The Family-Friendly Noose Song

Rusty Cage
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"The Family-Friendly Noose Song" by Rusty Cage
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RUvid removed the original Noose song and gave my channel a community guidelines strike, saying the song "teaches people how to kill themselves" So in this song, I decided to make it family friendly as HECK. See what I did there?
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Comments 80
Rusty Cage
Rusty Cage Year ago
Follow me on my new Twitter: twitter.com/realRUSTYCAGE
Gavin Whitefield
Gavin Whitefield 2 days ago
This video is just showing suicidal kids how to hang themselves
Dylan Mazzoli
Dylan Mazzoli 3 days ago
@Rumi Bakugou oh sorry
You have fallen in my trap card
Rumi Bakugou it a statement
You have fallen in my trap card
Rumi Bakugou and it wasn’t a joke
CattyMouse 3 days ago
This is a great song, it's so funny 😂
wingedcat yt
wingedcat yt Hour ago
1:03 suicide shoes
PaperGirl Hour ago
this will be very helpful
Purple Popato Chisp
Wow! This is actually family friendly...
Silence Sudıøs
Silence Sudıøs 3 hours ago
Everyone: Hey looks so happy! I wounded what he's listening to? His music:
Water Wolf
Water Wolf 3 hours ago
I feel like I will say a sentence in the future along the lines of “Nuu, don’t die, I’ll be alone! Even though I know how to tie a noose, I won’t help you with it. Don’t leave me here : (I can’t express sadness that well, so whatever I say may make people think I’m careless for how I acted in the situation)
critical rash
critical rash 5 hours ago
*_hang_* *a picture*
Freddie ashdown
Freddie ashdown 5 hours ago
0:46 his neighbor sees him walking up the stepladder with a noose hanging from hiss ceiling
Natalia Vasquez
Natalia Vasquez 5 hours ago
Dose anyone else have a hidden rope in a drawer or is it just me
ThinkerOfGames 9 hours ago
I would make a stylish belt but 1. I'm too poor to afford a rope. 2. I'm too stupid to figure out how to tie a noose
Fluffy The Bunny
Fluffy The Bunny 10 hours ago
*when your friend actually used this song to commit sui-die*
Pickle RickC-137
Pickle RickC-137 10 hours ago
Matthew Bickley
Matthew Bickley 12 hours ago
I needed this is my "life".
Queen of darkness
Queen of darkness 13 hours ago
This Is very catchy
Gilibrical Man
Gilibrical Man 14 hours ago
I wonder if this has actually helped someone kill them selves because it teaches you how to tie a noose
Literally Nobody
Literally Nobody 15 hours ago
This song is on my recommended ;-;
spike weeky
spike weeky 15 hours ago
Um you need help dude
daleketchup 16 hours ago
I get the reason the original was taken down, but this honestly feels better. Probably because it’s longer
WisperXD 16 hours ago
Very catchy not gonna lie
Jason Gladu
Jason Gladu 16 hours ago
My man's avoided every assisted suicide Claus out there.
Eloize Aubin
Eloize Aubin 18 hours ago
nooses are very useful in a variety of situations. a variant of the hangman's knot (the noose shown in the video) is often use in fishing to attach tackles or something like that. personally, i most often use nooses when i crochet, since most projects start with a slip knot.
Donald Espitia
Donald Espitia 18 hours ago
honestly who buys rope?
Donald Espitia
Donald Espitia 18 hours ago
0:21 when ur aunt gives u a stupid gift but have to act happy
TheLegaendery CheseCake2
i wanted to go commit die and wanted to find a tutorial on how to make a hangman knot i found this i laughed so hard i forgot that i wanted to kys
Tim Drake
Tim Drake 18 hours ago
kids tablets
kids tablets 22 hours ago
I'm surprised this isn't flagged
Barbara Brown
Barbara Brown 22 hours ago
@Rusty Cage I’m SO glad I came upon your RUvid channel! I heard your original version on Spotify and like that, too. Would you consider also uploading this version to Spotify? I also want to be able to play this version on repeat!
HockeyPro2468 22 hours ago
I’m imagining if anyone actually has had to use this for.....you know
Kain Stellitano
Kain Stellitano 23 hours ago
Spycat924 23 hours ago
*sayori has joined the chat*
Marshmallow Assassin
0:55 ˋfamily friendly´
I love his faces at 0:21 and 1:01 .
Violet Heath
Violet Heath 23 hours ago
Thanks for telling me :)
Mr Grabble
Mr Grabble 23 hours ago
always consider self abuse, never forget how to tie a noose
Doodle Doddle
Doodle Doddle 23 hours ago
How many pepper used this to help them with their uh problems
Ean Manface
Ean Manface Day ago
This was in my recommended...so is RUvid trying to tell me something?
this song taught me how to tie a noose and I never put it around my neck!!!!
Aurora 0310
Aurora 0310 Day ago
Instructions unclear, I ended up with a weird mess. What do.
jesus Day ago
"recommended for you"
Dialga236 Day ago
This song legitimately helps me for when I need to tie a noose, thanks.
Friday Gillespie
Thanks man your a life ender
Friday Gillespie
Thanks man your a life ender
Emrald70 Day ago
The comments are still on THIS video? (I'm not complaining) It's an odd world.
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment Day ago
Wait a min I got this in recommended i think RUvid is telling me something
alexander nl
alexander nl Day ago
Nicholas Muller
Damn this is only a year old
Somebody Somebody
RUvid, I want you to tell me why this is in my recommended.
A1KO GACHA Day ago
Didn't work, I knew I was a failure...
Joshua Dixon
Joshua Dixon Day ago
Is this a message
Jack Ruggiero
I thought you said family friendly, I saw the word gay! 0/5
Addisyn F
Addisyn F Day ago
family friendly... right
Robin, The Boy Wonder
Instructions not clear. Batman's been hitting me again
Party a11 day 7
Is it ok that I can't stop watching this?
xXx _ Faith _ xXx
i want one so bad XD
SaliGalm Day ago
Can we take a second to realize how wrong the "stylish belt" looks.
Not in line
Not in line Day ago
Me: im depressed Google: seek help, its ok *Bing:*
Dog Man
Dog Man Day ago
Thank man the guy in my basement died so fast
Michael Vakarian790
•Monthly Bills•
Can we talk about how aggressive he starts to become at the end? i think hes losing hope.
Losandro Day ago
We’re teachen then young
o F Fitzy
o F Fitzy Day ago
I bet everyone one who is depressed is watching this just to tie a noose
Scribble_Kid Day ago
“Never consider self abuse this is how you tie a noose” *confused screaming* I’m getting mixed signals
Scribble_Kid Day ago
When you don’t know wether or not your suicidal.
Brian Rorabaugh
Im gonna use this with a fishing lure
Hey thanks for teaching me how to tie a noose so that I can hang mysel- A PICTURE! Yeah a picture totally
The Gladiator
I remember learning this in elementary school, I’m not even fucking joking
Your friendly neighbourhood Gachatuber
This should be renamed to:The Alastor Song
Do the family friendly coronavirus song,see if that cancels you. AND BEFORE YOU CRY IN THE REPLIES,I SAID FAMILY FRIENDLY VERSION,NOT THE ONE OUT NOW.
YT Wolfzy
YT Wolfzy Day ago
0:55 uh yeah a belt
Couch Potato
Couch Potato Day ago
The belt part is scarier than what the noose is really for
KidinAKrowd With chiken wings
0:57 that’s just wrong
Gacha Robyn
Gacha Robyn Day ago
AHAHAHA! This is basically teaching people who are suicidal how to tie the knot
Tim Drake
Tim Drake Day ago
You should consider self abuse gacha shit
Shane Martin
Shane Martin Day ago
you can use it as a lasso to catch food in the wild
Little Cutie
Little Cutie Day ago
1:00 My sleep paralysis demon at 3am:
This is probably the last video a suicidal person would see
Itztezca Productions
Really Your videos are the only things that save from my death
I've always needed a new belt thank you.
Oscar 3rd Period
Thank you
Oscar Wind
Oscar Wind Day ago
A great use for this is when your neighbor keeps mowing the lawn a 6 am
Pugz Lover
Pugz Lover Day ago
Title:”Kid-friendly song” Video:”make a stylish belt” Also video:*makes a stick* Me:”BRUH “
Taxtapy Inc.
Taxtapy Inc. Day ago
0:02 never ask that on the internet... a furry might be watching among us
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