THE FIRST Galaxy Fold

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THANK OYU JESSE FOR THE STUDIO! - ruvid.net/u-jesse
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Apr 15, 2019




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Comments 80
Wild Dreams
Wild Dreams 9 hours ago
6:53 - plebs talking to patricia.
NickFlix 2 days ago
The flip phone has evolved.
Joshua Kovacsics
Joshua Kovacsics 3 days ago
Samsung is up to something. This is how I think it will go: regular phones >> folding phones >> Hologram technology
Andifallih Malela
Damn It's so weird seeing Casey with LA in the background
Kaden Kubicz
Kaden Kubicz 16 days ago
The real question: how do you make a case for it
Adam Santos
Adam Santos 17 days ago
Mustang wha hey
Mert Ertin
Mert Ertin 20 days ago
I refuse to call mobile phones "computers" until we can edit 4k footage on them. OK at least 1080p, you know.
Militery REX
Militery REX Month ago
420 2020
IndustriousTv Month ago
nice tat casey
Ramiro Sacca
Ramiro Sacca Month ago
I really liked this phone
Andrew George
Andrew George Month ago
How would you make a case for that
Abdelkader Elbachir
I really like this dude
Hugo Gijzen
Hugo Gijzen 2 months ago
Why doe this guy have so much phones even if its not his job.
BlueBerryBoyTV 2 months ago
"the first phone that folds" Flip Phones: am i a joke to you?
Batyuska 2 months ago
This phone actually sucks xd
TBM Games
TBM Games 2 months ago
Do the s20 ultra
Davide Bassani
Davide Bassani 2 months ago
I’m waiting the Galaxy Z flip rewiew
Kartikey Tripathi
Kartikey Tripathi 2 months ago
You guys are so busy with that 'Thickness' meme that no one noticed that Casey took the drone shot in a phone review. Crazy.
Matt Laham
Matt Laham 2 months ago
Oh, hey Casey, btw dont peel the screen off, it looks like a screen protector, but dont peel that off
David Trumbo
David Trumbo 2 months ago
Song at 2:13 ??
YVRCasting 3 months ago
$1980 ⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️🤪
Pushkar N.S.
Pushkar N.S. 3 months ago
Is Tta and a ferrari
24-hour box Fort challenge
Good luck. Making a phone case for that.
Satakshi 3 months ago
Anyone getting this in their recommendations after the z flip?
wond ding dong
wond ding dong 3 months ago
1:29 iq 1500000000000000
Drone 3 months ago
i thought the first folding phone was a flip phone.
I’m already Sans Undertale
1:23 2000 IQ
Staburns- Sameer
Staburns- Sameer 3 months ago
My birth is 1 day after the video is published
Aramis 3 months ago
Bruh you really watch Pulp Fiction in the gym 🤣🤣🤣
173PorteR 3 months ago
Price in Russia 2550$ at 02.2020
Zoe M
Zoe M 3 months ago
I dont like it. And I'm a samsung person. Not for me tho
Ivandel Mayo
Ivandel Mayo 4 months ago
Anyone else laughed at 6:27 ?
Ivandel Mayo
Ivandel Mayo 4 months ago
Lol 6:27
I'm Here to Say
I'm Here to Say 4 months ago
$2,000?! Nope. No android is worth that much.
Zachary Zand
Zachary Zand 4 months ago
That's not the first
Aro Dlshad
Aro Dlshad 4 months ago
Who else thought that this is an old video ?
BKG Studios
BKG Studios 4 months ago
1:32 Que the Avengers music
Seamus Ryan
Seamus Ryan 4 months ago
Kacper Kupski k
Kacper Kupski k 4 months ago
Not 4.7 its iphone 5 4 inch
4TEA6 4 months ago
you didn't tear apart the box this is not of you Casey is u good bro ?
lil Kb
lil Kb 4 months ago
1.30 mind blown🤯👌🏽
confused yoda
confused yoda 4 months ago
Ima Laugh If He Drops A $5000 Phone
Elias Norregaard
Elias Norregaard 4 months ago
Random_Aussie 2000$
Swirl AndTwirl
Swirl AndTwirl 4 months ago
It is amazing
samir abaya
samir abaya 4 months ago
Casey in jesse huose
Diablo 77
Diablo 77 4 months ago
oh man then im out here in 2020 still with my iphone 6s hahaha
ArticNexas 4 months ago
iPad: I am a cool tablet Galaxy fold: let me introduce my self iPad Pro: shut the f*ck up, I am a god
Games Pulse
Games Pulse 4 months ago
You have AirPods and a god damn galaxy, and I started to like you
Michael Stockton
Michael Stockton 4 months ago
I wonder who has the $20 bill now that he used for a size reference in the beginning. Someone has that bill
Tyetye Tiggy
Tyetye Tiggy 4 months ago
Are you on crack or something
L2 Deej
L2 Deej 5 months ago
-Insert meme edit
Charlton Gio Prepeña
Czr187 5 months ago
Yu look like ben askren
Mathew Abban
Mathew Abban 5 months ago
Honestly I’d rather buy a tablet with cellular and a bag
MeesterHedgehog 5 months ago
"when its open, the thickness is about that of a regular phone. " "when its closed, the thickness is about that of two regular phones. " yeah no sh** sherlock
David King
David King 5 months ago
I know what context you meant it in but "This is the poor guy" probably isn't a good way to mention something when you're showing them a $2000 phone :D LOL
Fuzed Cable
Fuzed Cable 5 months ago
What about flip phones
Juana María Uscanga
I’m RUvid so cool but you have 100 k goodbye by RUvid
Nathaniel Moses
Nathaniel Moses 5 months ago
You can never have a case
Corrupt Christian
Corrupt Christian 5 months ago
Galaxy fold: first ever folding phone Any phone before 2005: am I a joke to you?
Ginger Ninja Cubing
The royole flexpai: am I a joke to you
No Excuses
No Excuses 5 months ago
Do a review on the Singapore airlines first class suite
Tausif Jahangir
Tausif Jahangir 5 months ago
IslamEddine Boufridi
what's the song at 2:00 ?
Manny 5 months ago
You don't say? The thickness of two phones when it's folded? Do tell me more captain....
MrJb713 5 months ago
Patrick Christison
Patrick Christison 5 months ago
It doesn’t have any give in the open form right. Like it doesn’t flop closed accidentally
VIVIAN JOY 5 months ago
this is the only time where I've seen Casey doesn't just drop everything when he opens up something, like so much chaos..boom
William Griffiths
William Griffiths 5 months ago
1:50 that isn’t the fold
Scott Adam
Scott Adam 5 months ago
The main point of this phone is using multi Apps side by side which is so cool. You forgot to mention
micah 6 months ago
The folded-out version is futuristic but the front tiny screen is a decade stepped back haha
kost tsou
kost tsou 3 months ago
More like 5 years back, but you don't need a big screen outside the point is to have a one handed device when its closed. The only thing it needs outside is more width to type easier
micah 6 months ago
despite that being like a 2000$ phone my iPhone 6s box/packaging was way more premium haha but can't really compare, Apple have the best unboxing experience
Spicem 6 months ago
Me: oops i folded it the wrong way
PalppiKK:D 6 months ago
Рожа противная
OffBeatBerry 27
OffBeatBerry 27 6 months ago
How did Casey not win the nobel peace prize for making such a groundbreaking discovery?
Rynoblock 6 months ago
I had one of thoae when the first DS was released.
heavyduty187 6 months ago
Clean your equipment after use Casey
One Thicc Seal
One Thicc Seal 6 months ago
But the samsung galaxy fold was not the first phone to fold.
Belajar Official
Belajar Official 6 months ago
Sip mister Casey
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 6 months ago
Blake Cannon
Blake Cannon 6 months ago
Casy are you a android user or iPhone user
Lily Shaw
Lily Shaw 6 months ago
how are you gona put a phone case or a screen protector on it though ?
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