The Evolution of Dance - 1950 to 2019 - By Ricardo Walker's Crew

Ricardo Walker
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Musics that we used on the video:
00:03 - 00:13 - Singin'in the Rain - Gene Kelly
00:13 - 00:23 - Hound Dog - Elvis Presley
00:23 - 00:30 - Tutti Frutti - Little Richard
00:30 - 00:35 - Let's Twist Again - Chubby Checker
00:35 - 00:45 - I feel good - James Brown
00:45 - 00:57 - I Want You Back - The Jackson Five
00:57 - 01:09 - Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees
01:09 - 01:16 - Dancing Machine - The Jacksons
01:16 - 01:20 - Shake your Body - The Jacksons
01:20 - 01:24 - You're the one that I want - John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John
01:24 - 01:31 - Time of My Life - Bill Medley, Jennifer Warnes
01:31 - 01:46 - Billie Jean - Michael Jackson
01:46 - 01:55 - Rhythm Nation - Janet Jackson
01:55 - 02:03 - FootLoose - Kenny Loggins
02:03 - 02:13 - Thriller - Michael Jackson
02:13 - 02:18 - What a feeling - Irene Cara
02:18 - 02:22 - U can't touch this - MC Hammer
02:22 - 02:31 - Black or White - Michael Jackson
02:31 - 02:42 - Vogue - Madonna
02:42 - 02:51 - It's not unusual - Tom Jones
02:51 - 03:02 - Everybody - Backstreet Boys
03:02 - 03:13 - Macarena - Los Del Río
03:13 - 03:26 - Crank That - Soulja Boy
03:26 - 03:33 - Single Ladies - Beyonce
03:33 - 03:46 - Bye Bye Bye - NSYNC
03:46 - 03:54 - Ragatanga - Rouge
03:54 - 04:04 - Gangnam Style - PSY
04:04 - 04:15 - Despacito - Luis Fonsi
04:15 - 04:25 - Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson , Bruno Mars
04:25 - 04:34 - Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO
04:34 - 04:43 - Can't Stop The Feeling - Justin Timberlake
04:43 - 04:51 - Watch Me - Silentó
04:51 - 05:03 - Swish Swish - Katy Perry
05:03 - 05:17 - In My Feeling - Drake
05:17 - 05:35 - Old Town Road - Lil Nas X
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The Evolution of Dance - 1950 to 2019 - By Ricardo Walker's Crew


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Nov 19, 2019




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Ricardo Walker
Ricardo Walker 3 months ago
Thank you all SO MUCH for the incredible support on this video! We already surpass 32 MILLION views and that's AMAZING! Please follow me on instagram too so we can have a closer contact - @RicardoWalkerMJ MUITO OBRIGADO a todos pelo apoio incrível nesse vídeo! Nos já passamos a marca de 32 milhões de views e isso é inacreditável! Por favor me sigam no instagram também, lá podemos ter um contato mais proximo - @RicardoWalkerMJ
Alberto Hernández
Alberto Hernández 15 hours ago
DEEP SENSE 17 hours ago
I don't know what to say ,how to say..... Their is a kind request to u.. It is up to u to decide..... Please do me a favor..suggest my video from your Instagram and RUvid channel..... Your kind support will help and support my 10 year son in his further studies... If u don't want to do so...I will never mind. I will always appreciate you.. God bless u...
Lucas Cuelbas
@Mato onça com a feiura Ele é
Matis H
Matis H 2 days ago
@muTe BeasT 2010s
Matis H
Matis H 2 days ago
@Julian Mifsud no it came out in the 2010s dumbass
Dropthealbum Rhirhi
Tbh the 2010s weren’t as bad as I thought from lookin at the comments😭
TrapStudios Hour ago
Let's just agree with this... They did the worm at FOOTLOOSE
Stoopid Animations
Wow I never seen 1million like before good job
Paulostore 2 hours ago
All 2000+ got downhill
Almir Júnior
Almir Júnior 2 hours ago
As músicas foram piorando ao longos dos anos, mas as danças continuam ótimas kk
Liam Caplan
Liam Caplan 2 hours ago
WhY dose it only get to 2010? And it says 2019
ANGELA AGUADO 3 hours ago
Why did they put evry song in 2000/2018 in 2010 🤷🏼
Hellooooooo its meeeeeeeeeeeee jajaja ajajaja jajajajaa aja jajajajajajaja aja a aja ajajajajajajajajajajjajajjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjkjajajajaa
Arie Clafary
Arie Clafary 4 hours ago
The 2010’s gave me Vietnam flash back
Justyn Kace
Justyn Kace 4 hours ago
You can hear how the music got worse
Fabulous Butterfly
Fabulous Butterfly 4 hours ago
OMG I miss old times the songs were better and I miss being a small child LOL I miss old times there were better 😢
Bella 5 hours ago
From this: 0:13 to this: 5:03 😒
Chevy Pronovost
Chevy Pronovost 5 hours ago
Alex Hart
Alex Hart 7 hours ago
Gooooooooood !!!!!!!!! 💪✌✌👞👞💸💸
Swallow Lin
Swallow Lin 7 hours ago
TheNo0Mercy 7 hours ago
Del 2000 en adelante se fue a la verg4 todo 🤦‍♂️
ღMartina 28 Gacha Lifeღ
Raganta? RAGATANGA?, According to me it is always called "Aserejé"
Ella :З
Ella :З 7 hours ago
1:32 теперь я знаю откуда взялся Билли Джин...
XxSpoopyGirlXx Xx
XxSpoopyGirlXx Xx 7 hours ago
Maricar Omandam
Maricar Omandam 8 hours ago
Nice song
Kristof Lenaers
Kristof Lenaers 8 hours ago
Amazing! Love the transitions.
100 hawos
100 hawos 8 hours ago
4:41 Why would they put shorts on that guy
2021 9 hours ago
You guys are good dancers! You should get a reward for it 🙂
Scarlett Maxwell
Scarlett Maxwell 9 hours ago
Where is the electric boogaloo??????!!!!!!
으헤헤헤 10 hours ago
3:53 I've never ever expected that GANGNAM STYLE dance had been inserted!!! That's so honorable★
Unnati 14 Sunder Nagri
Oh that's cool
BACOT AMOH 12 hours ago
WOOOOWW Im speechless... I'm just silent and stunned .....amazing..!!!! Wuoaaaahhhh....
Loc Pham
Loc Pham 12 hours ago
is fortnite invented then in the 1980's because you did the worm
Cherry Berry
Cherry Berry 12 hours ago
That was brilliant 🥰💋
Gamer BK
Gamer BK 13 hours ago
Some of these songs reminds me of my brother😔(He passed away)
Dakota 15 hours ago
this for ARMY'S ONLY! Please do not hate in the replies. Aight so y'all know how when in Dynamite, it was 7 poses to represent Micheal Jackson? What if the chorus was choreographed to show dance through the ages since Micahel was the "king of dance"? Such as the hair swipe in Hound Dog, and the leg movement in Billie Jean? Idk it's just my thought, but like, they're exactly the same!
Marcela Muñoz
Marcela Muñoz 15 hours ago
Demasiado bueno. Falto BTS
Crixes Gaming
Crixes Gaming 16 hours ago
Very disappointed not to see, Teach me how to Dougie. Tsk Tsk.
Aixall 16 hours ago
easy, 2000s was the best times, Soulja boy crank that
Наоки Такеда
Goldberg gosto disso
DEEP SENSE 17 hours ago
I don't know what to say ,how to say..... Their is a kind request to u.. It is up to u to decide.. Please do me a favor..suggest my video from your Instagram and RUvid channel..... Your kind support will help and support my 10 year son in his further studies... If u don't want to do so...I will never mind..I will always appreciate you.. God bless u.
Dayabai 18 hours ago
Very Thank you guys ! Subtil ! Genial !
Carlos Perez
Carlos Perez 18 hours ago
If this guy does not work for Just Dance than I'm not playing it.
André 18 hours ago
ignore me pls I only want to save this link for the next time I'll wacth the video ruvid.net/video/video-DyDfgMOUjCI.html&lc=Ugyb0OkJoZemhn5BD194AaABAg
supreme dudu
supreme dudu 18 hours ago
I think they vibes the most in what a feeling
Shay's Elixirs
Shay's Elixirs 19 hours ago
in my feelings didnt come out in 2010 it came out in 2018....
Athena A
Athena A 19 hours ago
It’s the DECADE. Of course all these songs didn’t exactly come right at the beginning of the decade 😂 notice how it says 2010 *’s*
cinacclaim 20 hours ago
Like dance transitions
Pas de nom ça m'a soûlée
Wow, so I actually fell in love with a video
ገብረ ኢየሱስ
80's is the best of all time until World War III.
ገብረ ኢየሱስ
80's is the best of all times until World War III.
ገብረ ኢየሱስ
80's is the best of all time until World War III.
Carlos matias
Carlos matias 21 hour ago
Uma viagem nos tempos da dança. Adorei.Curtindo em 2020!
Ooferz man
Ooferz man 21 hour ago
where is kazotsky kick
Edelson Augusto
Edelson Augusto 21 hour ago
it is not evolution of dance... but different styles... For me.
Francesca Lunar
Francesca Lunar 21 hour ago
Ricardo Walker thank you 😘😘😘😘.....I Love this.
Francesca Lunar
Francesca Lunar 21 hour ago
The BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN.....😍😍😍😍😍😍😍thank you sooooon much for sharing.😘😘😴😘
Landon Emler
Landon Emler 22 hours ago
I didn’t think Chris from Mrbeast could dance
Micody Thomas
Micody Thomas 22 hours ago
Wow the nostalgia just hut diffrent
MikeGrinch124 22 hours ago
Мало Джексона
Sezen Türkel
Sezen Türkel 22 hours ago
Harikaaaaa 😁 bayıldım resmen 😍😍👌💕✨✨✨
Abigail Ewell
Abigail Ewell 22 hours ago
Is it just me or does the one guy look like Daveed Diggs?
Roger Aren
Roger Aren 23 hours ago
How about Tectonik at 00's
sarah vazquez perez
sarah vazquez perez 23 hours ago
Carlos Barron
Carlos Barron 23 hours ago
El mejor video de RUvid ♥️
alan mamani
alan mamani 23 hours ago
like si entiendes español
maralan51 23 hours ago
What is this??!! They're obviously very good dancers, but what it has to do with the evolution of dance?? They just played music from different periods, but DID NOT dance AT ALL like it was done in those times. Anybody 've seen the twist? Throwing in a little "moon walking" and "Macarena" does not make an "Evolution of Dance"!
Ricardo Bearlz
Fun fact: The music Ragatanga is of Brazil
Илья Тимошин
I want you bach is 70s
marisol ceballos martinez
Los tiempos de mis papas
Wagner Ulisses
top! congratulations movie perfect! very fun!!!
m e r i n g u e
3:10 these hawaiian shirts remind me of richie from it smh
m4iqw Day ago
Girls can’t dance with period because it’s feel like this 🩸 🩸 🩸
Andreas G
Andreas G Day ago
lol my man at 4:27 looks exactly like redfoo :D
Maria Naoum
Maria Naoum Day ago
I am weating for BTS 😥😥
bro i legit remember when the nae nae was cool like where i went to school you were the legit cool kid if you could do the nae nae wtf 😂🤣
Dutchxfootballgirlxsuus jwzz
Omgg so many michael Jackson songs 😍😍
Rosangela Maria
Aldrin Rebosura
I hope the 2010's music and all the music artist comeback and bring all legendaru songs back
Victor mora Siahaan
Despacito is 2017 though?
Tushar Sharma
1970 gotta be the best
I used to be a fan but after this masterpiece, I'm a whole air-conditioner.
Leimrey Swing レイムリスイング
Everybody gangsta til Jesus starts dancing
Science Guy
Science Guy Day ago
You must put a pop song for Nsync
betsaidash Day ago
I mean... this is AMAZING 👏🏼✨
HolaSoy Nacho
seanterquin Day ago
so many dance moves for the year 2020
STEN Day ago
Oooouu my good this is veryyy funny and very cool
• iiStarrySkyii •
Hamburger🥩🍔Cheesburger🧀🍔Lettuce🥬And tomato🍅 x2 HEY MACKARONI Who knows this version? 👇
Yair.oficiax YT
Despasito in 2010??
Corrin Day ago
2010s, that means from 2010 to 2019
testing123 999
How many of u grown up hearing BSB
BlackBoy 27
BlackBoy 27 Day ago
I wonder what new dances are gonna be created in the next 10 years, hopefully they’re better then the last 10 years ones 😅
Adejia O’Dell
They did this justice, the only thing they missed was Britney Spears.......she was a major part of the 2000s! They could’ve done a skit with school girl uniforms and danced to “Hit me Baby One More Time” I would’ve LOVED that ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Wow that hypnotist i could’nt stop watching
tf same, I just can't stop watching
Ainura Beisheeva
WOW! Took me to the trip! Good job boys!
Jose Juan Chagoya Velasco
Y el high Energy, la industrial, el tecno, no todo es Michael Jackson
Hakuno Day ago
Sr. Flops
Sr. Flops Day ago
Sou o comentário brasileiro que tava procurando kkkkk
Sr. Flops
Sr. Flops Day ago
@Elen Isabel Freitas é nois, kkkkkn
Adrián Vázquez
Crank That, My Favorite
Ron Swayne
Ron Swayne Day ago
Amazing composition!
Hypernova 88
Hypernova 88 Day ago
We need a new Michael Jackson
Finncast Day ago
Mixed it up with Finncast Studio :)
tracy jackson
BRILLIANT just amazing...I can only imagine the amount of time it took to make this compilation...I've tried many of the dances LOL-Many have failed !!! Thanks for this...My Mum & Dad listened to the earlier songs & some I remember when me Mum played them on the record player !!! In which I had as a teenager...Culture Club/Madness/Adam Ant...Please always know we appreciate you're hard work...
Clara W.
Clara W. Day ago
I know all from 2010 xD
elijah vesprey
anyone else in quarantine and watched this
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