The Fastest Eaters Compilation #9

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The fastest eaters compilation part 9 is here with competitive eaters Molly Schuyler and Nella Zisser
Check them out:
@Molly Schuyler
@Nela Zisser


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Nov 26, 2019




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Comments 242
FastFate 2 months ago
Watch my newest Fastest Eaters Compilation: ruvid.net/video/video-t0HZauiVwEg.html
Patricia Gevela
Patricia Gevela Month ago
Nedred Kaya Piss Off Bitch
Bhjh Chhh
Bhjh Chhh 2 months ago
Isabelle Christian
Isabelle Christian 2 months ago
Nedred Kaya fuck you
Nedred Kaya
Nedred Kaya 2 months ago
I hate u
Oof le lemon
Oof le lemon Day ago
That’s not fast fucking noob
Klevis Klevi
Klevis Klevi 4 days ago
Ku eshte ai qe ha sanduich o idiot
GTAV31 7 days ago
Wtf 😲
Magic Man701
Magic Man701 7 days ago
5:30 Matt Stonnie finished a dozen donuts around 40 seconds
Damien Alverio
Damien Alverio 7 days ago
*Fastest eater exist* Matt stonie: *AM I JOKE TO YOU?*
Bilal Lashari
Bilal Lashari 9 days ago
Second one is 😷😷😷ewwwww
The Call Of Duty Gamer Ph
matt stonie is faster than the girl eating donuts
The Call Of Duty Gamer Ph
lets see if they can defeat matt stonie
uq uq mesmo
uq uq mesmo 13 days ago
Galera falo do brasil kkkkk
Jose Rivera
Jose Rivera 13 days ago
They acting like that's their first time eating
mohamed hssarma
mohamed hssarma 16 days ago
No matt stonie noo like stupid 👎🏻
斎木楠雄 16 days ago
Yanlong Phom
Yanlong Phom 17 days ago
👎Who thinks Matt stonie is faster them all
Carla 17 days ago
🤮🤢🤮 damn...
Josiie Miller
Josiie Miller 19 days ago
U forgot Matt Stonie
Felix Quang Vi Nguyen
I give a dislike because there isn't Matt Stonie
Slip 21 day ago
I wanna puke
Nguyễn Thanh Tùng
how do this people cant even gain much weight from eating all this?
IllIIllIIllIIllII 22 days ago
Dekaa Z
Dekaa Z 23 days ago
Why didn’t you count Matt stonie
เปรม ฐิติวุฒิ
i think matt stonie he is eat donuts fast than her
Oʙʟɪᴠɪᴏɴ Rҽϙυιҽɱ
The hotdog xD funny
Jessica Clemons
Jessica Clemons 25 days ago
How do you people stay so fit
Victoria Yount
Victoria Yount Month ago
Now i want a sandwich.
J J Month ago
Go Molly
She not even chewin🤮
Kahena Pandore
Kahena Pandore Month ago
Le premier c’est le sheitan
Giorgi Markozashvili
The 1st woman was literally just breaking burger meat into a little parts instead of eating it
Nxlx 25 days ago
she really was but she still have eaten it😂
sandro gloveli
sandro gloveli Month ago
good challenge i can have free food in contests
Jey2u2 P.
Jey2u2 P. Month ago
Ugh,too messy
elbader 82
elbader 82 Month ago
GIRL: eats dozen donuts in 100 seconds Matt stonie: hold my donut
elbader 82
elbader 82 29 days ago
Thelonewolf89 Harries k
Thelonewolf89 Harries
Random man: i have the slowest eating Turtles: Imma Bout To End. This mans whole career
Mukbang Mermaid
Mukbang Mermaid Month ago
🦑🐙MUKBANG IS LIFE-------------->My Gills are FlUTTeRiNg 🦑🐙
Guli Т-аra
Guli Т-аra Month ago
Tim Rice
Tim Rice Month ago
They not even chewing the food...
Karl Marx Lim
Karl Marx Lim Month ago
In 7:06 matt stonie has 34 sec in eating that
Venom [XP]
Venom [XP] Month ago
Matt Stonie: hold my donut Matt Stonie again: WHERE AM I IN THIS VIDEO?!?!?
Miguel Tampos
Miguel Tampos Month ago
They cant even beat furious pete nad matt stonie
kraxkt Month ago
Thaly Waly2009
Thaly Waly2009 Month ago
Unlike these ppl I actually like to enjoy me food ;-;
Narayanan and Rekha Kutty
6:12 I think that's Matt stonies mom...
Thelonewolf89 Harries
Feck ye
Ashir Naeem
Ashir Naeem Month ago
Who else would it be
Melike Sahin
Melike Sahin Month ago
Ok boomer
nordgut123 Month ago
4:09 , she does it in 1 min, 36 sec and the reporter says its a record. Matt Stonie, does it in 34 seconds.
Paul Mangalinao
Paul Mangalinao Month ago
Matt stonie did 25 seconds on donuts
Amanda Hippolyte
this is so disgusting🤢🙈
Selma Smile
Selma Smile Month ago
It's so disgusting.
zajmir rustja
zajmir rustja Month ago
the girl eating the burger like a dick
Vadim Baltatescu
I eat the orange in 4.45 second
rival_fn Month ago
Matt stonnie eated that in 33 seconds the duncun donuts so idk wtf ur saying
rival_fn 17 days ago
@Thelonewolf89 Harries facts thoe
Thelonewolf89 Harries
Its ate not eated
Thelonewolf89 Harries
rival_fn R/YoungPeopleRUvid
Karl Gabby
Karl Gabby Month ago
Fastest worst no manners in a food if you want to have a contest who is a fastest one who eat make sure that they have manners in a contest bruh
El vertedero De astu
Malísimo el primero
RyZy s90
RyZy s90 Month ago
#2.28 minuto quién vio a Luisito comunica hay atrás :v
oufa033 Month ago
I eat a dog in 40second
oufa033 Month ago
Tomicker Hosea
Tomicker Hosea Month ago
I'll report you
Eron Fazliu
Eron Fazliu Month ago
5:48 matt stonie doing for 34 second🤔
GummyBear King
GummyBear King Month ago
Elvira Charitou
Elvira Charitou Month ago
Τι αηδιες
miraculous tales
Me:how u did this means the loss of food
bernard macinas
bernard macinas Month ago
max stonie is the best
Son Goku Master Ultra instinct
You should look at matt stoney's video
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