The Egyptian Pyramids - Funny Animated Short Film (Full HD)

Kheops Pyramides
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Cairo, 1920, an archaeologist is about to discover the secret of the Egyptian Pyramids...
Directed by :
Corentin Charron, Lise Corriol, Olivier Lafay, Nicolas Mrikhi
Music by :
Kalina Świątnicka

We are the original creators of this film. Made in Supinfocom Arles (MOPA) for the MuCEM museum in 2013.


Published on


Apr 3, 2014




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Comments 1 417
Calixe Cuche
Calixe Cuche 11 hours ago
I had worked on this Movie, thanks a lot and enjoy : ruvid.net/video/video-p8GX9Z8jJwU.html
IVαn βαGαni
Not funny at all
Faravahar 2 days ago
Not funny and all kinds of stupid. and you little trolls can go to hell.
Gaspard Savoureux
the film should stop in 2:32 lol
Rakesh Choudhary Rakesh Choudhary
Sk Avi
Sk Avi 4 days ago
Where is your new episodes
Martin G
Martin G 4 days ago
1. Never enter a mysterious pyramid without taking the remote. 2. Slice open that camel.
Bob Rock
Bob Rock 7 days ago
20 stupid commercial till watch video
Reny K Bejoy
Reny K Bejoy 9 days ago
Now we know the secrets of Pyramid.
غازي بس
غازي بس 9 days ago
Bilinda Khonglam
Bilinda Khonglam 9 days ago
She is a comic very comic
Konstanza Iris Martina Kovic
Very funny!
Prince D. Sir
Prince D. Sir 12 days ago
Really awesome 😍
Biswapradipdas 12 days ago
Dr Saira Ali
Dr Saira Ali 12 days ago
Muhammed Salim
Muhammed Salim 15 days ago
Roshan Khan
Roshan Khan 15 days ago
It's example for non Muslims
Muhammad Arif
Muhammad Arif 19 days ago
Don't leave your remote
Syyeda yusra
Syyeda yusra 20 days ago
Harsh 21 day ago
lets be honest here, nobody searched for this
z3 9 days ago
youtube love it
Nick Villa
Nick Villa 10 days ago
Yet it has 11M views lol
Sabtain Ali Raza
Sabtain Ali Raza 12 days ago
what is it
الربيع العربي
هل من عربي هنا
Linda Heflinger
Linda Heflinger 22 days ago
Beyond clever! Thank you! 😂🤣😂🤣
S Lakshmanarao
S Lakshmanarao 22 days ago
Lllllllly xgg 😍 it and then you have
First Last
First Last 23 days ago
camel looks so depressed
Said Khan
Said Khan 25 days ago
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Papps appa ponnU
Papps appa ponnU 28 days ago
aahh... hahaaa..... semaaa..... camel yethunalum saptrum hehe.....kadaisila
Kalis Varkrom
Kalis Varkrom 28 days ago
Loved this Loved this
Alpha Agui
Alpha Agui Month ago
I can forgive him leaving the thousands yrs old remote.. but who the F spits him out of the pyramid?
Müzəffər Abasov
Am I the only one who gets irritated by the camel's disgusting behaviours?
ني رط
ني رط Month ago
ريشة العودرهيبه
Wayne G
Wayne G Month ago
Idiot take the remote control with you. Never, ever trust a Camel. No one will ever believe him even if he is dumb enough to tell.
Ba1k3n 29 days ago
Can always wait for the camel to, well 'evacuate' the remote, clean it off and then huzzah.
Neeraj Kumar
Neeraj Kumar Month ago
Seeking God Films
Hello my name is Anthony Boddy the owner and producer of Seeking God Films. How much do you charge for a 3d animation that is approximately 45 minutes long with 20 characters?
Hina Altaf
Hina Altaf Month ago
Oooooo so cute camel
Diana Taylor
Diana Taylor Month ago
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MGA Editer
MGA Editer Month ago
Ashok Harikant
Ashok Harikant Month ago
RAJIV KHAN Month ago
Its really funny
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