The FASTEST Grand Mac Meal Ever Eaten (under 1 Minute!!)

Matt Stonie
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Following the footsteps of the challenge I did years back, I've grown up and graduated from a Happy Meal to a Grand Big Mac Meal!!!
Just seemed like a fun idea, and I've seen a decent amount of requests to do Grand Big Macs!!
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Mar 9, 2018




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Comments 60
CuRseYandel YT
CuRseYandel YT 2 hours ago
No sauce 🤦‍♂️
Savannah Lushbough
Savannah Lushbough 3 hours ago
It seems like you don’t like pop🤣? Do you?
OMS PLAYER 4 hours ago
Who will eat the saus😂
W0mbAt 5 hours ago
Her: Hey can you come over Me: sorry I haven't finished my 3 grand mac meals yet Her: my parents aren't home Me:
This is like that episode of Regular Show with the omelette
Jayden Grace
Jayden Grace 7 hours ago
You’re like a freak, how often do you eat?
Sam Shamloo
Sam Shamloo 8 hours ago
Matt: Does a food challenge Toilet: Ah shit, here we go again
Mercy Football
Mercy Football 9 hours ago
*I’m hungry*
Obliteration 11 hours ago
I'm not a fast eater but I ate this in minute and 28 seconds
LBC On roblox
LBC On roblox 11 hours ago
The fries and coke watching him eat the Big Mac like 👁👄👁
SullySnipes 13 hours ago
Question of the year How tf is he not dead yet?
idontknowspanish 14 hours ago
this is making me feel hungry and full at the same time
idontknowspanish 14 hours ago
This is America
Tim Page
Tim Page 14 hours ago
Hearing him swallow hurts my throat. 😂
seanplays_ 17 hours ago
**Matt in a call with a friend** Matt: “Give me a minute, I need to eat my lunch.” Friend: “Alright I’ll head to the restroom first.” **2 minutes later** Friend: “I thought you had to eat lunch?” Matt: “Yeah I already had it, it was delicious.” Friend: “...”
LBC On roblox
LBC On roblox 11 hours ago
Yeah idc
TdEGaming Yt
TdEGaming Yt 17 hours ago
After complete 3rd attempt Matt's Stomach Looks like 6months Pregnant Lady Stomach 😂😂😂😂😂
Lmac. tvrr
Lmac. tvrr 21 hour ago
Yo: voy a adelantar un poco que habla mucho 10 segundos despues: wey y el menú?
Jenna Dunne
Jenna Dunne 23 hours ago
And my mother says I need to take my time while eating my food
alex mandanas
Under a minute ay?
Otto Bismar
Otto Bismar Day ago
Mcdonald : we have the fastest food serving system This guy : hold my timer
Crazy bêãst is gåmîñg
Matt: eats a grand Mac meal in 1 min Me: struggling to finish the fries from past 8 mins be like 👁️👄👁️
Nicole Anne
Nicole Anne Day ago
Imagine him as a kid in the dinnerhall inhaling his cheetos
Sai Simba
Sai Simba Day ago
Stay healthy! Keep drinking your Diet Coke!
Matt stoner
Isaiah Sartwell
Thank god he got a diet coke
starzack Day ago
This video makes me want to eat some Macdonalds
scronch ponch
fastest at eating a grand big mac, and is still more of a clean eater than nickacado avocado.
Rich Pandabear
Matt Stonie I’m coming for your record😡 but I’m still a really big fan
0 0
0 0 Day ago
ita a big mac not a grand mac
Ludvig Alvenborg
Matt: The fastest meal Me: The fattest meal*
Lillian Hoyt
Lillian Hoyt Day ago
U must let the food digest in your body
farah latif
farah latif Day ago
I can't even finish a cola in 56 seconds
Naod Negash
Naod Negash Day ago
1:39 is when he starts
Mustafa aktürk
عَبْد العَزيز A
My record was 1 minute, seriously.
-Em- 2 days ago
When I'm rushing in the car on my way home after getting groceries
Carissa Phillips
Carissa Phillips 2 days ago
omg imagine biting your tongue
nadir kiani
nadir kiani 2 days ago
This guy has to have the record for ordering the most McDonald's ever
ACOG-idk 2 days ago
Video title;eats food under 1 min Also video: 8 mins long
Elle Rodda
Elle Rodda 2 days ago
I love you matt!!!!😍😍😍
kenneth araya
kenneth araya 2 days ago
Imagine how effective this guy's stomach has to be, he just swallows whole chunks of food
I'mWatchingYou Ppl
Please, please, please, please, puh-LEEEEEEEASE, do an anime-themed collab video with ChefPK--invitation here (towards the end): ruvid.net/video/video-fUJv4OMfvro.html
I'mWatchingYou Ppl
I want a Big Mac, now...
callam bro
callam bro 2 days ago
hgoly fuck u da man
1997 Music Young Calwiz
So basically, call you do is bite and swallow? or what the heck type of throat do you have - this is against so manly laws of science
Global Iyrics
Global Iyrics 2 days ago
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Yassin Mohamed
Yassin Mohamed 3 days ago
Dude whut is that 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Joseph Frisby
Joseph Frisby 3 days ago
I now get y he's so fat
Julian Noone
Julian Noone 3 days ago
I bet there is gonna be a video of him eating the world in 1 minute
Cuachin •
Cuachin • 3 days ago
I bet you >:v
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