The Entire Star Trek Timeline Explained

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While many casual fans would love to get more invested in Star Trek, it's hard to figure out where to start. That said, just because something is messy doesn't mean it's not also amazing, and the franchise is worth your effort. Here's your guide through the Star Trek timeline.
Most of Star Trek on both the big and small screen takes place in a version of the future that stretches to the 23rd century and beyond. That doesn't mean that's always where the story stays, though. Throughout its long history as a sci-fi franchise, Star Trek has used time travel to tell stories many times, and as a result there are numerous examples of humanity's past popping up as part of its future.
The crew from The Original Series went back in time on several occasions, including a journey to the 1960s, another to the 1930s, and yet another to 1986 so they could bring a couple of whales to the future. The Next Generation crew also had its run-ins with time travel, whether journeying to the 1890s or all the way back to the beginning of life on Earth as we know it. Then there was that time a group of Ferengi accidentally landed in New Mexico in 1947 and became part of the secret history of UFOs in America. Voyager spent a few minutes hanging out at the big bang. Those are just a few of the many times Trek history has flirted with the distant past, and there are probably more backwards journeys to come.
Watch the video for more about The Entire Star Trek Timeline Explained!
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Looking back | 0:14
The Eugenics Wars | 1:14
World War III | 2:17
First Contact | 3:06
Birth of the Enterprise | 4:00
Star Trek: Discovery | 5:13
The Original Series | 6:34
The Next Generation | 7:32
Deep Space Nine | 8:51
Voyaging in the universe | 9:59
The Kelvin Timeline | 10:29
Picard Returns | 11:49




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Comments 80
Grunge 2 months ago
Best series of Star Trek: GO!
mmanz hunter
mmanz hunter 13 days ago
Original S1
Douglas Hamner
Douglas Hamner Month ago
Star Trek: Your mom
thewewguy8t88 Month ago
Deep space 9
Reewen Month ago
@Obedientsole 64 That's the reason why I don't like voyager haha
Timothy Burnett
Timothy Burnett 2 months ago
The Original series
DB Cooper 206
Of all the plot lines, that aren’t the borg, the dominion wars was probably my favorite..
Cidy Silva
Cidy Silva 9 days ago
Wonderful Job!!!
Jamaicafunk 18 days ago
The past is the future...The future is the past...The whole thing gives me a headache...
Smokedship 18 days ago
Fabulous video!
Gam3 0ver
Gam3 0ver 18 days ago
"Pike passed down his dated style choices to Kirk" WTF are you even talking about??? Are you suggesting these captains get to decide on how the technology on their vessels looks? I mean Christ on a bike, that's some mental arithmetic. I can only assume you do similar arithmetic when it comes to how terrible script writing is on the latest iterations of Trek? 1.11m Subs at the point of this comment, I seriously wonder who your subs are. I'm less bothered with stylistic changes to suit current technology knowledge than I am with the terrible scripts that the latest treks all suffer.
Nate 22 days ago
I just LOVE when the ST crew comes to Earth in the 20th century. I imagine how wonderful it would be if they landed right now with their advanced technology. As a child, I had many dreams of a flying saucer hovering over my street. in my dream, I try to tell my parents and neighbors on my street that there's a flying saucer above the road. But no one listens to me! So, there I am, standing on my front porch and looking up at this huge saucer and waiting to see what the creatures inside will do. Unfortunately, i always wake up at that point. I know the ST crew is not allowed to interfere with our time, but they could help so many people in hospitals, for instance. Dr. McCoy did regenerate a liver for a patient in the movie. I guess time travel to the past is not possible because we don't see time travelers today. Of course, they could be careful to keep themselves hidden. Stephen Hawking once held a dinner with food and printed invitations to welcome time travelers to a London address. But no one showed up except his friends.
Peter R
Peter R 22 days ago
Discovery is trash and and doesn't belong in the original timeline
some guy
some guy 25 days ago
Any show or movie made after Enterprise is shit and not worth your time, just watch Orville instead.
Shashank Naidu
Shashank Naidu 26 days ago
where is d spoiler alert
Brandon Card
Brandon Card Month ago
Error the end of the show Enterprise was not the formation United Federation of Planets.
The pinky Toe
The pinky Toe Month ago
Star Trek is great, however the motion picture is awful...
David Hutchinson
What I did not get with the 2009 film...WTF was up with those lens flares?
David Hutchinson
130 more years until we truly reach interstellar space in a practical way? Not so bad really. Love Star Trek. Been watching since the mid 70s when TOS was in syndication.
Samuel Barber
Samuel Barber Month ago
We've only got six years to prepare for WW3 AARRGGHH!
Gam3 0ver
Gam3 0ver 18 days ago
On the plus side, WW3 will hopefully eradicate ALL digital reference to Discovery and Picard.
Slippery Storm
Slippery Storm Month ago
Thanks. Don’t know that much of the series I’m not really a Star Wars fan. Except for Count Baltar of course
Slippery Storm
Slippery Storm Month ago
Emsley Wyatt Thanks. I always thought he was called Dalek
Emsley Wyatt
Emsley Wyatt Month ago
In another life, we called him Kor.
Patty jay
Patty jay Month ago
The Xindi ark was Stupid!
Geolaw1 Month ago
Discovery and Picard are in the Kelvin timeline as well. Or they better be. It's the only way to explain all the inconsistencies!
Cory Williams
Cory Williams Month ago
There was NO intergalactic war! INTERGALACTIC means between or including multiple galaxies. The wars with the Xindi, the Romulans, the Klingons, and even the Dominion were INTERSTELLAR, having involved numerous star systems, factions, and political entities within ONE GALAXY! INTERPLANETARY, INTERSTELLAR and INTERGALACTIC are not INTERCHANGEABLE. Please get it right.
drummingjohn4u Month ago
This is a great video. My only problem with it is you put Star Trek Discovery in the regular timeline. It is a alternate timeline because maybe that ship was a one-off, but even the Enterprise has them of the futuristic technology and with stripped of it? Would you want to take your society that has new technology and purposely put it back where technology is not advanced??? Star Trek Discovery and Star Trek Picard are not the prime universe!! This is a wonderful video and I enjoyed watching it. And I agree with most of what you said in the video.
Cyberload Month ago
What about the TNG movies?
Adam Conrod
Adam Conrod Month ago
Well in the Original STAR TREK There was no such alien as the Cardassians but yet before the days of Captain Kirk in STAR TREK Enterprise there was a alien race called the Cardassians so HOW TO YOU EXPLAIN THIS {STAR TREK Mistake} ?
Eric B
Eric B Month ago
Messy? Don't be silly, star trek discovery is basically a bag of live cats put into a wood chipper.
George Holland
George Holland Month ago
A nice potted history of Star Trek. Just a pity about that repetitive and irritating electric guitar muzak in the background. Would have been nice to have heard some excerpts from those glorious Star Trek film soundtracks instead.
Jp Divine
Jp Divine Month ago
Did he say Star Trak?
cloudbear Month ago
Discovery isn't in the same timeline as Enterprise, TOS, Next Gen., DS9, and Voyager, but the deliberately misleadingly name "Prime" timeline, established by the CBS/Viacom license. The same goes for Picard, which is both unfortunate and a godsend, since it turns out to be a terrible show. The "Kelvin" timeline diverges from the "Prime" timeline.
Jonathan Clark
Jonathan Clark Month ago
Great summary! I would have finished up with the Federation timeships of the 29th century, as depicted in Voyager's Future's End and Relativity episodes, but maybe you haven't experienced that timeline yet. =)
The Werewolf
The Werewolf Month ago
"... this not only leaves future Captain James Kirk to grow up without a father, but it also creates an alternate universe which spins in a different direction while the original timeline remains unaltered..." First, THANK YOU for stating this so clearly. A lot of people didn't get this and still believe the Kelvin timeline replaced the Prime timeline even after Abrahms point blank said 'this is an alternate universe'. One thing though, there's good reason to believe it's not a split from the Prime, but an independent parallel universe. The basic argument is that the changes Nero made can't have affected so much. The Kelvin was already more sophisticated than the TOS Enterprise and looks weirdly more like the 1701A which was 10 years older than the original 1701. Essentially, Spock and Nero ended up in the past of a parallel universe and then screwed their timeline up. :) Final note, people forget the TNG ep where a quantum rupture caused by Worf leads to Enterprise Ds from over 65,000 parallel universes to appear in the Prime one, with different stories. There's a ton of precedence for alternate universes. On the other hand, we also know that in Star Trek, it's been fairly consistent that when someone changes the timeline, it immediately rewrites the present - and that didn't happen. In the three issue prequel comics (which are considered canon), we see Picard and the Enterprise AFTER Spock goes through the wormhole and nothing's changed.
Emsley Wyatt
Emsley Wyatt Month ago
"The Kelvin was already more sophisticated than the TOS Enterprise" Yes, that was due to an increased R+D into starship development following the attack by the Xindi (which was caused by future people and was not a part of the original TOS/TNG/DS9/VOY timeline). Oh, there was a Captain Jonathan Archer in the original timeline, but he captained the NX-01 Dauntless. The name changed as a result of Cochrane seeing the 1701-D in "First Contact". So many changes to the timeline occurred during "Enterprise" that it's best to consider the series as one big "black box" and say how the series affected the timeline in total rather than trying to pin down which episode caused which change.
Die Zexyy Bear
Die Zexyy Bear Month ago
kinda sounds like how DC explained their bronze age stories in relation to their golden age stories. They simply made a parallel earth and had the current timeline be earth 1 and the past stories be earth 2 and then allowed crossovers to occur, ie: Bronze age Superman and Flash meeting their golden age counterparts (kinda like spock meeting spock) while allowing each parallel universe to retain their respective timelines. PS this is very interesting to me, my only star trek knowledge comes from this video and having seen abrams movies long ago haha
Geolaw1 Month ago
Not trying to pick on you here but the "prime timeline" is a part of the Kelvin timeline. The "Canon" timeline is the one with TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT. Check out the Midnights Edge video called "Star Trek Discovery and the Prime Deception. It's all explained very well there.
GrimRDrag Month ago
4:20 "Commanded by a dude"
Taylo Re
Taylo Re Month ago
Xindi - Singaporeans Romulans - North Koreans Vulcans - South Koreans Klingons - Germans
TheTheratfarmer Month ago
can you shit on a daily basis/
CPTGANZ Month ago
what an amazing summary. excellent work...
Haxle Month ago
that background music was awwwful, oh man almost made the video unwatchable
Jeremy Hughes
Jeremy Hughes 2 months ago
no where in Trek is it ever, not even once, implied that the Eugenics wars started with or because of Khan. Khan is simply said to be chief among the dictators and those who waged their campaign of violence and cruelty upon mankind and established themselves as dictators. any source naming him first among them, is none canon. Trek always implied equal guilt of all augments. they all took part, they all acted. in fact the only augment in Trek shown to have no dark or immoral ambition is Bashir.
Jeremy Hughes
Jeremy Hughes 2 months ago
here, another error in your logic and information. okay, Discovery is a decade before TOS...but the aesthetics of the Enterprise is all because "Pike is an old fashioned guy" and nothing to do with the fact that the Enterprise is literally twenty years old when Kirk took command...you know, Kirk at thirty making Captain, youngest in Starfleet history (until TNG) is given a ship two thirds his age... it's a decade old in Disco. it's aesthetic literally has more to do with the fact that it's a dated design that it launched with than it does with the Captain being "an old-fashioned dude."
Jeremy Hughes
Jeremy Hughes 2 months ago
then you mention the Earth-Romulan war than throwout "but we don't get to see that on screen" yet don't take the few seconds to establish it's the very last time humans used nukes in war, a fact which was established as canon in the 60s in TOS when Spock himself said it.
Jeremy Hughes
Jeremy Hughes 2 months ago
also, "handful of years" seriously... NX-01 was in operation for more than a decade. only decommissioned after the first Warp Seven engine was put in use by Starfleet...the ship practically made it to the founding of the Federation, not to mention that those years of service it had to that point are responsible for it's formation.
Jim Hamrick
Jim Hamrick 2 months ago
Truth is there is nothing Star Trek about Discovery! It is pure garbage.
claude touchette
claude touchette 2 months ago
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claude touchette
claude touchette 2 months ago
who is paying you NETFLiX they loosing a lots customer because of new server i use to watch one in a while shows on youtube but now with you funny guys it;s all about turning people off of YOU TUBE so people pay to watch on a server. it should be criminal miss guiding people
Artur Karpinski
Artur Karpinski 2 months ago
What about the animated series???
Artur Karpinski
Artur Karpinski Month ago
@Tomislav Matić It was also voiced by the actual TOS actors.🖖
Tomislav Matić
Tomislav Matić Month ago
Yes. Where is that series? Star Trek The Animated Serie is important because in The Time Trap episode there is the earliest mention of Klingons making use of the cloak technology. It was the Battle of Caleb IV. Forget Star Trek Discovery and Cloaking Screen in it because that show is not in Star Trek continuity although they wont us to believe that.
JAG - the Panzer - GEMINI
In generell a nice and correct Star Trek timeline depiction.. But you kinda forgot to mention the TNG Feature films which were set from ca. 2372-2379
Terry Sutherland
Terry Sutherland 2 months ago
Wow... This may be the greatest Star Trek thing since Star Trek. This is like a semester abroad over four centuries. I think I just got my T.S. degree (Trekker of Stars).
Geriond Ramiere
Geriond Ramiere 2 months ago
Lez go
Tetter 2 months ago
Thank You
ChrisCa1601 2 months ago
You left out Star Trek: The Animated Series. The show takes place after TOS and just before The Motion Picture.
Nick B
Nick B 11 hours ago
@n_e_e_t Star Trek fans do.
n_e_e_t 14 days ago
Who cares
Benjamin Oosthoek
on purpose...
Ricky Gallo
Ricky Gallo 2 months ago
This is almost exactly but you forget the next coming Discovery season 3 timed 900 years in the future.
Jay Month ago
Discovery 900 years in the future is where it should be. It is an anomaly.
MsJinkerson 2 months ago
the next-gen was a joke
Melvin Alias
Melvin Alias 2 months ago
Worst explanation
Maxwell Jones
Maxwell Jones 2 months ago
nice video. however, you left out how at the end of season 2 of DISCO the discovery and her crew get stranded 900 years in the future where Star Fleet is long dead.
Angular Square
Angular Square 2 months ago
Yeah looking forward to season 3
dazzaburger 2 months ago
If Star Trek Picard is set in 2399 that means Picard will be 94 years old
Tim Collum
Tim Collum 2 months ago
I knew in 3 seconds he didn't know shit. "Star track"? See ya
David Cole
David Cole 2 months ago
"How do you explain that the tech in Discovery looks more sophisticated than the original series?" You don't. It makes as much sense as trying to square-peg Gotham into the timeline of the Adam West Batman and you'll only give yourself a nosebleed.
David Cole
David Cole 2 months ago
@Angular Square Sorry? That's the precise opposite of what I said.
Angular Square
Angular Square 2 months ago
So you think Discovery should look like it was made in 1956? 10 years before TOS?
Triskaideka thirteen
very intereting....
james fry
james fry 2 months ago
The Vulcans had wars with each other that where so bad they almost wiped themselves out, also you forgot about the star trek cartoon which did advance the plot in some ways that get totally forgotten about
Jack Mason
Jack Mason 2 months ago
So Deep Space 9 came about through the extinction of the Kardashians? Well, that's a long time into the future, but at least it is something good.
2BitUser 2 months ago
STD should end with a holographic recreation 😂
2BitUser 2 months ago
Blaming Pike for a primitive future is retarded
Todd Egan
Todd Egan 2 months ago
Did you really just say, ‘Star Track’? Fake fan. Next video.
Koray Erdem
Koray Erdem 2 months ago
I thought Discovery was Kelvin timeline too? ... It doesnt add up does it? (In the series they meet those big head Thalos aliens and what not)
Connor Burnett
Connor Burnett 2 months ago
@Angular Square Apparently the new Picard series is set after the supernova that occurred in the 2009 Star Trek Movie, so does that mean its part of the Kelvin timeline too?
Angular Square
Angular Square 2 months ago
It's not. Only those 3 dodgy movies are.
pinoi78 2 months ago
I’m so f’n ready for Star Trek: Picard next week. MAKE IT SO.
Gam3 0ver
Gam3 0ver 18 days ago
I would hope you are crying into your Jean Luc pillow round about now.. If not, wtf is wrong with you.
Factual Opinion
Factual Opinion 2 months ago
FACT: the star trek animated series was gahbage. 🚮🗑
petulant 2 months ago
Only when Gene Roddenberry was around to keep things in check is there a timeline although Star Trek continued to be very good and consistent for a couple of years after he passed. Anything between 1966 and 1993 can only count as the true timeline. Michael Piller and Ira Steven Behr's Star Trek (DS9) is very good but it undermines the hopeful and optimistic future of Star Trek. Rick Berman and Brannon Braga's Star Trek (TNG Movies, VGR and Enterprise) became increasingly inconsistent. Jar Jar Abrams and Alex Klutzmans nasty, nihilistic parody of Star Trek is not canon.
petulant 2 months ago
Also this youtube channel sucks, i must pay closer attention before i click on a Star Trek video that youtube recommends.
G T C 2 months ago
No mention of ‘Past Tense’? Surely the best ‘ST crew visit Earth via timey winey madness’ tv episode...?
Telly Vin-a
Telly Vin-a 2 months ago
a long time into the future, in a galaxy really really close...
mikedudez 2 months ago
my solution between the discrepancies in technolgy between star trek and discovery is DONT WATCH discovery i dont and i dont want to because they decided to throw away the real meaning of star trek and blind you with computer battles in space. at least enterprise was humble looking as a precursor to the original show
Tim Scollard
Tim Scollard 2 months ago
I was excited to see this but it was too inclusive. And not what I expected. Star Trek means TOS+. SORRY. Especially in terms of timeline.
Tom Kerruish
Tom Kerruish 2 months ago
So many errors, I'm not sure I remember them all. 1. NX-01 was not the world's first Enterprise. The first movie even had a display of the previous ones. 2. Starfleet was a descendant of the United Earth Space Probe Agency. 3. We see several other Constitution-class ships in the original series. They all have the same design aesthetic. That's all I can recall. I'll close by saying that I consider the animated series to be far more canonical than Discovery.
T C 2 months ago
Tom Kerruish He probably meant that it was the first *starship* Enterprise. The XCV-330 is something of a question mark. There have been quite a few conflicting descriptions of it, including a suggestion that it was simply an interstellar liner. Another suggests that it was a sublight only ship launched prior to the Phoenix.
B 2 months ago
Dicovery is not canon it and should not be in this list.
B 2 months ago
@Angular Square Canon is what was done in the past it sets up the lore of a show. Discovery is part of the JJ universe not part of actual trek or Canon
Angular Square
Angular Square 2 months ago
What's cannon ?
B 2 months ago
@T C lol the fans don't say what is or is not cannon the past dose. And your comment is one of someone who knows nothing of cannon or a love for the past
T C 2 months ago
B Fortunately, fans don’t get to say what really is canon or not. The people *actually* doing the work do. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it.
Leland Turner
Leland Turner 2 months ago
My personal viewpoint of each series, so far. Be prepared for unique opinions and feel free to express your own. The Next Generation: Jean-Luc Picard was a god among men and he had the best crew any Captain could have asked for. My favorite movies will always be the earlier ones with the original cast, but this was my favorite series. The Original Series: James T. Kirk lived during a dangerous and uncertain time for the Federation, but he had a nice ship to shoot things with and a seemingly endless supply of expendable crew members. Voyager: This is what happens when you mix Gilligan's Island with Lost in Space and throw in half a kilo of uncut cocaine. But it definitely grew on me, especially from the second season onward. Capt. Janeway knew what she was doing the entire time. Deep Space 9: I thought that the plot was often either mediocre or so grandiose that it was almost ridiculous. What it did have that captured my attention more than any other series was unrivaled character development. Also, Benjamin Sisko punches Q. Enterprise: What happens when you throw a pre-Federation vessel into the deep end with technology only slightly more advanced than we have, today? Thank God it had a decent crew, otherwise Jonathan Archer would have been screwed... Discovery: (There is no description of Leland's viewpoint for this series as he has barricaded himself in the bathroom while sobbing into a bucket of ice cream. Please hold..)
Connor Burnett
Connor Burnett Month ago
Leland Turner My favorites were always the Original 6 films, even the ones I didn’t care for in them I still enjoyed. When it comes to TNG’s films I enjoyed First Contact the most. I’ll admit that I thought it was kinda weird that they didn’t incorporate the whole Dominion War going on in DS9 with TNG cast in Insurrection. Felt like that was a missed opportunity. I remember watching DS9 and thinking, “Why hasn’t the Enterprise been called to help these guys out?” I know Picard and Sisko don’t like each other and bringing TNG in on that conflict could provided a good resolution for those two characters relationship with one another. But oh well I guess, maybe they’ll mention it in the new Picard series.
Leland Turner
Leland Turner Month ago
@Connor Burnett The first three films based on the Original Series are my absolute favorites, and 4 through 6 were all right. The Next Generation films I thought were generally okay, although I wasn't too enthused with Insurrection. I think that a film with the Enterprise cast is long overdue, and a DS9 adaptation would be even better except that I know some of their cast has passed away.
Connor Burnett
Connor Burnett Month ago
Leland Turner Wanna dive deeper? What’s your opinion on the films?
Leland Turner
Leland Turner 2 months ago
@Connor Burnett I appreciate it, and I can see where you're coming from. To be fair, I actually like every series in the franchise except for Discovery. Enterprise had it's moments, especially during the third season. And even I'll admit that I think the show portrayed the genuine peril of an inexperienced interstellar nation/fleet very well. I can also relate to Charles Tucker, personally. Lol
Connor Burnett
Connor Burnett 2 months ago
Fair list, especially when it comes to Discovery and Enterprise. Even though I enjoy the Original Cast more than TNGs, I can't deny that TNG was overall, the better show. Only disagreement is DS9, I really enjoyed that show but what you said certainly applies to its first couple seasons. It wasn't until later seasons that I thought the show presented some of the best Star Trek sequences in the franchise. I really enjoyed how Sisko was basically the Anti-Picard. DS9 may have had some rough spots but its still worth the ride that it takes the viewer on. Regardless, I still respect your opinion on it, I originally thought the same when I first watched it as a kid. Took some time to appreciate it when I got older.
Jason Lee
Jason Lee 2 months ago
Question. What does God need with a starship?
Chris Cheshire
Chris Cheshire 2 months ago
Khan was not expelled from Earth but escaped, with Gary Seven's help.
2BitUser 2 months ago
Where in some novel?
Chris Cheshire
Chris Cheshire 2 months ago
Khan was not expelled from Earth but escaped, with Gary Seven's help.
Vaughn Veach
Vaughn Veach 2 months ago
Forgot Robert April
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson 2 months ago
Star trek will be with us for a very long time I hope the next generation treats it well
WeirdErnie 2 months ago
Read the title. Saw the runtime. Literally laughed out loud.
Daniel Sweeney
Daniel Sweeney 2 months ago
Picard will be cancelled before we know what happened.
Joseph Solomon
Joseph Solomon 2 months ago
Shill shillity shill shillery shill shill shillery stp and std are not star trek, klingorcs are dumb, both shows writers write lameness and don't understand the franchise! PEECARD thinks dropping the F bomb will make the show more trendy. Maybe he should follow Popeye's way of getting kids to like him by eating ___. lol
Alternative EFG
Alternative EFG 2 months ago
STD is not canon, so don't waste your time watching this video
MarCuseusFX 2 months ago
**PICARD FACEPALM** Made by fucking idiots.
Clogged Nostrils
Clogged Nostrils 2 months ago
The Guardian of Forever might have mucked up the timline. Kahn claimed he left earth in 1996 yet when the Voyager crew visited Earth that year there was no mention of the Eugenics war
“Tay-Rock Nor”, or ... What happens when non Star Trek fans talk about Star Trek...
𖥠 ꧁Æ♱ℍᴲᮄℜᴲⅅ꧂𖥠
Im 38 and I'm just starting to get into Star Trek. I started by watching all of TNG from episode 1 (I'm currently halfway through). Where should I go next? Should I go back and watch the original series and go in chronological order from there? (skipping TNG of course) Does that mean I have to watch the animated series then? Is it any good? Or can I just go to DS9 after I finish TNG and save the original till last (I'm worried I won't like the original because it will seem too dated. Not that I don't like old stuff just old scifi can be a little corny. Maybe the original is so good it's easy to look past that? ) Edit: I forgot about the movies, where do I fit those in? Sorry for all the questions, I didn't realize I'd have so many when I started writing this! Star Trek fans seem to be opinionated folks so maybe someone will help.
Benjamin Oosthoek
TNG, DS9, VOY for the main 3 series. Star Trek Enterprise is also fun. It plays (chronological) before the original, but watches better after voyager in my opinion. But in truth it doesnt really matter, as long as you watch DS9 after TNG and Voyager after DS9, haha.
Connor Burnett
Connor Burnett Month ago
𖥠 ꧁Æ♱ℍᴲᮄℜᴲⅅ꧂𖥠 DS9 is totally worth watching. However, I will say the first 2 seasons are a bit rough. Once the 3rd season starts, it’s super kick ass. Plus, Worf joins the cast in season 4 so that helps out too. When it comes to the movies, the original 6 films are must watches. The films with the Next Generation cast are pretty forgettable except First Contact.
𖥠 ꧁Æ♱ℍᴲᮄℜᴲⅅ꧂𖥠
Thanks, just finished TNG, gonna watch at least some of TOS but I think in between the movies and while I watch DS9. Depends on how much I can get into it.
Connor Burnett
Connor Burnett Month ago
Tim I would say yes because it will help you understand so many different things that happen in the movies and later series.
Tim Month ago
"Should I go back and watch the original series and go in chronological order from there?" I watch the original trek movies, but the OG series is just too dated for me to sit down and watch it seriously. I might flip it on while going to bed.
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