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TheHolyghost55 6 hours ago
Did you mean the Xperia 1 ii?
Thariq Mohammed
Thariq Mohammed 7 hours ago
Wow RUvid,😮 Watched few Xperia 1 ii videos recently and this video is on my RUvid recommend list after almost 1 year. 🤔 Found the reason, Xperia 1 ii entered the comment section this week 😄
Calix Palis
Calix Palis 15 hours ago
Looks like more of XPERIA 1ii
Chirag Patel
Chirag Patel 16 hours ago
And I'll buy xperia 1 ii ,,, that's all🤣🤣🤣
Sei Warriors
Sei Warriors Day ago
Sony Xperia 1 ii
Three_gun_ nation
I just want the design of the sony xperia 1 ii (flat display, front facing speakers, LED notification light, plus add in an ultrawide selfie cam), with pixel level cameras, sony’s pro camera software, LG’s voice bokeh feature for vlog type videos, the nice headphone jack on the top where it belongs., good 1440p/4k display, big 5000-6000 MAh battery, waterproofing. Basically it.
Tyrone De Asis
You forgot IP rating
AnshuMan Day ago
Sony 1 mark 2 design
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Xperia 1 ii
Bob Smite
Bob Smite Day ago
Xperia 1 ii is so close
Qimchiy Day ago
Xperia 1 ii has arrived to take it's spot
basically he needs a rog phone 2
Tristan Ndianga
Wow 1TB😅
Roman Shocker
Roman Shocker 2 days ago
He just described Xperia 1 ii lol
Dale De Menezes
Dale De Menezes 2 days ago
30/5/2020 - Sony Xperia 1 ii.
Android mode
Android mode 2 days ago
Guess what ? Pixel 4 xl tried to follow it and ended up low market.
Aaron Sam
Aaron Sam 2 days ago
Me: It's weird how close we've gotten to this. Marques:"Pocophone pricing" Me: O WAIT NEVER MIND
KING_CH888 2 days ago
Sony Xperia 1 ii 😂
Ali m
Ali m 3 days ago
Well the closest phone right now is xperia 1 ii except for price
Pratham Verma
Pratham Verma 4 days ago
Sony recently released a new smartphone, it's called Xperia 1 II and it has all the features that you want in your dream smartphone.
Breetha Suresh
Breetha Suresh 4 days ago
My dream Phone 1 Power of Asus Rog phone 2 2 9000 mah battery 3 full display with under display cameras 4 Red camera quality 5 1 tb ssd and 64 gb Ram 6 Home theater sound quality 7 Full display ultra sonic fingerprint scanner 8 181 grams 9 150v fast wireless and wired charging 10 Matt Gold finish 11 3.5mm earphone jack 12 edge display 13 3d touch and haptics 14 10 k Display 15 IOS with Android features 16 599$ price tag 🏷 That’s all
Musaddiq Khan
Musaddiq Khan 4 days ago
Is the Xperia 1 ii nearing the perfect smartphone?
Siddharth Chakravarty
It's ironic how this dream phone renders resemble a lot with the Xperia 1ii. Black, boxy, little top slot little bottom slot front firing good set of stereo speakers, 6.5 inches 10bit 4k hdr oled display, Headphone jack with a good quality DAC, almost stock Android, 4000mah, wireless plus fast charging. Ironic because I know Marques will not review Xperia 1ii
QUEOS 4 days ago
Do you even Realme X3 SuperZoom bro?
Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson 5 days ago
The xperia 1 ii looks a little like this, only a year late!
Adrian Dobre
Adrian Dobre 5 days ago
Kinda looks like the Sony Xperia 1 MK 2 😂, it matches the specs also, almost
Roman Shocker
Roman Shocker 2 days ago
He really did, it looks like it too, plus it has professional camera software lol
Быков Николай
really like sony x1 mk2 😎
Y&APLAY 3 days ago
That's what I was thinking about the whole time
Duckpool 5 days ago
the design phone that u dreamed is basically on the Xperia1 ii. Like legit the same.
Hani Legendz
Hani Legendz 5 days ago
My dream phone : A13 Bionic 12GB Ram UFS 3.0 1TB ROM 1440p One plus 7 pro screen 6.1 inches (my hands are small) 120Hertz 64MP Rear Camera 64MP Front Camera IP68 Resistance Dolby Cinema Speakers Soft touch polycarbonate back, white 50W Super Charging Android One, Oxygen Os or Realme Os
Jeffin Thomas
Jeffin Thomas 5 days ago
lazichimp 5 days ago
Sounds like the Sony Xperia 1ii ??
Saad _
Saad _ 6 days ago
4:16 Yes, but does it scratch at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7?
Zurab Gumashvili
Zurab Gumashvili 9 days ago
You have picked up everything that ss trendy right now. The concept would be even more interesting with something innovative e.g under display cameras. Instead of warp charg I would prefer Oppo's charging which is the fastest right now. Actually personally my eyes ache when I watch on OP 7 display, I would prefer S10's display but with high refresh rate
Antun Derencin
Antun Derencin 10 days ago
do a 2020
Andrew Adendorff
Andrew Adendorff 11 days ago
Application Accounts
What do you think about this: a removable battery🤯! You can eject it from your screen, put just the battery on the wireless charger and pop in the other one which is charged and waiting for you on the charger (the phone comes with two batteries). You never have to charge your phone! The phone also has a small, built in backup battery so that you can replace batteries while the phone stays on. And if you don't want to use this feature, the phone can do normal wireless charging.
bluebroham 15 days ago
Design wise at first it made me think of the essential phone.
John Bell
John Bell 15 days ago
Can you do one of these videos in 2020
Joshunyek 16 days ago
My dream phone 2021 Exynos 1000 (callab with AMD) chip 7.1inch display 180hz display - 360hz touch response Under display 64 megapixel camera 4k screen resolution 5500MaH battery USB-C charger 2 Front facing thin stereo speaker Curve display 30W reverse wireless charging Power button on right side, Volume rocker left side 24 GB ram 2 TB storage Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor takes up entire lowerhalf of the phone IP 68 - can last 4 meters underwater for 30 minutes Note 20 S-Pen 5 years of software updates *Front facing cameras* 150 megapixel main camera 64 megapixel ultra wide angle 24 Megapixel depth sensor 64 megapixel 20x true zoom, 100x optical zoom 16 megapixel macro lens And to top it all off One UI 2.1
Nicholas Coffey
Nicholas Coffey 25 days ago
I want an iPhone All screen with face ID and camera under the display (like the Oppo prototype) Vibrating screen for sound. No ports or holes No camera bump An all glass build Capacitive and force touch buttons for power button volume buttons and ring switch.
Igede Apriana
Igede Apriana 26 days ago
brother sony 1 ii review please
Me 29 days ago
Sony experia 1ii looks oddly familiar🤨
pikaboö nu
pikaboö nu Month ago
The problem with super fast underscreen fingerprint sensor that fill the half of the phone is when you just want to put it down / put it in your pocket, you surely will unlocked it unintended. For real. I'm using phone with underscreen fingerprint, and multiple times it unlocks unintentionally when i put it in my pocket, and it tapped wildly in there. 🤦‍♂️
Rahal Pathirana
Rahal Pathirana Month ago
Now in 2020 5000 milliamperes baby
Segunda Mano
Segunda Mano Month ago
100gb for music?? the fuck
nezzly Month ago
Imagine if Marques made his own phone company
Neil Month ago
This dream phone already seems to be outdated in less than 10 months.
adithya arun
adithya arun Month ago
So basically marques is saying that his dream phone is a Samsung s20 ultra with a headphone jack and apple chipset
Jelwin G
Jelwin G Month ago
Here you go, Sony Xperia 1 II .
SK 2010
SK 2010 Month ago
The name of the phone? The iSamONE+pix (im terrible at naming things)
Caleb Waddell
Caleb Waddell Month ago
1440 p 120 htz (@ the same time, SAMSUNG), snapdragon 865, 1tb storage 16 GB of ram, 108 megapixel all the cameras, camera hardware of Samsung (s20 Ultra) and software of pixel, polycarbonate back (matte black of course), 50 watte wired and 40 watte wireless and reverse wireless charging, USB-C, headphone jack, centered hole punch cutout, in display fingerprint reader (all screen), slightly curved glass (like s20), google pixel launcher, 5000 mah battery, and since it's the dream phone, it'll be free
ReTRo VeRGiL Month ago
Only if phones like iPhone 9 has these kinda specs I'll buy it no matter what the price (if its below 1500 dollars)
Dheeman Mitra
Dheeman Mitra Month ago
My Dream Smartphone- PRICE- Free Unlimited Storage DSLR Lens attachable 1 TB Ram 6" Display USB-C 200000000 MaH Battery And Will Eject Fire at people who touches it
Angelo Portugal
Angelo Portugal Month ago
My dream phone is an iPhone 11 Pro with a price of $299, and inside the box, there is a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus included.
Insan Basrewan
Insan Basrewan Month ago
Phone companies: Alright, alright sounds reasonable enough Marques: Pocophone price Phone Companies: *Laughs in premium flagships*
killer nation
killer nation Month ago
it will be completed in 2077
sugar daDDy
sugar daDDy Month ago
Yeah 12gb ram But 256gb storage Snapdragon 855+ 4500 mah 65W charging -> 33min (0-100%) Dolby speakers HEADPHONE JACK not that nice but 64mp quad cameras Super amoled 90hz display But most importantly Poco phone budget ~ *Realme X2 Pro*
Jason 168
Jason 168 2 months ago
Galaxy Note 10 Plus Body, Snapdragon 865, Pixels Main Camera plus Huawei 5x Periscope Zoom, Oxygen OS, 120Hz Amoled Panel, 5000mah Battery 12GB Ram, 1TB UFS Storage, Headphone Jack...
Leonardo Oppi
Leonardo Oppi 2 months ago
Totally agree besides the carbon fiber
aacgames 2 months ago
Samsung seeing this video before made s20 ultra: oh he has good ideias, write that down
John Bell
John Bell 2 months ago
Can you do on of these videos in 2020
karthik raj
karthik raj 2 months ago
Hey Mark check out Sony Xperia 1ii You'll be surprised 😉
Juhaiver Pasague
Juhaiver Pasague 2 months ago
My dream phone: Display: 6inch oled 500ppi Hdr10+ Dolby atmos speaker 80ghrtz Battery: Li-po,non removable 6000mah Charger that can charge 1hour and 30 minutes Specs: Snapdragon 865 Build quality: Weight-180grams Corning gorilla glass 6 (back,front) Not clicky Camera: Dual camera on front (best camera ever tested:i want) 4 cameras on back (best camera tested:i want) Price 15k-25k pesos
Nif 2 months ago
"i am fine with 128gb today" Here i am, trying to make 16gb work.
Abdul Rahman
Abdul Rahman 2 months ago
Kindly put the lyrics of your explanation
A-dino 2 months ago
Why no telephoto lens
Minje Kim
Minje Kim 2 months ago
But it will still scratch at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7 (So why not a Diamond display?)
John Bell
John Bell 2 months ago
Dream phone Snapdragon 865 8k recording Telephoto wide and ultra wide 48mp,64mp and 108mp Built in fingerprint sensor with face ID Dolby atmos sound quality Bluetooth 5.0 5g Loud sound 5.8 inch 4k hdr display (like Sony xperia phones)
John Bell
John Bell 2 months ago
If 1 plus or pocophone or even Samsung I would buy this phone and it would have to be low price
Supremacy 98
Supremacy 98 2 months ago
Dream phone 2020: -8k, 8 inch, notchless 144 hz AMOLED display which can fold to become a 3 inch pocketable device. -Under display fingerprint and front facing quad camera setup with dot sensors. -9000 mAh battery with 100W wired and wireless super fast charging, 50W reverse wireless charging. -Penta camera rear setup with the whole thing being stabilised with a miniature gimble in the phone, 216MP main camera, 108MP telephoto, 108MP ultrawide, 64MP macro, 3D ToF sensor. -Stock Android, with the best features from iOS, Samsung's One UI, Oneplus' OxygenOS etc. -Compatibility with any smartwatch, laptop, television, wireless display etc. -Three generations later Apple chipset(A16)/three generations later snapdragon chip(Snapdragon 895) with 5G compatibility, or 6G in the future. -the chipset should be able to rival current RTX 2080TI processors, with 32/64GB of RAM -5TB of internal storage, with expandable storage of up to 1PB using a microsd card. -Titanium alloy frame, with folding sapphire glass surrounding the front screen, with folding sapphire bullet resistant glass/carbon fiber back, with IP69 water resistance and drop proof from a 100 metres -Bring back headphone jack, even have space for usb a and Ethernet port -Costs only USD$600 The dream phone, never said it was ever possible, but if it exists, just take my money already💵💵!!
Lochlan Macrae
Lochlan Macrae 2 months ago
Dream smartphone 2020
Zach Phelps
Zach Phelps 2 months ago
only 8 months old and the s20 series is here. Not perfect but that display...
Mystery Fan
Mystery Fan 2 months ago
You are brilliant. Best of both worlds. Top class front facing stuff and a full uninterrupted min bezel display.
lekso rukhadze
lekso rukhadze 2 months ago
2023 be like he will build the dream phone with futuristic 3d printer
João Lucca Viana
João Lucca Viana 2 months ago
My dream phone: GALAXY S20 ULTRA anybody else in 20k?
DangerZero 3 months ago
Wow only 2 back cameras
Blue Guy
Blue Guy 3 months ago
My dream phone: Snapdragon 995 smooth Quad HD+ 240 Hz Display dual pop-up camera 120 MP main camera at the back 16 Gb Ram 10000 Mah battery Comes with 60W fast charging 3D Face ID In-display Fingerprint Sensor 6G Internet speed 10TB UFS 3.0 Storage with a price of 300$ :)
Amit Thakor
Amit Thakor 3 months ago
what i want is a underscreen front camera and underscreen fingerprint sensor....i hate notches or hole display
Beshos Francis
Beshos Francis 3 months ago
It is like you are talking about the Sony Xperia 1 mark ii
Rajiv Bedi
Rajiv Bedi 3 months ago
Xperia 1 mark 2 comes pretty close to what you want
Nishant Sharma
Nishant Sharma 3 months ago
lemme guess who has subscribed to MKBHD.....Asus it is
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