The Fastest Eaters Compilation #3 | Furious Pete & Matt Stonie

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WATCH The Fastest Drinkers: ruvid.net/video/video-LNm3omTgytc.html
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Mar 30, 2019




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Comments 217
FastFate 10 months ago
WATCH Part 8 Of The Fastest Eaters Compilation: ruvid.net/video/video-jBIV25RagNM.html
aloqwed7 Day ago
Im hwre only for matt stonie and furious pete
Frank fuk
Frank fuk 10 days ago
Gebakken WATER
Gebakken WATER 12 days ago
What's the first one's name?
Нуртилек Касыев
Э жетим не мактасын
Giannis fraykoulis
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Month ago
Qysh mi than ramizit mi ka borq namerik 35 euro e muka prish viberi
Mhedz Flores
Mhedz Flores Month ago
2:47 is that ricardo milos????!!!!
Cain P._.hillips
Cain P._.hillips 2 months ago
Matt + Fusion = Matt Fusion Or Stonie + pete = Stonie Pete that will be the best combo name
GRACE! 2 months ago
how does it not bug them that they get food in their water
Thảo Lý
Thảo Lý 3 months ago
2:47 WTF
Zain Ali
Zain Ali 3 months ago
Like for Matt stonie
Jovana Veljovic
Jovana Veljovic 4 months ago
Forius Pete wow
bowling plays cool lanes
Vote for matt stonie
cool mafia
cool mafia 5 months ago
Matt Stonie was vomiting
Pachr 5 months ago
Lego for life
Lego for life 5 months ago
William Inscoe
William Inscoe 6 months ago
I see matt stonie and im like dang but then I see ricardo lookin and im like HOLY HELL
Lumig Egamino
Lumig Egamino 6 months ago
Matt stonie is the best
NativeQueenXO 6 months ago
that hotdog guy LMAOOO wtf guy
Master Yoda
Master Yoda 6 months ago
I thought I ate too fast...
Spongebob 7 months ago
666K views Devil confirmed
xxXdraxzyXx x
xxXdraxzyXx x 7 months ago
When I'm in endgame in fortnite and my parents tell me to eat dinner
Gaming Vrp
Gaming Vrp 7 months ago
Me:I wanna eat just like them mom Mom:ok sweetie Me after a min:"chocking and almost dead" My young sis:Hello 911 my brother was jumping from the house to catch my hotdog
Mhedz Flores
Mhedz Flores Month ago
Me too
Noob Player
Noob Player 7 months ago
Nailed it😂😂
JayGamer24 96
JayGamer24 96 7 months ago
He can die like that like this if yall dont want him to die
Milena Lyubcheva
Milena Lyubcheva 7 months ago
This is unhealthy. 😲😲😲😎😎
Phia Marquina
Phia Marquina 7 months ago
Thats not Good
Faisal Zahed
Faisal Zahed 7 months ago
I feel bad for his geusts and when he gos to parties
Dale Manansala
Dale Manansala 7 months ago
Go team furious lololol
Dewi Ma'rufah
Dewi Ma'rufah 8 months ago
Freddie Mercury Fan And Im lilpeep fan :D
4:35 wooooow!!!!!
Matty B
Matty B 8 months ago
Furious Pete eats like a pig. Matt is a bit more refined and a lot faster.
Mtndewencome 7
Mtndewencome 7 8 months ago
Howard Fabian
Howard Fabian 8 months ago
matt:i will be the first pete: no i am matt:why pete: because i am big than you matt: okay?
_stii_ 8 months ago
3.18 WTF
kskekjsxix 8 months ago
so pretty wow
CLocKyZ_ 8 months ago
Im hungry
Soviet Loli
Soviet Loli 8 months ago
1:24 when its summer vacation
Sprinkle k໐໐kie
Sprinkle k໐໐kie 8 months ago
I wonderhow do ya eat hot ramen 😕😕😕
Clarissa Phillips
Clarissa Phillips 8 months ago
Do they chew it up or do they just swollow it
Sarp Altay
Sarp Altay 8 months ago
Eddie 8 months ago
People not to invite to dinner...
Agility 8 months ago
Rlly cool of matt stonie and all But its just gross if you just shove food in your mouth and swallow rlly fast Edit : This isnt fastest eaters They just swallow It supposed to be : Worlds fastest swallowers
evan love
evan love 8 months ago
Well, swallowing food is still eating.
Marcia Viegas
Marcia Viegas 8 months ago
Wow, i'm hungry
Black Goku Rosè
Black Goku Rosè 8 months ago
Syaza Batrisya
Syaza Batrisya 8 months ago
Wow cool!
imran khan
imran khan 8 months ago
How the hell do they eat that fast and not choke? It looks like they don't even chew their food.
Rachid Trhh7
Rachid Trhh7 8 months ago
مقرف جدا
deep girl
deep girl 8 months ago
2:51 WTF is that.... LMAO
Xavier Andaya
Xavier Andaya 8 months ago
Matt stonie eats more faster than furious Pete
Hamzah Khan Jadoon
Hamzah Khan Jadoon 8 months ago
Matt stonie you are amazing how can you do it
Joan2.0tk Joan2.0tk
Joan2.0tk Joan2.0tk 8 months ago
Like Matt stonie Comment Pete furious
uwu its a fish!
uwu its a fish! 8 days ago
_M A T T S T O N I E_
Lego for life
Lego for life 5 months ago
Jeff Chu
Jeff Chu 6 months ago
Joan Ismail lol
ᴋɪʀᴜ ࿐
ᴋɪʀᴜ ࿐ 8 months ago
Mat stonie fans hit like♡ 👇👇
Nóng flm TV
Nóng flm TV 8 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-aXhU43fkTps.html 🔞🔞🔞
I RIDE MOTOVLOGS 8 months ago
2:40 the guy just puts the banana at the side of his mouth
Nucleushope631 - ace
I like to eat many am a 9 year old kid aaaa
Danger Oyuncu
Danger Oyuncu 9 months ago
bu adamlar hayvan
Yohana Lim
Yohana Lim 9 months ago
1:39 no brain freeze ?
Matt Bhing
Matt Bhing 9 months ago
Bobo mattstonie
Iqbal Aziz1978
Iqbal Aziz1978 9 months ago
1.20 FAzsT
J e r r y
J e r r y 9 months ago
i know for a fact that no one can beat me in eating cheese.
Noob Player
Noob Player 7 months ago
@Mtndewencome 7 😂😂😂
Mtndewencome 7
Mtndewencome 7 7 months ago
@Noob Player Lmao 😂😂
Noob Player
Noob Player 7 months ago
Then u both definitely should film a video and I'll be watch😂
Mtndewencome 7
Mtndewencome 7 8 months ago
Really? If we lived in the same country, I would challenge you
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