QUARANTINE
Akhil chandran
Akhil chandran Month ago
1:29 I agree with him, the guy doesn't wear pants... The painting is inaccurate...🙄
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Month ago
1:12 the exchange between me and Voldemort after he "killed" me.
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