The Easiest Way To Make Great BBQ Ribs • Tasty

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Nothing says summer quite like a rack of BBQ ribs!
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Comments 80
Giorgi Kartveli
Giorgi Kartveli 2 days ago
You need all day to Make this, it's to much
Beautiful Woman
Beautiful Woman 4 days ago
*Public health notice: do not cook with rings on. Rings trap bacteria underneath. This is bad. Especially for cooking for the public. Please use gloves, or wash your hands for 30 seconds or more with NO rings on*
Mahipal Singh Bhandari
Great spices makes a perfect dishes.....
Fritz Louise Wagas
Woos te sher
David Porter
David Porter 9 days ago
So like I kinda just slap bbq sauce on about anything that’s meat along with ketchup except fish
wa zapp
wa zapp 11 days ago
I love the narrator
Ghostly Merchant
Ghostly Merchant 13 days ago
Fist time making baby back ribs. They’re in the oven now. Mouth is already watering but it’s only been 30 minutes ;-; hopefully worth the wait
Giosafat 41
Giosafat 41 14 days ago
no, please don't...
LaMuff 16 days ago
Man 2 min better make a sandwich
kittylover27 23 days ago
islanders are disappointed
607roger 23 days ago
I smoke first for 4 hrs then cover for the rest of cooking time
Chris Pacman
Chris Pacman 26 days ago
Looks so good, i will definitely try the smoke thing.
J R 29 days ago
Complete garbage. Look up how to bbq right with malcolm reed. Thank me later. Stupid video... You wouldn't be allowed to step foot in Texas with this crap.
Glenn Vella
Glenn Vella Month ago
Can this be used on a non electric bbq
Satria Jannatan
Satria Jannatan 26 days ago
D Mills the Lion troll
Incessant yacking continues...but recipe and instructions start at 2:20 . *SHUT UP BITCH!*
Koy's Kitchen
Koy's Kitchen Month ago
So yummy!!!i have different recipe of this it's easy to make check it out!!!!
LumpAnimal509 Month ago
Laughs in malcom reed
Angie Natoyn
Angie Natoyn Month ago
Just rub the damn thing with your preferred spices and liquid smoke. Wrap in foil and bake in oven @ 250F for 3-4 hrs. Remove foil, slather with bbq sauce and broil until caramelized. Easy and works every single time.
jennie_jisoo_jin gachalifelover
Does anyone else always get a Nutella ad whenever they watch a Tasty 101 vid?
tony rodriguez
tony rodriguez Month ago
waoo looks so good ill try
Armor Up
Armor Up Month ago
kiwan kim
kiwan kim Month ago
Freaking salty and sweet. Plus, overwhelming portion of sauce and dry rub. Reduce it by half and just go buy some bbq sauce. Not worth it.
Patryandika. Month ago
Why pork?
A Whi
A Whi Month ago
It is “woo-stuh-sher”.
Ham Sandwich
Ham Sandwich Month ago
I have a problem. Whenever I pay down my meat with a paper towel, a bit of the paper towel sticks to the meat and is hard to remove. Am I doing something wrong?
Cats are great
Cats are great 2 months ago
Why wasn't the 101 series continued? 😢
Mattew Acevedo
Mattew Acevedo 2 months ago
Delicious tried it and she should be a famous chef
426 SUPER BEE 2 months ago
ANY TIME IS A GOOD TIME FOR RIBS OMG leave the fat on it! burnt fat ends are delicious
Adil Foods
Adil Foods 2 months ago
Stephen Adams
Stephen Adams 2 months ago
It's Worcester source British people only use Shire when they're talking about Lord of the Rings
Life with G The Mac
Life with G The Mac 2 months ago
spoopy 2 months ago
hearing americans say worcestershire makes me cringe
Satria Jannatan
Satria Jannatan 2 months ago
*Worshrshr* *sauce*
Hawk King
Hawk King 2 months ago
Long process . Customers has gone ! 😁😁😁😁😁
Kennieth Blake
Kennieth Blake 2 months ago
Why wrap them in foil when you can do the same with a Dutch oven and get way better results
Alex Cosmin
Alex Cosmin 2 months ago
Me here trying to be vegan😂
Sr. Bert
Sr. Bert 2 months ago
Brian: you must learn how to make ribs! Me: why? It’s not even summer yet Brain: you gotta
Rodee1 2 months ago
I have had the ham reaction. It was so gross. I'm glad it wasn't some freaky thing that only happened to me!
Константин Зайцев
Woman BBQ 🙈😆😆😆😆😆
Nuha M.
Nuha M. 2 months ago
Alexis: 6:49 me:bruhhh you took 3 hours to grill the rib 16 ingredients just for the rub 😂
l0pez83 2 months ago
Iam pretty sure that the smoky phase should be done before put ribs into the alluminuim...
Xero Silence
Xero Silence 2 months ago
Just made these ribs for dinner....Delicious 👍
maher elzaher
maher elzaher 2 months ago
😷🐖 🤮🤮 ewww pig is disgusting.
Ribs MoRibs
Ribs MoRibs 2 months ago
¨nothing says summer like a rack of ribs¨?????more like nothing says hotness like a rack of ribs
Ribs MoRibs
Ribs MoRibs 2 months ago
jjhobibpink21bbgot7 2 months ago
honestly it's not that simple,.
Tim Smith
Tim Smith 2 months ago
Quite frankly I BBQ'd this past Christmas 2019!
greg d
greg d 2 months ago
"You want to make sure there aren't any places where heat or steam can leak out"..... 4:26 nice hole ripped in the foil.
Mazen Abzakh
Mazen Abzakh 2 months ago
I'm amazed from your recipe You are so professional
kevin liu
kevin liu 3 months ago
I'm sure this is a great video on making ribs, but I couldn't even get past the one minute mark, her vocal fry was like someone drilling a screw into my brain. Painful.
Jakob Winterborne
Jakob Winterborne 3 months ago
sorry but who in there fucking right mind grills lettuce?!
Zlatan Omeragic
Zlatan Omeragic 3 months ago
How is the smoke optional?wtf?
Cyanide 3 months ago
What do you mean EXCESS fat. That is the best part!
mcculm631 3 months ago
Pad dry the moisture my ass. You should rinse those off first. Them pad dry. That's disgusting
kris wilkinson
kris wilkinson 3 months ago
as an englishman, i can tell you that it's Wuh-stuh sauce or Wuh-stuh-shuh sauce, all the same vowel sound. it's much easier to pronounce than you think. it rhymes with 'duster' or 'buster'
M Chedd
M Chedd 3 months ago
I recommend watching this on mute.
J.R. Calvin
J.R. Calvin 2 months ago
Some boys can't stand to hear a woman who knows more than them speak.
Rod Chung
Rod Chung 3 months ago
I couldn't listen....the vocal fry was just too much..
Redel Calago
Redel Calago 4 months ago
I need opinions . What's better ? Beef or pork ribs ?
DoubleTap RangerOutdoors
Yup this is amazing. We just did these on the channel ruvid.net/video/video-wmSYf3gPlT8.html
Caitlyn Martin
Caitlyn Martin 4 months ago
You said quick
Jacob Mireles
Jacob Mireles 4 months ago
Terribly complicated for mediocre ribs. Look up Franklin BBQ for some real BBQ knowledge.
King Simba
King Simba 4 months ago
Do you cook it for the same time in oven??? Lmk
Antonio Jaimez
Antonio Jaimez 4 months ago
2:17 i think it’s pronounced (woostershire)
Reiven Cabarles
Reiven Cabarles 4 months ago
Substitute for molasses?
Adoreablekelly 4 months ago
This is why I’m an open Vegan and a closet BBQ Rib lover / eater.
Lucia From Wii Sports
I prefer my ribs without sauce but it might be because my aunt just uses store bought sauce and adds lemon juice
Docta Sandwich
Docta Sandwich 4 months ago
Always amuses me how 9/10 americans can never say Worcestershire properly
greg d
greg d 2 months ago
Yeah and while we're at it, how about the idiots who don't put periods at the end of sentences? Amusing!
Bereket Tanrısı
Bereket Tanrısı 4 months ago
Gonna smoked me fatty breskit I got my barbecue shoes on....😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
mongoosevsgt 5 months ago
just put them in the oven if you are going to wrap them with foil.
coderodde 5 months ago
So god damn tasty I could grill my own entire rib cage.
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez 5 months ago
That recipe was great, but the valley girl voice, with a touch of gluttony in the end kind of ruined it. Good ribs, though.
Elginshire Israel
Elginshire Israel 5 months ago
Tried this for dinner! Family loved it! 💕
Davina Test
Davina Test 5 months ago
It’s pronounced Woostersher........but spelt Worcestershire.
Jason Alegria
Jason Alegria 6 months ago
St. Louis and spare ribs are the same fuckin cut
Jean-Luc Duchatellier
BUT HOW am I going to put the meat exposed in the oven after applying THE SAUCE?
Anevay Robinson
Anevay Robinson 6 months ago
I've never been more proud to be from Kansas City
Anevay Robinson
Anevay Robinson 6 months ago
Not even 5 seconds in, and I could tell it's Alexis 😉
Drix Michael Iroy
Drix Michael Iroy 6 months ago
Mmmmmmm.... Delicious!!
Vee Cee
Vee Cee 6 months ago
I can left a comment on your How to Fry be Perfectly video thanking you for demystifying frying (ha, a rhyme!) and you've done the same for ribs and your grill video. You really make user friendly videos, thank you!
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