The Fastest Eaters Compilation #10 (Meme Edition)

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Fastest eaters part 11: ruvid.net/video/video-t0HZauiVwEg.html
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Dec 3, 2019




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Comments 63
FastFate Month ago
Watch my newest Fastest Eaters Compilation: ruvid.net/video/video-t0HZauiVwEg.html
ilkin Amirxan
ilkin Amirxan 10 days ago
Gic oglu gic
Vivo Y11
Vivo Y11 12 days ago
Number 2:it's not funny bro
Sonyko Honles
Sonyko Honles Month ago
1:24 xdd
Maxime Trottier
Maxime Trottier Month ago
남김태영 Month ago
water breake?
Marc-André Ouellet
Most of the comments is in 0:50 XDDDDD
Marc-André Ouellet
Holdik YT
Holdik YT Month ago
1:00 WTF
Tik Toker
Tik Toker Month ago
00:50 when I see food 🥘
uwu its a fish!
uwu its a fish! 11 days ago
Tik Toker my brother eating my food be like 1:07
Hazel Moonsamy
Hazel Moonsamy Month ago
1:20 just because of this guy I took out my like and put a dislike his acting very stupid even the last guy
Tails the fox
Tails the fox Month ago
The funny Asian dude is more insane that funny
Alyssa Ironheart
Alyssa Ironheart
Bandit Gamer
Bandit Gamer Month ago
Is anyone gonna to talk about how he edit the last guy
I SAY MEAN THINGS 10 days ago
Joey's world tour is his RUvid he use to be a huge meme now he makes family friendly content :(
Мистер Стен Ли
0:44 блять я ору
Taiga Matsumura
Taiga Matsumura Month ago
Joes world tour is so funny
Taiga Matsumura
Taiga Matsumura Month ago
The fat Asian tho
李廖 Month ago
It a China prison Eating a watermelon
Fahmi Killer
Fahmi Killer Month ago
0:47 WTF
Alisha Month ago
3one is so creepyyyyyyy😱😱
DA RK Month ago
Desenhe para todos amém
هل تعلم
هل تعلم Month ago
Streety Month ago
Play this at 0.25x 2:07
Hanora Gavin
Hanora Gavin Month ago
Of you love food, then you would want to savor the flavor, and not shove it down your throat.😒😶
Vaino Chen
Vaino Chen Month ago
The funny Asian laughs so funny
ツLightOfGodTR ツ
0:58 turkish translate:Amına koyaaamm
jayto_sweaty at fortnite
At 1:20th he posed or is it just me
bako mur
bako mur Month ago
Jackson 2018 ha 2019
bako mur
bako mur Month ago
айм сори fqv sori
Tiya Park
Tiya Park Month ago
Not gonna buy hotdogs for a year ewww
bako mur
bako mur Month ago
cassimshah 2 months ago
1:17 Tf U~U
Arionna Calbert
Arionna Calbert 2 months ago
1:00 and I thought I was crazy for food
e g
e g Month ago
Lori me too
ali yusef s
ali yusef s 2 months ago
dam that guy with nuttella is on Crack I swear
Wolf Lee
Wolf Lee 2 months ago
I hate Nutella
Gurl pls
Gurl pls 2 months ago
0:37 he sounds like chucky
uwu its a fish!
uwu its a fish! 11 days ago
Gurl pls ik
Bjordigeegaa Bjordigeegaa
What the fake is going oooooon
Victoria Uribe
Victoria Uribe 2 months ago
El último no era casa era nutela es un chocolate derretido
lamisis1 2 months ago
Por favor q le pasa a ese chino parece un bufonn o se metio algo
Emma Rickerby
Emma Rickerby 2 months ago
I knew it sounded like minecraft
Strahinja Malinovski
Welat Polat
Welat Polat 2 months ago
00:50 hahaha😂😂😂😂
Aeioun Miniano
Aeioun Miniano 2 months ago
That fat guy is stupidly crazy bitch
Edvin Tan
Edvin Tan 2 months ago
All these people look like they are on crack not gonna lie
blazetrooper_ ytf
blazetrooper_ ytf 2 months ago
Yoooo these people are going through something did you see my man with the Nutella God damn
Aušra Stegvilienė
Aušra Stegvilienė 2 months ago
Omg that guy face😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gabriel Vasquez
Gabriel Vasquez 2 months ago
Why he laughing like that
LITV ʜᴅ 2 months ago
Moral of story : Asian goes crazy when eat food
BabyDanCe5 Month ago
Wrong not all Asian I'm Asian myself and I don't eat crazy
mr greeks gr vodka
mr greeks gr vodka 2 months ago
In the first meme ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah😂😂😂😂😂
X_Erwin __
X_Erwin __ 2 months ago
0:58 yeah im thinking that to
Zea Harai
Zea Harai 2 months ago
_GAMER_ØF_DØØM _ 2 months ago
Justin Hecht
Justin Hecht 2 months ago
حسوني فيراتي
اول حطلي قلب
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