The fastest elims ever at the block...

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The fastest elims you'll ever see at the block in fortnite...
USE CODE: "Tfue" - in the fortnite item shop!
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Jul 15, 2019




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Comments 5 130
Cerebrxll Month ago
Just clicked and already know there’s gonna be some big peen plays
Lil Sma
Lil Sma 25 days ago
Jeepers Creepers
Jeepers Creepers 28 days ago
This is not the real tfue
Nerfed Vegito
Nerfed Vegito Month ago
@oh yeah yeah Stfu
Tyhitz Those
Tyhitz Those Month ago
It’s a fake tfue dumbass
Jon T
Jon T Month ago
Fortnite is dead
Luca Colon
Luca Colon Day ago
I skipped to 1:27 and so he had 8 kills
visual Day ago
i remember watching this on his live stream thinking to myself this is going to be on youtube
T Man
T Man 2 days ago
this game is kind of world of war craft for fps gamers
Terco Mago
Terco Mago 6 days ago
agamos 1v1
Tiago Duarte
Tiago Duarte 7 days ago
12:11 Tfue saying he is getting third partied when he and the guy he is fighting are the only ones alive
Alliyah Ramirez
Alliyah Ramirez 8 days ago
Notice how he does this to kids. But can't do it in arenas😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jacob Greenway
Jacob Greenway 5 days ago
I'm sure he's still much better than you are
Ashley Forbes
Ashley Forbes 9 days ago
dude he is so good comment for ninja or like for tfue
ragnarock thor aka thanoes
Get outa itzlxlegendary ill 5/o you
Lionx 13 days ago
Love yo vids tfue keep up the good work and your goated you picked the pump over combat shotgun that’s a good choice!
32 The baller
32 The baller 15 days ago
Use code tfue for a 30 bomb
deergo 15 days ago
i miss this block
UnknownMatter 16 days ago
Nobody: NLE: “The Block is hot it’s On Fire”!
WarosOPM 18 days ago
10:38 how much health does 1 baller have?
Pigeon Park
Pigeon Park 19 days ago
22 ain’t bad 😂
Shkiba Din
Shkiba Din 19 days ago
Ur the best in the world 🌍 and ninja can’t even do 90s haahhaah
Dr Minx
Dr Minx 19 days ago
Girl!! please stop talking and let us watch Tfue doing his thing quietly
XxThelonelyonexX 20 days ago
10:19 200 IQ
PuLzE_ 5god
PuLzE_ 5god 20 days ago
Tfue: 22 ain’t bad. Me: dang I would of been happy with 6
Breanna Campbell
Breanna Campbell 21 day ago
Who's better Tfue or Clix?
Breanna Campbell
Breanna Campbell 21 day ago
I think Tfue
FBI 21 day ago
Why play fortnite
RayyBrodie 07
RayyBrodie 07 21 day ago
Tfue's a good streamer but it's just a game didn't have to yell at ur girl bro know ur trying to focus tho
Daniel Abercrombie
Daniel Abercrombie 22 days ago
29 actually 4:33
NewYawk !
NewYawk ! 23 days ago
Who is the chick? She’s the worst...STFU
FXYZ gaming
FXYZ gaming 24 days ago
Tfue I don't wanna get 3rd partied. Me, THERE IS ONLY 1 OTHER PERSON LEFT AND U FIGHTING HIM🙄
Cynthia Gilchrist
Cynthia Gilchrist 24 days ago
Your bad
Cynthia Gilchrist
Cynthia Gilchrist 24 days ago
Your toxic
Ryland Marc
Ryland Marc 24 days ago
Tfue: I can get 30 kills this game!!! Me: I could hide in a Bush all game!!! 4:30
Tia Ray
Tia Ray 24 days ago
Is teawap still editing your videos
Jane Jane
Jane Jane 25 days ago
Tfue there is guy impersonating you he is everywhere he is close to 13 mil subs beware
Jay en shivan Jairam
Lalallalalalallalala fortnite
Lil Sma
Lil Sma 25 days ago
mr bear
mr bear 25 days ago
10:28 that launch pad tho
BurgerMan 25 days ago
Tfue is wearing a skin!
Ching Ling
Ching Ling 26 days ago
12:10 it was a 1v1 🤣🤣
ClappzyIOS 26 days ago
Is that Corinna talking in beginning to a diff girl😂
Gabito :v
Gabito :v 26 days ago
I miss that pyramid block
KiritoX3 26 days ago
Damn that end game launch pad is was a million IQ
Stacey Elliott
Stacey Elliott 26 days ago
Tfue:get on fortnite Solos:Ah shit here we go again
tatjana tschan
tatjana tschan 26 days ago
10:41 what a jumpadmove
snakerage 27 days ago
"Third parties never end do they" as he proceeds to third party
Eliza Transue
Eliza Transue 27 days ago
Can I be in the faze clan
Eliza Transue
Eliza Transue 27 days ago
True can I be I the fase clan
Erica Salazar
Erica Salazar 27 days ago
Dominn Felicetti
Dominn Felicetti 27 days ago
Nicks de brasil hizo mas
Experience Precision
Bro no offense but your girl is toxic. You're in the middle of a record game and when she is not getting your attention enough she brings up another guy friend requesting and wanting to play with him. Bro she's a bot and will bring terror into your life. Looks will fade be a man.
Jan Rodriguez
Jan Rodriguez 27 days ago
والله يا تيفو ايمك سليماني 😂
slay_is_key 27 days ago
tfue: i don’t want to get 3rd party me: there is only you and him left
Josh Brown
Josh Brown 27 days ago
The way he baited him at 4:00 was too filthy.
Marco Antonio lescano rivas
un patio tfue
I am bad At fortnite lol
Is that
I am bad At fortnite lol
What skin
FBI 27 days ago
What skin is he wearing
Bryan Mota
Bryan Mota 28 days ago
whats the name of the skin tfue is using ????
Bryan Mota
Bryan Mota 28 days ago
What’s this skin called
Bryan Mota
Bryan Mota 28 days ago
Whats the name of this skin ??
Justin Fowler
Justin Fowler 28 days ago
you are good at fortnite
Rogue 28 days ago
Nice vid!
Jonathan Galvez
Jonathan Galvez 28 days ago
King James
King James 28 days ago
Bro prolly the most annoying girlfriend on planet earth Jesus
Dragon Darksouls
Dragon Darksouls 28 days ago
There is a fake tfue and tfue plz stop this guy
template yt
template yt 28 days ago
Guys this is the fake tfue
LUDWIG THE GAMER 28 days ago
One like pray for tfue
Sean Austin
Sean Austin 28 days ago
Why do these little kid fortnite videos keep getting recommended to me? Lol
Andy Burns
Andy Burns 28 days ago
2:40 see even Tfue can’t play with his girl talking
Varsha Jain
Varsha Jain 28 days ago
Dude u f**king use aimbot
Ehsan Yousefi
Ehsan Yousefi 28 days ago
First i tought that you had 109 health so i was like i will report you
Karina 28 days ago
Wait y’all dating or wht I’m confused
De Annoying Oreange
Like this
AHNDRX 28 days ago
Kendrell Knight
Kendrell Knight 28 days ago
You’re so bad u dang bot🤖🤖
Kendrell Knight
Kendrell Knight 28 days ago
My name is akacream64
Kendrell Knight
Kendrell Knight 28 days ago
You’re trash one v one me
Oduro Gyamfi
Oduro Gyamfi 28 days ago
10:29 misses gold scar
Break Saur
Break Saur 28 days ago
There's a copy of Tfues channel
Timeth Tube
Timeth Tube 29 days ago
Austin Fizz boy
Austin Fizz boy 29 days ago
Tfue there’s this person that stole all your videos and pretended there tfue
Ibrxhxxm 29 days ago
Robert  Johnson
Robert Johnson 29 days ago
That thirsty ass broad has an annoying asf voice.
Youtube Felt
Youtube Felt 29 days ago
Omg you are so good
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