The Fastest Eaters Compilation #2 (Furious Pete vs Matt Stonie)

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Watch The Fastest Eaters Compilation #10: ruvid.net/video/video-mcRL-b4FGG4.html
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Original videos: ruvid.net/video/video-pZvhmWtDvUw.html
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Original videos: ruvid.net/video/video-rvaYl7mr1C8.html


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Jan 19, 2019




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Comments 300
FastFate 10 months ago
WATCH Part 8 Of The Fastest Eaters Compilation: ruvid.net/video/video-jBIV25RagNM.html
Románツ 22 days ago
Sudha Shukla
Sudha Shukla 2 months ago
I can eat McDonald's fries the BiG ones four of them in 1 min and 20 seconds
Keizer Pamintuan
Keizer Pamintuan 2 months ago
Fast Eat Fast!
Ralph Chehab
Ralph Chehab 2 months ago
matt is the best
Peti Peti
Peti Peti 2 months ago
en mar a feletol is ki doltem volna ezek meg megbirnak enni 2😮😮😮
Dina Del Rosario
Dina Del Rosario 2 months ago
Matt stonie best
LeDy LeDy78
LeDy LeDy78 3 months ago
100 k incoming
Nasar Venus
Nasar Venus 3 months ago
matt stonie or furious pete matt stonie like furious pete comment
anonimo anonimante
anonimo anonimante 3 months ago
O mio dio cosa è quella pizza all'inizio. sono sconvolto
Kartun Si Yuga
Kartun Si Yuga 3 months ago
Tanboy kun!!
Max 3 months ago
But still Matt Stonie is faster eater.
Davee Rose Anyog
Davee Rose Anyog 3 months ago
Matt stonie100%
Mert Gultekin
Mert Gultekin 3 months ago
Winner winner chickin dinner matt stonie vinner
Luizinho Luiz
Luizinho Luiz 3 months ago
matt stone wins
Joshua Chibo
Joshua Chibo 3 months ago
100% STONIE :)
Joshua Chibo
Joshua Chibo 3 months ago
Matt stonie is quicker cause there was an actual time for the hamburger one
bkstacker 247
bkstacker 247 3 months ago
Around 8:14 slow it down is he spitting out his food
Worse than the Devil
Then catches, eats it and still beats Pete.
Jeffy Longoria
Jeffy Longoria 3 months ago
Matt stonie and furious pete. You guys are really really ausome
Jeffy Longoria
Jeffy Longoria 3 months ago
Also I. Love you guys so much
Belinda Viterbo
Belinda Viterbo 4 months ago
Ang bagal naman ng oras ng kalaban ni matt stonie
EJ Faumui
EJ Faumui 4 months ago
if Furious Pete won the only reason he won because of the size of the pizza
Stephanie Joy Eden
Stephanie Joy Eden 4 months ago
Furious pete eats like a weirdo
Mathijs Beast
Mathijs Beast 4 months ago
moja stara
moja stara 4 months ago
Mohammad Sakka
Mohammad Sakka 4 months ago
Matt is the best
evolve_ المشاكس
For wath you are not fat
guia ser
guia ser 5 months ago
Stikk is the beast eater around the world!!... No more
naznin82 begam
naznin82 begam 6 months ago
Bro Matt stonie
Hajer Jebari
Hajer Jebari 6 months ago
حاطين شكون اسرع واحد ياكل هذا يتسما تبذير انتوما سقاط يا اولاد الكلب
Aldrin tiqui
Aldrin tiqui 6 months ago
Vote team furious pete 100% Looser matt stonie 20%
Tengo Miqadze
Tengo Miqadze 6 months ago
Idk pete just forces too damn much but matt is smooth af (i know matt forces himself sometimes too but unlike pete like donut part)
Simon Neumüller
Simon Neumüller 6 months ago
Matt stonie👌
film gratis
film gratis 6 months ago
Vieni a Napoli e vedrai la vera bontà della pizza
TheDarkZEK 6 months ago
So they spend money to eat food in a min When i get a burger from kfc...i eat it in 15 mins I like to feel the tastr and mmmmm
Carlos Naranjo
Carlos Naranjo 6 months ago
100 likes fot Matt 1 likes for pete
Erros Mart Abad
Erros Mart Abad 6 months ago
Matt Stonie still the man yo! He got a black hole inside him 🕳️ Y'all should watch his competitions 💯
SadFlow X
SadFlow X 6 months ago
matt stonie eats bigger quantities in less time also his way isn't disgusting like this cmnt if u like matt stonie
Caline Zakka Jabbour
Everyone is the faster eater in the world cuz they only eat fast
GA Vincy
GA Vincy 6 months ago
Ficcatela su per il deretano
SoY-_-TheorY 6 months ago
I think Matt stonier had a bigger pizza slice
wolves_has_good_lives gaming
Matt stonie
Al Fatir Fatir
Al Fatir Fatir 6 months ago
Bang datang ke indonesia nangtangin tunboy kun pasti kalah
pokemoncard collecter
Hader Hasan
Hader Hasan 6 months ago
GACHA BR 6 months ago
Porque eles nunca comem a borda da pizza??
Usman Ali
Usman Ali 7 months ago
I love matt
Jack Gamer
Jack Gamer 7 months ago
Matt is way quicker than Pete
Rogelio Bautista
Rogelio Bautista 7 months ago
I think it is pete
Free fire
Free fire 7 months ago
Garfield The Cat !!!
Matt stonie isnt that fast
Syaza Batrisya
Syaza Batrisya 7 months ago
Dont you going to be fat? bc you eat to much you going to be sick
Nazwa Madina
Nazwa Madina 7 months ago
ice bear V
ice bear V 7 months ago
3:23 when I took a donut with no permission and my parents are coming 😱😨😰🤔
egg cookie
egg cookie 5 months ago
S1MPLE Device
S1MPLE Device 7 months ago
Matt Stonie is most fast than Peter
Mike Black
Mike Black 7 months ago
Pete retired
minixo Mini
minixo Mini 7 months ago
nurmunawwarah munawwarah27112003
i like if furios pete not to open his mouth and showing his teeth .i dont like.i want he to eat and not much talking
Luke Fenton
Luke Fenton 8 months ago
Sry to say furious Pete but Matt stonier had a faster Crispy Kreme time
מרסלו פרופיס
Amazing #CorbucciEats
TheGaiming 8 months ago
suge pula psd
Daniel Alfì
Daniel Alfì 8 months ago
Matt Stonie
Mus Musrifah
Mus Musrifah 7 months ago
Ustaz kazim elyas
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