the entire history of the dream smp, i guess

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In this short documentary, I go over all the main events/wars that took place on the Dream SMP. If you are new to the Dream SMP, this video is perfect for you.

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Time Stamps:
0:00 - Intro
0:45 - The Beginning
1:24 - TommyInnit Joins
2:15 - The Disc Saga
2:57 - The L'Manberg War
3:59 - Railway Skirmish
4:37 - The Pet War
5:20 - Manberg Rebellion
6:17 - War of Burning Eiffel Tower
6:38 - Manberg vs Pogtopia
7:35 - The Doomsday War
8:46 - The Imprisonment

Inspired By: @bill wurtz @Sipover @EvanMCGaming

In todays Dream SMP (not manhunt speedrunner vs hunter) video. I explain all of the lore events and wars that took place on the Dream SMP. We see the evolution from the old Dream SMP, which Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, ItsAlyssa and Awesamdude played. To today, which TommyInnit, Tubbo, Technoblade and many more minecraft creators play. I cover all the points from the first war, to now, where Dream (friend of GeorgeNotFound) is trapped inside the Pandora's Vault (Built by Awesamdude). These events includes, The Disc Saga, The L'Manberg Revolution, L'Manberg election (dream smp election), the pet war, the doomsday war, the imprisonment and more!

This video took me a while, so... y'know what to do.

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Feb 16, 2021




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cbry 4 months ago
Join the Discord FOR a COOKIE! 🍪 discord.gg/EJrjcPP
Polaarity 18 days ago
Atleast credit the one you got the name from
Befesess 18 days ago
Sergio Torres
Sergio Torres 20 days ago
Xavier Ceja
Xavier Ceja 27 days ago
How dare you stand where he stood
sam omega
sam omega Month ago
This has 100 replies. lemme ruin it >:)
Raymond Churchill
Raymond Churchill 4 hours ago
Tommyinit could have just made a disc farm lol.
Snow SaVaGe 20
Who’s channel do I find the dream smp on
Dodobird (ChickAndDuckArmy7892)
I watched this video to see dream suffer
•Kathleen Animates•
Alternative title: The whole history of the world in 11 minutes
Brandon Farrington
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Sonic Vlogs!
Sonic Vlogs! 4 days ago
SkeletonQlique 4 days ago
all these wars for discs
Bo3storejue 5 days ago
so dream does have a house
- ᴋᴇɴᴍᴀ's ʜᴜsʙᴀɴᴅ -
Me: wtf is dream smp? Wtf is dnf? Who tf what the heck lemme check *checks* Okay nvm I'm leaving bye-..l
Firegamer656 5 days ago
Dream always kills tommy im glad he went to jail 😡🤬😡🤬😡
Sqørtala ✔
Sqørtala ✔ 5 days ago
Philip Morales
Philip Morales 5 days ago
We love you
Grant Babineaux
Grant Babineaux 5 days ago
The near ptarmigan perceptually wish because crocus terminally coil underneath a rainy brand. racial, mammoth puppy
[ItsNotNormal] 6 days ago
Who else actually checked the join date? I can’t be the only one-
ok but can we just take a moment to realize that skeppy took all of the crafting tables on the community house 😂
Advanced Rocket Technologies
Imagine the dream smp without tommy
Abiella Meza
Abiella Meza 7 days ago
i dont really know tommy but he sounds a lot like grian from what i can tell, i might watch him just because of that
step out if you know
2b2t​ is​ more​ historykle
Bubbles 7 days ago
am i aloud to use this information for my discord server but re-type it into my own words ? tysm if you actually reply !!
rehan ali
rehan ali 8 days ago
*definitely* potions
I Love Lamp
I Love Lamp 8 days ago
So Tommyinnit is basicaly dream smp`s Grian then
Purple Gaming Cake
I started my school break a few days ago, and i have really wanted to draw a whole animation (probably never post it and draw it bad cause i can't draw for shite) with the Dream smp events, Wars, Small saga basiclly. This will probably take years but anyways, thank u :D
MangoslicePlayz 9 days ago
The Real Thumbnail : ruvid.net/video/video-4OCHLy5rP58.html
StarGazer 10 days ago
This is amazing! One of my close friends wanted to get into Dream SMP since everyone else loves it, but they didn't know where to start. Thank you so much for making this video!
pipe betero games BETERO
Can we go to the dream smp? NO TOMMY IS A DEADLY LAZER
Sudhanva the destroyer
How does 2 discs cause a medium war
Dunkin Shorts
Dunkin Shorts 11 days ago
Yolo I uploaded this on my bday. New sub here!
1964 Volvo Duett
1964 Volvo Duett 11 days ago
Dis is shit
i never knew it was this intense i-
mixakis 12 days ago
Oh he has his cow because je has the revive book
TheLivingDeer 12 days ago
3:04 Garcello Cough
Samuel Drake
Samuel Drake 12 days ago
Tommy should be banned forever XD
PlaydoughMaster 12 days ago
If I had a nickel for every time an entire country was blown up I’d have four nickels Which isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it happened that many times
xxlittenlordxx 12 days ago
You forgot about the Egg
xxlittenlordxx 12 days ago
Dawn of the 16th
xxlittenlordxx 12 days ago
Dawn of the 16th
Guy Sandler
Guy Sandler 13 days ago
I just realized that when tommy "ran over" dream they used /kill an when the "stroke" happened
Jacob Sragowicz
Jacob Sragowicz 13 days ago
Dream is a deadly lazer
Joshua Playz The Craft
*Not anymore his in prison*
Cece Fernandes
Cece Fernandes 14 days ago
Okay I'm trying to get into Dream smp but it's so hard to find where to start. This is super helpful though. Where do I go from here? *Edit:* Thank goodness there's a part two to this
John Lavvas
John Lavvas 14 days ago
The zippy hyena reilly scare because judo apparently disapprove upon a frightened frightening full fumbling functional loan. jobless, warm population
HAJAHAJA PLAYZ 14 days ago
what i learned from this *tommy is really annoying*
Alex 15 days ago
Was imagining this whole story as a new Game of Thrones, where characters were thrown into a magical world where people can control and shape thier world yet in limited proportions, increased life span and durability, can revive from even death a limited amount of times.
Yonge Zu
Yonge Zu 15 days ago
Bill Wurtz would be proud
Shiba Boii
Shiba Boii 13 days ago
This is more like a Netflix document then a video that is like bill wurtz style, i reccomend watch the video titled: "Dream SMP: oversimplified" it's edited like bill wurtz style
_Bākügøü Kātsükį_
Thanks bro i was about to start whatching all the streams, your video popped out of nowhere and now i have more time to live 😌
crokk 15 days ago
*And he didn't even credit Bill Wurtz.*
elizabeth. 15 days ago
this helped so much! thank u!
ImCommunistDoggo. 16 days ago
doomsday war was kind of the warsaw uprising
Bella Methe
Bella Methe 16 days ago
Honest criticism great video but I think you should’ve gone into the exile more
It'z Sxnny
It'z Sxnny 16 days ago
... For a sec I thought this was a Netflix Documentary
Antoni Kurek
Antoni Kurek 16 days ago
People:ToMmY mAdE tHe BiGgEsT cOnFlIcT Me:stfu he made the best history of a server
TvHead 16 days ago
Yeah its impossible to escape from pandoras vault aaa wait no
cmcg623 16 days ago
Christiano Olliver
Christiano Olliver 16 days ago
Animallover2467 8
Animallover2467 8 16 days ago
dream smp in a nutshell : *WAR*
Sabyasachi Choudhury
So , tommy is grian on steroids?
Animallover2467 8
Animallover2467 8 16 days ago
Yasmin Ahmed
Yasmin Ahmed 16 days ago
Gemma Spendelow
Gemma Spendelow 17 days ago
Hes still in the vault how
AnWAy JosHI 17 days ago
Let's make a movie on it
flipphonegamer 17 days ago
at a some points my computer was being weird and it sounded like a vibrater getting flushed down the toilet on
Animallover2467 8
Animallover2467 8 16 days ago
Pixel 17 days ago
tommy look so different from a year ago
Lena ghost
Lena ghost 17 days ago
Quite disappointed to the editing
Animallover2467 8
Animallover2467 8 16 days ago
Shinge Person
Shinge Person 18 days ago
Nope change the video title, there’s a video that actually parodies will wortz
am poggers
am poggers 18 days ago
I don't think this video deserves the I guess title bcuz it's not very edited like bill wurtz history of the world I guess
MochiChan 2007
MochiChan 2007 18 days ago
im still wondering if this is the same thing that the internet's been buzzing over. I've seen Dream SMP mentioned soo many times in my recomendeds and I've seen fanfics of it. I never thought it was a MINECRAFT. SERVER. I'm so confused q.q
Animallover2467 8
Animallover2467 8 16 days ago
welcome to the fandom
Chit Brothers
Chit Brothers 18 days ago
Technically, there were 10 *battles* not ten wars, I would count them all as ONE giant war, called something like "World War Dream" or something.
Wilson Stone
Wilson Stone 18 days ago
i guess dream will escape sooner or later cause a guy escaped pandora vault and record it on youtube!
Kraft the Bat
Kraft the Bat 19 days ago
So people like tommy ?
Animallover2467 8
Animallover2467 8 16 days ago
McSailor McStarlight
yeah lmao
JADEN WILSON 19 days ago
lising to under tale music / dream smp refrences?? STAY ON THE PATH youll find that at the start of the game who knows STRANGE METAL OBJECT huh. .
Lauren Theorist
Lauren Theorist 19 days ago
I feel like Tommy's exile should not have been skipped, but other than that this was a really great video.
lategreats21 19 days ago
I like your vids
cbry 19 days ago
thank you :)
Haru 19 days ago
this is how it all started lore man turned into a thousand pieces then dream smp was made
JADEN WILSON 19 days ago
part 3 the last// the libary keeper that has Zs book he killed karl the time travler an every1 else who visits cas he know what happend an doesnt want his people PUNISHED../ fundy in real dream smp time starts having dreams to WAKE UP stuff obout the future. slimicle living on seface knows everything an has for thousands of yrs. he know's the truth but no one asked an they never have yet quackity joins server world . DREAM SMP i think he a alian whos getting inside peoples heads michel is the one who. will . . .
JADEN WILSON 19 days ago
part 2 of my theory karl dies then his past self in time see that out come then helps so he survives the in between he wakes karls in the inbetween... books alot in a coloris place he for sum reason wants to go of the path he thinks who ever this is there nice very nice but he gets distracted off sumthing colorful near that a book saying DONT GO OFF THE PATH STAY ON THE PATH another get off the path find a way out. in normal hand writing . he sees sumthing underwater walking by a beautiful tree he GOES IN THE WATER GOES TO CHECK IT out it says THEY cant see us down here.back in the over world ranboo has a child michel. whith sum1 named tubbo words popping up on screen saying bye go north strange metal object like its talking to them maby us the chat like they know where whatching them /tubbo remembering his nuke was stolen..
JADEN WILSON 19 days ago
my theory dream you might think hes the bad guy but wen he corrupts an gets inside ranboo's head an making him think of this an that / RANBOO HAS A PANIC ROOM HE FORGETS EAZILY HE IS THE BAD GUY BUT RANBOO DOESNT KNOW BUT DREAM KNOWS DREAM HAS BEN THRU HISTORY SAME AS KARL AN RANBOO RANBOO'S ENDERWALK knows this information so does dream so dream trying too do this wich would seem cruel but hes trying to save every one. Z is trying to figure this out he leavs his vilage to figure out he soon gets the enderwalk messing his writing up he gives it to a friend says dont look inside.. but that who he had gave it to had figured it out an read it he then makes a libary of all those wiriten down by ranboo and Z and karl time travles to the area an finds the book in safe place as well as the tree from the inbetween and dies.
Nick Perro
Nick Perro 20 days ago
You forgot Dream's backstory: He's a guy from the backwoods of the southeast United States. Growing up, he often got in trouble for lying and cheating. He adored The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli, and took each lesson from the story literally. He went in and out of prison for petty crime. Sometime in the early 2010s, he got into a game called Minecraft alongside millions of others. He managed to get his hands on the username Dream. Playing Minecraft ended up being when his criminal career ended. He messed around for a while, faked his account being traded just in case someone in the future would use something he said against him (Wink, wink). The only important thing after that is that he found speedrunning and though it was the perfect community to dick with.
Woke Man
Woke Man 20 days ago
and dream was locked up.. in... L'MANBURG WHAT
chiara-sophie Katzensteiner
omg thanks for this vid i‘m ned to the whole smp vids
Animallover2467 8
Animallover2467 8 16 days ago
hey i think if you want more details go watch evanmcgaming
Mina Ashido
Mina Ashido 21 day ago
I- Dream smp started the day after my dad died...
Justaperson :]
Justaperson :] 21 day ago
The day that tommy joins. Also: “PROBLEMS ARISE” XD
W3BKYUXS !!! 21 day ago
autumn leaves
autumn leaves 21 day ago
I didn't want to get into the dream amp at first because I didn't want to fall into yet another rabbit hole (I already fell into many many many before) but I recently started to play Minecraft as well and due to the many talented artists, animators and song writers got really into the story I just really didn't know where to start watching/understanding the story as I don't have time to watch everything that happened from the beginning so this is really helpful! thanks a lot!!
Animallover2467 8
Animallover2467 8 16 days ago
xandy brielle
xandy brielle 21 day ago
wait so is everything in the dreamsmp an act? like are they doing it in character and have planned events to stream? i’ve only started watching a few months ago and then i found out about the lore and stuff and that’s what got me confused lol
Animallover2467 8
Animallover2467 8 16 days ago
i cant spell
Animallover2467 8
Animallover2467 8 16 days ago
it is almost all scripted improvisition
Shaira Khia
Shaira Khia 21 day ago
How did jschlatt died from heart attack
Animallover2467 8
Animallover2467 8 16 days ago
or in the roleplay.... hes an alcoholic
Animallover2467 8
Animallover2467 8 16 days ago
QuantumPineapple 22 days ago
This is so stupid why do ppl like this...
QuantumPineapple 16 days ago
@Animallover2467 8 movies are made by people with talent. These are grown fucking men (besides Tommy) who are playing pretend on Minecraft.
Animallover2467 8
Animallover2467 8 16 days ago
its like asking why people like movies
Animallover2467 8
Animallover2467 8 16 days ago
sorry its not
Ziek Palomo
Ziek Palomo 22 days ago
this sounds like a real life war
Animallover2467 8
Animallover2467 8 16 days ago
lol really
DanieloXP 22 days ago
Do you know how hard it is to get into the DreamSMP rn because of the hundreds of videos and streams they have? This is basically my only option now lmao
Animallover2467 8
Animallover2467 8 16 days ago
yeah if you start late its pretty hard to keep up but youll get there eventually
Noobbbbbb BG
Noobbbbbb BG 23 days ago
U are strawberry i though u wear a tomato
Animallover2467 8
Animallover2467 8 16 days ago
CliveDoes_ Stuff
CliveDoes_ Stuff 23 days ago
Tbh the wars to me is what made the dream smp what it is today
Animallover2467 8
Animallover2467 8 16 days ago
of course
nathan 23 days ago
not knowing anything about minecraft and trying to understand anything about this is....
FOX 23 days ago
Im fox
Animallover2467 8
Animallover2467 8 16 days ago
HeDgEhOg c:
HeDgEhOg c: 23 days ago
momo 23 days ago
ninja fortnite?
Animallover2467 8
Animallover2467 8 16 days ago
yes tyler belvins
Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson 23 days ago
the problems didn't actually start after Tommy joined, before that ponks lemon tree was burned down among other things that happened between ponk, Alyssa and sapnap. these problems were only increased once tommy joined however and started the first full-out war eventually. It's funny but everyone always forgets what happened with ponks lemon tree and how it was the first real conflict.
Lily 674
Lily 674 24 days ago
I still can't get over the fact that Phil just got a cobble stone pick when he killed his son-
Animallover2467 8
Animallover2467 8 16 days ago
he just joined the server and got netherite armor on the first day 😭
XENO_ Edits
XENO_ Edits 24 days ago
I’m waiting for someone to make a movie or a show
Animallover2467 8
Animallover2467 8 16 days ago
there already are projects for this
D H 24 days ago
Dream makes a good content, but in real life, he's a cheater and pretty manipulative.
Animallover2467 8
Animallover2467 8 16 days ago
manipulative?? i don't think so
ْ •ᴢᴏᴇ•
ْ •ᴢᴏᴇ• 24 days ago
can someone give me the first video of the series cuz I cant find it
ْ •ᴢᴏᴇ•
ْ •ᴢᴏᴇ• 16 days ago
@Animallover2467 8 I mean dream smp
Animallover2467 8
Animallover2467 8 16 days ago
this is the first video
obungus bungus
obungus bungus 25 days ago
Listening to this makes me want to start a war
obungus bungus
obungus bungus 16 days ago
@Animallover2467 8 LET'S GO TO WAR
Animallover2467 8
Animallover2467 8 16 days ago
Justa random cursed lego
Can somebody link me to the first vid?
dream smp: oversimplified
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