The Family-Friendly Noose Song

Rusty Cage
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"The Family-Friendly Noose Song" by Rusty Cage
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RUvid removed the original Noose song and gave my channel a community guidelines strike, saying the song "teaches people how to kill themselves" So in this song, I decided to make it family friendly as HECK. See what I did there?
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Jul 27, 2018




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Comments 43 223
Rusty Cage
Rusty Cage Year ago
Follow me on my new Twitter: twitter.com/realRUSTYCAGE
Alisa De ketele Pornsing
When you say someting obout happy the backround is so ....( no offens)
Alisa De ketele Pornsing
Im verry late but im so happy that this popped on my screen for recomended
Chernobyl Reactor
Rusty Cage hello I love your vids never stop making them
dragon lion
dragon lion 4 days ago
Still loving that scarce is gay
Star Shopping
Star Shopping 12 days ago
Are u related to a boy named james cockroll
NO4HPLAYZ 4 minutes ago
Me: *crosses out and changes answer when it was right all along and I fail due to that one mistake* Me:
coffeecakes tge kittydog
I can't wait until COPPA thinks this is for kids
Emo Gacha Animals
Emo Gacha Animals 31 minute ago
I just contacted counselor
Space lover 900
Finally a new meme song
Great Chicken
Great Chicken 2 hours ago
He looks mental like really mental
Cock Runcher
Cock Runcher 3 hours ago
Number 1 trending😂
Leandra 3 hours ago
Ill be honest if i ever consider sucide by hanging myself ill know how to only by this song
scp 173
scp 173 6 hours ago
0:57 hod' up wait a minute
Tayeko_Love IDV
Tayeko_Love IDV 7 hours ago
At the start he looks genuinely happy and thats a rare look for Rusty. But in the end hes lookin really scary like always
Angry Productions
Angry Productions 7 hours ago
I tink this is not desmonitized because the title says family friendly
Spinel Art
Spinel Art 7 hours ago
Yup it is useful.....
Madman117kl 9 hours ago
Damn thank RUvid trying to tell me something I just got done listening to pumped up kicks and then it gives me this song
Krystal Valentine
Krystal Valentine 10 hours ago
Rusty Cage: **creates the original noose song** RUvid: **takes down** Rusty Cage: **Creates THIS** RUvid: oh yeah, THAT is some *FAMILY FRIENDLY* content right there!
Kakashi 10 hours ago
Oh thanks now i can hang my self
IluvRice 10 hours ago
*Instruction unclear theirs some dude keep calling me not to do it*
My Name Is Ciaran
My Name Is Ciaran 11 hours ago
Why is this number 1 on trending a year and a half late?
big _ uwu
big _ uwu 12 hours ago
th-this i-i actually learned how to tie a noose from this-
Chloe Barlow
Chloe Barlow 12 hours ago
This ended up being in my reccomended
Leo Nelson
Leo Nelson 16 hours ago
Thanks for letting me know.
Solo Player
Solo Player 16 hours ago
I have decided to live a little longer.... XD
Daseryk 16 hours ago
me: *goes on youtube* youtube: here watch this! me: what’s are you trying to tell me youtube? *hUh?*
Imawierdo12 17 hours ago
Hey may I barrow one of those ropes... I need it for- JUST GIVE IT TO ME
XxColdAsIcexX 18 hours ago
THIS HAS INSPIRED ME TO PUT A NOOSE AROUND MY NECK FOR FASHION :DD he said to not put it around your throat what about your neck :)
VaporKay 18 hours ago
Wait, i thought you deleted the first one because of self harm reasons, but in this video you say: "Hang a picture" Hang?! What are you teaching our youth, Mr. Cage -Sincerely, The Karens, r/antivaxx
monica reyes
monica reyes 18 hours ago
Alastor from Hazbin Hotel
Smol Celling fan
Smol Celling fan 18 hours ago
Thanks I tie my shoes like this
Landon Klein
Landon Klein 19 hours ago
Did anyone else notice his guitar strap is a noose. Don’t lie idc if you did just something I noticed
Ayesha Nazir
Ayesha Nazir 19 hours ago
AsTr0 Nutt 420
AsTr0 Nutt 420 20 hours ago
I heard this upstairs and now my cousin is on this swing you made
E_R_R_O_R E_R_R_O_R 20 hours ago
Let's learn how to tie a noose! *Finally...* Nevermind, This is a reason to live...
Your Mom
Your Mom 20 hours ago
i wanna tie a noose on this guy
dreadygirl :3
dreadygirl :3 21 hour ago
during this whole video he looks like he’s dying inside
Maxim slav
Maxim slav 22 hours ago
My fav song
Satisfied seal 1
Satisfied seal 1 22 hours ago
After this song over 12mil people has reconsidered about suicide, but now the population on earth will grow even more faster leading to overpopulation, meaning the earth will become so hot everything has burned up :Just think about that
ZeldaHarp 6 hours ago
So you want 12 million people to kill themselves?
Just Monika
Just Monika Day ago
Thanks I used this for a friend :)
ZeldaHarp 6 hours ago
Wait a minute
Samantha Mclennon
I came here wanting to kill myself, and left laughing. Now I’m happier, and I tie nooses on people’s jacket hoodie string, just to mess with them.
Ash Burnett
Ash Burnett Day ago
Legit thought this was one trending and I was confused for a good 5minutes
Sophia Kalenza
1:01 I couldn’t stop laughing lol his face
Seraphina Berzina
Why is this in my reccomended youtube playlist of songs. I havent listend to this song in like a year o_o
zeki support
zeki support Day ago
jeg vil gerne dø man han siger jeg ikke må
LoganLY // GMA
When it’s around his waist.... nevermind
Rainbow Road
Rainbow Road Day ago
Love how was in lifestyle for me 😅
Eddible Shiba
This is #1 trending for a long time!!?
Jess Neal
Jess Neal Day ago
At least half his audience are suicidal teens and he makes a song about tying a noose. Well done. Suicide rates go up be 1000
Jess Neal
Jess Neal Day ago
Ok then
Zac Mcbrien
Zac Mcbrien Day ago
CEO of ending suicide
Dillon Newcomer
1 800 273 8255 - national family friendly number to call when you need help
if it made songs
Panos - Sonic
Instructions unclear, accidentally killed myself. Oh well...
I cant think of a name.
*this is where the fun begins*
I approve
ibuildz Day ago
he tells people never to consider self abuse but he tells them how to commit suicide
Harits Andhika Nugroho
This is actually a lot better than the original due to it's passive aggresive nature lol
Harits Andhika Nugroho
01:09 SCARCE is Gay lmao
Fox Jacket
Fox Jacket Day ago
Thanks for the tutorial
Brutalyte616 Day ago
Ironically darker and more intense than the original video.
Saucy Nuggs
Saucy Nuggs Day ago
This is like the guy version of Billie eilish
Alastor The strawberry pimp
But seriously 0:57 the way he swings it..i-
Galaxy Star
Galaxy Star Day ago
Me and my friends sing this everyday
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