The Fab Four - Beatles Tribute Full Concert

Michael Woodall
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Filmed at the Starlight Bowl in Burbank, CA - July 11 2015. Apologies for the frequent shakey camera, the dance floor started out full and then jam packed with people at the end. Amazing set list links below. Check out my 'If I Fell' instrumental cover ruvid.net/video/video-09l1zIBPjfI.html
0:00 Penn Jillette Disclaimer
0:43 Introduction - Ed Sullivan
2:43 Please Please Me
4:44 I Want to Hold Your Hand
8:32 All My Loving
12:09 A Hard Day's Night
14:44 If I Fell
18:34 Eight Days a Week
21:27 Can't Buy Me Love
24:19 I'm Happy Just to Dance with You
26:51 In My Life
30:23 Yesterday
33:18 Help!
36:02 You're Going to Lose that Girl
38:27 The Night Before
41:13 I Saw Her Standing There
45:50 Twist and Shout
49:11 Second Set Introduction
52:13 Good Day Sunshine
54:39 Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
56:40 With a Little Help from My Friends
01:00:54 Penny Lane
01:04:20 Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
01:05:35 A Day in the Life
01:14:27 Got to Get You Into My Life
01:19:51 Imagine
01:25:25 Here Comes the Sun
01:29:06 Revolution
01:38:42 Let It Be
01:43:12 Hey Jude
Thanks for watching!
Please check out my cover of 'The Peanuts' Cartoon Theme!




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Comments 80
Des Hood
Des Hood 14 hours ago
I've had their collection box fo over 35 years paid $119.00 for in in 1979 and it's still $120. Should have called themselves the bugs.
Josh Favor
Josh Favor 15 hours ago
You gotta wash your hands!!!!
Diego Jaime
Diego Jaime 19 hours ago
Gracias por tocar esta música, The beatles los más grandes y ustedes la mejor banda que hace su música tocan casi igual sus temas. El que hace de poul es igual al verdadero poul Mcarney
Luis Terry
Luis Terry 20 hours ago
Para los latinos que nos gustan The Beatles, este grupo The Fab Four no hizo una simple imitación, hizo una tremenda y perfecta producción, casi idénticos a los a los 4 Grandes de Liverpool, Paul increíble como siempre, Ringo y sobre todo George mas simpáticos que los propios personajes, y John en su versión original. Fue un deleite estas casi 2 horas de ver y escuchar a todo volumen esta obra de arte. Felicitaciones muchachos.
Raymond Novosel
Raymond Novosel 21 hour ago
Me: Mom can we have the Beatles? Mom: No we have the Beatles at home. The Beatles at home:
Akuzena Day ago
john lennon killing it on the sampler though
Bob Berch
Bob Berch Day ago
Could you do a show like this with any other band-ever?
Mcchizzle Day ago
Make a movie like Yesterday which the fab four is the main characters, Please make it happen.
In A Minute Animations
Paul and George look spot on
Roger honoré
Andre Souza
Andre Souza 2 days ago
Pega o cavaquinho poar!!!!!!!
bklyn style
bklyn style 2 days ago
christopher toft
christopher toft 2 days ago
I can not fault this...it’s pure magic...thanks guys.
Yelitzaivet Perez
Excelente video
diamondsprogler livingforever
I remember my dad calling the beatles 'long haired dropouts' - I'd look at my sisters and they'd look at me smiling - they rocked and their music will be here for eternity - good stuff and will always be in my top 10 - Rock on Fab Four cos yer fab!!
Eliege Aparecida brito
Que pena que acabou ninguém canta como eles não existe nunca e vai existir outro como eles só deixo saudades
Eliege Aparecida brito
Esse é a banda verdadeira
Dolores Molero
Dolores Molero 4 days ago
Muy buenas noches soy José Hernández Sánchez está noche estoy disfrutando tenía ganas de verlos en directo sus mejores canciones sin lugar a dudas yo lo escuchaba hecho un crío en el año 71 siempre los escuñaba el grupo favorito para mi y para todos los camareros y me sigue gustando y mucho gracias por todo
Elcy Cutrim
Elcy Cutrim 4 days ago
Ed Sullivan !😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 boa!
Ugh n Drey
Ugh n Drey 4 days ago
"Turn me on dead man"
Let's Beat! Official
Wow is very cool band !! I' have a yt channel too about Beatles tribute (acoustic version) I subscribed your yt channel, can you subscribe mine ? Thank you !
chrilope 4 days ago
I swear this Paul McCartney guy has all the same maneurisms as that uh..Paul McCartney.
Tiago Luz
Tiago Luz 5 days ago
Gregg Cooke
Gregg Cooke 5 days ago
Even if the real Beatles never exsisted, I would love the Fab Four just as much as the real Beatles. If that makes sense to all of you. They were spectacular... Yeah Yeah Yeah.
Fantastic Grower
Fantastic Grower 5 days ago
I love beatles...i watch your video till finish and support your channel, pls have time to support mine also, thanks!
Erzsebet Horvath
Erzsebet Horvath 5 days ago
Sziasztok szép jó reggelt mindenkinek.!
Sotoshi Koruto
Sotoshi Koruto 5 days ago
i just noticed paul is playing bass left side
Gareth Williams
Gareth Williams 6 days ago
Brilliant :)
Ramão Da Silva Rodrigues
Fantástico 👏👏👏👏
Danny Daughtridge
I'm homely going to a concert with these guys
steve snelling
steve snelling 6 days ago
brilliant very enjoyable part from the ads keep butting in
Pot Ate Toe
Pot Ate Toe 6 days ago
Geez! If you look for RUvid videos of live performances from the real Beatles and compare sounds, you'll realize that this guys sound more like the Beatles than the Beatles.
Cesar Javier
Cesar Javier 6 days ago
Come to the phillippines
si si
si si 6 days ago
Faul Intensifies
Jonny Franc
Jonny Franc 7 days ago
Flat wounds? lol. John looks like Steve Zahn
Maxime Gazelli
Maxime Gazelli 7 days ago
-How did you manage to look so much like george ? -Im George...
McCartney Michael
“Paul” is the only decent one. George looks too old, John is too fat, Ringo is too bouncy
Gustavo Cruz
Gustavo Cruz 7 days ago
The Fab four's Paul sings exactly like the real one
Harvey De Niro
Harvey De Niro 7 days ago
Only one word, brilliant !
Valo Martinez
Valo Martinez 7 days ago
Parese que si se la cren ellos mismos
percival apleandro
AingSUN 13
AingSUN 13 8 days ago
loba bacot
Hey boys
Hey boys 8 days ago
I could be in a Beatles tribute band except I'm 6'5, 300lbs and Fugly..
DaleJrFan_62 8 days ago
Please, if you see them again, get footage like this of the full show. This is the best one on RUvid and it doesn't have Adam.
John H. Reynolds
John H. Reynolds 8 days ago
I saw these guys in Carmichael CA in a public park that had a stage & all the amps/speakers and changes of wardrobe in 2015, very similar to this concert! Sat with "John's" family & spoke with 'Paul' afterwards.
Алексей Зайцев
Молодцы! Точь-в-точь! Жаль только для нас за Beatles ничего "битловского " сочинить не сможете...
Paul Taurone
Paul Taurone 9 days ago
The cameraman does a fine job.
Paul Taurone
Paul Taurone 9 days ago
I just went straight to "In My Life" to see what these guys can do. I give my approval.
Edward Andrews
Edward Andrews 9 days ago
Kenzo Mattheo Funtanares
Why doesn't the Fab Four do I'm Down?
Kenzo Mattheo Funtanares
Eh, fair point
McCartney Michael
Because their “Paul” can’t do the vocal style the real Paul did in that song
Elnisi Gutierrez
Elnisi Gutierrez 9 days ago
Muy buenos..vestuario voz, buenos de verdad.....felicitaciones
Salvation Salvatoré
I want to see someone do deepfakes for this performance. I would probably cry. No.. I would definitely cry.
John Zeljko
John Zeljko 10 days ago
Sounds better than the originals. Why? The P.A systems better and these cats can play and sing just as good.
Not_Axlyy 10 days ago
I'm sorry but that Goerge is from Liverpool.Surely he's related to the legend himself
MARCELO JAVIER 10 days ago
That "Lennon" looks like Garth Algar from "Wayne's world".Jojojo!
MARCELO JAVIER 10 days ago
The bass doesn't start in the first song...
MARCELO JAVIER 10 days ago
The presenter is Tomy Lee Jones? Muajajaja!
Maria Martinez
Maria Martinez 10 days ago
Sensacionales, como s estuvieran cantando los originales Beatles , soy de esa época en que ellos eran , son y serán los únicos .
Diego QR
Diego QR 11 days ago
Faltaron: -I want you (She's so heavy) -Blue Jay Way -When My Guitar Gentle Weeps
Julia Catalan
Julia Catalan 2 days ago
La Bamba the beatles
S j S
S j S 11 days ago
Молодцы парни! Всё близко к оригиналу и не скатились в пародию.
Marc Cheah
Marc Cheah 11 days ago
This is what I call a tribute band
Leonor Guerrero G.
Leonor Guerrero G. 11 days ago
Una leyenda..nuestros idolos por spre !!!☺🌻🌻🌻🌼🍁🍂🍃
IP MAN 12 days ago
Oreo brothers is best so far.
Robert Doran
Robert Doran 12 days ago
The short and fat Beatles?
Leonardo Mazzitelli
George is Hugh Grant in dark hair.
George Siriani
George Siriani 13 days ago
im George....
Martha Argumedo
Martha Argumedo 13 days ago
"Exelente grupo, hermoso Concierto" regresaron mís recuerdos...🤩😘😃👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Marcus StaAna
Marcus StaAna 13 days ago
Paul looks like Jimmy Fallon on a wig!😝. Just kidding, they rock!🤘🏻💯
Pong Bond
Pong Bond 13 days ago
Only Paul and George are lookalike.
VicMartino 14 days ago
FABULOUS! Excellent work by all on that stage, even Ed lol. BRAVO!
vince ten
vince ten 14 days ago
reo brothers are more better than this
Северный Лоцман
Yes 👍🤘
Silly Penguin
Silly Penguin 14 days ago
The Fap Four
Jake Williams
Jake Williams 14 days ago
They must feel so fucking stupid 😂.. even referencing Beatles appearances like they did it last week 😂🤣 calling eachother by their 'names'.. the voices are absolutely spot on I will say.. I'd still top myself
Eric Mercado
Eric Mercado 14 days ago
Fun seeing Pakistani Beatles :)
mark72141 16 days ago
What about a joint concert with REO Brothers ?
mark72141 16 days ago
You must see the REO BROTHERS and draw your conclusion.
Isaias Viana
Isaias Viana 16 days ago
Estão dublando?
CHW Thomas
CHW Thomas 16 days ago
No Lucy in the sky with diamonds
NINJA RIDER 16 days ago
They sounds good but REO Brothers is much better. Just my oponion...🙌🙌🙌🤗🤗🤗
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