The Fastest Drinkers Compilation #3 | Furious Pete & BadlandsChugs

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The fastest drinkers in the world! Make sure to check them out down below
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Nov 19, 2019




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Comments 259
FastFate 2 months ago
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David Ahmetovic
David Ahmetovic 23 days ago
hella frosty
hella frosty Day ago
Ill never her over how badland chugs can burp that loud
katy Leal
katy Leal 2 days ago
Que nojo o copo de ovo
Vijender Singh
Vijender Singh 3 days ago
Bad land chug my fevoret
Rexhep Rexhepi
Rexhep Rexhepi 4 days ago
Its not two l cola but 1,5 l
Yasir Muhammed
Yasir Muhammed 6 days ago
Try Green mango juice next time
Zosangpuii Chhakchhuak
Burp video
Zosangpuii Chhakchhuak
1st Buuuuuuuuurp
咯Dangerous] 11 days ago
Badlands chugs is the fastest out of them all
I C E 13 days ago
1:40 bugg
ill mango
ill mango 16 days ago
i can only chug a water bottle in a minute or less ://
Анна Ким
Анна Ким 18 days ago
ВЫ просто крэйзи
Juanchi leone
Juanchi leone 19 days ago
Do you want something to drink bro?
Juanchi leone
Juanchi leone 19 days ago
What?? Eggs are so disgusting
TheRoro06 19 days ago
Du er mærkelig
PandaMAN MGL 21 day ago
01:17 he is black becuase he drink only coke he drink coke he's coke go to his skin
Kristian Butterworth
Leone so you wasnt though?
Juanchi leone
Juanchi leone 3 days ago
@Kristian Butterworth ok 😂
Kristian Butterworth
@Juanchi leone stop jumping for the racist card immediately! I wouldn't class it as racist, however I would say it's the most ridiculous I've ever seen from probably the thickest person to have ever existed
Juanchi leone
Juanchi leone 18 days ago
@DemiGod Light ok
DemiGod Light
DemiGod Light 18 days ago
Juanchi leone I know is racist but it’s meant for a joke
R. I. P XXX 21 day ago
Devyani Vashishth
Devyani Vashishth 22 days ago
01:22 monstrous buro
Suhaib Ali Ahamed
Suhaib Ali Ahamed 22 days ago
1:42 ahhhhh mommy fast
Suhaib Ali Ahamed
Suhaib Ali Ahamed 22 days ago
1:22 ahh mother help me from this giant monster!
Mohad Shamim
Mohad Shamim 28 days ago
Chutiya ki aulad
تااماا تلتنتلب
ماشاء الله كل هذا وكمان بسرعه
Doha Lachhhab
Doha Lachhhab Month ago
Antonio chiquito
Yo soy de cerritos y veo esto
Adana Kebab Moruk
Im not kidding im drinking too 6 raw eggs ist good for workouts guys try it
J Carreon
J Carreon Month ago
My mom caught me chugging chocolate syrup and she slap it out of my mouth
Asaweak 126
Asaweak 126 Month ago
Tried to call you when I get to know that I'm going to bed early tonight or no deal with this guy is here to help with that one is the best for me to go back to school
Mr. MinecraftYt
Mr. MinecraftYt Month ago
Me:🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮(to the eggs) Pete:🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱(easy)
sandro gloveli
sandro gloveli Month ago
2:27 camera shaked when he burped like wtf
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Geghard Pourhertoun
botirov vs sobitjonov
Hi my channel botirov vs sobitjonov my subscribe to
botirov vs sobitjonov
Hi my channel botirov vs sobitjonov my subscribe please
ليمووونه ليان
يشرب بيض ني 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
zox gamer زوكز جيمر
والله المقطع يقرف
Dragoş Month ago
It takes him 39 seconds to drink as much water as i drink in 24 hours...
Gacha Melih TR
Gacha Melih TR Month ago
1:25 FREE autotune
Tom Guerrero
Tom Guerrero Month ago
Show me someone drinking milk. That is the most impressive.
Krish Mgr
Krish Mgr Month ago
This thing never goona try 🤣
Shane Ross
Shane Ross Month ago
Meta Niekyte
Meta Niekyte Month ago
i liked your outri
Meta Niekyte
Meta Niekyte Month ago
Maura A Cervantes Vazquez
nosea cochino mijo se ba a estraguñar agame caso
Adam Layas
Adam Layas Month ago
Can you please please p
Hawea Kekipi
Hawea Kekipi Month ago
🤮 the eggs that is so gross yuck
Taiga Matsumura
Taiga Matsumura Month ago
Raw eggs?
heyder mohmmed
heyder mohmmed Month ago
fuck usa
Girija gopi
Girija gopi Month ago
So discusting
PeakDart PL
PeakDart PL Month ago
1:45 Sea lion :-)
Info Villam
Info Villam Month ago
Molnar kiki
Info Villam
Info Villam Month ago
Molnar kiki
Vortexx Fn
Vortexx Fn Month ago
2:16 chug jug
Anonimni Month ago
see channel komplexash type "50 eggs"
Joshua Rozestraten
And my friend has a hard time drinking a cup of smoothie... lol
Legend Gaming
Legend Gaming Month ago
1:24 the Lion King 😂 lol
Alperen Çifci
Alperen Çifci Month ago
Marz Ray
Marz Ray Month ago
That fat guy is slow
Indigo Sakura
Indigo Sakura Month ago
1:22 is me when i eat big food
Walker #6682
Walker #6682 Month ago
omg at 4:07 , what is the song , it is used at Call Of Duty : Mobile game
Anika Anjum Rumman
They are nothing but ZOMBIE 🤮🧟‍♂🧟‍♂🧟‍♂🧟‍♂
Florence Nervar
Florence Nervar Month ago
Like-badlandschugs Commet-furiuos pete
Florence Nervar
Florence Nervar Month ago
@sandro gloveli Now a man of quality
sandro gloveli
sandro gloveli Month ago
Awkward Content
Awkward Content Month ago
I love how he took meme clips and put them in this video
Ceren Çakırlar
Popon'dan pıt pıt çıkacak o yumurtalar
Jeren Jingga
Jeren Jingga Month ago
That burp is to extremeeeeeeee for mee
lemon Boi
lemon Boi Month ago
i respect badlandschugs for killing himself for his fans entertainment
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