The End of the Beauty World

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Jan 21, 2020




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Comments 32 798
ShaneGlossin 29 days ago
Hope you guys like this deleted scenes/bonus episode of the series! It was really fun to edit and also sad because it finally hit me that its over. Last year was such an incredible year and Im really grateful for your guys support. :')) Im excited to post some fun stuff this year on this channel and hopefully you guys are ok with random, dumb, and sometimes creepy videos that revolve around the beauty world.
Lindsey MacKinnon
Honestly Shane I don't know about everyone else but personally if it's from you I'll watch anything so yes I'm definitely okay with that lmao😂💗
Juan Hates U
Juan Hates U 17 days ago
Hell yea
Brats Pack
Brats Pack 29 days ago
Someone breaking in banging on windows Big Dogs:.......... Small dogs yap yap yap yap yap yap #^% yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap
WindyNexus Extra
WindyNexus Extra 29 days ago
Kayla Delgado
Kayla Delgado 6 hours ago
I don’t know anY of the drama with the beauty channels I’m so confused someone help
Emily Jelassi
Emily Jelassi 6 hours ago
Loved seeing the deleted scenes from the series.. makes me want to watch it all over again 😊
Miss Misfits
Miss Misfits 6 hours ago
The whole "honestea, teatox, teahab" bit was GENIUS. That quick wit on your feet is something I envy so much. I don't think people realize how talented he is, truly. Not just with those comments lol but as a person. I don't consider myself dull but unless I'm writing to someone, I lose all my personality and wit in person. It's bizarre.
Josue Hernandez
Josue Hernandez 8 hours ago
Did anyone notice jeffree doesn’t have 1 color contact on his left eye 👁
TheNuggetLord 8 hours ago
You need to get purge level security drop down metal walls over the windows and doors
Lovely Jasmin
Lovely Jasmin 8 hours ago
You need big protection dogs 💪🏼
Abii G
Abii G 8 hours ago
Yeah no I'm sorry i can't watch this
Elizabeth Albright
Elizabeth Albright 8 hours ago
I swear I would be the one to knock back on the window
bee em
bee em 9 hours ago
The knock coming ever closer is my nightmare, so ominous, way too close, I hate it.
Anna McCloskey
Anna McCloskey 9 hours ago
What song was playing while they unboxed the Fenty????
Aden Clark
Aden Clark 9 hours ago
Karen Chau
Karen Chau 9 hours ago
27:20 ok but can we talk about how CLEAAANNN that cut was?
Rue IamGroot
Rue IamGroot 10 hours ago
Shane you are hilarious!! So happy for your success as well as friends and family. I feel for Morgan. I love you Morgan. Mean people they were. Ty Shane!!!!
Jessica Rincon
Jessica Rincon 11 hours ago
yes annyyyy ♥️♥️ 20:51
ayla 11 hours ago
holy shit the knocking was so scary 🥺
Tyler Nicholas
Tyler Nicholas 11 hours ago
If I was Shane or Ryland when that guy was banging on the doors and windows I would be having a panic attack coz I was getting anxious just watching it
KJ Lynn
KJ Lynn 11 hours ago
That's an expensive casket 😂😂😂
Savage Hipster
Savage Hipster 11 hours ago
what was the guy there for I want the whole story I was shook I felt like I was there.
R O B L O X 11 hours ago
those girls are brainwashed, like i don't understand why there has to be ppl like that in this world, that's why the world is so depressing, and that's also why many ppl want to Rest In Peace.
Nadia Idek
Nadia Idek 11 hours ago
Who else was eating I’ve cream the entire video and then towards the end like last two minutes of the video you realize your lactose intolerant 🥺😂😭
J L 11 hours ago
What would you have done if he came in here? Me: **Will Farrel being bad cop in the Other Guys**
R O B L O X 12 hours ago
Shane listen......get a self-defense class for a month and make your gates higher and make your door AUTO lock by itself when the door shuts XD oki but fr this is some serious stuff make sure to have a big safe filled with guns XD have a security guard have a room in your house so if something happens he'll be there XD
spooky 11 hours ago
Yeah XD I totally agree XD He should XD be more protective XD
Matthew Cisneros
Matthew Cisneros 12 hours ago
People just gotta start giving names of these rude "beauty" girls so they can be cancelled
RIPLEYx_x 12 hours ago
his rant is the best
Elise Buban
Elise Buban 13 hours ago
Andrews laugh is iconic
barsaphon 13 hours ago
More on their wing, less on their sting... More on their look, less on their shook... That's clearly what his soul said.
CLOBO XOXO 13 hours ago
why has he made a second Channel???
Antoinette Jean
Antoinette Jean 13 hours ago
Omg the hoghloghter and blush contor can pallet idea is amazing! And that comercial omg yaaassss i wanna see it!
MEL-MEL 14 hours ago
You need a room with the cameras and a cell phone that you can go and lock yourself into it until the police arrive. That was too damn scary and my heart was pounding.
Jaemin Na
Jaemin Na 14 hours ago
Cass 14 hours ago
Shane telling everyone they need to shut the fuck up is my actual mood
Karevv Czubak-Cappadellia
27:32-28:52 Shane going the FUCK OFF YES QUEEN
LizzyisdatGUY 15 hours ago
I love how grateful you guys are, I love you Shane 🥺💕
Olivia Burrage
Olivia Burrage 15 hours ago
Hamilton Dos Santos
Hamilton Dos Santos 15 hours ago
Shane, you are so fake. All you want is money and fame. You could car less about your fans. Btw Ryland deserves better. Get a LIFE
Stephii Loveless
Stephii Loveless 16 hours ago
I'd be pissing myself if someone was banging on my windows. Fuck that.
Dizzy Izzy
Dizzy Izzy 19 hours ago
I keep the door from the house to my garage locked! So scary!
Jennifer Martinez
Jennifer Martinez 20 hours ago
It would be so awesome if they make a face pallette
Mira 21 hour ago
Well Morgan, those beauty gurus are just ignoring you because they see you as in their league.. the 30% rule prevents it
Sierra Oosterveld
Sierra Oosterveld 23 hours ago
You and Jeffrey should start a wig line!!!!!!
Yna Manzano
Yna Manzano 23 hours ago
The face of worry on Cheeto’s face after Ryland sneezes at 15:18
Ginger Ninja
Ginger Ninja 23 hours ago
That why we're armed. (AND our kids have all been to gun safety classes performed by a US Military Sniper.) They're a little older now, but we never wanted our kids to spend the nt with friends & their family had guns. (We all know what can happen.) SO, we educated our kids on safety & the instructor allowed them to shoot the guns so they could understand the gravity & the power of one. Or to simplify....what playing with guns can do. I NEVER go anywhere without mine. It's always on my body. Had that intruder entered your home atleast you would've had some comfort knowing you could protect yourselves if you had to. Glad it never came to that. 🙂
MyLifeAsJess Day ago
If you were the one that did that to shane . Don't you understand PRIVACY god leave him alone PERIOD bitch PERIOD Shane security is good bitch but um getting FUCKING metal baseball bat BITCH
sadtiani13 Day ago
no joke, this aint funny content. its a crime video & im worried
Miss.L Day ago
The Dark underbelly of the beauty world... bless your soul for touching on this!
Susan Synder
Susan Synder Day ago
I miss you shane i miss the old you the one who ate and was funny not the one who wares make-up and spends so much money please go back and be the old you for a day.
o Day ago
Feline Samurai
(Havent watched the video yet) I love pigs but Shane the info description for the channel; you better not mean it! Your a looker you ARE man You wonderful
Lindzie Van
Lindzie Van Day ago
shane: *puts straw in diet coke* me: oop dad is mad
Samantha Price
Jeffrees a stoner. Called it.
M'Lle Day ago
Think of this: you talk about the Elite, they do crazy crap such as this and much worse. Never have your location on, delay "live" taping. Never have a set schedule. While I was hunting Fugitives, my mail was delivered 30 miles from my house at a p.o. box. Never film your home layout! If you don't care for guns with real bullets, get rubber bullets! They will hurt them and gives you more time to vacate. If you own your home, have a 'safe" room. Door lock that goes through the door top & bottom.
Lauren Rivett
I'm just glad your safe why the fuck would people wanna frighten you like that some people are just nasty I'm glad your okay xx
Thither Shook
Lizette Rodriguez
Poor Morgan.
Chris Warren
Chris Warren Day ago
Shane......they need to work more on their look and less on their lip! That should cover what you were trying to say!!
Ryland , claims the pot of gold fr palette launch but literally does nothing. Shane has even said that Ryland does not contribute financially. Idk why but Ryland and Morgan chase money and clout. Maybe bc they are not special like Shane. I just hope Shane makes Ryland sign a pre-nup bc it is 100% Shane's money. Ryland and moochie Morgan take advantage of Shane's generosity. smh
Haley Rey
Haley Rey Day ago
I’m sorry but I love that Andrew always films the animals 😂😂 every time he does I chuckle
Meliha Vranić
I think that Shane changed.I don't have the same "feeling" I had for him,it's not the same.Shane from the past was better 😣
Samantha lei
Samantha lei Day ago
21:15 what is the song name?? Tell me plss!!
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