The FASTEST Grand Mac Meal Ever Eaten (under 1 Minute!!)

Matt Stonie
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Following the footsteps of the challenge I did years back, I've grown up and graduated from a Happy Meal to a Grand Big Mac Meal!!!
Just seemed like a fun idea, and I've seen a decent amount of requests to do Grand Big Macs!!
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Mar 10, 2018




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Comments 51 970
Tyler Lamb
Tyler Lamb 32 minutes ago
Quick question, what happens when you eat around the food? I noticed u done that with the mac
b_l _n_c
b_l _n_c 3 hours ago
You mean 1 minute
Maryam Rehman
Maryam Rehman 3 hours ago
i want to chalnge u
MarkH88 3 hours ago
The like whoring on these videos is pathetic. Do people genuinely get satisfaction from a thumbs up haha edit thanks for the thumbs up. Copy and paste comments.
Luka Ražov
Luka Ražov 5 hours ago
how this guy doesnt choke?
Halaalhalawani 777
Halaalhalawani 777 8 hours ago
Me: watching this starving Also me: this is the scariest horror movie ive seen
Aly Hasan
Aly Hasan 9 hours ago
او تمیز نال بغیرتا...
hachmi bayadi
hachmi bayadi 9 hours ago
You are a big pig
Rita 13 hours ago
Matt: eats so much food, doesnt get fat Me: watches and gets fat
Francesco Ikonik
Francesco Ikonik 14 hours ago
Frostzz 15 hours ago
If Matt Stonie turned into zombie we're all screwed.
BuckToothCow 20 hours ago
“Hey mum, this vaccum cleaner is on sale!” *”Honey we have a vacuum cleaner at home”* *The vacuum cleaner at home:*
Cora Draws
Cora Draws 20 hours ago
I feel sick
I’m out Of ideas
I’m out Of ideas 20 hours ago
I’m just saying, every state I’ve been too has a different large McDonalds cup than the ones in Illinois and it makes me feel weird whenever I see it
Instagram:idisxster follow for a follow back
Yooo who's hear form twiiter 😁 I ma
Sridhar ji
Sridhar ji 21 hour ago
Broccoli Boi
Broccoli Boi 23 hours ago
Hes gonna get diabetes
The wonderful wonder
Step one blend food together Step two drink blended food Step three eat cardboard
Tommy Strid
Tommy Strid Day ago
Dude do this public on mc donalds plz
MUSAPRO 11 Day ago
The big Mack is a burger not sandwich
When matt sees his friends playing outside Matt: can i go outside now? Mom: finish your food first Matt:
NETKO Nevazan
What 'a fuck you ar amazing
JebariGaming Day ago
How do you eat that much
Camden Carreon
This man has insane metabolism
ItsAmarni Amarni
Omg just imagine if those were the super sized ones that they had back in the days
Dio Brando
Dio Brando Day ago
I could do it faster. But I'm broke 😔
Cosmofixe Day ago
4:54 total concentration breathing Eight form waterfall basin
FBI - Day ago
Still laughing by imagining what his bathroom feels like
Brandawsome1 Day ago
I don’t know why, but I feel like watching this video with no audio would be hilarious
Elliot Campbell
I know RUvid is kinda weird now but tell me this isn’t a bit strange
FaZe RANGER Day ago
When the bell goes for playing time and u still have food left
oliver valencia
Se lo trago weon que chucha
dxxaro 2 days ago
How the fuck are the fries standing
A! 2 days ago
Kinda sad does Matt ever get to enjoy the food he eats? You wouldn't think with how fast he eats.
Mason Bellegarde
Mason Bellegarde 2 days ago
He must have a hardcore workout routine
Bluhbluhblih your mum
This niga said 2 minutes 10 when it was 1 minute 10
Saji Chackalayil
Saji Chackalayil 2 days ago
Look at how he is eating
Big M
Big M 2 days ago
I understood when he eats he gets weaker 😇
lRealGamer l
lRealGamer l 2 days ago
When my girl say:"Don't eat too much" Me: ok My girl:ok im coming home in 8 clock Clock:7:59 Me: 2:09
noel barbara
noel barbara 2 days ago
That lookes so good
noel barbara
noel barbara 2 days ago
So cool
WolfyPro 2 days ago
ME : skips 20 seconds ME : Where that food go??
مغرورة ツ
مغرورة ツ 2 days ago
xdZ0DD1ACC 2 days ago
Me in australia realising our large chips. (or as you say " f r i e s " ) is the size of your medium chips (or fries)
Bluhbluhblih your mum
xdZ0DD1ACC it’s Fries
Omar Nazir
Omar Nazir 2 days ago
Joseph Torres
Joseph Torres 2 days ago
“under 1 minute” Matt: *proceeds to make the video 8mins long*
Ibrahim Sheikh YT
Gurmeet Chani
Gurmeet Chani 2 days ago
Imagine eating like this in a restaurant
sameer shabir
sameer shabir 3 days ago
I would hate to be Matt’s toilet
Cheep Martin
Cheep Martin 3 days ago
You get you’re Big Mac meal with Matt you go to the toilet 1 minute later he’s already fineshed
Sameera Umaise
Sameera Umaise 3 days ago
Fun part aside ..! This can lead to serious health issues dude ..!
DK_TV 3 days ago
Mum:come for dinner Me realising PS4 is about to turn off soon
Getto 3 days ago
i like how he's so into the challenge
erica hoffman
erica hoffman 3 days ago
Andrey Gonzales
Andrey Gonzales 3 days ago
Me when i’m hungry
Oskar Wallin
Oskar Wallin 3 days ago
Cayden Niko
Cayden Niko 3 days ago
Matt:eats food under one minute Me: takes me like 10 minutes to finish the burger lol
ORLANDOZAY • 3 days ago
I stopped the video when he said he got Diet Coke 🤢🤢🤮🤮
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